CASTELING  Matthew Andrew * Vincent Palotti Hospital, Mowbray, Cape Town 10/12/2001 at 13h33 to Marc and Heather (née FABEL). (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
DE BRUYN  Emma Kate * Windhoek 18/12/2001 to Andrew and Ingrid. Latest granddaughter for grandparents Hans and Rose Wagner. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
FIELD  Claude * Parklane Clinic, Johannesburg 18/12/2001 to Andrew and Karina. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
GIAGIS  (boy) * St George’s Hospital, Port Elizabeth 12/12/2001 to Tanya and Kozi. (The Herald - 20/12/2001).
GIRVIN  Kieran Brian * Pretoria 18 December 2001 to Andrew and Tanya. Grandmother May, uncles Craig and Stephen. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
HECHTER  Zachariah * Kingsbury Hospital, Claremont, Cape Town 18 December 2001 at 14:26, first born son to Cobus and Sarah. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
KESSLER  (boy) * Sydney, Australia 14 December 2001 to Rhett and Tracey (née AARON). [Inserted by] Norman, Judy, Milton, Ann and their respective families. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
LEWIS  (boy) * Israel 18 December 2001 to Brent and Dalia. Another grandson for Basil and Lucille. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
McLARDY  FRASER ANDREW * 14/12/2001 to Rob and Anthea. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
OVENDALE  James Michael * Sandton Clinic 7 December 2001 to Andrew and Kate. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
PETTITT  Alexa * 18 December 2001 to Rolene and Rodney. Sister for Tanielle. (The Herald - 20/12/2001).
SEGERS  Aidan * Parklane Clinic, Johannesburg 18 December 2001 to Craig and Sharon (née IKIN). Brother to Liam. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
VAN DEN HEEVER  Alexandra Grace * 10 December 2001 to Anton and Jackie (née SCHILPEROORT). Sister to Christian. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
CHUNDERMAN  Pranash. 21st birthday today. [inserted by] parents, by Pravash, Presha and Justin. (MERCURY - 20/12/2001).
DAVIDS  TALIA. 1st birthday. [Inserted by] parents, by Loren, Amber, Ma Sally & aunty Elaine. (CAPE TIMES - 20/12/2001).
HUMAN  MERLENE. Birthday. [Inserted by] parents. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
FREITAG  Lizzie (Granny). 100th birthday today. [Inserted by] (a) Des & Joy, Séan, Jane, Jade & William, (b) André, Sindy, Christie & Matthew and Carmen. Aunt of Phoebe and the Schwartz families. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
MDLELENI  Okie Matsiliza Thozama Ndlumbini Flora. 70th birthday. [Inserted by] Somna Mdleleni. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
YORK  Bernadine. 21st birthday today. ‘Little sister’ of the York family. (The Herald - 20/12/2002).
Dor  Andrea - see: Mentor, Lindsay.
MENTOR  Lindsay married Andrea WEIDEMAN (born DOR) (youngest daughter of Kathy and the late Arthur DOR) Johannesburg 15 Desember 2001. (The Herald - 20/12/2002).
LE ROUX  Leon and Amanda married in a Christian church [at an undisclosed date and place]. (MERCURY - 20/12/2001).
Weideman  Andrea - see: Mentor, Lindsay.
BRENT  Merrick and Joan. 32nd wedding anniversary. Parents of Craig, Debbie, Candice ... and Junior. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
LIGHTFOOT  Bill (ex R.A.F.) and Flo (née LOWE) married St Saviors Church, East London 20-12-1941 by Rev. Pobjoy. Parents of four children. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
Lowe  Florence (Flo) - see: Lightfoot, Bill.
OGLE  Tinus and Mark. Wedding anniversary. [inserted by] ‘your family’. (MERCURY - 20/12/2001).
ALBERTI  Fausto. + 17 December 2001. Son Giovanni, daughter-in-law Hilda, grandchildren Roberto, Isabella, Marisa, Nelius, great-grandson Philip. Friend of Alfred and Conceicea Goncalves. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
ALEXANDER  Rodney. + 16 December 2001, aged 30. Brother, brother-in-law and uncle of (a) Millicent, Terrence and nieces Angela and Nikita, (b) Anthony, Millicent, Warren and Roslyn. Brother-in-law of Renier. Aunts Nita and Joyce. Nieces and nephews Angela, Nikita, Joshua and Joel. Funeral service: 21 December 2001, 10:00, Ebenezer Congregational Church, Samuel Street, Sarepta, Kuils River, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 19 & 20/12/2001).
ARMSTRONG  Ruby Hope. Late of 21 Croydon Road, Cambridge, East London. Wife of Norman for 50 years. Mother of Bruce, Lol, Lynne, Rodney. Mother of Cheryl & Peter. Mother and grandmother of Garth, Roslyn, Mark, Brett, Tanya, Vannesa and Melanie. Mother and grandmother of Bev, Neil, Warren, Ziané, Luke and Tammy. Grandmother of Angela, Ryan, Jayce, Candice, Donelle and Shaun. Grandmother of Darryn, Kim, Donnae, Evans, Clint and Samantha. Great-grandmother of Caleb, Kelsey and Gabby. Aunt of Jenny, Benny and family. Cremation Service: 21-12-2001, 11:00, Baptist Church, West Bank, East London. (Dispatch - 19 & 20/12/2001).
