BMDs 28-11-2001
ASMAN Kevin Lyndon. * 22/11/2001 to Geoffrey and Claire (née Caldwell). (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
BOTHA Connor Ed. * Westville Hospital, Durban 23/11/2001 to Dylan and Tanya (née Bissett), first time grandparents Loffie, Sharon and aunt Candice. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
HARBURN Sarah Brittany Anne. * Parklands Hospital, Durban to Steve and Lindsey (née Scott), sister to Cameron and Ryan. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
HARRISON Tegan Skye. * Umhlanga Hospital, North Coast, Kwa-Zulu-Natal 18.11.2001 to Stephen and Olivia, sister to Daniel and Kyla. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
ISAACS-LANG (girl). * London, England to Robert and Lisa. (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
JACOBSON (boy). Parents Justin and Yael (née Breitz). Grandson and nephew of grandparents Arnold and Sylvia, aunt Pamela and uncle Darren. (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
KAMEYAMA (girl). * City Park Hospital, Cape Town 27 November 2001 to Masatoshi and Belinda (née KENNEDY). (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
KAROVSKY Liam Stuart. * 27 November 2001 to Stuart and Lisa. Grandparents Kay and Phil. (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
LANCASTER Frances Ella. * 24/11/2001 to Paul and Tammi (née CARTMEL). (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
LUMSDEN Michaela. * Durban 23rd November 2001 to Ross and Colleen (née Forbes). First grandchild of Jean and Mervyn and Heather and Graeme. (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
NEETHLING Juliet Ann. * Vincent Pallotti Hospital 26/11/2001 to Martin and Robyn (née Villet). (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
THURLOW Hannah Jane. * 1 November 2001 to John and Cindy (née Lord). (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
ALEXANDER Joan (née Van Rooyen). + 26th November 2001. Mother of Justin and Peyton, remembered by uncle Mike and Blanche, missed by Blaine. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
BAM Sylvia (née Jannicke). + 24 November 2001. Wife, mother and grandmother. Funeral service: St. Philips Anglican Church, Chapel Street, Woodstock, Cape Town, 29 November 2001, 13:00, thence to Maitland Cemetery, Gate 1. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
BARRETT Patrick. Wife Patricia, son Peter, remembered by aunt Maria, Patrizio and Anna Lisa. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
BOSVARK Izak (Rooi). + 17/11/01. Wife and daughters Shiela, Suzette and Elaine, skoonsuster Joyce, Petrus en kinders. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/11/2001).
BRAVERY YVONNE. + 25 November 2001. Mom of Roy, Biddy and Sheldon. (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
BROOKS Edward Maurice. + 24/11/2001, aged 81, late of 332 Second Avenue, Lotus River. Was husband of Charlotte, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Funeral service 30 November 2001, 11:00, Calvary Sanctuary Full Gospel Church, Exeter Road, Wittebome, thence to Muizenberg Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
BROWNE Melville (Bob). + 25/11/2001. Missed by son Mike and Merle, Norman, Stella and grandchildren. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
BUCCHIANERI John Abri Snr. + 22 November 2001, aged 88. Remembered by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Funeral service at home, 11:00, 1 December 2001, thence to St Andrews Church, Hawston. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
CADWALLADER John (Ned). + 26 November 2001. Remembered by his son Bill, wife Des and their families. Service 30 November 2001, 11:00, Methodist Church, Main Roadd, Plumstead, Cape Town. Private cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
CHAMPKINS THELMA LUCY. + East Rand Hospice, Benoni 27th November 2001. Was mother of Arthur and Felicity Champkins, Deryk and Rowena Champkins, Rowena Murraybrown, Margaret and Alan Griffiths, grandmother and great-grandmother, sister of Edna and sister-in-law of Victor Mamet. Funeral Service: St Dunstans Cathedral, Benoni, 14:00, 30th November 2001. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
CLARKE ROGER. Wife Ellie. Missed by the tyre industry in South Africa. [Inserted by] staff at Tiger Wheel & Tyre. (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
COETZEE Neville Percival. + Warrenton 26/11/01. Missed by godmother and auntie Bessie. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/11/2001).
