BERTISH  Lily * 23/12/2001 to Conn and Heidi (née ELLIOTT). First grandchild for grandparents Fran and Bruce and Sally. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
BUSSE  Kyle * St Dominic Hospital, East London 25/12/2001 to Craig and Cindy. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
COLLARD  Chelsea * 20/12/2001 to Gary and Michelle. Sister to Corben. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
DELPORT  (boy) * 25/12/2001 to Cindy and Craig. Grandson to grandparents Delport. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
GAIN  Murray Peter * North Shore Private Hospital, Sydney, Australia 27/12/2001 to Anton and Georgina (née WILSE-SAMSON). Brother for Cameron. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
GOLDSTEIN  (girl) * 26/12/2001 to Saul and Robyn (née STRUCK). Granddaughter to Joan and Selwyn Struck, Pnina and Ezra Goldstein. Great-granddaughter to Razelle Goldstein and Rochie Weitzman. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
HOOPER  Bianca Mary * Parklands Hospital, Essenwood, Durban 26/12/2001 to David and Alida. Sister for James and Gina. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
KANTOR  (twin girls) * Parklane Clinic, Johannesburg 24/12/2001 to Paul and Lisa. Sisters to Jonathan. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
KOFF  (boy) * Perth, Australia 26/12/2001 to Gary and Haley (née GOLDBERG). Sister for Galia. E-mail: (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
LURIE  (boy) * Dallas, United States of America 26/12/2001 to David and Shelley Dalya (née RAYMAN). Brother to Chasida. Another grandchild for Jeff and Jeanette, an additional off-shore dividend for Ashley and Maisie. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
MIDDLETON  Emily and Britney (girls) * St Domonic Hospital, East London 25/12/2001 to Cameron and Bettina. Sisters to Sarah. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
PEISER  (boy) * 23/12/2001 to Yehuda (Laurence) and Dena (née BAUER). Brother to Yosef. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
QUIRK  Ethan James * Auckland, New Zealand 25/12/2001 to Greg and Karen. Another grandson for Clive and Yvonne. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
RUDOLPH  Stacey Lynette * Parklands Hospital, Essenwood, Durban 19/12/2001 to Rob and Janine. Sister to Megan and Raven. (MERCURY - 28/12/2001).
SALONENRENNIE  (girl) * at home 22/12/2001 to Bridget and Petri. Sister to Nicholas and Paul. (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001).
SMITH  George John * Sandton Clinic, dist Randburg, Gauteng Province 20/12/2001 to Brad and Tracy. Brother to Douglas. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
WATERS  Declan * Umhlanga Hospital, North Coast, KwaZulu-Natal 18/12/2001 to Huxley and Vanessa. (MERCURY - 28/12/2001).
WOOD  James Keighley * 27/12/2001 to Andrew and Mary. (MERCURY - 28/12/2001).
ANLEY  Sid. 80th Birthday. [Inserted by the] family. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
FILLIS  David (Basie). Birthday today. [Inserted by] wife, brothers, sisters and his children. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
FILLIS  John (Oupa Jan). 80th Birthday. [Inserted by] wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
JEAN-PIERRE  JODI. 21st Birthday today. [Inserted by] Bruce, Jenny, Clinton & Lee. (MERCURY - 28/12/2001).
DOUGLAS  MICHAEL and ADRIENNE married 22/12/2001. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
MOURET  Yannick (eldest son of Denise & Alain Mouret of France) married Bergvliet, Cape Town 8 December 2001 Heidi BLOHM (eldest daughter of Gerhard & Janet Blohm). (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
WENER  Adrian (son of Erik & Charlotte Wener) married Claremont Hebrew Congregation, Claremont, Cape Town 30 December 2001, 15:00 Jacqui KUSHNER (daughter of Maurice and Rhona Kushner). (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001).
ABRAHAMS  Dorothy. + 22 December 2001. Brother Thomas. Sister Agnes. Funeral service: 29 December 2001, 10:00, Dutch Reformed Church, Facreton Avenue, Kensington, Cape Town, cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001).
ACCOM  Ruby Mavis. + 25 December 2001. Mother of Linnet, Brian, Valerie, Jean, Colin and Patricia. Son Brian, daughter-in-law Jean and grandchild Laura. Requiem Mass: St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, Baird Street, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, 29 December 2001, 11:00. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
ACKERMANN  Helena Francina. + 27/12/2001. Missed by children and grandchildren. Service: Maitland Crematorium Chapel, 31/12/2001, 15:00, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001).
Adams  Rebecca Cecelia - see: Wagenstroom, Cecelia.
ALMAN  Jan. Funeral: 29 December 2001. 15:00, Dutch Reformed Church, William Slabbert Drive, Bloemendal, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
AREND  JEAN MARIE. + 26/12/2001. Late of Queens Alexandra Home, Orange Grove, Johannesburg. Mother of Rene, mother-in-law of Wendy and grandmother of Rosemary. Requiem Mass: Catholic Church of our Lady of the Wayside, St Marys Road, Maryvale, Johannesburg, 31/12/2001, 11:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
Augustus  Jacqueline Anne - see: Jettoo, Jacqueline Anne.
BAMBISO  Nonyaniso Hilda (born BAMVANA). + aged 59. Funeral service: 29/12/2001, 10:00, Old Apostolic Church, Nikiwe Street, New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
Bamvana  Nonyaniso Hilda - see: Bambiso, Nonyaniso Hilda.
BANK  {Dr} Jack. + Sydney, Australia 27/12/2001. Children and grandchildren Sandy, Cyril, Zara, Elan Shilansky (Australia) and Fay, Steve, Jared and Adam Rakoff (Canada). Mourned by Jeanette and Harry Ruttenberg, David and Andrea Rakoff. E-mail: and   (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
BARHAM  Norah Geraldine. + 25/12/2001. Missed by Marlene, David, Kevin, grand- and great-grandchildren. Service: Goodall & Williams Chapel, 177 Main Road, Plumstead, Cape Town, 29/12/2001, 11:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
BARTIES  Rebecca (Becky) (née GEDULT). + 26/12/2001, aged 51. Husband Charles, her sons Simon and Bradley, her mother-in-law Anne. Funeral service: 29/12/2001, Uniting Reform Church, Jansen Road, Maitland, Cape Town, 09:30, thence to Maitland Cemetery Extension 1A, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001).