ASTON  Johanna (Hanna) (née MARGERMAN). + 16 December 2001. Mother, grandmother, great- grandmother of Maurice, Hazel, Janine, Errol, Emille, Devon & Kayla. Service: St. Georges Church, Calendula Road, Silvertown, Cape Town, 20 December 2001, 11:00, thence to Klipfontein Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS -19/12/2001).
BASSON  Douglas. In lewe van Tulipstraat 16, Amatolaville. Begrafnisdiens: Gemeenskapsaal, Amatolaville, 22-12-2001, 13:00, dan na Stutterheim begraafplaas. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
BEBINGTON  Sylvia Doreen. + 19 December 2001. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of children Clive and Sandra, six grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Funeral service: Christ Church, Constantia, Cape Town, 15:00, 21 December 2001, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
BISOGNO  Victor Albert Anthony. + 18/12/2001, aged 83. Mourned by wife and family. Memorial service: 22/12/2001, St Peters Catholic Church, Gordons Bay Road, Strand, Western Cape, 11:00, cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 20/12/2001).
BOARDMAN  William Salmon. Late of Berea, Johannesburg. Cremation service: Doves West Chapel, 10 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 21 December 2001, 10:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
BOSCH  Marxie (Manie). + Bredasdorp 14/12/2001. Formerly of East London and Knysna. Husband of Jacqui (Minnie). Father of Suzette and Barbara. Grandfather of Carmen and Samantha. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
BROWN  Elizabeth Maria. + 15 December 2001, aged 43. Remembered by her family. Funeral service: 22 December 2001, New Apostolic Church, Bellville South Congregation, Durham Street, Bellville South, Western Cape, 09:00, thence to Stikland (Bellville) Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
BROWN  Marion (Cheeky). + 14 December 2001. Condolences to the Brown and Halley family from staff, governing body and Parent Teacher Association of "Tomorrowland". Sympathy to Calvin from the Executive, Staff and Selectors of Border Cricket Board. Requiem Mass: 20 December 2001, St Francis Xavier Church, Pefferville, East London, 12:00, proceeding to Cambridge Cemetery, cremation. (Dispatch - 17 & 19 & 20/12/2001).
BUTTON  Clinton Ashley. + 15/12/2001. Late of 92 Scholl Road, Cambridge, East London. Only son of Norma, now with Krommie. Sister Glynis, brother-in-law Anton and nieces Gillian and Kristen. Sister Lisa, brother-in-law Mark, Ashton and Jessica. Missed by cousin Shane & Dianne. Remembered by Cynthia and Kenny. Sympathy to aunt Norma, Krommie, Bonnie and family from Alan and Elrayne. Cremation service: Cambridge Crematorium Chapel, 21/12/2001, 14:30. (Dispatch - 19 & 20/12/2001).
CLARK  Theo (Senior). + 17 December 2001. Wife Bonny, children and grandchildren. Funeral: 21 December 2001, 14:00, Dutch Reformed Church, 10 Mangold Street, Newton Park, thence to Forest Hill Cemetery, Port Eizabeth. (The Herald - 19 & 20/12/2001).
COOPER  Joan. + 19/12/2001. Remembered by Simon, Helen, Chris, Maureen and grandchildren. Service: Crematorium Chapel, Voortrekker Road, Maitland, Cape Town, 21/12/2001, 10:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
CORBETT  Douglas (Doug). + 16 December 2001. Children Paul, Karen, Craig. Father-in-law of Penny and Mark. 5 grandchildren. Remembered by Beryl, Betty and Ken. Requiem Mass: 10:00, 21 December 2001, Mariannhill Monastery Chapel. (MERCURY - 20/12/2001).
CRANNA  Douglas (Dick). + Riversdale, Western Cape 16 December 2001. Remembered by Cathy, Trevor, Alexander, Babsie and Roelof. (The Herald - 20/12/2001).
DARRIES  Lynetta (née PRESTON). + 16.12.2001. Remembered by husband Gavin, Ryan and Cleo. Missed by sisters (a) Sonia, her husband Warren and Cohan, (b) Denice, her husband Godfrey, Sherna & Charne. Colleague of all at Foschini, Tokai. Funeral: leaves 17 Blomond Crescent, Coniston Park, Steenberg. 22 December 2001, 09:00, service: Covenant Pentecostal Church (Presbyterian Church), Sibelius Avenue, Retreat, Cape Town, 09:45, thence to Muizenberg Cemetery. (CAPE TIMES - 19 & 20/12/2001),
De Klerk  Nora Dorothy - see: Van Nierkerk, Nora.
DIACK  Alexander (Sandy). + 16 December 2001. Mourned by wife Anna, children and grandchildren. Funeral service: Westering Methodist Church, 12:00, 21 December 2001, cremation. (The Herald - 20/12/2001).
EILERD  Michael (Boelie). + 16/12/2001. Remembered by Herbs, Honey and children. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 20/12/2001).
FORTUIN  Filda Rebekka (née Roman). + 17 December 2001, aged 56. Remembered by children, grandchildren and family. Funeral service: 22 December 2001, New Apostolic Church, Newton Congregation, School Street, Newton, 10:00, thence to Wellington Cemetery, Western Cape. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
FRANCIS  Lena. + aged 73. Funeral service: 20 December 2001, 12:00, Bethelsdorp Technical College Hall, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 20/12/2001).
