APROSCKIE-BEAN (girl). * 22 November 2001 in New York. Parents: Adrian and Cindy. Grandparents: Harold and Rhoda Bean  Lee Aprosckie. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
BARNARD Megan. * Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic, Cape Town to Dave and Sharon a sister for James. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
BASKIN-PENKIN (boy) * Kingsbury Hospital 23/11/01 to parents Paula & Ryan, brother to Jessica. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
BEHARDIEN (girl). * City Park Hospital, Cape Town on 23/11/01 to Zainap and Abdul. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
BLAMIRE NASTASIA. On 15th November 2001 Nastatia officially became a Blamire. Grandparents: Noel & Jenny. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
BRUWER Liam. * 22 November 2001 to Francois and Lindi. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
DUFFUS Maia. * Vredendal Hospital 19 November 2001 to parents Toby and Kirsten and sister Noah. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
ENGEL Caleb. * Kingsbury Hospital 22/11/2001 to Samantha & Dexter.(CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001)
GOBODO Lutho Mpumelelo. * City Park Hospital 21/11/01 to Noluthando and Russia. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
GOTTSCHALK-DRUKER (boy). * Vincent Pallotti Hospital 20/11/01 to Gavin and Belinda. Great-grandmother Ida, Grandparents June and Clem, Diane and Colin, Stuart and Diana. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
JACOBS Evelyn. * Kingsbury Hospital 22/11/01, 1st Born to Portia & Eric. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
KILROE-SMITH Jessica Lee. * 19 November 2001 to Steve and Lynda. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
KOTTON (boy). * 23 November 2001 Toronto, Canada to Russell and Elaine (née Sutton). Brother for Evan and Wesley. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
LABUSCHAGNE Connor Gregory. * 19.11.2001 Parklands [KwaZulu-Natal]. Parents: Ursula and Mark. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
LAWRIE (boy). * 19/11/01 to Mark & Tess. Brother to Imogen.(THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
LOFSTEDT/HOFMAN/BOYD Rachel. * 21/11/2001. Parents Ronald and Jessica. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
MEYRS DanielThomas. * Kingsbury Hospital 06/11/2001, first child of Edwin & Sue Meyrs. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
MOUTON-RIDOUT Jed Tony. * Kingsbury Hospital, Cape Town 21 November 2001 to Neil and Lisa. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
PAGE-McWHITE (boy). * City Park Hospital, Cape Town 21/11/01 to Genevieve & Gibran. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
SWART Kyla Jade. * Morningside Clinic, Johannesburg 20 November 2001 to Paul and Jenny. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
WOLMER (boy). * 22 November 2001 in San Diego, California, USA to Alan, Karen and sibling Lance, grandson to Jeff and Ros Wolmer and Fred. E-mail: (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
ALLAWAY Robert Gordon (Bob). Father of Gordon and Kyle, daughter-in-law Cheryl and Penny and Pappo of Michelle, Robert and Micayla. Funeral serivce at the South Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 27 November 2001 at 3.00 o’clock. Cremation private. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
BREDENHANN Eddie. Late of Pretoria. Funeral service at the Willows Methodist Church, Meerlus Street, The Willows, Pretoria, 26 November 2001 at 11h00 prior to interment at Pretoria East Cemetery. (PRETORIA NEWS - 26/11/2001).
