Surnames beginning with S

SAULUS, Susanna [P244]; {F}

SAW, Anne [P285]; {F}

SCHEFFER, Hendrik [P29]; {M}

SCHUTTE, Christiaan Ernest [P69]; {M}

SCHWAN, Esther [P535]; {F}

SIMPSON, Margaret [P360]; {F}; 1765-; Scotland

SKEET, Elizabeth [P418]; {F}; 1741-; Badingham, Suffolk, UK
SKEET, James [P419]; {M}

SLATER, Julie Anne (Juliana) [P291]; {F}; 1804-1881; England
SLATER, Matthew [P293]; {M}
SLATER, Thomas [P292]; {M}; 1767-

SMIT, Hilletjie [P328]; {F}
SMIT, Jan [P329]; {M}
SMIT, Maria Margaretha [P509]; {F}

SMITH, Keziah [P396]; {F}; 1800-1878; Suffolk, UK
SMITH, Richard [P398]; {M}; 1748-; Laxfield, Sussex, UK
SMITH, Samuel [P399]; {M}; 1719-1756; Laxfield, Sussex, UK
SMITH, Samuel [P397]; {M}; 1777-; Laxfield, Suffolk, UK

SMYTH, John [P401]; {M}; 1665-
SMYTH, Thomas [P400]; {M}; Laxfield, Sussex, UK

SNYMAN, Elsie [P247]; {F}
SNYMAN, Maria Magdalena [P248]; {F}

STAHL, Margaret [P569]; {F}

STEENKAMP, Gesina [P70]; {F}

STOLTS, Anna [P319]; {F}; 1746-
STOLTS, Willem [P320]; {M}

STRYDOM, Anna Maria [P72]; {F}; 1788-1868
STRYDOM, Gerrit [P73]; {M}

SWART, Daniel Johannes Cornelius [P188]; {M}
SWART, Jacoba Maria Margaretha [P187]; {F}; -1882; Swellendam, SA

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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