FRYETT  DOROTHY HOWARD (Dotty). + 12 December 2001. Wife and mother of Eric, Peta-Anne and Michaela. Remembered by Elsbeth, Mike, Stefan, and Pascale Barrow. (THE STAR - 15 & 20/12/2001).
GILLIVER  {PDG} Harry (Yank). + 17/12/2001. Husband of Poppy. Family: Ross, Gale, Susan, grandchildren Chantal, Warrick, Tanya, Greg, Kim and great-granddaughter Carmen. Sympathy from The Rotary Club of Durban Thekwini. Service for family only. (DAILY NEWS - 19 & 20/12/2001).
HEPNER  MIRIAM (Bobbie). + 18 December 2001. Widow of the late Bill Hepner. Mother of Marie and Richard. Remembered by Marie, Richard, Barry, Claire and Terry. Childhood friend of Doreen King. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
HILL  Carmen. + 18.12.2001. Daughter of Reinard (Foxy) and Brenda, sister of Lana, Rowan, Garth and Bianca, aunt of Wesley, Justin, Calista and Morné. Missed by her Gran Hill. Niece and cousin remembered by (a) Uncle Brian, Aunt Marls, Caudi and Richard, Hayden and Hayley, Darienne and Tyronne, (b) Uncle Eric, Aunty Ini, Adrian and Jason. Sympathy from nieces and cousins Ronnie, Nadia, Debbie, Shelley and Justin. Remembered by the Management Committee, Staff, Residents and Daily Attendees of the McClelland Centre For The Handicapped, Amalinda, East London. Funeral Service: Gonubie Methodist Church, Recreation Road, 21-12-2001, 11:00, private interment. (Dispatch - 19 & 20/12/2001).
HOGAN  Tom. + 18/12/2001. Missed by Donald, Maggie, Neville, Sonia, Rose and families. Private committal service held 19/12/2001. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 20/12/2001).
HOLLAND  JAMES FREDERICK. + 17 December 2001. Wife Angela. Daughters (a) Pat, son-in-law Edwin and grandchildren, Angelique, Dominique and Lee, (b) Bernie, son-in-law Clifford, grandchildren Agatha and Antonio. Mourned by officials and members of Philippi Hulp Genootskap. Requiem Mass: Our Lady Help Of Christians Roman Catholic Church (Salesians), Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne, Cape Town, 21 December 2001, 11:00, thence to Maitland Number 3 Cemetary (Pinelands Road Gate). (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
HULL  Jean. + at home 18 December 2001. Mother of Colin, mother-in-law of Wendy. Memorial Service: Stella Presbyterian Church, corner Dean and Levenhall Road, Glenmore, Durban, 21 December 2001, 11:00. (MERCURY - 20/12/2001).
HUMAN  Debbie Cercelia. + 17 December 2001. Sons Morné and Ryan, daughter Robyn, sisters Darial, Avril, Joslyn, Jo-Ann, Michelle, brothers Keith, Linsey and Eugene. (The Herald - 20/12/2001.)
HUMAN  Jan Hendrik. + 18.12.2001, 76 jaar oud. In lewe van Winterbergweg 13, Bergsig, Queenstown, Oos-Kaap. Vrou Anna (Facey). Broer Kosie. Gedenkdiens: Ned. Geref. Klipkerk, Robinsonweg, Queenstown, 11:00, 21.12.2001. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
HUMPHREYS  Thelma. + in a car accident 14 December 2001. Husband Johnny, children Debbie, Rachel, Jonathan, Noeline, Wilma, Gaye, children-in-law Joyce, Ivan, Noel, Wilfred, 11 grandchildren. Funeral service: 22 December 2001, 12:00, Moravian Church, Mamre, Western Cape. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
HUTTON  Olga Elizabeth. + 18 December 2001, aged 84. Mother and grandmother of (a) Bernice, Alan, Duncan, Delana, Gilda and Bernhard, (b) Dulcie, grandchildren Dee-Anne, Alison and Henk and 2/3 Nicholas Alexander and Christopher, (c) daughter Jackie, who enjoyed the privilege of being available for her and answering every call or whistle, (d) Owen Gardner, daughter-in-law Lynn and 4 grandchildren, (e) Cheryl, son-in-law Ramon and 5 granddaughters Kerrigan, Lana, Cara, Camilla and Michaela, (f) Jerome. Memorial service: Methodist Church, Coronation Avenue, Somerset West, Western Cape, 21/12/2001, 14:30, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001)
JANSEN  DAVID. + 18 December 2001. Remembered by wife, children, grandchildren. Funeral service: 22 December 2001, 10:00, Baptist Church, Leander Way, Dennemeer, Blackheath, Western Cape, thence to Welmoed Cemetery. (CAPE TIMES - 20/12/2001).
JARVIS  Lesley. + 12 December 2001. Late of Boksburg, Gauteng. Memorial service: Boksburg Methodist Church, 19 December 2001, 14:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
JENS  KAELSEN. Late of Kempton Park, Gauteng. Funeral service: Marantha, 21 December 2001, 11:00, proceeding to Zuurfontein cemetery. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
JOHNS  Daniel Peter (Danny). + 17 December 2001, aged 55. Wife Louisa, daughters Gail and Olivia. Service: Baptist Church, 12th Avenue, Kensington, Cape Town, 22 December 2001, 09:00, thence to Maitland Cemetery Gate 1 Ext. (CAPE TIMES - 20/12/2001).