BRYANTT Jean. Late wife of Bill of 15 Barham Rd, Westville, Cape Town. Funeral service at The South Chapel, First Ave, Greyville, 27 November 2001 at 11am. The cremation will take place privately. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
CHRISTIE Dorothy Margaret (Bunty). Late of Newlands Park Retirement Village. Memorial service at the Newlands Park Retirement Village 230, Gloxinia Avenue, Newlands, Pretoria, 27/11/2001 at 10h00. Cremation private. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
DAWKINS Phyllis Rose. Late of Bryanston, Johannesburg. Service at St Michaels Anglican Church, corner Mount and Bryanston Drive, Bryanston, 27/11/2001 at 12 noon. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
ESLICK Anna Johanna van der Merwe. Late of Boksburg. Funeral service at The Alberton Cemetery, 26th November 2001 at 11h00, followed by a memorial service at 21 Heidelberg Road New Market Estates, Alberton. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
FRANKENBERGER RAINER {dr}. Late of Ruiterhof. Funeral service at St Bonafatius Catholic Church, Puttick Avenue, Sundowner, 29/11/2001at 3pm prior to the private cremation. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
FRANKS John Barry. Late of 2 Sussex Place, Wentworth. Husband of Margaret, father of Lynette, Adeille, Karen, Ronelle and Marece, brother of Theresa, Maureen, Alicia and Tina, a grandfather and uncle. Funeral Service 27/11/2001 at Christ The King Parish, Cycas Road, Wentworth at 12 noon, thereafter proceeding to the Stella Wood Cemetery. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
HOLTZHAUSEN Andrew Peter (Bubbles). Late of Rooishuiskraal, Pretoria (formerly of Dundee KZN). Memorial service at Westview Methodist Church, 83 Tortelduif Street, Wierdapark, Centurion Pretoria, 26/11/01 at 12h00. Cremation private. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
KING Edmund (Eddie). Husband of Dorothy. Memorial service at the The Moth Cottages Hall, 292 Bartle Rd, Umbilo, Durban, 27.11.2001 at 11.30 am. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
KRAUSE Emily Ursula. Late of Albertsville. Cremation service at The Doves West Chapel, 10 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 27/11/2001 at 11h00, prior to a private cremation. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
KYTE Bessie. Late of Bryanston. Cremation service at The Bryanston Methodist Church, Grosvenor Road, Bryanston, Johannesburg, 27/11/2001 at 2:30 pm prior to private cremation (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
LE ROUX Donna. Late of Edenvale Cremation service at The Eastside Community Church, 129 12th Avenue, Edenvale, 27th of November 2001 at 12noon, prior to a private cremation (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
MOODLEY Salatchie. Late of No 20, 52nd Avenue, Umhlatuzana Township, Chatsworth, KwaZulu-Natal, wife of Jaya Moodley, mother of Reshan, Diane,  sister of Danna, Stanley and Vino, daughter of Pushpa Thambiran and the late Shortie Thambiran. Funeral: SATURDAY 24th November 2001 at her late residence from 11:00 am thereafter proceeding to the Mobeni Heights Cemetery at 2:00 pm. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
SCHUSTER Gerhard. Late of Alphin Lodge. Service at The Steelhelmet Shell Hole, corner 2nd Ave and 16th Street, Parkhurst, Johannesburg, 27 November at 11 am. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
SCORDOULIS Takis Panayotis Scordoulis. Late of Arconpark, Vereeniging. Funeral service at The Greek Orthodox, Vereeniging, Wednesday 28/11/2001 at 11 am, proceeding to Jacobskop cemetery. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
SONI Shantilal Jivraj Soni. Formerly of Fountain Lane. Husband of Maneckbhen, father of Krishna and Prakash. Of flat 303 Manjee Centre, cnr of Grey and Derby Street, Durban. Funeral Service 26/11/2001. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
THOMAS Christa. Late of Ferndale, Randburg. Cremation service at St Bonafatius Catholic Church, Puttick Avenue, Sundowner, Randburg, Friday 30 November 2001 at 2pm, prior to private cremation (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
CHAITMAN Rubi. Husband of Anne, father of Delia, Brian and Jeremy. Consecration on 9 December at 10am at Pinelands No 2. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
RABINOWITZ Joseph (Joe). Husband Shula, father of Lazarus and David. Consecration of tombstone 9 December 2001 at 11am at Pinelands No 2. (CAPE ARGUS - 26/11/2001).
