DAYE  Kerin * Parklands Hospital, Essenwood, Durban 14 December 2001 to Joanne and Brendon. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
DUSTAN  Ashlynn Jade * Constantiaberg Clinic, Plumstead, Cape Town 13 December 2001 to Clinton and Kim. Sister for Kayla. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
FARROW  Taylor Maree * Shoreham-By-Sea, near Brighton, England, United Kingdom 17 December 2001 to Gary and Nikki (née Maree). First grandchild for Herb and Lorna Farrow. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
FERRANT  Lauren Ann * St George’s Hospital, Port Elizabeth 17 December 2001 to Richard and Leigh-Ann (née McMaster). Sister for Matthew. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
GIANI  Aaron * 17 December 2001 to Janine and Jacques. Grandparents: Maureen and John. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
GLICKMAN  (boy) * 28 Tevet to Cindy (née PLEN) and Marc. Brother to Akiva and Naftali. (THE STAR - 15 & 19/12/2001).
GRAETZ  Silka (girl) * 17 December 2001 to Andrew and Heidi (née Van Der Westhuizen). Granddaughter for Brian and Elanor Graetz, Jasper and Anita Van Der Westhuizen and Ray. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
HADDOW  Brandyn Chaz (boy) * Parklands Hospital, Essenwood, Durban 14/12/2001 to Mark and Cordelia. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
JANSEN  (girl) * City Park Hospital, Cape Town 16/12/2001 to Tracey (née BLANKENBERG) and Cisco. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
JOHNSON  (girl) * City Park Hospital, Cape Town 17/12/2001 to Samantha (née DAVIS) and Chris. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
LAPIDUS  (girl) * Parklane Clinic, Johannesburg 4 December 2001 to Avron and Helene (née Kangisser). Sister to Adam. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
LOADER  Tanith (girl) * Westville Hospital, Durban 18/12/2001 to Arthur and Mel (née Houlston). Godchild of Mark and Jules. (MERCURY - 19/12/2001).
McDONOUGH  Finn John * St George’s Hospital, Port Elizabeth 12 December 2001 to Rory and Nina (née Beaufort). Brother to Jason. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
MILLARD  Ross (boy) * Sandton Clinic 10 December 2001 to Ian and Ginitta (née DOMYAN). Brother to Liam. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
MYBURGH  Nathan * St George’s Hospital, Port Elizabeth to Gaynor and Armand (Arrie). First grandson of Arnold and Gail Blochlinger. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
NEL  Lizelle * St Dominic’s hospitaal, Oos-Londen 14/12/2001 uit Zane en Lindy. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
NEL  Keenan * St Dominic’s Hospital, East London 13/12/2001 to Leon and Cherean. Grandson to Anthony and Thelma. Nephew to Nadine and Hennie. (Dispatch - 15 & 19/12/2001).
OPENSHAW  Nathan * 14 December 2001 to Luke and Cindy (née VERMEULEN). [Inserted by] Mom, Lindy and Alec. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
PILLAY - TERBLANCHE  (girl) * City Park Hospital, Cape Town 17/12/2001 to Trevena & Fanie. (CAPE TIMES - 19/12/2001).
RUBIN  Tyra Leigh * Morningside Clinic, Sandton 16 December 2001 to Bernard and Ingrid. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
RUDNICKI  (boy) * Parklane Clinic, Johannesburg 17 December 2001 to Michael and Lindi (née GIGER). Brother for Hannah. Grandparents: David and Gayl, uncle and aunt: Hayden and Monique. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
SAMASSA  Luca John * Vincent Pallotti Hospital, Mowbray, Cape Town 18 December 2001 to Mark and Carol (née KINSEY). (CAPE TIMES - 19/12/2001).
SHER  (girl) * Pretoria East Hospital 13 December 2001 to Barry and Adine (née Burman). Sister to David, Jonathan and Daniel. (PRETORIA NEWS & THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
SPARG  Joshua Delion * St Dominic's Hospital, East London 7 December 2001 to Shane and Angelique (née Pienaar). First grandchild for Lynne Sparg and Lionel & Kobie Pienaar. Great-grandmothers: Thelma, Mary, Noreen and Maria. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
STASKUN  (boy) * Sandton Clinic 14 December 2001 to Jonathan and Leora (née SCHLEISSNER). Brother to Jared. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
WHITFIELD  Holly Savannah * Greenacres Hospital, Mount Road, Port Elizabeth 14 December 2001 to Mark and Gillian. Youngest sister to Carey and Storm. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
WILLARD  Tegan Grace * St George’s Hospital, Port Elizabeth 17 December 2001 to Sean and Michele (née Marsh). Sister to Nathan. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
BOYENS  JANINE. 21 TODAY. [Inserted by] Dad and Jaco. (MERCURY - 19/12/2001).
HALL  Sarah-Jane. 21st birthday. A daughter and sister of her parents, and Phil and James. Concratulations from Luke, Emma, Gran and Aunt Jen. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
MAYNE  PATRICIA. 50th birthday today. [Inserted by] ‘us’. (MERCURY - 19/12/2001).
