Surnames beginning with L

LA GRANGE, Jan [P255]; {M}
LA GRANGE, Johanna Elizabeth [P253]; {F}; 1762-
LA GRANGE, Marthinus [P254]; {M}; 1739-
LA GRANGE, Pierre [P256]; {M}; 1664-

LABUSCHAGNE, Johanna [P112]; {F}

LANGEJAAN, Margaretha Aletta [P538]; {F}

LE FEBRE, Barbara [P263]; {F}; Fleurbaix, France
LE FEBRE, Martha [P111]; {F}; France

LE ROES, Geertruida Elizabeth [P447]; {F}; 1862-1904; Victoria West, SA
LE ROES, Jan [P452]; {M}; 1704-
LE ROES, Jean [P453]; {M}
LE ROES, Johannes Jacobus [P451]; {M}; 1730-1780; Stellenbosch, SA
LE ROES, Johannes Jacobus [P450]; {M}; 1755-
LE ROES, Marthinus Hermanus [P448]; {M}; 1831-; Beaufort West, SA
LE ROES, Petrus Andries [P449]; {M}; 1791-1869

LE ROUX, Elizabeth Louisa [P554]; {F}; 1786-
LE ROUX, Jean [P557]; {M}; 1667-; Blois, France
LE ROUX, Jozua [P555]; {M}; 1743-
LE ROUX, Pierre [P556]; {M}; 1706-

LEHMAN, Anna Susanna Frederika [P529]; {F}
LEHMAN, Daniel Frederik [P531]; {M}; -1792; Berlyn
LEHMAN, Daniel Frederik [P530]; {M}; 1777-

LIGTHARD, Eva [P464]; {F}; Amsterdam, Nederland

LOOS, Geertruid [P545]; {F}; 1704-
LOOS, Hinrich [P546]; {M}; Olfen, Wesfale

LOTTER, Anna Maria (MÜLLER, Anna Maria) [P92]; {F}; 1670-
LOTTER, Bartholomäus [P86]; {M}; 1531-1606; Augsburg, Germany
LOTTER, Caspar [P87]; {M}; 1500-; Augsburg?, Germany
LOTTER, Casparus Johannes [P76]; {M}
LOTTER, Casparus Johannes [P78]; {M}; 1799-1854
LOTTER, Christoffel [P80]; {M}; 1744-
LOTTER, Elias [P85]; {M}; 1563-; Augsburg, Germany
LOTTER, Johann [P83]; {M}; 1626-; Augsburg, Germany
LOTTER, Johann [P84]; {M}; 1689-
LOTTER, Maria Gesina [P77]; {F}; 1848-; Jansenville, South Africa
LOTTER, Matthias [P82]; {M}; 1661-1704; Augsburg, Germany
LOTTER, Matthias [P81]; {M}; 1709-1752; Augsburg, Germany
LOTTER, Mattias Johannes [P79]; {M}; 1768-

LOVE, Elizabeth [P372]; {F}; 1804-; Rutherglen, Lanark, Scotland
LOVE, William [P374]; {M}
LOVE, William [P373]; {M}; 1757-; Rutherglen, Lanark, Scotland

LOXTON, Allan [P154]; {M}

LYON, Anne [P366]; {F}; c 1803-; Scotland

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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