ABRAMOWITZ DORA. + 24th November 1993. Wife of Michael, mother of Diane and Clive, grandmother of Daniella, Jesse and Ethan, sister of Ann & family. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
ADAMS HANNAH. * 08/08/1921+ 23/11/1994. Remembered by daughters, sons-in-law & grandchildren (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
ARGO Leslie John Alexander. + 26:11:1999. [Inserted by] Mizpah Isabel et al. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
CLAYTON JOAN. + 25.11.2000. In memory of a wonderful Mother [inserted by] Cheryl, Gan, Bianca and Ronald. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
CROLE SHIRLEY. + 25/11/2000. Daughter of Mom, sister of Veronica, mother of Natalie. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
DARMANOVIC ZARIJA. + three years ago. Husband of Tereza, father of George and Ljubi, grandfather of James, Jason and Justin. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
Du Toit Desiree - see: JOOSTE, DESIREE.
GROBLER NEIL. + a year ago today. Miss you Dad, Mom. Kerry. Jackie, Shane, Erica, Wesley and Monica. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
JOOSTE DESIREE (née DU TOIT). * 07/08/1962 + 25/11/1996. Was a daughter, and a mother of Genevieve. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
KARAM DEAN. [Inserted by her father, mother, brother and sister. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
MEAS [no personal name]. Remembered by wife and child Doreen and Teri. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 26/11/2001).
MEYERSON JACK. + 25th November 1987. Remembered by the Meyerson and Nahman families. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
TAYLOR David. + Seven years ago. [Inserted by] Sheila. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
THOMAS Anthony Winston. In memory of my lover and best friend, who passed away tragically 4 years ago on 26/11/1997. [Inserted by] Rod. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
TYVIAN 8 years have passed. Missed by your Mom, Dad, sisters and brother. Inserted by Cecilia & Krish. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
VANDERWAGEN Gordie. + 26/11/2000. Was husband, father, grandpa. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
WEPENER Louw. + one year ago today. Inserted by widow Karen. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
WILLIAMS ADELAI. + 24th November 2000. Was mother and grandmother of Felicity, Sean and Tracy. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
AFRICA EDWARD JOHN. + 21 November 2001. Daughter Patty and son-in-law Ulric. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 26/11/2001).
ARENDSE Maureen. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
ARONSON CAROL MOIRA. + 18/11/2001. Mourned by Ruben, children and grandchildren, Steven, Paul, Debbie in Australia, Michael, Matthew, Kayla, David, Grant and their families. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
AUSTIN DOUGLAS. Remembered by Caroline Magerman & her family from Springbok. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
BARRETT Donald Patrick Smuts. + Tuesday 20th November 2001 age 78 years. Daughter Patricia & son-in-law Henry, daughter Tracy and Stuart (UK) and granddaughter Lisa, son Peter. Funeral service at The Maitland Crematorium Chapel on Tuesday 27/11/2001 at 11am. (CAPE ARGUS - 26/11/2001).
BEST William Lawrence (Bill). + 21/11/2001, husband to Patsy, father to Trish, Craig and Billy and grandfather to Nicola, Kyle, Regan and Ronan. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
BOTHA HENDRIK WILLEM (SONIE). + 23/11/01. Missed by Anna-Marie, Neil, Quen and Nikki. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
BOUTRY Jean-Claude. Condolences to Ursula and family by Birgit. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
BREDENHANN EDDIE. + 22nd of November 2001. Husband, father and grandfather. Missed by Else, Val and Jeff, Gill & Greg, Gail & Marc, Edalee & Hennie, Natalie & Patrick & grandchildren, brother of Ernie, Christie & family, Felicity, John, Peter & Family. (PRETORIA NEWS - 26/11/2001).
BROCKWELL John. + 22 November 2001. Brother-in-law and uncle of Ernie, Des, Denzil, Lee, Waldie, Ira and children. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
CASE Arthur John. + 23 November 2001. Remembered by wife Ethel, children and grandchildren Arthur, Francis, Jennifer and Jonathan, Clive, Sandra, Jessica and Matthew. Memorial service Saturday 1 December 2001 at 11am at the Wellwood Chapel, Recreation Road, Fish Hoek, Cape Town (CAPE ARGUS - 26/11/2001).