JOSEPHUS  STEPHEN. + 14/12/2001, aged 79. Daugher Marlene. Eldest daughter Sylvia, son-in-law Nicky, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Father, father-in-law and grandfather of (a) Neville, Ruth and children, (b) Glenville, Sharon and children, (c) Pauline, David, Michelle and Hayley. Daughter Genny and children. Brother Christie and sister-in-law Pat. Service: New Apostolic church, Nooitgedagcht, 10:30, 22 December 2001, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001)
KARA  Rathilal (Kalidas). Husband of Damyantibhen, father of Vinesh, Adhip and Bhavna, father-in-law of Ashnee. Funeral: 20/12/2001, Clare Estate Crematorium, 16:00, body in state at his residence, 13 Cactus Lane Asherville, 12:00 - 15:00, proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium, 15:30. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
KEMP  Eric Kenneth. + 18 December 2001. Remembered by Marie, Louise, Vern, Michael & Berti, granddaughters Kelsi and Caylee. Cremation private. (The Herald - 20/12/2001).
KRUGER  Stephan. + Johannesburg 15/12/2001. Betreur deur Ouma, Johan, Tienie, Tinus en Dawn Rheeder. Susterkind en neef van Sophie, Gert-Dirk en Christien. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
LABOTSKI  RACHEL. [Inserted by] Manuel, Judy and Matthew. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
LUTE  Kelebogile. + 17/12/2001. Late of 20 Andrew Mapitse Avenue, Retswelele, Northern Cape. Burial: 22 December 2001. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 20/12/2001).
LUTZKE  Pamela Jane (Pam) (née SNOW). + 16 December 2001. Condolences to Aunty Thelma, Sue and Peter from David, Diane, Grant and Leanne (Port Elizabeth). Niece of Audrey and Ivor. Sympathy to Byron, Thelma, Pete and Sue from Kathie, Eric, Stephen, Ian and David. Strength to Thelma, Sue, Pete, Byron and family from Debbie, Steve, Samantha and Camilla. (CAPE ARGUS - 19 & 20/12/2001).
LUYT  PETER FRANK. Late of Centurion, Gauteng. Mourned by Dick, Sandi, Robyn, Gavin (Port Elizabeth), Neville & Mudite, and Nicki (Melbourne, Australia), with condolences to Aunt Enid, Kevin, Collette and families. Service: Westview Methodist Church, c/o Willem Botha & Tortelduif Street, Wierda Park, Centurion, Gauteng, 20/12/2001, 12:00, cremation. (PRETORIA NEWS - 19 & 20/12/2001).
MacSIMLAH  Martin. + 14/12/2001, together with his sons Wesley and Richard. Husband of Sonya. Was also a father, had sisters and brothers. Brother, brother-in-law, uncle and cousin of Valerie, Herman, David, Manualla, Janine, Lee, Tristan and Trizana. Funeral: 20.12.2002, 14:00, Queen of Peace Church, c/o Fourth Avenue and First Road, Grassy Park, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 18 & 19 & 20/12/2001).
MacSIMLAH  Richard. + 14/12/2001, together with his father Martin and brother Wesley. Mother Sonya. Was also a brother of sisters. Funeral: 21 December 2001, St Augustine Anglican Church, 5th Avenue, Lotus River, Cape Town, 13:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 18 & 19 & 20/12/2001).
MacSIMLAH  Wesley. + 14/12/2001, together with his father Martin and brother Richard. Mother Sonya. Was also a brother of sisters. Funeral: 21 December 2001, St Augustine Anglican Church, 5th Avenue, Lotus River, Cape Town, 13:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 18 & 19 & 20/12/2001).
MALHERBE  WS (BOETIE). + Paarl. Remembered by the Millar family. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
MALIFFE  Cecil. + 14 December 2001. Son of Claire, brother of Melvyn and Alvinia, uncle of Laxine and Levern. Missed by Aunty Maggie, Yvonne & Fabian Arends, Ian, Fiona, Riis, Lexus Kemp. Funeral: 20 December 2001, New Apostolic Church, Palmridge, 12:00, thence to Victoria Park Crematorium. (The Herald - 19 & 20/12/2001).
MANNION  {DR} PATRICK. + 17 December 2001. Missed by daughter Siobhan and Patrick Esnouf and his grandchildren Robbie, Claudia, Alexandra and Sophie in Santiago, Chile. Remembered by Annie Wallis Brown and family. Requiem Mass: St. Pius Catholic Church, Lympleigh Road, Plumstead, Cape Town, 21 December 2001, 15:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 19 & 20/12/2001).
MARAIS  HOFFMANN (Misck). + 14/12/2001. Brother of Joan Conway. Uncle of Lorraine and Aubrey, Susan, Almaida and Hans. (THE STAR - 19 & 20/12/2001).
Margerman  Johanna - see: Aston, Johanna.