MUNNA  Tracey. 21st birthday. Back from the UK. [Inserted by] parents and Cheryl. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
ROSSOUW  Elroy. 21st birthday today. [Inserted by] parents and Stephanie & Toni. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
NEWNAM  Walter and Ella. 65th anniversary. [Inserted by] Sidney, Audrey and family. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
PAPADOPOULOS  GEORGE and DAPHNE. 48th anniversary. [Inserted by] George. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
PEAKE  Kven and Barbara. 19th anniversary today. [One insert by] Roy, Dot, Matthew and Jared. [Another insert by children] Quinton, Amanda, Dané, Nicole, Bernadette and Brent. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
VAN SCHALKWYK  Harry and Lena (née Hunter) married by Rev. D.M. Abrahams at Weiss Memorial Church on 18 December 1965. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
ACKERMANN  HILARY. + 16 December 2001. Husband Jan, children Kevin, David, Bronwyn and Nico, spouses, grandchildren and great grandchild. Memorial service: Dutch Reformed Church, Welgemoed, Dias Street, Welgemoed, Bellville, Western Cape, 20 December 2001, 11:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
ADAMSON  Hertha Natalie (Nat). + 17 December 2001, aged 100. A long life filled with caring and goodness. Aunt of Mary and John Kelly. Late of Kennersley Park. Requiem Mass: Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit, Drake Road, Stirling, East London, 21-12-2001, 14:30, cremation. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
Africa  Marjorie Ethel - see: Saunderson, Marjorie Ethel.
ANSELL  MARTHA SOPHIA ELIZABETH. Late of 131 Bouquet Street, Rosettenville, Johannesburg. Funeral service: Golden Harvest Church, Mulbarton, Johannesburg, 20/12/2001, 10:00, then to Kromvlei Cemetery. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
ANSELL  MADGE. + 15 December 2001. Wife of Norman, mother for Glen and Fred and daughter-in-law Terry. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
ANTONIADIS  NIKI. + 16 December 2001. Mother and grandmother of (a) Lassie and Achilles, grandchildren Stephania and Etienne, (b) Lona and John. Funeral service: 14:00, 20 December 2001, Greek Orthodox Church of St George, Mountain Road, Woodstock, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
ANTROBUS  SARAH. + Inverness, Scotland. Daughter of Edward, sister of Barbie and Francis. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
ARMSTRONG  John. + 18 December 2001. Late of 8 Princess Drive, Bonza Bay, East London. Husband of Benita, father of Joe and Alison. Cremation Service: Beacon Bay Baptist Church, Bonza Bay Road, 21-12-2001, 11:30, cremation. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
AVERIL  N.P. + 16/12/2001. Wife of Val, mother of the late Peter and Kathy, grandmother of Steven, Bryan and Karl. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
AYRES  THOMAS. Late of Kliprand Street no. 61, Discovery, Roodepoort, Gauteng Province. Funeral service: N.G. Church, Dunboyne Street, Crosby, Johannesburg, then to West Park Cemetery, 20/12/2001, 10:00. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
BAARS  WILLEM. + 15 December 2001. Was a father, uncle, grandfather and husband. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
BALL  Irene May (born GEE). + 18/12/2001, aged 83. Mother of Dawn, Rennette and Ivan. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
BENATAR  Myrna (née PORT). + Harare, Zimbabwe 16 December 2001. Condolences to Eddie and to Herby and Lydia from Jack & June Levy. Missed by cousins Mimo, Marilyn, Claudia and Robert Franco and friend Patricia. (CAPE ARGUS - 18 & 19/12/2001).
BERGH  GLORIA. + 12 December 2001. Sister of Louis (Weasel) and sister-in-law of Cathy. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
BLAINE  Oscar. + 15/12/01. Remembered by wife Anne, daughters, and sons-in-law and grandson Tyrone. (CAPE TIMES - 19/12/2001).
BLOWS  Jason Eric. * 10/12/1993 + 14/12/2001, aged 8. Mother deceased. Father Trevor, sister Dilys, brother-in-law Barry, grandfather Bob. Condolences to Sheryl, Roxanne (Roxy), Trevor and family from Pauline and SABS. Memorial service: 20/12/2001, 11:00, Milnerton Presbyterian Church, Glanville Road, Milnerton, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 17 & 18 & 19/12/2001).