CLARKE Janet (née LILE). + 22 November 2001. Mother and grandmother to David, Barry, Nicola, Vanessa, Cameron, Tarryn, James, Daniel and Rowan. Missed by Doris, Neil, Maureen, Pat and family. Service at Pinelands Baptist Church at 3:30pm on Tuesday 27 November 2001. Private cremation Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
COHEN Dave. * 14-12-1922 + 20th of November 2001. Wife pre-deceased, son and daughter-in-law Brian, Mary and grandson Jonathan & thanks to Aunt Bella, for being there, brother Jack, Sheila, niece Andrea, nephew Graham, Debbie and family, uncle of Robbie, Carole and children, sympathy to Michael and Brian and their families, from the Fairbrother family. Memorial service at the Methodist Church, cnr Ladies Mile and Homestead Avenue, Bergvliet on Monday 26/11 at 3pm. Private cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
CURRIN NORMAN (Parney/Papu). Father and grandfather of Patrick, Cheryl, Lisa, Shelly and Jason. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
Da GRASS John Frances. + Thursday 22nd November 2001. Remembered by niece, Dorothy, the Bent family, Theresa, Arthur, Jason, Gillian and David and the Edwards family and Da Grass family. (CAPE ARGUS - 26/11/2001)
DANNEBERG Wulf. Sympathies to the Danneberg family from Demetre. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
DE JESUS Tome. + 23 November 2001 in Australia. Daughter Bella, son-in-law Zack and grandchildren Jackie, Charles, Maribele, Sergio, Odette and granddaughter Daniella, remembered by Raul and Judy Virissimo, Pedro and Judith Rebelo. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
DOLLMAN Bob. Remembered by Pat, Theronie & family. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
DUFFETT Eunice. + in a car accident on 19/11/2001 aged 76. Husband Keith, stepdaughter Jenny & grandson James, daughter-in-law of Charles and Lillian, sister and aunt of Marie and Pierre, Corlien and Jaco, Piet, Jill, Simon, Merrel and girls, sympathy to ... Renee, Ingrid, Deon and families. Service at the Methodist Church, Lowlands Ave, Tokai on Monday 26/11/2001 at 2:30pm. Cremation Private. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
ERNSTZEN Joyce Maude (Josephine). + 23 November 2001, aged 72. Mother of Edwin, Renee & Lauren, James, Denise and children, and Roland and children, daughter Natalie and son-in-law Graham Faulmann. Service at the Methodist Church, Lowlands Ave, Tokai on Monday 26/11/2001 at 2:30pm. Cremation Private. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
FABER Hans. + 22 November 2001, aged 89 years. Husband, father and grandfather. Remembered by Friedel, Alix, Maike and their families. Memorial service Tuesday 27 November 2001 at 2pm at the Goodall and Williams Chapel, 11 Voortrekker Road, Bellville. Private Cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 26/11/2001).