McLUCKIE  Sidney Clyde (Stan). + 17 December 2001. Husband of Mavis, father of Robin. Sympathy to Mavis and Robin from the Worshipful Master and Brethren of Lodge Good Hope. Memorial service: 10:00, 21 December 2001, Westering Methodist Church, Papenkuils Street, Westering, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 19 & 20/12/2001).
MOOS  Sarah Maria. + 17 December 2001, aged 88. Late of Riversdale. Mother of Sandra, Fred, Edward and Karen. Funeral: 23 December 2001, 13:30, Lutheran Church, Riversdale, Western Cape. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
NAIDOO  Sunny. Late of 42 Bhuj Road, Merebank, Durban. Husband of Mrs K. Naidoo, father of Denogram, Saroj, Samantha and Yogan. Funeral Service: 19/12/2001, 11:30 - 13:30, at his residence, thereafter to the Clare Estate Crematorium, 14:00 - 14:30. (MERCURY - 20/12/2001).
NOBBS  Elsie. Late of Windsor West, Randburg, Gauteng. Cremation service: Doves Chapel, 147 Hans Strijdom Drive, Randburg, 21 December 2001, 10:00. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
NORRISH  ROGER ALAN. + 15 December 2001. Late of Lombardy East, Johannesburg. Was married [Maria?]. Mother Doreen, family: Dawn, Jean and John. Memorial Service: Fourways Memorial Park, Inchanga Road, Witkoppen, Randburg, 22 December 2001, cremation. (THE STAR - 18 & 19 & 20/12/2001).
PAIDAS  NICHOLAS DEMITRIOS. + 18 DECEMBER 2001. Late of Magaliessig, Sandton. Children (a) Theodore & Penelope, grandchildren Helen and Nicholas, (b) Dimitri, Lynda, Sean and Carmen. Brother-in-law of Chrissie. Sympathies to Dimitri, Mrs Paidas and Theo from staff at Industrial Spraying Systems. Service: Greek Orthodox Church, Corner of Glenhove Road and 5th Avenue, Melrose, Johannesburg, 21/12/2001, 14:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
PAYNE  Audrey. + 18 December 2001. Wife of Kenneth (Ken)(ex Director of Education, Transvaal Education Department), mother of Carol and Allison. Sympathy to Ken and family from the Alphenvale Committee and Trustees, Cape Town. Memorial service: Christ Church, Constantia, Cape Town, 11:00, 21 December 2001. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
PEARCE  Russell Howard. + 18/12/2001 (=3 inserts) / 15/12/2001 (=1 insert). Father of Justine and Kevin, son of Alan. Brother of Sandra, Paul, Lance, Matt and Chase. Brothers and sisters: Zane, Geoff, Sandra and Diana. Memorial Service: Kloof Methodist Church, 4 Park Lane, Kloof, Durban, 22 December 2001, 10:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
PETZER  Helen Joyce (Toets). + 18/12/2001. Late of 32 Edmund Street, Amalinda, East London. Husband David. Children Chris, Charlyn, Helen, Michelle, Quinton, Piet, grandchildren Samantha, Nathan, Clinton, Brett, Dylan. Sympathy to uncle Dave and Chris from Les and Sandra. Sympathy to uncle Dave, Charlyn, Helen and Chris from Marius, Lyn, Mish and Damon. Funeral service: 21/12/2001, 12:30, Cambridge Methodist Church, Griffin Road, Cambridge, East London, then to Cambridge Cemetery. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
POLATINSKY  RUTH. + Israel 13/12/2001. Niece and cousin of aunty Joan, David, Elaine, Stan, Denise, Lionel and families. Mourned by friends Bernice, Selma, Rea, Joy, Avri and families. Condolences to Arnie, Eli and Esti from Beryl, Cecil, Lewus and family. (THE STAR - 17 & 20/12/2001)
POOVAN  Daphne. Late of 19A Kashmir Road, Braelyn. Requiem Mass: 22-12-2001, 10:30, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Albany Road, East London, thence to Cambridge Crematorium Chapel, Windermere Road, Cambridge, 12:00, cremation. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
Preston  Lynetta - see: Darries, Lynetta.
RECH  GIOVANNI ANTONIO (Nonno). + 15 December 2001. Late of Emmarentia, Johannesburg. Grandfather of Lisa and her husband Marcus - Lisa raised by Giovanni as one of his own for 23 years. Missed by Onorina. Service: Thom Kight Chapel, 29 Solomon Street, Braamfontein West, Johannesburg, 19 December 2001, 10:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 19 & 20/12/2001).
Roman  Filda Rebekka - see: Fortuin, Filda Rebekka.
ROSS  Nigel Peter. + 18/12/2001. Late of 52 Conger Place, Newlands East, Durban. Wife Nola, children Sheldon and Noleen, brother of Edward, Theresa, Mervin, Nanette, Charles, Gary, Mark and Terence. Requiem Mass: 22/12/2001, St Peters Anglican Church, Seabass Road, Newlands East, 14:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
RUGNATH  Una Elizabeth (née PETERSEN). + 15/12/2001. Late of 9 Petronella Street, Off Transvaal road, Kimberley. Husband Reeves. Requiem mass: St Cyprians Anglican Cathedral, 17:30, 21-12-2001. Cremation service: St Cyprians Anglican Cathedral, Du Toitspan Road, 09:00, 22-12-2001, cremation. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 19 & 20/12/2001).