BASS  BONITA (Bonny). + 15 December 2001. [One insert by] parents. Sister, sister-in-law and aunt of Cecil, Glynis, Jonathan, Anthony and Lisa in Sydney, Australia. Missed by aunt Anne, uncle Abby, Beverley and Rena Brodkin. Sympathy to uncle Issy and aunt Zelda from Mike and Sharon, Joy, Marcelle and Cedric. (THE STAR - 18 & 19 & 28/12/2001).
BATH  Megan. Late of Kyalami, Randburg / Midrand, Gauteng Province. Memorial service: Doves Park Chapel, 147 Hans Strijdom Drive, Randburg, 19/12/2001, 11:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
BAXTER  Brian Comley. + 25/12/2001. Wife Gwen, daughter Barbara-ann, son-in-law Russel and grandchildren Bradly and Stuart Hunter. Brother-in-law and uncle of Giuseppe, Florence, Tina and Franco. Funeral service: 28/12/2001, 14:00, Newton Park Methodist Church, cremation. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
BEATON  MARGARET JANE (Mooks). + 26/12/2001. Nephew Howard. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
BELLEW  JAMES WILLIAM. Wife Helen, children Allen & Lynne, Colin & Margie, Donovan & Karen, Timothy, grandchildren Natalie, Sarah and Amy. Funeral: St Patricks Catholic Church, Woburn Avenue, Benoni, Gauteng Province, 11:00, 22 December 2001. (THE STAR - 22 & 28/12/2001).
BISSESSOR  S. + 23 December 2001. Mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and great-grandmother remembered by Avasha, Naresh, Eneil and Jervay. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
BOLUS  THERESA. + 22/12/2001. Sister of (a) Jeanette, (b) Marla, Athol and Claudia, (c) Joseph and sister-in-law Chris. Aunt of Vincent, Nici, Melissa, John and Jude. (THE STAR - 27 & 28/12/2001).
BORENS  Patrick. + aged 43. Funeral service: 29/12/2001, 14:00, Old Apostolic Church, Kleinskool, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
BOSMAN  JOHN ABRAHAM. Begrafnisdiens: Zion Congregational Kerk, Schornville, 30.12.2001, 14:00, dan na die nuwe Breidbach Begraafplaas. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
BOSMAN  PETER JOHN. * 8 September 1912 + 25 December 2001. Wife Laura, daughter Lorraine and son-in-law John, grandchildren David and Carolyn. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
BRUYNS  LEONARD (Len). + 22 December 2001. [Unidentified insert]. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
BUSCH  Rhonda Carol. + 23 December 2001. Mother of Catherine, grandmother of Autumn. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
BUTLER  John Castor. + 25 December 2001. Husband of Maxie, father Sharmon and Theo, father-in-law of Pieter Olivier and Amanda, grandfather of Chantal Flynn, Mandy and Jo-lize Butler. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
BUYEYE  Talita Buyeye. Late of Manganyela Township, Elliotdale, Eastern Cape. Funeral service: 29/12/2001, Umtata, Eastern Cape Province. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
CAVERNELIS  Charles Herman John. + 25/12/2001. Father of (a) Julie (and granddaughters Wendy and Rushda), (b) Elizabeth (son-in-law Michael, grandchildren Tanya, Errol, Karen and Michelle), (c) Charles (daughter-in-law Lorna and grandsons). Funeral service: 29/12/2001, Calvinist Church, corner of Landon & Walnut Road, Lansdowne, Cape Town, 09:00, thence to Belhar Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
Charles  Jean Naomi - see: Florus, Jean Naomi.
CONCHAR  Victor Arthur. + Hospice, Kimberley, Northern Cape Province 26/12/2001. Husband of Rita, father and grandfather of Sandra, Marc, Michael, Gerald, Renico, Claire, Lauren and Ian. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001).
CRONÉ  Rae Marion. + 22 December 2001. Children Gillian, Carrie, David. Second mother of Marky. (The Herald - 24 & 28/12/2001).
DAAMES  Lydia Francis (Lilian). + 26 December 2001, aged 58. Late of No 32 Sonderend Road, Manenberg, Cape Town. Remembered by children and grandchildren. Sister of Marlene (Harold and children). Funeral service: Manenberg Peoples Centre, corner of Scheldt and Thames Avenue, 29 December 2001, 09:00, thence to Maitland Cemetery, Gate 9B. (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001).
DAMONS  Sabina. + aged 82. Funeral service: 29/12/2001, 12:00, Christmore Assy, 3rd Avenue, Windvogel, Bethelsdorp, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
DANIELS  Louis. + aged 83. Funeral service: 29/12/2001, 11:00, Church of Christ, Gelvan Park, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
DANIELS  Sanna. Service: 29/12/2001, 13:00, Old Apostolic Church, Kleinskool, thence to Bethelsdorp Cemetery, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
DE JAGER  Randall. + 22/12/2001, aged 30. One of the stars of a television series, presently broadcasted on Chanel 2 of the South African Broadcasting Corporation. Mother Jean, sister Juanita, Nico, Angelique and Roger. Remembered by Aunty Mercia, Kimla and Terence. Condolences to Jean and family from the cast and crew of the tv series Sewende Laan. Service: New Apostolic Church, Koppiesdam Road, Bishop Lavis, Cape Town, 10:00, 29 December 2001, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
DE LANGE  J. B. (Snakes). + 24/12/2001. [Immediate family:] Trix and Mechelle, Yvette, Charl, Natalie and Craig. Cremation service: 29/12/2001, 11:00, NG Church Port Elizabeth West, Pickering Street, Newton Park. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
DIEDERICKS  Andries Johannes (Rip). + 22 December 2001. Wife Josie. Children Lorell, Theresa and Symone, father-in-law of Vert and Joe. Grandfather of Andrew, Samantha, Gareth, Bronwyn and Janes. Memorial service was private. (MERCURY - 28/12/2001).
