Surnames beginning with M

MARTINET, Francoise [P66]; {F}; Champagne, France.

MATTHIJSEN, Dirkje [P469]; {F}; Westerhout

MC ALLISTER, Elizabeth [P367]; {F}; 1847-1937; Dalmuir, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
MC ALLISTER, John [P369]; {M}; c 1802-; Scotland
MC ALLISTER, John [P370]; {M}; 1781-; Scotland
MC ALLISTER, John [P368]; {M}; 1828-; Rutherglen, Lanark, Scotland

MCFARLAND, Elizabeth [P375]; {F}; 1735-; Rutherglen, Scotland
MCFARLAND, George [P376]; {M}; 1698-; Scotland

MCGREGOR, James William [P160]; {M}; -1898
MCGREGOR, Johanna Maria [P158]; {F}
MCGREGOR, William Kearns [P159]; {M}; 1860-1929; Swellendam, SA

MEEN, Mary [P423]; {F}; 1808-

MEINTJES VAN DEN BERG, Anna Dorothea [P94]; {F}; 1711-
MEINTJES VAN DEN BERG, Johann Heinrich [P95]; {M}; 1675-; Munsterland, Germany

MERRIDEW, [P148]; {M}

MEYBURGH, Albertus Jacobus [P297]; {M}; -1892
MEYBURGH, Isabella Elizabeth Magdalena [P296]; {F}; 1832-1915

MINNAAR, Anna [P564]; {F}

MOMBERG, Hester Adriana [P115]; {F}

MOORE, John [P389]; {M}; 1791-1860
MOORE, Marie [P388]; {F}; 1815-; England

MOS, Dina Elizabeth [P461]; {F}; 1729-1807
MOS, Gerrit [P462]; {M}
MOS, Jan [P463]; {M}

MOUY, Jeanne [P558]; {F}

MYBURGH, Albert [P488]; {M}
MYBURGH, Albertus [P486]; {M}; 1761-1841
MYBURGH, Catharina Francina [P485]; {F}; 1795-
MYBURGH, Jacobus [P487]; {M}; 1723-
MYBURGH, Jan Lambrechts [P489]; {M}; Buiksloot, naby Amsterdam, Nederland

MÜLLER, Anna Maria [P92]; {F}; 1670-

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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