SALTER  FREDERICK GEORGE. + Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal 14 December 2001, aged 89. Father of Clive & Margaret, Fay & Peter, also a grandfather and great-grandfather. Cremation Service: Eshowe Crematorium Chapel, 13:00, 20 December 2001. (MERCURY - 19 & 20/12/2001).
SALVATORI  ALBERTO. Condolences to the Salvatori and Purnell family from Doora and Siets Jager. (PRETORIA NEWS - 20/12/2001).
SCHREIBER  Ronnie. + Cape Town 12.12.2001. Father, father-in-law and grandfather of Mandy & Peter, Owen & Yvonne, Steven & Andria, Lyn & Victor and all his grandchildren. Remembered by brother and sister-in-law Leslie and Monie Schreiber, his sisters, Irene Krantz and Joyce Bodley and all his nieces and nephews. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
SCHULTZ  Arnold (Ou Boet). + 17 Desember 2001. Onthou deur Ousus Wiesa en Raymond Thorpe. Cremation service: 21/12/2001, 13:00, Maitland Crematorium. (CAPE ARGUS - 19 & 20/12/2001).
SCHWARZ  Japie. + 18 December 2001. In lewe van Isidenge Farm, Stutterheim. Oos-Kaap. Husband of Phyllis. Also a father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Frank, Erica, Salomie, Elsa en Jessica [sê dit was] ‘n voorreg om vir soveel jaar deel te kon wees van ‘Bas Djapie’ se lewe [en dat] Isidenge nooit dieselfde sal wees nie. Begrafnisdiens: 21 Desember 2001, NG Kerk Stutterheim, 11:00, teraardebesteling Stutterheim begraafplaas. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
SEOLALL  ASOTHI. * 9/01/1942 + 19/12/2001. Wife of Sunker Seolall, mother of Vijay (Ox) (New Zealand), Roshun & Shuniel (late), mother-in-law of Nishana (New Zealand) & Kamlesh, grandmother of Kamal, Shayal and Kiara. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
SIMPSON  JOHN VICTOR (Bokkie). + 14 December 2001. Husband, father, grandfather and great- grandfather of wife Leonora, daughter Pat and family, Drew, Dru and Mel, Chris, Nika, Cayleigh and Daniella, Dirk and Bets. Funeral: 20 December 2001, 15:00, St Joseph Catholic church, Anderson Street, Goodwood, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 18 & 19/12/2001)
SINAI  DOLLY. + 18 December 2001, 6 weeks after celebrating her 90th birthday. Mother and grandmother of Medina & Richard, grandchildren Kevin and Jodi, Deanna and Russel. Mourned by (a) daughter Sara and by Jack, (b) son Yehuda, and family Fay, Naomi and Mike and Ari. Prayers: 34 Susman Avenue, Blairgowrie, Randburg, Gauteng. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
SINGH  Ramphal Parmalik. * 25/12/1912 + London, United Kingdom 14/12/2001. Prominent Durban Businessman as ex Owner of Epsom Motors. Wife Sham, sons Binoth (London), Harry (Epsom Motors), Billy (Med. Motors), {doctor} Kunal, daughters Veena & Irani, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, sisters Lilly (Bonnie Singhs) and Milly (Kissoon Singhs). Funeral: London 21/12/2001. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
SKEWIS  ELWYN V. P. + 18 December 2001,aged 88. Late of Garden Village, Bordeaux, Randburg, Gauteng. Missed by Jack, Madeleine, Gareth and Derek Skewis. Companion remembered by Dilys. Memorial Service: Parktown North Methodist Church, 7th Avenue, Parktown North, Johannesburg, 21/12/2001, 15:00. (THE STAR - 19 & 20/12/2001).
SLATER  Phyl. Condolences to the family from all at the Port Elizabeth Bowling Club. (The Herald - 20/12/2001). [see also: entry for SLATER, F. D. 29/30/12/2001].
SMALL  ELIZABETH (Lillie). + 17 December 2001, aged 80. Mother of (a) Charles, Norma, Michael and Maureen, (b) Anne and Ivan Neethling. (CAPE ARGUS - 19 & 20/12/2001).
SMITH  Russell Michael. + 19 December 2001, aged 53. Wife Iona. Viewing: 16 Ascot Mews, Ottery, Cape Town, 22 December 2001. Service: St Aidans Anglican Church, St Aidans Avenue, Lansdowne, Cape Town, 09:30, thence to Eden Memorial Gardens, Ottery. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
Snow  Pamela Jane - see: Lutzke, Pamela Jane.
SPRAWSON  Margaret Peggy. Late of Roosevelt Park, Johannesburg. Grandma of Jayson and Jesse-Dean. Vivienne’s [message: ‘Thanks for my sons Grandma’. Memorial service: Trinity Methodist Church, corner 5th Avenue and 5th Street, Linden, Johannesburg, 21/12/2001, 11:00, cremation. (PRETORIA NEWS - 19/12/2001 & THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
STEPHENSON  Elspeth (Mops). + 17.12.2001. Husband Peter, children Juliet & Helmut, Bridget, Marion & Peter, Philippa & John. Sympathy from the Gray and MacFarlane families, and all at Wesco Fabrics. Funeral Service: St Agnes Anglican Church, Abelia Road, Kloof, KwaZulu-Natal, 10:00, 21/12/2001. (MERCURY - 19 & 20/12/2001).
