Surnames beginning with B

BALDRY, Mary [P420]; {F}

BASTIAANZ, Christina [P96]; {F}; 1687-; France
BASTIAANZ, Francois [P97]; {M}; 1660-1717; Flanders, France

BECK, Rosine [P91]; {F}; 1630-

BEKKER, Johanna Catharina [P225]; {F}; 1733-
BEKKER, Pieter [P433]; {M}; 1673-
BEKKER, Stephanus [P432]; {M}; 1705-; Stellenbosch, SA

BESTER, Andreas [P517]; {M}
BESTER, Andries [P516]; {M}; 1726-1767
BESTER, Andries [P515]; {M}; 1766-
BESTER, Andries Jacobus [P514]; {M}; 1799-
BESTER, Andries Jacobus Oscar [P512]; {M}; 2 6 1862 or 1864-1957; Dieprivier, SA
BESTER, Hendrik Cornelis Dreyer [P513]; {M}; 1838-Maybe 28 Jul 1921; Rietvley
BESTER, May [P511]; {F}; 1894-1944; Stellenbosch

BEYERS, Andries [P457]; {M}; -1700
BEYERS, Maria [P260]; {F}; 1683-

BOCK, Anna [P518]; {F}; 1708-
BOCK, Christiaan [P519]; {M}; -1716

BOK, Catharina [P48]; {F}; 1705-; Swellendam, SA
BOK, Christiaan [P49]; {M}; 1668-1716; Wulfenbuffel, Germany.

BORRETT, Daniel [P422]; {M}; 1805-
BORRETT, Mary [P421]; {F}; 1830-

BOTH, Friedrich [P242]; {M}; 1653-1717; Germany
BOTH, Michael [P243]; {M}

BOTHA, Anna Margaretha [P442]; {F}; 1716-
BOTHA, Jacobus [P246]; {M}; 1692-
BOTHA, Jacobus [P249]; {M}; 1717-
BOTHA, Jacobus Lodewyk [P239]; {M}; 1757-
BOTHA, Margaretha Aletta [P120]; {F}
BOTHA, Margaretha Isabella [P443]; {F}; 1740-
BOTHA, Maria Isabella? Maria Elizabeth? [P238]; {F}; 1782-
BOTHA, Philippus Rudolphus [P240]; {M}; 1722-1825; Somerset East, SA
BOTHA, Theunis [P241]; {M}; 1686-

BOYD, John Percival [P157]; {M}
BOYD, Patricia [P156]; {F}; 1912-; Cape Town, South Africa.

BRAND, Catharina Adriana [P521]; {F}; 1774-
BRAND, Floris [P523]; {M}
BRAND, Hendrik [P522]; {M}; 1746-
BRAND, Robert Roberts [P524]; {M}

BRENNER, Maria [P90]; {F}; 1591-

BRESSLER, Jacoba Elizabeth [P265]; {F}
BRESSLER, Johannes Augustinus [P266]; {M}; 1783-

BRITZ, Jacoba [P132]; {F}

BRUYNS, [P145]; {M}

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.
Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person identifiers.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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