Surnames beginning with J

JACOBS, Arriaenje [P221]; {F}; 1670-
JACOBS, Daniel [P100]; {M}
JACOBS, Daniel [P101]; {M}; 1673-; Vielle-Eglise, France
JACOBS, Elizabeth [P134]; {F}
JACOBS, Emma [P136]; {F}
JACOBS, Pierre [P102]; {M}; 1650-; Vielle-Eglise, France
JACOBS, Susanna Sophia [P99]; {F}; 1748-1835

JANSE VAN RENSBURG, Anna Margaretha [P436]; {F}; 1765-
JANSE VAN RENSBURG, Hendrik Christoffel [P437]; {M}; 1739-
JANSE VAN RENSBURG, Johannes [P438]; {M}; 1709-
JANSE VAN RENSBURG, Nicolaas [P439]; {M}; Nederland

JANSE VAN VUUREN, Susanna Johanna Catharina [P125]; {F}

JANSEN VAN RENSBURG, Cornelia (Petronella Elizabeth) Sophia [P334]; {F}

JANSZ, Lysbeth [P547]; {F}

JOHNSON, Anne [P363]; {F}; 1779-; Scotland

JONES, Honor Alice [P352]; {F}

JOOSTE, Maria Elizabeth [P306]; {F}; -1723; Nederland

JOUBERT, Anna Francina [P39]; {F}
JOUBERT, Francois Jacobus [P114]; {M}
JOUBERT, Hester Adriana [P113]; {F}; 1804-1900; Draaihoek, Jansenville, SA
JOUBERT, Maria Magdalena [P38]; {F}

Jacobsz, Aagje (RIJKS, Aagje) [P15]; {F}; Middelburg & Ter Veere, Holland.
Jacobsz, Claas [P14]; {M}; Meldorp, Holland.

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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