DILLON  Elizabeth. Late of Magaliesburg, Gauteng Province. Cremation service: 31/12/2001, 11:00, St. Michael and all Angels Anglican Church, Cornelius street, Weltevreden Park, Roodepoort, Gauteng Province. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
ELAND  Connie. Service: 29/12/2001, 12:00, Audrey Reynecke Congregational Church, thence to Bethelsdorp Cemetery, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
ENGELBRECHT  {dr} CHRIS. Verassingdiens: 28 Desember 2001, 14:00, Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk Harmonie, Kekewich Straat, Kimberley, Northern Cape Province. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001).
FAIRLEY  JOHN. + 23 December 2001. Husband of Margaret, father of Veronica, Margaret, John, Howard, Colin, Lisa-anne, grandfather of Gordon, Nicola, Pamela, Stuart, Kevin, Gavin, Tandi-anne, Jaydene. Service: St. Charles Catholic Church, Road 3, Victory Park, Johannesburg, 11:00, 31/12/2001. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
FARQUAHARSON  ALEXANDER (Alec). + 24/12/2001. Missed by Rosalind & Richard. Sympathy to Nancy from the members of the Rondebosch Bowling Club, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001).
FERNANDEZ  Elizabeth. + 22 December 2001, aged 66. Daughters Michelle and Charmaine with grandchildren. Funeral service: 28 December 2001, 15:00, Crematorium Chapel, Maitland, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
FLORUS  Jean Naomi (née CHARLES). + 23/12/2001, aged 56. Sons Bevan, Leon, daughter Claudele and Denzil, daughter-in-law Tamsyn, grandchildren Ryan and Tiana. Sister Sheral and nieces Liesl and Linda. Funeral: 29/12/2001, St Phillips Roman Catholic Church, Welgelegen Street, Strandfontein, Western Cape Province, 08:30, thence to Maitland Crematorium, 11:00. (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001).
GARDNER  Catherine. + aged 71. Funeral service: 29/12/2001, 13:00, Holy Spirit Church, Arcadia, East London. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
GARSIDE  LENNETTE CLINTON PAMELA (Lynn/Clint). + 24 December 2001. Husband Roger. Mother of Camille (granddaughters Melissa and Natasha), Hayley (husband Grant), and Clinton. Grandmother of Cullen and Katelyn. Missed by fellow Bowlers at Westville Country Club, Durban. Funeral service: Doves North Chapel, 1st Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 10:00, 28 December 2001, cremation. (MERCURY - 27 & 28/12/2001).
Gedult  Rebecca - see: Barties, Rebecca.
GILLMER  Malcolm Ellis. + 24 December 2001. Wife Erika, children Jenny (husband John, children Jocasta, Anastasia and Saskia), Kevin (wife Shannon, children Malcolm and Meredith) and Thomas (wife Helmine, children Cathy and Marc). Funeral service: 28/12/2001, 11:30, Bluewater Bay United Church, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 27 & 28/12/2001).
GOMES  AYER (Harry). + 26/12/2001. Sister Josephine. Service: 31/12/2001, 10:00, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Voortrekker Road, Parow, Cape Town, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
GOVINDER  Frances Leslie (Kazmer). + 25/12/2001. Mother of Gregory (Australia), Janine and the late Kurt and Warren, grandmother of Brett, Sherelle, Marisse, Lindsey, Jade, Kirstey and Jasmine, sister of Yvonne, Tyrone, Ivan, Moira and the late Edith. Funeral service: 29/12/2001, Holy Family Parish, Newlands East, Durban, 10:00, then to the Stellawood Cemetery. (DAILY NEWS - 27 & 28/12/2001).
GROBBERLAAR  Ben. + 22/12/2001. Funeral service: 28/12/2001, 15:00, AFM Church, corner of Boshoff and Van Riebeck Street, Westering, Port Elizabeth, thence to the North End Cemetery. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
GROND  Piet. Late of 2678 Thambo Square, Galeshewe, Kimberley, Northern Cape Province. Funeral service: 29 December 2001, 07:30, proceeding to old Galeshewe Cemetery, 09:00. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001).
GURAH  Louis. + 25/12/2001. Missed by children (one daughter married into the Ramsamy family), grandchildren (a) Clayton, Samantha, Sash and Ash, (b) Vinay and Stephanie and great-grandson Rahul, also other great-grandchildren. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
HARMS  Anita. Late of Kenilworth, Johannesburg. Service: Thom Kight Chapel, 29 Solomon Street, Braamfontein West, Johannesburg, 29 December 2001, 11:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
HARPER  ALLAN. Husband of Linda, father of David, Andrew, Peter and Tony, father-in-law to Anne, Indira, Sheena and Janine, grandfather of Shaun, Gareth, Matthew, Natasha, Carmen, Thomas, Lauryn, Nadia and Cairin. (MERCURY - 28/12/2001).
HAWTHORNE  {Sir} Nigel. + his home, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom 26/12/2001. Missed by sister Janette and Dennis Bagnall, and by brother John, sister-in-law Charmaine. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
HAWTREY  Joyce. + 22 December 2001. Husband Norman. Sons Kenny, Simon, Basil and daughters-in-law Liz, Brenda and Catherine, daughter Audrey and son-in-law Wayne. Ouma [=grandmother] of (a) Irverleen, Kyle Spencer, Genevieve, Simone, Natalie, Darlene, Damian and Spotty, (b) grandson Kyle and (c) granddaughter Genevieve. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
HENDRICKS  Nora. Funeral service: 29/12/2001, Old Apostolic Church, Durban Road, Korsten, 11:00, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
HEWITT  LIAM. + 25/12/2001. Formerly from Mufulira, Zambia. Husband of the late June, (née POTTER). Brother-in-law Ronnie, sister Dawn, nephews Mark, Michael and Paul. (MERCURY - 28/12/2001).