FERRAZ Emmanuel. + 22 November 2001 aged 56. Wife Anna-Maria, his father Gastao, his sons Gastao, Alberto, daughters-in-law Charlene and Serina and granddaughter Amber. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
FRANKENBERGER RAINER R {dr}. + 22 November 2001. Business partner for many years of Mike Trigg, Helen and all the staff at Portfolio Sciences. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
GEDULD Daniel (Danny). + 22 November 2001. Missed by son Michael, wife Adrian and grandchildren Ian and Liam in Australia, his only sister Eris, Greg (brother-in-law), Sara and David, Athali, Micah and Rick in Melbourne, Australia, brother and uncle of Ikey, Jean and family. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001)
HORNE John William (Johnny). + 21/11/2001. Husband, father and Pappa. Remembered as youngest brother of his sister Doreen & niece Ethel in New Zealand, by his sister Evelyn, brother-in-law Micky and family, Doris, Doreen and families in Cape Town, Janie, Valentine, Geraldine, Jonathan, Jessica and James. Funeral at Methodist Church, Sheridan Street, Brooklyn on Thursday 29/11/2001 at 11 am. Private cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 26 & 27/11/2001)
GIETZMAN MURIEL. + 10 November 2001. Mother and Grandmother of Roy, Bruce, Joy and family. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
HODGINS NORAH ISABEL. + 19 November 2001 in her 96th year. Missed by SA Short-Legged Terrier Club. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
HOLTZHAUSEN ANDREW PETER (Andy / Bubbles). Godfather and uncle of Dion, Allison, Kylie and Kimberley. Missed by Auntie Chrissie (Godmother), Noeline, Annette, Cobus. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
JOFFE Abraham (Abbelah). + 21st November 2001 in Israel. Children: Rae, Arnold, Arthur, and Rowena, Sharon, and Tamara, Orna, Michael Privileged to have met and loved such asmiling Jewish soul. Our thoughts are with Rae, Arthur and family. Riva, Leora and Talya. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001)
KOTZEN MAVIS. + 23rd November 2001, wife and mother of Lesley, mother-in-law of Ian, granny of Romy and Darren, sister of Ev and Sam Kramer, Simmy and Lola Jaffit, aunt of Seth, and Elana, sister-in-law and aunt of Bubbles, Graham, Sally and family. Sympathy to Norman, Russel, Lesley and families (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
LAUBSCHER Pat. Remembered by all at JCJ Agrichem. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
LEA Iris. + 21st November 2001. Son, Dennis, her daughters Renay and Dawn and their spouses, grand-children and great grand-children. Service 26 November at 3pm at Trianon, Plumstead, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
LEIBBRANDT JOHANN PHILIP JOZEF. + 23 November 2001 aged 69 years. Remembered by wife Trudie, children and grandchildren. Service at Goodwood in the Avbob Chapel, 451 Voortrekker Road, Maitland, Cape Town, Tuesday 27/11/01 at 14h30pm. Cremation Private. (CAPE ARGUS - 26/11/2001).
Lile Janet - see: CLARKE, Janet.
LOFF Clara. + 22 November 2001, aged 83. Remembered by daughter, Loretta, husband Cecil & children Angelique, Marco, Lee-Ann, Tracey and Cheslin. Funeral Service Tuesday 27 November at the Methodist Church, Barcombe Road, Athlone, Cape Town at 9.30am, thence to Maitland Cemetery. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
MACAULEY JACK. + 22 November 2001. Missed by wife Betty, daughter Dolores, son-in-law Arnold and grandchildren Shireen and Dickie. Service at Simon Cyrene, Acacia Road, Grassy Park. Cremation Private. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
MacKENZIE Denis. + 23/11/2001. Husband of Jean, father of Gail and Andrew and family, father of Brian, Lyn and family, grandpa of Daryl-Ann and Jeff, Darty and Jenny and great-grandfather of Xander, Andrew and Nicolas. (CAPE ARGUS - 26/11/2001).
PARKIN Yvonne. * 22/11/2001, mother of Graham, Michael and Cheryl, grandmother of Daryl, Craig, Bridgette, Brett and Calvin, mother-in-law of John, Patsy and Karen, sister of Valerie, Cynthia, Robyn and Andrew. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
PAYNE CATHERINE ANNE. + 20 November 2001. Sister of Hilary, George and Judy and sister-in-law of Steve and Chris. Memorial service at Adams Farm Home, Monday 26th November 2001 at 2:30pm. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
PLACE STEPHEN. Sympathy to Marlene and Derek from the Mowbray Bowling Club. Remembered by his Mom, Dad, Ouma, Charmaine and Martin. Funeral service at St. Stephens Church, Belvedere Road, Claremont, Cape Town, 27 November at 4pm. Cremation private. (CAPE ARGUS - 26/11/2001).
