While researching weddings which took place during November/December 1945 in Bloemfontein, I came across this list compiled by the Union Defence Force.
There are unfortunately no Dates of Death provided, but researchers can still use it to
 verify that the person did serve in the Union Defence Forces
ascertain in which section of the Defence Forces the person served
provide a cause of death (two listed without a cause of death)
serve as checklist for the initials of the person   -  the Defence Forces screened applicants for inter alia, correct surnames and full Christian names before enlisting them, although in this list just one Christian name is provinded

BMDs 14.12.1945 from The Friend, Bloemfontein, p10

Union Roll of Honour

The Department of Defence regrets to announce the following South African casualties:

ABDOCI; Cpl, Boyce - + of natural causes

AMERICA; Cpl, David A. - + of natural causes

BARRY; Cpl. Cecil J. - + of natural causes

BEYERS; S/Sgt. Marthinus - + of natural causes

BOOTH; Lieut. Frederick J. - South African Airforce - + of natural causes

CAMPBELL; Able Seaman John J. McD. - South African Naval Forces - + of injuries

DALEY; Cpl. William R. - died [cause not sepcified]

DENNIS; Pte. John - + of natural causes

DENNIS; Pte, Henry W. T - + of natural causes

DIVES; Pte. Robert B - + of natural causes

DIXON; S/Sgt. Harold G - + of injuries.

DU PLESSIS; Cpl, Mathays C. - + of natural causes

DUP PLESSIS; Pte, Daniel - + of natural causes

GERBER; Tpr. George W. - + of injuries.

GREEFF; Pte. Pieter J. A. - + of natural causes

GRIFFITHS; S/Sgt. Alexander G. - died [cause not specified]

HENDRICKS; Pte. Joseph - + of natural causes

HILLESTAD; Pte. Thorolf R - + of injuries.

JACOBS; Cpl, Jacobus A. - + of natural causes

KNIGHT; Lieut. Alwyn S. - + of natural causes

LEMMER; Lieut. Petrus J. - South African Airforce - + of natural causes

LOMBARD; Sgt. Albertus J. F. - + of injuries.

MARAIS; Spr. Josephus E. V. - + of injuries.

NELL; Cpl. Daniel A. - + of natural causes

PAPENFUS; F/Sgt. Henry F.South African Airforce - + of injuries

PEPLER; Pte. Peter A. - + of natural causes

PITTS; Able Seaman Stanley L. - South African Naval Forces - + of natural causes.

SCHMIDT; Sgt. Bernard R. C. - + of natural causes

SEPTEMBER; Pte. Solomon - + of injuries

STEVENSON; Major Thomas A. - + of natural causes

STEYN; Pte. Jacobus M - + of injuries.

THOMAS; Pte. John - + of natural causes

THORNHILL; Spr, Neville G. - + of natural causes

VAN ROOYEN; Lieut. Gert T. South African Airforce - + of injuries

VAN DER SANDT; Pte. Johan D. - + of natural causes

VOIGT; Pte. Frederick J. - + of natural causes

WADE; Sgt. John P - + of injuries.

WEIL; A/Sgt. Robert. - South African Airforce - + of natural causes

WINFIELD; Pupil Pilot Frank South African Airforce - + of injuries