Surnames beginning with E

ELISON, Maria [P36]; {F}

ELLEN, Elizabeth [P289]; {F}
ELLEN, Thomas [P290]; {M}

ELLIS, John [P362]; {M}; 1770-; Scotland
ELLIS, Margaret [P361]; {F}; 1795-; Scotland

ERASMUS, Abel [P303]; {M}; 1753-; Tulbach, SA
ERASMUS, Aletta Maria [P299]; {F}; 1881-1962; Aberdeen, South Africa
ERASMUS, Lourens [P304]; {M}; 21 July 1729 or 21 August 1729-; Paarl, SA
ERASMUS, Lourens [P53]; {M}; 1704-
ERASMUS, Lourens Daniel [P302]; {M}; 1785-1842; Paarl, SA
ERASMUS, Pieter [P305]; {M}; -1731; Nederland
ERASMUS, Samuel Jacobus [P300]; {M}
ERASMUS, Samuel Jacobus [P301]; {M}; 1810-1879; Tulbach, SA

ESTERHUIZEN, Margaretha [P198]; {F}; 1952-

ESTERHUYSEN, Zacharia Petronella [P510]; {F}

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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