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This web site began in 1999 with data from NAAIRS, prior to the introduction of the National Archives website. At this time, it was necessary to obtain data from the archives in Pretoria on media such as diskette (often referred to in South Africa as a 5.25" floppy disk or 3.5" stiffy.
We have retained records originally submitted by contributors, whose names are posted

Click Description for an overview of NAAIRS files and Pathfinder which will assist in identifying archive locations, database acronyms, and contact details within the National Archives.


Delia Robertson's BMD's can be found here. Updated 22 Sep 2005
There's a genealogy primer available for download in Adobe 'pdf' format (226Kb). Delia has also added a table of useful English to Afrikaans relationship translations.

Delia has also created "First Fifty Years" (FFY), covering the early years at the Cape

Heather Graham has submitted corrections to Jacob SMIT P52141 and his descendants Updated 22 July 2018

Annelie Els has kindly submitted further research on Barend Jacobus SMIT. Select "Family Trees" and then Jan SMIT


BMD's and Estates researched by Tobi Swart are here, or may be searched using the search box below.  New data covers Irene Concentration Camp births during 1901 to 1902, BMD's from 1945 and legal adverts from the Pretoria News. Updated 28 Sep 2014.

Ray Kruger has contributed his research - select Family Trees 07 Jan 2009 

Nolene Lossau has made her research available transcribed from LDS Church microfilms, covering Transvaal, Orange Free State and Cape. Contributions by Sha Redfern and Ellen Stanton are now included here. Updated 23 Dec 2006

Myra Bosch has a list of persons appearing in MTR Smit's "Die romantiese verhaal van die dorpie Ugie" (The romantic story of the little town, Ugie) , and prepared to share information. The list may be found here.

Cape Argus BMD's contributed by Sharon Marshall are here.

Adelbert Semmelink of GSSA has devoted many hours to the Cape Death Notice index (CDNI). The first part of his work appears here or select Databases. Updated 15 Feb 2006

A new section complimenting the BMD's are public notices here.

Elizabeth Teir has contributed Kwa-Zulu Natal BMD's and Estate notices here. Updated 07 Nov 2004

Letita Watson has kindly provided an illustrated family tree booklet by Jacobus Hendrik Smit dating back to 1760.

Eira has death notices available here and quite happy to share. 

Francois Greef has contributed his research - select 19 Nov 2006 

Alida Potgieter has contributed her van Kraaienburg research in Excel format - click here to open. 30 Sep 2007.

Tobi Swart has submitted the ZAR Marriage Ordinance of 1871 - click here


Keith Meintjes has contributed a 107 page manuscript on Meintjes family research, available here. 

Keith has also provided his latest research on the WAHL family, including the OWEN-WAHL family, and his 119-page report,  "The Descendants of Johann Conrad Wahl (1744 ? 1814)" can be downloaded here.

Updated with important corrections 13 Dec 2016 

Other contributions include past 
Presidents and Prime Ministers as well as the WATNEY family in South Africa and 'Blanco' WATNEY of Sedgefield.

Latest - Keith has provided a tool developed by his son Ian to assist those folks working with large NAAIRS files and may be found here. Updated 02 Sept 2017 


Updated: May 01 2020