HOPE-RYAN  Molly. + 22/12/2001, aged 93. Funeral service: Goodall & Williams Chapel, 368A Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town, 28/12/2001, 14:30, cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001).
HORJUS  Aileen. Late of Little Falls. Funeral Service: Trinity Methodist Church, cnr 5th Avenue and 5th Street, Linden, Johannesburg, 28 December 2001, 13:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
HUMAN  David. Late of Volmoed, Protem, dist Bredasdorp, southern Western Cape Province. Mourned by Zabeth, Suzanne, Nelius, Nelius (Jnr) and David, Jeanne Liezl and Abrie. Memorial service: Dutch Reformed Church, Bredasdorp, 30 December 2001, 15:30. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
HUTTON  ISOBEL. + 26 December 2001. Cremation service: held privately. [Inserted by] Bill. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
JACOBSON  HATTIE. + 21/12/2001. Wife for 62 years of Solly, children Reggie and Adrienne (with Solly, Joanne, Sorelle and Saul). (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
JETTOO  Jacqueline Anne (née AUGUSTUS). + 26/12/2001. Late of 814 Marine Drive, Durban. Wife of Peter, mother of Quintin, Randy and Sheralyn, grandmother of Alicia and Tyrell, daughter of Yvonne and the late Leonard Augustus, sister of Derek, Trevor, Diane, Helene and Darrell and a sister-in-law. Remembered by the Jettoo and Augustus families. Requiem Mass: 31/12/2001, Christ The King Parish, Wentworth, Durban, 12:00. (MERCURY - 27 & 28/12/2001).
KAISER  Maria Johanna Margaretha. Late of Sinoville, Pretoria. Cremation service: Soetdoring Retire-resort, 28/12/2001, 14:00, cremation. (PRETORIA NEWS - 28/12/2001).
KALI  PAUL. + 20/12/2001. Late of Stand 126, Lerulaneng, section Rabokala, North West Province. Burial Service: 29/12/2001, at address mentioned, 06:00, then proceeding to Rabokala Cemetery. (PRETORIA NEWS - 28/12/2001).
KALMER  Ken. + aged 84. Late of Fairlands, Johannesburg. Funeral service: Reformed Church, cnr of Kiepersol and Haakdoring Street, Wilropark, Roodepoort, Gauteng Province, 10:00, 28/12/2001, then proceeding to the Panorama Cemetery. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
KAMFFER  ANDY. + Johannesburg 22 December 2001. Sympathy to Rikkie, Hilde, Dale, Chris and Francois from business partner Liam, Jacqueline, Donovan, Natalie and Liam Junior. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
KAMPHER  Shirley. + aged 34. Funeral service: 29/12/2001, 12:00, Westend Baptist Church, Salt Lake, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
KINGSTON  Maud (née TOBIAS). + 25/12/2001, aged 84. Mother and grandmother of (a) John, Delysia, Jillian & Jaime Riffel (Australia), (b) Marlene, (c) Kay, children, grandchildren and great- grandchildren. Ouma [=grandmother] of Shirley, Dulcie, Natasha and Adrian. Funeral service: St Johns Church, Belgravia Road, Crawford, Cape Town, 29 December 2001, 09:00, thence to Maitland Cemetery Number 2, Pinelands Road, Gate in Meadow Road. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
KINMONT  Molly. Children Glenda and Alex, grandchildren Glenys, Michelle, Suzanne, Ross, Shaun, Lauren, great-grandchildren Mathew, Joshua, Cheyenne. Funeral Service: St Thomas Church, Musgrave Road, Musgrave, Durban, 4 January 2002, 14:30. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
KOTZE  IAN PETER. + 24 December 2001, aged 50. Mourned by mother, sisters, brothers and their families. Requiem Mass: Our Lady Queen of Peace Roman Catholic Church, corner of 4th Avenue and 1st Road, Grassy Park, Cape Town, 29/12/2001, 09:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
LANGENBERG  Ulla. + 22/12/2001. Mutti [=mother] und Omi [=grandmother] of Holger, Helga, Elgin und Karin Rust. Trauerfeier [=Memorial service]: 19/01/2002, Farm Olivia, 14:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
LE ROUX  ANDRE. + Strand, Western Cape Province 26/12/2001. Formerly of Texsteel, Wellington, Western Cape Province. Missed by Berryoni and family. Funeral service: 28/12/2001, 11:00, Somerset West Presbyterian church, 28 Bright Street, Somerset West, Western Cape Province. Cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
LEV  BERTHA. + Greece 26/12/2001. Missed by nieces and nephews, brother Rube and sister-in-law Miriam Bark. Sympathy to her daughter Jennifer. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
LOLO  Mswane. Late of K-Farm, Kei Mouth, Eastern Cape Province. Funeral service: 29/12/2001 from his home. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
LOVE  Molly Eleanor Maude. + 26/12/2001, aged 94. Children Alan, Pamela and Sheila. Grandmother of Tony, David, Stephen, Philip, Andre. Great-grandmother to Ashleigh, Shannon, Megan, Lauren, Paul and Lee-Ann, Daryn, Jamie and Chelsea. Funeral service: Doves East Chapel, 29/12/2001, 12:00. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
MACDONALD  Tina. + Harare, Zimbabwe 27/12/2001. Mother of Sheila Lynne, Mike, grandmother of Jenny, Jason, Cheryl, Angie, great-grandmother of Duncan. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
MANGALISO  Norton Meteni. Funeral service: 30/12/2001, 10:00, Bantu Church of Christ, 20 Avenue, Lang, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape Province, thence to Gerrald Smith Cemetery. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
MANTLE  Maude Jessie. + 26/12/2001. Sister-in-law of Audrey Baker (née Mantle) [sic]. Aunt of Kerrey. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
MANUEL  Dawn. + 25/12/2001. Late of Benmore, Johannesburg. Daughters Amanda and Lee-Ann. Requiem Mass: Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Rivonia Road, Rivonia, Sandton, dist Randburg, Gauteng Province, 28/12/2001, 15:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS, DAILY NEWS & THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
McWILLIAM  Edith (Bubbles). + 23/12/2001. Wife of Roland Scott. Daughters Valerie and Maureen. Brother Sonny, sister-in-law Marge and family (Johannesburg). (CAPE ARGUS - 27 & 28/12/2001).