DAVIDGE-PITTS ELEANOR HETHERINGTON. + 26th November 2001. Mother and grandmother of Keith, Marilyn, Caroline, Jennifer, Grant, Mandy, Mark and Shelley. (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
DE BRUIN Elizabeth (née O’Ryan). + 26th November 2001. Wife of James, mother of Clive and Michelle, Derek, Vanessa, Samantha and Kiana. Funeral service 1 December 2001, Queen Of Peace, First Road, Grassy Park, 09:00, thence to Klip Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
DLOMO ALBERT. * 30.03.35 + 25.11.01. (MERCURY - 28/11/2001).
ENGEL DAVID. + 23/11/2001. Father of Frances, Audrey, Freda, Gillian, Cornelia, Benjamin, Victor and a grandfather. Funeral arrangements 13:00, Klipfontein Methodist Church, 28/11/2001. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
FRANSOS JOSEPH MICHAEL. * 1921/05/19 + 2001/11/27. Husband of Hilda, missed by Joe. (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
GIBBON DUDLEY. + 25th November 2001. Condolences to wife Charlie and family from Jenny. (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
GIETZMAN MURIEL. + 10 November 2001. Mother and grandmother of Roy, Bruce, Joy and Ineke. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
Hargraves Avril - see: Skinner, Avril.
HARTY John Terence. + Oncology Unit, St. Anne’s Medical Ward, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal 26 November 2001. Husband to Kathleen, brother to Pamela, father to Patrick, Andrew, Jonathan, Felicity and Michael, grandfather to Rowan, Xanthe, Kayla, Sarah, Chloe, Alexandra, Jason and Kalista and father-in-law to Pauline, Verona, Gary and Bronwen. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
HAYES OTWAY. Missed by Shane, Susan, Cindy, Mary-Lou, Tamla and Keri. Had Honorary membership of the Cullinan Golf Club. (PRETORIA NEWS & THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
HOLLIDAY RYAN. + 23 November 2001. Sympathy to Bridgette, Robin, Derry and family, missed by Management & staff of Surtees & Sons as well as Voith SA.(THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
HOOK Theodore Charles (Dorie). Husband of Dorothy. (MERCURY - 28/11/2001).
HUGO Freddy. + 26 November 2001, aged 48 years. Wife Vivien, children Rejean & Chantal. Funeral service 1 December 2001, United Pentecostal Church, Rio Grand street, Manenberg, 10:00, thence to Maitland Cemetery Gate 4. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
Jannicke Sylvia - see: Bam, Sylvia.
JORDAAN Eliseus. + 26 November 2001. Sister-in-law of Fred Jordaan. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
JOUBERT CHRIS. + Pretoria Sungardens Hospice 26 November 2001, aged 69. Served many years ago as principle of the Louis Botha Childrens’ home, Queenswood, Pretoria, chaired the Northern Transvaal Softball Association, played for the Dodgers team, managed the first Springbok softball tour to the United Sates of America, played cricket for the Afrikaans Cricket Club, served as secretary of the Northern Transvaal Boys and Girls Youth Gymnastic Club (Cygnus), formerly captained the Centurion Golf Club, pioneered educational tours at schools across South Africa and later owned his own business, Gauteng School Journeys. Husband of Val, father of Vanessa and Brenton, father-in-law of Mandy and grandfather of Tiffany, Chervon, Jarred and Tyla, brother of Phillip, sisters Annatjie, Poppie & Coreen. (PRETORIA NEWS - 28/11/2001).