RAMSAY Connie. + 23/11/01 Bloemfontein, Free State. Mother and granny of Marline, Ken, Anita, Rodney, Marina, Kevin and Joshua and of Clifford, Annette, Craig, Terence and Kevin, remembered by Adrian, Isabel, Lee, Shaun & Christopher. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 26/11/2001).
ROSE Abraham George (Abey). + 16 November 2001. Missed by friends and colleagues at Kost Engineering. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
ROWE Frank Richard. * 1925 + 23 November 2001. Children Gillian, Glynis, Berverley, Frank and Charmaine, Heather, David & Robyn. (DAILY NEWS - 26/11/2001).
SAMUELS Christian. + 22 November 2001. Missed by wife Mabel, children Edward, Diane and Julian, daughter-in-law, grandchildren and family. Funeral service: 27 November 2001 at Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church, Park Avenue, Westridge at 10am, thence to Maitland Crematorium (CAPE ARGUS - 26/11/2001).
SARGEANT Douglas Lindsay. + 16 November 2001, aged 91. Remembered by his wife Winifred, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
SAUNDERSON David. + Dumfries, Scotland 21st November. (CAPE ARGUS - 26/11/2001).
SCHELPE Sybella. + 18 November 2001. Mother to Janette, James and Charles, mother-in-law to Cathy and Sally, granny to Olivia, Eleanor and William and grandma to Bella and Camilla. We will. Memorial Service: St Andrews, Kildare Rd, Newlands, Cape Town, Monday 26th Nov. at 3pm. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
SCHUSTER GERALD. + Friday 23 November 2001 at Elphin Lodge in his 87th year. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
SEDGWICK TONY. Father of Janet. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
SELLICKS Jack. Remembered by Hermione and Rael, Farrell, Nicola, Andrew and family. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
SIMON William. + 22/11/2001. Remembered by wife Violet, children and grandchildren. Service at the Pentecostal Church, 20 Church Street, Woodstock, Cape Town, 29/11/2001 at 12 noon, thence to Maitland Cemetery. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
SMITH JOHANNAH. + 21/11/2001, aged 70. Missed by her eldest daughter Felicia and son in-law Booi, Brenda, Hilton, Quinton and the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
SOLOMON Kenneth (Welby). + 21 November 2001. Remembered by the Rautman Family. Funeral service 27 November 2001 at 11 am at Christ the King Anglican Church, Milner Road, Claremont, Cape Town. Private Cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 26/11/2001).
THOMSON Michael Edwin. + 21/11/2001. Wife and son Eleanor and Alexander, remembered by his sister Lindsay, Jonathon, Byron and Tamlyn, deceased was son of Ross and the late Bunty Thomson, son-in-law of Mom Fradley in England, Memorial service to be held on Tuesday27 November 2001 at The Emmanuel Church, Patou Avenue, Amanda Glen, Durbanville at 3pm.(CAPE ARGUS - 26/11/2001).
VAN GINKEL BERYL. + 22 November 2001. Mother and grandmother and great-grandmother. (THE STAR - 26/11/2001).
WELBY-SOLOMON Kenneth (Solly). + 21 November 2001, aged 89 years. Mourned by his sister Joan & family, grandfather of Pam, Danie and great-granddaughter Nicci, father-in-law and grandfather of Ivor Thomas and Beverley Thomas, grandpa and great-grandpa of Dave, Amelia, Natalie and Julia, remembered by Hennie, Shirley and Andre. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).
WILLIAMS Richard Thomas (Dick). + 21/11/2001, aged 85. Dad & opie of Penny and Dieter, Gordon and Truus, Jennifer and Alan, Richard and Maureen, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Funeral service at St Stephens Church of England, Belvedere Road, Claremont, Cape Town at 3pm on 26/11/2001. Cremation private. (CAPE TIMES - 26/11/2001).