MEYER  Errol (Wimpy). Funeral service: 30/12/2001, 14:00, Bethesda Church, Gumpit Street, Schauderville, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
MICHAELS  Katrina. Funeral: 29/12/2001, 458 Stanford Road, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
MOGAPI  ISAAC. Was a Trevenna Stalwart who started working for the Trevenna Group in the 1960s and was a loyal and integral member of Trevenna Kimberley since it opened its doors in 1971. Missed by his Trevenna Superspar family. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001).
MOLEFI  Maria Madintwa. + 23/12/2001. Funeral (arranged by her children): 29/12/2001, 07:00, at her home, then to Methodist church, Botsang, then proceeding to ABC cemetery. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001).
MORGAN  Norman Frank. + 24 December 2001. Wife Rosemary, children Wendy, Lynette, Butch, Charlie, Les, Margy, grandchildren Leughan, Susan, Greg, Grag, Caroline, Gavin, Alison and Blake. Memorial service: Milnerton House Chapel, First Avenue Funeral Home, Walmer, Port Elizabeth 31/12/2001, 10:00. (The Herald - 27 & 28/12/2001).
MORRIS  Myrl. + 20/12/2001. Formerly of Westville, Durban, late of Fairydene Village. Daughters Adele and Pam, son-in-law Frans, grandchildren Allyson, Melanie, Leanne, Derek and Samantha. Memorial Service: 14:30, 31/12/2001, Fairydene Village, Stapleton Road, Sarnia, Durban. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 23/12/2001 & MERCURY - 28/12/2001).
MOSES  Peter. + 24/12/2001. Daughter-in-law Dolores, grandchildren Shamalon, Rene, Harriette, Claude, Gareth and Amanda, great-grandchildren Emilio and Romario. Mourned by the officials and members of Southfield Dood En Hulpgenootskap. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
MPANA  Elma. Funeral: 29/12/2001, 09:00, 26 Kanofile Street, Motherwell, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
MPOKOTHO  Mandla (Jaguar). Husband and father of Kid, Seun, Katlego and Thato. Missed by the Mamane and Mogotsi families, also by the Ronie and Ghoghos families. Funeral: Social Centre, 07:00, then to West End Cemetery, Kimberley, Northern Cape Province. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 27 & 28/12/2001).
MSEZELI  Ezra Ntobeko. Late from 5B Stanford Street, Butterworth, Eastern Cape Province. Funeral service: 29/12/2001, burial by AVBOB, 7 Lambart Road, East London. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
MYERS  Daniel. + 26 December 2001, aged 65. Left a wife, children, grandchildren and a great-grandchild. Service: New Apostolic Church, Manenberg Congregation, Cape Town, 29/12/2001, 10:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
NAPIER  Tristan Dominic (Naps). + 26/12/2001. Son of Anthony & Theresa, brother of Geraldine, Chantal & Paul. Requiem Mass: 29/12/2001, St Patricks Cathedral, Kokstad, KwaZulu-Natal Province, 14:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
NAUDE  Francois Eduard. * South Africa 25 April 1961 + England 24 December 2001 in a random act of violence. Son of Eric and Betty Naude, brother and uncle of Marie and Kirstie. Cousin of Ruth, Ingrid, Paul and Biddy. Was a member of the Fellowship of Jesus Christ in Daventry, United Kingdom. (MERCURY - 27 & 28/12/2001).
NDIYANE  Nombuyiselo Eleanor. + aged 64. Funeral service: 30/12/2001, 12:00, Old Apostolic Church, Red Township, [Uitenhage?], Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
NEL  Hennie. + 24/12/2001. Wife Shirley. Father and oupa [=grandfather] of Dion and family, Andre, Liane and family. Memorial service: Baptist Church, Cook Road, Claremont, Cape Town, 14:00, 31 December 2001. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
NGWETSHENI  Bulelwa. + in a train accident near Kroonstad, Free State Province. Funeral: 29/12/2001, 10:00, Old Apostolic Church, Mboya Street, Zwide, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
NICHOLSON  Dorothy Sylvia. Late of 3 Station Street, Stutterheim, Eastern Cape Province. Cremation service: Methodist Church, Hill Street, Stutterheim, 29/12/2001, 10:00, cremation. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
NOEL  Clinton Bruce (Budgie). Wife Lesley, father of Centaine and Wesley, son of Aubrey and Edith, brother of Craig, Russell, Renee and Jean-Marc. Funeral Service: North Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 29/12/2001, 14:00, cremation. (MERCURY - 28/12/2001).