LODEWYK EDWARD JOHN (BOETA). + 26th November 2001, aged 92. Founder/life member of Star of Independence Christmas Band. Wife Betty, son Adrian, daughter-in-law Jenny, grandchildren Genevieve, Andre and Liza and great-grandchildren Megan and Caitlin. Requiem Mass: Church of Holy Nativity, Hazendal, 29 November 2001, 14:00. Cremation private.(CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
LOTTER DAVID MICHAEL. + 24 November 2001. Husband of Cathy and father of daughters Michaela, Alexandra and Olivia, son of Audrey. Funeral 30 November 2001, 15:00, Pope Pius X, Lympleigh Road, Plumstead, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
MADURAY Richard. + 23 November 2001. Remembered by daughter Emelda, George and family. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
McCABE IVAN & MARTHA. + (both) 22nd November 2001. Late of Edenvale, Gauteng. Father, mother and grandparents of Patrick, Trudy and grandchildren Darrin and Donovan, remembered by members and their families of Wit Rifles Regimental Association. Their fellowship and immense contribution to the Witwatersrand Rifles, WR Regimental Association, MOTHS and the Edenvale Community Centre will be sorely missed. Funeral at the Edenvale Community Centre, 29th November 10h00. Remembered by the KwaZulu-Natal members of the WR/ODJ. (THE STAR - 23 & 27/11/2001, DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
McGREGOR Thora May. + 26 November 2001. Mother and Gran of Don, Sheila, Cheryl, Shane, Duncan, Rordon, Michelle, Denton and Nicola, Tony, Manuela, Darryl, Roger, Linda and grandchildren, Gig and Judy and Allison, Colette, Sharon and Keith, Aunty Thor to Jenny and Clyde, Tonge and Jose. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
MENKIN JENNIE. + 27 November 2001. Cousin of Pete and Rhoda Reichman and Bernie Galgut. (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
MENTOR James Jacobus. + 26th November 2001, aged 67. Missed by sons, daughters, sons in-law, daughters in-law and grandchildren. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
Michael Fransos Joseph - see: Fransos, Joseph Michael.
MULLER GEORGE. + Pietermaritzburg, aged 90. Missed by Michael and Colleen and grandchildren Craig and Joanne. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
O’Ryan Elizabeth - see: De Bruin, Elizabeth.
ORANGE Daisy Magdalena. + 26th November 2001. Wife of Willie, mother of son Daniel, daughter Fazlin, Adlie, and Faghrie, daughter Carol, Colin, Jason and Jesse. Funeral service: 10:00, 29/11/2001, Church of the Resurrection, c/o David Prophet and Camelia Street, Bonteheuwel. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
PETERSEN Anthony. + 25 November 2001. Was a husband, also father and grandpa of Wendy, Charles and grandchildren Carl and Chelsea. Service at Steenberg Baptist Church, 1st December 2001, 09:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
RHEEDER FANIE {captain}. + 20th November 2001. Ex-South African Police, Pretoria. (PRETORIA NEWS - 28/11/2001).
RICHARDSON Norman. * 1906 + at home 23/11/2001. Husband of Ethel, father of Marshall, the late Jim, father-in-law of Pat and Terese, grandfather of Victor, James, Norman, Sarah, Paul, Marshall and Louis, employer of staff at Colombo Tea & Coffee Company. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001) .
SHAKINOFSKY HILDA. + 25 November 2001. Wife of Leo, mother of Lyn, Marty and Terry, sister of Sybil, sister-in-law of Deryl, ex-colleague of Sid Joffe and his Dan, Rory and Matthew, mourned by Robert and Bella, Alan and Silvana Silverman and family. (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
SKINNER Avril (née Hargraves). + 26/11/2001, aged 59. Wife of David, also a mother. Memorial service 30/11/2001, 15:00, Goodall & Williams Chapel, 11 Voortrekker Road, Bellville. Private cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
SMITH Ann. [wife of?] Syd, mother and granny of Heather, Ali, Wade, Kyle. Gary, Jackie, Christopher, Bronwyn and Matthew. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
Van Aarde Felicity - see: Vermoter, Felicity.
VAN DEN BERG Rusty (Boss). + 24.11.2001. Colleague of the Durban Metropolitan Police Court Staff. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
Van Rooyen Joan - see: Aleander, Joan.
