Surnames beginning with C

CAMPHER, Cornelis [P477]; {M}; 1686-
CAMPHER, Johanna Catherina [P476]; {F}; 1707-
CAMPHER, Lourens [P478]; {M}

CELLIER, Josue [P561]; {M}
CELLIER, Josue [P560]; {M}; 1677-1721; France
CELLIER, Magdalena [P559]; {F}; 1717-

CHENNY, ?Elizabeth [P572]; {F}

CHESTER, Frances Smallcorne [P350]; {F}; 1880-1970; Stratford, Essex, UK
CHESTER, Joseph H [P351]; {M}

CLAASDOGTER, Margaretha [P33]; {F}

CLAASSEN, Susanna [P13]; {F}

CLARKE, James [P416]; {M}
CLARKE, Margaret [P415]; {F}; 1674-

CLAYDON, Margaret [P417]; {F}

CLEEF, Anna Catharina [P261]; {F}; 1686-
CLEEF, Nicolaus [P262]; {M}; -1708; Groszsalz, Germany ?

CLOETE, Elsje [P493]; {F}
CLOETE, Jacob [P494]; {M}; -1693

COETZEE, Dirk [P31]; {M}; 1655-1725; Kampen, Netherlands
COETZEE, Sara [P30]; {F}

CONRADIE, Dirkie Aletta [P142]; {F}; -1962

CONSTANT, Hendrik [P317]; {M}
CONSTANT, Juliana [P316]; {F}

CONTERMAN, Hans Jacob [P259]; {M}; 1656-1734; Hamadar, Germany
CONTERMAN, Johanna [P258]; {F}

CORDIER, Louis [P65]; {M}; -1702; Champagne, France
CORDIER, Louise [P104]; {F}; 1681-
CORDIER, Susanna [P64]; {F}; -1715; France

COUCHE, [P32]; {M}

COUVRET, Elizabeth [P563]; {F}

CRACKNELL, Sarah [P409]; {F}; 1716-
CRACKNELL, William [P410]; {M}; 1684-

CRAUS, Carolina Elizabeth [P311]; {F}; 1762-; Stellenbosch, SA

CRAUSE, Hermanus Lucas [P312]; {M}; 1738-
CRAUSE, Johan Jacob [P313]; {M}; Diefenbach, Germany

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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