NOMA  Thenjiwe Winnie. Funeral service: 28/12/2001, 09:00, St. Stephens Anglican Church, Gratten Street, New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
NORRIS  George Thomas. + 24/12/2001, aged 56. Son and brother of Edith, Jenny, Russell, Clint and Nicole. Funeral service: 31/12/2001, 09:00, Catholic Church Regina Coeli, Klipfontein Road, Belgravia, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
OTTO  Cecil (Lennie). + 24/12/2001. Wife Joyce. Father of Cicel, Leona, Felicity, Garry, Sidonia (Australia), Henry, Lauren. A brother, brother-in-law, father-in-law, grand-father and great-grandfather. Funeral Service: St. Theresa's Church, St. Theresa's Road, Sydenham, Durban, 29/12/2001, 11:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
PADAYACHEE  {Mrs} SAVITHREE. + 26/12/2001. Late of 11 Rannoch Place, Westville North, Durban, formerly of Umhlali. Mother of Strini, Sarvas, Ranjini, Ramani and Malini. Mother and grandmother of Pregs, Rani, Neeren and Parusha. Remembered as Ma by Gopal, Sandra, Meshendri and Thiagan. Funeral Service: 28/12/2001, Dravida Society Hall., New Germany Road, Clare Estate, Durban, then to the Clare Estate Crematorium. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001 & DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001)
PETERSEN  JOY MARY. + 24 December 2001. Late of Joubert Park, Johannesburg. Missed by family. Funeral service: St Marys Anglican Chapel, Park Lane, Parktown, Johannesburg, 31/12/2001, 10:00, interment West Park Cemetery, Johannesburg. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
PILANE  Mathlhomala. Late of 6330 Mderane Street. Burial service: 29/12/2001, 07:00, then to the Cemetery. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001).
Potter  June - see: Hewitt, Liam.
POULTER  Edward Alfred. + Cape Town 26/12/2001. Remembered by Bernard, Hazel, Karen, Pat, Marjorie, Tracy and Gert. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
PREST  Rory. + 22 December 2001, aged 41. Wife Heather, children Kirsten and Jonathan. Son of Eddie and June, sister Alison. Son-in-law of Ian and Barbara McDonald. Brother-in-law of (a) Sandy, Jonathan and Samuel, (b) Janet, Roche and Stuart. Nephew and cousin of Margaret, Luke, Preston, Ashleigh, Clive and Caleigh-Ann. Remembered as Committee Member by the Peakview Pre-Primary Community. Memorial service: Mowbray Presbyterian Church, Highbury Road, Mowbray, Cape Town, 27 December 2001, 10:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 27 & 28/12/2001).
PULLON  Eric Clarkson. + Durban 21 December 2001. Formerly of Kabwe and Amanzimtoti, KwaZulu-Natal. Husband of Lisa, father to Denis and Richard, father-in-law to Bev and Debee, grandfather to Kim and Aimee. Memorial Service: Altersheim Port Natal 53, Harborth Road, New Germany, KwaZulu-Natal, 27/12/2001, 09:15. (DAILY NEWS - 24/12/2001 & THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
ROGERS  Violet (Violy). + 24 December 2001, aged 91. Aunt of Franklin, Veronica, Andrew, Kelvin, Wayne, Owen, Nadean and Nastasje. Cremation service: 28/12/2001, St Margaret's Anglican Church, Smith Street, Parow, Cape Town, 08:30. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
ROSE-INNES  Betty. + 25/12/2001, aged 90. Aunt of Sylvia and Daphne, great-aunt to André, Darryl, Sheldon, Lance and Clinton. Funeral service: 28/12/2001, 14:00, Milnerton House Chapel, First Avenue Funeral Home, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
ROSSOUW  Pierre (Porky). + 26/12/2001. Left parents, sisters and children. Funeral: 28/12/2001, 13:30, Baptist Church, Dyke Road, Algoa Park, Port Elizabeth, thence to Forest Hill Cemetery. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
RUITERS  John. Service: 29/12/2001, 12:00, Old Apostolic Church, Arcadia, thence to Bethelsdorp Cemetery, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
SAFODIEN  Elaine. Funeral: 29/12/2001, 11:00, Mother of Perpetual Church, Malabar, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
SANTI  Caroline. + 23/12/2001. Missed by Michael. (MERCURY - 28/12/2001).
SANTRY  Sue. Missed by family. Service: Milnerton House Chapel, First Avenue, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 29/12/2001, 09:30. (The Herald - 27 & 28/12/2001).
SCOTT  Andrew David (Digger). + Stellenbosch, Western Cape Province 23 December 2001. Wife Sybil, children Lilian & Ockie Bosman, James & Annette Scott, Rosemary & Johan Jonker. Nine grandchildren. Missed by David and Margaret MacDonald. Memorial service: 28 December 2001, 10:00, Dutch Reformed Church, Stellenbosch West, Alexander Street, Stellenbosch, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 27 & 28/12/2001).
SEMPE  Naledi. + in a train accident near Kroonstad, Free State Province. Funeral: 29/12/2001, 10:00, Old Apostolic Church, Mboya Street, Zwide, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
SEMPE  Malerato. + in a train accident near Kroonstad, Free State Province. Funeral: 29/12/2001, 10:00, Old Apostolic Church, Mboya Street, Zwide, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
SHEARMAN  Phyllis Winifred. + 22/12/2001. Widow of the late Alec. Remembered by (a) Ivan, Daryl, Hylton, Jane and Darren, (b) Malcolm, Lynn, Gary, Debbie, Gareth and Shaun. (DAILY NEWS - 27 & 28/12/2001).
SHELENI  Thobela Mathika. Funeral Service: 28/12/2001, 10:00, at her residence, Mpongo Village, Chalumna, dist East London. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
SLACK  Garth. + 26 December 2001. Brother-in-law and uncle of Audrey and Louise. (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001).
SMITH  Effie Adam. Late of Primrose, Germiston, Gauteng Province. Memorial service: Primrose Villa Old age Home, 159 Cydonia Road, Primrose, 28-12-2001, 11:00, cremation. (PRETORIA NEWS - 28/12/2001).
SMITH  IRENE. + 25 December 2001. Sister and aunt of Marjorie and Elvira. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
SMITH  N.P. (Mummy). + 23/12/2001. Remembered by Frank, Mary, children and grandchildren. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001).
Solomons  Maureen Lorna - see: Van Wyk, Maureen Lorna.
STANDER  Bettie. Ouma [=grandmother] of Jane and Lilly. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001).