VERMOTER Felicity (née van Aarde). + 24th November 2001, aged 94. Mother of daughter Felicity, family: Frans, Caron, Pierre, Sandy, Charlotte, Jacques and Julia. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
WILLIAMS HARRY. * 22.10.1935 + Highway Hospice 24.11.2001. Husband for 43 years of Joy. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
WILSON GEOFFREY JOHN. + 23 November 2001. Father and grandfather of Mike, Dyanne, Shayna and Kirsty. Alan and Yvonne. (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
BROWNE Bob. Memorial Service: St. Margaret Anglican Church, Delaware Avenue, Durban North, 30/11/2001, 15:00. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
ENOCH Sama Josephine. Late 40 Hawk Street, Kharwastan. Acting Deputy Principal of Apollo Secondary School, wife of Stephen, former Chief Director of Education, mother of Clive and Michele, mother-in-law of Synthie and Neville, grandmother of Shaun and Carlin, daughter-in-law of Lily, sister of Prema, San, Solly, Jonathan, Timothy, Pam, Liza, Anne, Danny, Desmond and Ivan. Funeral service 29/11/2001, Bethesda Temple, Durban, 14:00, thence to Mobeni Heights Cemetery. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
GOULACOS Nellie. Funeral at 12:00, Greek Orthodox Church, 8 Cavell Place, Umbilo, 30 November 2001, thence to Stellawood Cemetery. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
PATERSON Alfred John. Memorial Service at Doves East Chapel at 10.00 am 28/11/2001. (MERCURY - 28/11/2001).
REDDY Jayalutchmee (Niri). Late of 11 Nilgiri Road, Merebank Ridge, wife of Victor, mother of Nerissa and Kiara, daughter of Mrs Dolly Naidoo, sister of Vis and Dayalan, sister-in-law of Loshni. Funeral 28/11/2001, thence to the Mobeni Heights Crematorium. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
RICHARDS Colleen Marian. Late of 81C Silvertree Road, Merewent, beloved mother of Jerome, Delene and Olivia, mother-in-law of Faizel, grandmother of Tevin and Shaquille, daughter of Bernice and the late Isaac Richards, a sister, sister-in-law, and aunt. Funeral service 29/11/2001, Christ the King Parish, Cycas Road, Merewent, 14:00. Cremation private. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
SHAW Cheryl Shaw. Cremation service: Faith Family Fellowship, Stellawood Road, 29:11:2001, 15:00. Cremation private. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
ULLBRICHT Stewart Charles Martin. Late of 6 Workington Road, Greenwood Park, husband of Linda, father of Clinton, Tracy and Kurt. Funeral service 29/11/2001, New Covenant Fellowship, Tweed Road, Greenwood Park, 12:30. Cremation private. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
WILLIAMS HARRY. Memorial Service: Christ Church, Hillcrest, 14:00, 29.11.2001. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
SEREBRO ETTIE DOREEN. Unveiling of tombstone at The PRIMROSE. (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
KESLER Nora. Wife, mother and grandmother. Headstone consecrated at Pinelands No 2, 2 December 2001 at 11:15. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/11/2001).
STERN JAKE. Unveiling of tombstone on Sunday 2nd December, 10h:00am, West Park cemetery, Johannesburg. Grave No. U9779. (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
STODEL CHARLES. Unveiling 2nd December 2001, 12:00, Westpark Cemetery, Johannesburg. (THE STAR - 28/11/2001).
CHISLETT Alfred Thomas. + 28.11.1975. A husband and father remembered by Kathleen, Tom and Brian. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
NAIDOO VISH. Happy Birthday for the 28/11 from Ma, Dad, sisters, brother-in law and nephews. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
PALFREYMAN Pat. Was Mom and Granny, missed by Jenni, Maxine, Steven, Matthew, Alisha, Kay-Leigh and K.T. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
ROHLANDT Sannie. + 5 December 2000. Remembered by husband, children & grandchildren. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/11/2001).
STOFFELS JOHNNY. Missed by Trevor, Elizabeth and family (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).
VAN DER HOVEN Georgina. + 5 years ago today. Aunt Jeanniewee missed by Moira. (DAILY NEWS - 28/11/2001).