STRACHAN  Kenneth Wallace. + 29 November 2001, aged 85. Late from Pietermaritzburg and formerly of Umzimkulu. Wife Yvonne, father of Clare, Andrew and Kathryn, father-in-law of Ken Faure and Annette, grandfather of Tessa, Christopher and Matthew. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
TAYLOR  Ada. + 19 December 2001. Mother of Denise and Geoff, grandmother and great- grandmother. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
THIART  Esther Gertruida. + Grey Monument Clinic 17.12.2001. Late of 9 Amakaya Street, King William's Town. Wife of Gideon, mother of Anelle, Karin and Gideon junior. Cremation Service: Ebenezer Baptist Church, Douglas Street, King William's Town, 21-12-2001, 10:00, cremation. (Dispatch - 18 & 20/12/2001).
ULGHERI  Michela Gina. Late of Alberton, Gauteng. Funeral service: 21 December 2001, 11:00, Harvest Christian Fellowship, Mulbarton, Johannesburg, then to Kromvlei Cemetery. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
VAN DER MERWE  Cornelis (Neels). + at home 18 December 2001. Late of Sharon Lea, Randburg. Father and brother of Charmaine, Steve, Tanith, Gavin, Tania and Kim, Les, Terri, Kenny and family, Danielle, Tony and girls, Warrick and Erica. Cremation service: Rhema Bible Church Chapel, Hans Schoeman Street, Randburg, Gauteng, 21 December 2001, 14:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 19 & 20/12/2001).
VAN DER MERWE  Cornelius Johannes Stephanus (Fanie). + 17-12-2001. In lewe van Circleweg 95, Amalinda. Betreur deur John, Corrie, Sarah, kleinkinders en agter-kleinkinders. Begrafnisdiens: Stone en Seun Kapel, Robinsonweg 34, Queenstown, 21-12-2001, 14:00, dan na Queenstown Begraafplaas. (Dispatch - 19 & 20/12/2001).
VAN NIEKERK  Nora Dorothy (DE KLERK). + 17 December 2001, aged 83. Husband Japie. Service: 21/12/2001, 11:00, Congregational Church, 1st Avenue, Belgravia, Cape Town, thence to Maitland Cemetery, Gate No 1. Mother and grandmother mourned by (a) Bernie, Juliet, Ashley, Adrian and Maxine, (b) daughter Elaine, son-in-law Derek and grandson Marvin, (c) Geoff, Jean, Anthony, Caryn and Gareth (Australia). Remembered by Barbara and John. (CAPE ARGUS - 19 & 20/12/2001).
WADE  Walter Raymond (Wally). + 17 December 2001. Late of 35 Berea Gardens, East London. Cynthia, wife for 51 years, daughters Renee, Gloria and son Michael. WADE Walter. Brother and uncle of Hector, Daphne and families. Friend and Associate of Stuart and Lester. Brother-in-law and uncle of Norman, Sue, Cheryldene, and Alan, and Lynne, Donald and family. Cremation Service: St Peter's Anglican Church, High Street, West Bank, East London, 19-12-2001, 10: 00, cremation. (Dispatch - 19 & 20/12/2001).
WELLS  Beulah Lorraine. + 15.12.2001. Remembered by Mom. Eric, Sandra, Barbara, Charles and the families. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
WELSFORD  MAUREEN. + 17 December 2001. Husband David, children Alan, John and Robert. Memorial service: 21 December 2001, 15:00, Cape Town Baptist Church, Orange Street. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
WILLEMSE  Agnes. + in hospital 17 December 2001. Missed by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Daughter Geraldine, son-in-law Eddie and grandchildren. Funeral service: 20 December 2001, 10:30, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, La Roche Drive, Humewood, Port Elizabeth, thence to the Forest Hill Cemetery.(The Herald - 19 & 20/12/2001).
WILLIAMS  MATTHEW GUY (Matt). + 15 December 1001. Late of Parkhurst, Johannesburg. Son of Owen and Jenifer, brother of Sarah and Kathy. Service: St. Georges Anglican Church, Sherborne Road, Parktown, Johannesburg, 20 December 2001, 11:00, cremation. Missed by mate Hamish. (THE STAR - 19 & 20/12/2001)
WILLIAMS  SAMUEL (Samie). + 14/12/2001, aged 71. Wife Ellen. Had children. Service: New Apostolic Church, Sydneyvale, 09:00, 22 December 2001, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
WILLIAMS  Stephen Graham. + 16 December 2001, aged 70. Remembered by wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Funeral service: 22 December 2001, New Apostolic Church, Scottsdene Congregation, cnr Cavalaria and Rusticana Streets, Scottsdene, 10:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
WILSON  {Dr} (Bob). + 17 December 2001. Late of Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal. Memorial Service: St Michael and All Angels Church, Himeville, 11:00, 21 December 2001. (MERCURY - 19 & 20/12/2001).
WILSON  Warren Anthony. Husband of Margaret, father to Karen, Michelle, Tracey and Mark, grandfather to Sean, Duncan, Ashley and Ryan. Funeral Service: East Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 21.12.2001, 12:00, cremation. (MERCURY - 19 & 20/12/2001).