STRAUSS  SHAWN. + 20/12/2001. Friend and colleague of The Maintenance Team SPAR Western Cape. Missed by Safety Reps & First Aiders SPAR Western Cape Province. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
STRIJDOM  (Tiny Gran). Late of Bedfordview, Germiston, Gauteng Province. Service: Doves West Chapel, 10 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 31 December 2001, 10:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
SWAIN  Trisha. + 25/12/2001. Grandmother of Kathryn and Emma, mother of Michael and mother-in-law of Julia. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
SWANEPOEL  (Swanee). + 26/12/2001. Wife Mickey, children Theo & Felicity, Charmaine & Henk, also grandchildren. Memorial service: Open Doors Christian Church, Daniel Pienaar Road, Fairbridge Heights, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape Province, 30/12/2001, 11:00. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
TAME  Vincent Thabo. Late of 1712 Sonwabile Township, Maclear, Eastern Cape Province. Missed by wife and children. Funeral Service: 29/12/2001, Elundini Town Hall, 10:00. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
TARLETON  Sylvia Doreen. + 23 December 2001, aged 96. Missed by children Neville, Audrey, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Memorial Service: 3 January 2002, 11:00, Pinelands Methodist Church, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001).
THOMAS  DANIEL. + 25/12/2001, 03:00. Daughter Patience, son Tim, daughter-in-law Sara, grandchildren David, Richard, Dan, Emily, Polly, Hugo and Olivia. Remembered by Millicent and Gail. Memorial service: 10:00, St Peters Church of England, Nelson Road, Fish Hoek, Cape Town, 29 December 2001, tea: St James Retirement Village. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
THOMAS  Llewellyn. + 22/12/2001. Brother and uncle of sister Pearl, Derrick, Aidan, Jovan and Janice. Son of Grace. Brother Brendon. Missed by Ivan, Florrie and the Potgieter family. Service: 29/12/2001, 13:00, Springdale Congregational Church, Port Elizabeth, thence to Bethelsdorp Cemetery, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
TITUS  Constance Anne. + 27 December 2001. Wife of Fred, mother and grandmother. Service: 29 December 2001, 10:00, New Apostolic Congregation Church, Bourne Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
Tobias  Maud - see: Kingston, Maud.
TOBIN  EDITH. + 21/12/2001. Mother of Ruth, Allan and Stuart, mother-in-law of Eliane and Pepe, grandfather of Laurence, Lee, Trevor, Jodi, Nadine and Andy. Sister of Diana, sister-in-law of Winston. Grandmother of Dee-Dee, Shelley and Ryan, whose (other) grandmother BROOKE + 7 weeks ago. Remembered by friend Sheila Lotzof. (THE STAR - 24 & 27 & 28/12/2001).
TODESCO  Cesca. + 26/12/2001. Remembered by (a) Ian & Gwen, (b) Franco, Carol, Tish, Rob and Fabio. (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001) .
TONJES  Margaret. + 25/12/2001. Cousin of Janice, Roger, Mark, Shaun & Kelly Ryan. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
TOWNSEND  Willem (Wikkie). + 19/12/2001. Missed by Dan, Hendrieka and family. Last respects paid at 60 Staring Street. Funeral service: 08:00, VGK Church Roodepan, then to Roodepan Cemetery, Kimberley, Northern Cape Province, 29/12/2001. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 24 & 28/12/2001).
TSHUME  Madoda. Funeral: 29/12/2001, 09:00, from 92 Aggrey Road, New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
VAN DE LILLY  Edward. Late of Lotus River, Cape Town. Cremation service: St Timothys Catholic Church, Mountain Street, Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, 29/12/2001, 09:00. (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001).
VAN DEN BERG  Pamela Molly. Mother of Stephen and Bonnie, grandmother to Stephen, Matthew Christopher and the late Robert. Memorial Service: 29/12/2001, Doves East Chapel, Durban, 10:00. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
VAN DEN BERG  THEO (M.T). + 24/12/2001, aged 95. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of (a) Sue, Russell, Leanne, Tracey, Don, Ilse, Shaun, Raymond, Bernadine, Terence and Juan, (b) Corrie & Cecil, Linda & Hans and Terri. Ouma [=grandmother] of Stella, Colin, Steven, Lana and Ben, great-great-grandchildren Zian, Calvin and Duncan. Oumagrootjie [great-grandmother] of Bianca, Nikita and Julian. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
VAN DER LINDE  LIZA. Mother of Mary-Anne and Steven. Missed by staff at African Gems and Minerals. Loved by Rob. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
VAN DER LINGEN  Dennis James. + aged 53. Funeral service: 29/12/2001, 10:00, New Apostolic Church, Rosedale, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
VAN DER WAALS  Adriana / Jeanne. Mother of Ingrid and Carol, sons-in-law Tom and Alan. Grandchildren Byron and Andre. Missed by Shorty and Bunny. Funeral Service: 27/12/2001, Doves East Chapel, 14:00, Durban. (DAILY NEWS - 27 & 28/12/2001).
VAN NIEKERK  Gloria. In lewe van 15 Austin web Kimberley, Northern Cape Province. Begrafnisdiens: 28 Desember 2001, 10:00, N.G. Kerk, Du Toitspan, dan na die Wes-Einde begraafplaas. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001).
VAN RENSBURG  Ann Christine. Late of Windsor West, Randburg, Gauteng Province. Service: 02/01/2002, 14:00, Doves West Chapel, 10 Jorrisen Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, cremation. (MERCURY - 28/12/2001).
