Surnames beginning with R

RADEROOTJES, Fytje or Sophia [P495]; {F}

RICHE, Susanna le [P68]; {F}

RIJKS, Aagje [P15]; {F}; Middelburg & Ter Veere, Holland.

ROBERTSON, Elizabeth [P377]; {F}; 1703-; Scotland

ROSE, Dorothea [P412]; {F}; 1776-; Stradbroke, Suffolk, UK
ROSE, Edmund [P414]; {M}; 1675-; Suffolk, UK
ROSE, Edmund [P413]; {M}; 1725-; Badingham, Suffolk, UK

ROSSOUW, Aletta Johanna Maria [P169]; {F}; -1849; St Sebastiaansbaai
ROSSOUW, Martha Magdalena [P226]; {F}; 1780-
ROSSOUW, Martha Petronella [P333]; {F}; -?
ROSSOUW, Pieter [P170]; {M}; -65y 6m; St Sebastiaansbaai, SA
ROSSOUW, Pieter [P227]; {M}

ROUILLY, Judith [P562]; {F}

ROY, Maria [P124]; {F}

RUDMAN, Amie Marion [P274]; {F}; 1910-1965; Uitenhage, South Africa
RUDMAN, Benjamin Jonathan [P277]; {M}; 1794-1868; Devizes, Wiltshire, England
RUDMAN, Daniel Lawrence Willem de Jager [P275]; {M}; 1875-1962; Uitenhage, SA
RUDMAN, Jeremiah [P279]; {M}; 1734-1802
RUDMAN, John [P278]; {M}; 1765-; Rowde, England
RUDMAN, Nicholas [P283]; {M}
RUDMAN, Nicholas [P282]; {M}; 1646-; Rowde, England
RUDMAN, Nicholas [P281]; {M}; 1685-; Rowde, England
RUDMAN, Nicholas [P280]; {M}; 1707-; Rowde, England
RUDMAN, Thomas John [P276]; {M}; 1826-1887; Salem, South Africa

RUSSAAR, Maria [P214]; {F}; 1659-; Blois, France

RYKEN, Daniella [P468]; {F}; Amsterdam, Nederland

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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