BOOTH  ADA. Unveiling and solemn consecration of Memorial erected: Jewish Cemetery, Red Hill, Durban, 23 December 2001, 10:00. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
FAVISH  MICHAEL ANGEL JOSHUA DAVID. Unveiling and solemn consecration of Memorial erected: Jewish Cemetery, Red Hill, Durban, 23 December 2001, 10:00. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
GOLDSMITH  LEAONARD. Unveiling and solemn consecration of Memorial erected: Jewish Cemetery, Red Hill, 23 December 2001, 10:00. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
KUHNBERG  LEAH. Unveiling and solemn consecration of Memorial erected: Jewish Cemetery, Red Hill, 23 December 2001, 10:00. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
MILLER  HARRY. Husband of Hannah, father of Ethlyn Sussman and Shirley Henen. Consecration of tombstone: 30 December 2001, 11:30, Pinelands No.2. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
NOTRICA  Zaffira. Mother of Rica, Ketty, Matty and Esther. Consecration of tombstone: 27 December 2001, 11:30, Pinelands No.2. (CAPE ARGUS - 20/12/2001).
WEXLER  HOWARD IVAN. Unveiling and solemn consecration of Memorial erected: Jewish Cemetery, Red Hill, 23 December 2001, 10:00. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
ADRIAAN  Claude. Wife Cynthia, children Claudia and Conrad, son-in-law Sameeg, grandchild Shaquuille. (The Herald - 20/12/2001.)
BLACK  DENISE. * 12.5.1931 + 16.12.1997. [Inserted by] David. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
BLIGNAUT  Denzil and Tinkie. [Inserted by] Joan, Pam, Dolf, Barry, Debbie, Jacqui. (The Herald - 20/12/2001.)
CHERRY  De Villiers (Willes). + 7 years ago today. Wife Rafieka, children Sinclair, Varuschka and Anuschka. (The Herald - 20/12/2001.)
FELTHAM  Kevin Keith. + 24 years ago today. Remembered by parents, brother Wayne and sister Mandy. (The Herald - 20/12/2001.)
FLANAGAN  Alec. + 8 years ago today. Wife Ellen, sons Shaun, Mark. (The Herald - 20/12/2001.)
HART  LOFTY. * 21/04/1942 + 20/12/2000. Husband and father of Enid, Allison & Graham, Melanie and Paul. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
HAUPT  Lucy Mildred. + 20 December 1963. [Inserted by] Owen & Gail. (The Herald - 20/12/2001.)
HENDERSON  Selwyn. Remembered by Maud, Raymond, Shaun and families. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 20/12/2001).
HUGO  HELENA. + 6 years ago. Wife and mother. Missed by the Hugo family. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
HUMAN  David (Dave). + 20-12-2000. Wife Delene, children, Lyndene, Graig and Mandy. Remembered by father-in-law and aunty Ada. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
KLINKRADT  Joey. Was married, spouse also deceased. Son Danny. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
KLUIT  Tommy. + 20 December 1999. Brother of Catherine. (The Herald - 20/12/2001).
KRETSCHMANN  Donald Adolf Patrick. + 5 years ago. Brother of Daphne. Remembered by Marjorie, Deon, Shirleen & Brendan, Chantel, Kelvin, Wendy and Cameron. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
MAPIPA  Desmond. Wife Nontebeko, children Mkhuseli, Lwazi and Avela. (The Herald - 20/12/2001).
MASUABI  Rose. + 1 year ago today. Husband Nick, daughter Irene & Moss and grandchildren. Remembered by Mammie and Princess. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 20/12/2001).
MOHAMED  Cassiem. + 17/12/1997. Remembered by wife Miena and children. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 20/12/2001).
PETRIE  Herman. + 5 years ago today. Son Theo. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
RANDALL  Alec. Wife Shirley, children Patsy, Gregs, Sandy, Angie, Sharon, Carlo, Anthea, Lea-Ann, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
ROBERTSE  Lynette (Lynn). Missed by Dawn, staff and clients of Experttease. (DAILY NEWS - 20/12/2001).
RULE  CHANTAL. * 18/05/1985 + 21/12/2000. Sister and cousin missed by Sharon, Louise, Jen, Carol, David, Kevin, Shannon & Julian. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
RUSSELL  PEARCE. Condolences to Mr Pearce, Rosemary and the children, and to Zane and family, from friend Kevin and Jessica in Dubai. (MERCURY - 20/12/2001).
SALZWEDEL  Schaulle. + 5 years ago. Remembered by Maureen, Warren, Tanielle. (Dispatch - 20/12/2001).
SCHAAF  RAY. + on this day. Remembered by Anthony, Heather, Dillon. (PRETORIA NEWS - 20/12/2001).
STRYDOM  DIRK. * 22/09/1950 + 20/12/1995. [Inserted by] Terrance [with message:] ‘See you on the mountain soon’. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).
SUIPERS  Aaron (Zulu). + 1 year ago. Remembered by Albert and Jennifer, also by Boet Japie, Ausi Mpho and Seba. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 20/12/2001).
WISHART  RONNIE. * 13/07/1919 + 20/12/1998. [Unidentified insert]. (PRETORIA NEWS - 20/12/2001).
YUDELMAN  SEAN. + 22/12/1997. Son of parents, brother of Jo. (THE STAR - 20/12/2001).