VAN WYK  BONITA. Remembered by friends Ken, Carol, Nols, Ruth, James, and Adri. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
VAN WYK  Maureen Lorna (née SOLOMONS). + 21 December 2001, aged 31. Husband Jacko, children Dale and Jamy. Funeral Service: 29 December 2001, New Apostolic Church, Belhar Congregation, cnr Boslelie and Arum Roads, Belhar, Cape Town, 09:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
VAPHI  Lindiwe Gladys. Late of Mangwaneni Township, Ngqeleni, Eastern Cape Province. Funeral service: 29/12/2001, interment by AVBOB, Umtata. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
VON DELFT  Christof. + 23 December 2001. Wife Magdalene, children Jens, Kristin and Kenneth and granddaughter Maike. Funeral service: 28 December 2001, 11:00, Welgelegen NG Church, Dalsig, Stellenbosch, Western Cape Province. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
WAGENSTROOM  Rebecca Cecelia (Sila) (née ADAMS). + 25 December 2001, aged 47. Husband Johannes (Hansie), children Aureona & Eben. Brother John. Brother Sidney, sister-in-law Jenny and children Samora and Tamsin. Brother Aubrey and sister-in-law Constance. Remembered by Shirley and Errol. Sympathy from Principal & Staff of Elsies River High School. Funeral service: EV Lutheran Church, Martin Petersen Avenue, Bellville South, Bellville, Western Cape Province, 09:00, 29/12/2001, thence to Maitland Cemetery, Ext 1. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
WALTER  Denis. + 23/12/2001. Wife Peggy, daughters Celia and Ursula, granddaughters Natalie and Cathy. Father and grandfather of Peter, Ursula, Natalie and Cathy. Requiem mass: 28/12/2001, 11:00, Corpus Christie Catholic Church, Wittebome, Cape Town, cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 27 & 28/12/2001).
WILLIAMS  Eleanor Susan (Nell). Missed by Pieter, Kathy, Mark, Grant, Samantha & Brendan. Memorial service: Nerina Gardens Old Age Home, 31 December 2001, 14:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
WITBOOI  Abraham Cornelius. + 25 December 2001, aged 72. Left a wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Funeral Service: 29 December 2001, New Apostolic Church, Scottsdene Congregation, Cnr Cavalaria and Rusticana Streets, Scottsdene, 09:00, thence to Kraaifontein Cemetery, Western Cape Province. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
XOLA  Nomvula. Service: 29/12/2001, 11:00, Old Apostolic Church, Motherwell NU8, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
BLOCH  Frank. Husband of Maureen, father of Andrea Talberg, Sharon Jay and Jennifer Rakitzis. Consecration of tombstone: 30 December 2001, 11:00, Pinelands Cemetery, No. 2, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
FRANK  Jonathan. Husband of Denise, father of Craig, Howard, Michelle and Larry. Consecration of tombstone: 6 January 2002, 10:00, Pinelands Cemetery No. 2, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001).
JOFFE  Rose. Consecration of tombstone: Pinelands Cemetery, No 2, Cape Town, 10:00, 2 January 2002. (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001).
MILLER  HARRY. Husband of Hannah, father of Ethlyn Sussman and Shirley Henen. Consecration of tombstone: 30 December 2001, 11:30, Pinelands Cemetery No.2, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 28/12/2001).
RABKIN  Micky. Widow of Wolf Jacob Rabkin. Consecration of tombstone: Pinelands Cemetery No 2, Cape Town 03/01/2002, 09:30. (CAPE ARGUS - 28/12/2001).
BENNETT  Thomas Alex. + 1 year ago today. Wife Stella. Father of Harry & Ruth. Remembered by Paul & family. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
BENTZ  Rhoda. Aunt of Elaine, Cynthia and families, Mostyn and Sue. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
BERRY  William (Billy). + 1 year ago today. Husband and father of wife Dotty and Dean. Father of Lindsay, Baronese and children. Father of Neville, Claudette and children. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
BOTHA  Theo. + 28.12.1998. Father and grandpa of son Theo and of Jock, Louise, Todd & Kyra. (MERCURY - 28/12/2001).
CAMPBELL  Abraham Edward. + 1 year ago today. Parents Gloria and Andrew Campbell. Brother of (a) Wenda (and her children), (b) Prudence and family. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
FAIRWEATHER  Ernest. + 28 December 1982. Remembered by wife Emily and children. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001).
GATES  Solomon. + one year ago. Missed by Felicity, Stephen, Darryl, Claudale and kids. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001).
JOSEPH  Adelah. Another year has gone by. Remembered by parents, brothers, sisters and sons Deen and Liam. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001).
KOLL  HELGARD. + 27.12.1999. Daughter Barbara. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
LEBURU  Edwin Neo. Sister Mmemme Leburu. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001).
LEKGETHO  Remembered by Emma, Nanaki, Kagisho and family. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001).
MACHANIK  BRANDON MARC (BOBBY). + 6 January 1996 (=14 Tevet). A son of [unidentified inserter]. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
McKIE  Craig John. + 10 years ago. Brother and sisters Richard, Lee-Anne, Vanessa, and nephews and niece Jason, Sharnae, Byron and Calvin. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
MOKITIMI  Mamonaheng. Remembered as wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 28/12/2001.
MULLER  Marius. * 8/10/1969 + 28/12/2000. Wife Coral, son Kyle. Remembered by colleague Bev and Shaun and all staff at Westville Towing. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
PAULSEN .Hyron. Wife Dawn, children Sunelle, Carmen, Kieron and grandchild Avanté-Revere. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
RAPSON  Allan. + 28/12/1998. Husband, father and grandfather of Lilian, Monica, Alan, Michelle, Candy and Charles. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
ROBERTS  Leslie. + 30 years ago today. Father and grandfather of Lynne, Carol, Loren and families. (The Herald - 28/12/2001).
SCHAEFER  Melville. + 2 years ago today. Brother of Billy. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).
SCOTT  Anthony Graham. + 26/12/2000. Wife Beverley-Ann, sons Jared, Gareth and Fabian. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
SPIRES  Nicole Belinda. + 10 years ago today. Father John, stepmother Beverley, sister Karen. (DAILY NEWS - 28/12/2001).
WEINSTEIN  NICOLE (Nixs). Remembered by Baz. (THE STAR - 28/12/2001).
WESSELS  Elroy. + 27 December 1999. Wife Isobel, children Carmen, Shane, Delray and Eldon. Brother of Raymond (wife Asa and kids). (The Herald - 27 & 28/12/2001).
WHITEHEAD  Trevor (Peppie). + 26 December 1998. Missed by Mom, sisters, wife and children. (Dispatch - 28/12/2001).