BLUMBERG  SELWYN (Sel). + 14 December 2001. Missed by niece Karen (San Diego), nephew Mark (Sydney) and their families, and by friends for 31 yrs of Jacky, Danny, Thulani & Judd Simantov and Lesley Lunn. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
BRAAF  Abraham Adam (Abie). + 17 December 2001, aged 72. Late of Greenhaven. Wife Helen, children and grandchildren (a) Eddie, Eleanor and Ashleigh, (b) Carlynn, Melvin and Simone. Brother and brother-in-law of (a) Eddie, Esme and family (Australia), (b) Pietie, Metsie and children. Brother-in-law and uncle of (a) Andy, Shirley, Wayne, Leecia and Brent, (b) Abe, Sybil and family. Funeral service: Methodist Church, 2nd Avenue, Grassy Park, Cape Town, 20 December 2001, 10:30, thence to Klipfontein Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
BROWN  STEWART DAVID. + United Kingdom 12 December 2001. Remembered by Liz, children, grandchildren and friends. Memorial service: 24 December 2001, Kempton Park Methodist Church, 14:00. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
CHADINHA  Tony Gonsalvee. Late of Daspoort, Pretoria. Funeral Service: Roman Catholic Church, 411 Alter Street, Pretoria Gardens, 21 December 2001, 10:00, interment: Zandfontei n Cemetery. (PRETORIA NEWS - 19/12/2001).
CHITTER  Peter Charles (Poenie). + 15 December 2001. Missed by children (a) daughter Julie, son-in-law Michael, grandchildren and great-grandson, (b) son David, daughter-in-law Alison and grandsons Mickyle and Marcus, (c) son-in-law Tom, daughter Pam and grandchildren Anton, Tyrone, Stanton and Abigail. Mourned by Officials and Members of Bethel Burial Society, Retreat. Service: Bethany Assembly of God, 1st Avenue, Retreat, Cape Town, 20 December 2001, 12:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
CLARK  Bruce James. Father of Lisa and Kyleigh. Cremation Service: St. Barnabas Anglican Church, Bluff Road, Durban, 20/12/2001, 14:00. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
CRONJE  Joseph. + 15 December 2001, aged 84. Remembered by children (a) Norman, (b) Denis, (c) Michael, daughter-in-law Rita and their children Jeanine, Carmen, Liesel, son-in-law Keith and great- grandchildren, (d) daughter Roseline, (e) daughter Lorraine, son-in-law Berard, their children and grandchildren, (f) daughter-in-law Avril and her children Marvin, Marc and Melissa. Service: St. Marks Church, Bamford Avenue, Crawford, Cape Town, 19 December 2001, 10:00, thence to Maitland Cemetery Gate 9A. (CAPE TIMES - 19/12/2001).
CULLIGAN  PADRAIG TOMOTHY. + 14 December 2001. Late of Bryanston, Johannesburg. Dad and husband of Mariana, Sean and Garret, brother of Beverly, brother-in-law of Roger Ballard-Tremeer and uncle of Kieran and Leonie, brother of Barry, Jenny, Liam and Megan, son of Denis and Monica, brother and uncle of Kieran, Paul, Martin and Caitlin. Memorial mass: 10:00, 20 December 2001, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Rivonia, Sandton, cremation. (THE STAR - 15 & 18 & 19/12/2001).
Dale  Beulah Sydney - see: Tennant, Beulah Sydney.
DAVIS  Bert. + 14 December 2001. Husband of Mercia, father of Gary, Penny and Chris, father-in-law of Heather, Barry, and Loo, oupa of Richard, Julie, Erin, Andrew and Paul. Memorial service: 20 December 2001, 14:30, St David’s Congregational Church, Cassia Drive, Sunridge Park, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
DERBY-LEWIS  Roland Cyril. + 14/12/2001, aged 66. Wife Dee, a father and grandfather. Brother Joe, sister-in-law Baby and nieces Debbie and Candice. Funeral service: 20/12/2001, 10:00, St Josephs Catholic Church, Anderson Street, Goodwood, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 19/12/2001).
DI CARLOFELICE  PASQUALE. + 16 December 2001. Late Of Sinoville, Pretoria. Remembered by Giovanna, Nando, Antonio, Carina, Matteo and Catia. (PRETORIA NEWS - 19/12/2001).
DÖMAN  N.P. + Johannesburg. ‘n Vader en oupa, onthou deur Christo, Isobel, Henk, Andrè, Werner. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
DU PLOOY  Frank Henry. * 15/5/1925 + 15 December 2001. Missed by his grandchildren. Funeral service: 22 December 2001, 09:00, Maitland Crematorium Chapel. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
Du Toit  Beulah Sydney - see: Tennant, Beulah Sydney.
DUNLOP  Herbert Andrew. + 14 December 2001. Husband of Sandy, father of Andrew and Richard. Cousin of Peter, Barbara Sand. Memorial Service: Rosebank Interdenominational Church, cnr of William Nicole Drive and St. Andrews Road, Hurlingham, Johannesburg, 20 December 2001, 14:00. (THE STAR - 18 & 19/12/2001).
ELLIOTT  Dennis Percival. Late of Bothasig, Cape Town. Cremation service: Avbob Chapel, Maitland, 20/12/2001, 14:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
ENGLAND  MICHAEL JOHN. + 15/12/2001. Husband of Mary, father of Harriet, Sarah and Rupert. Memorial service: Chapel, Fourways Memorial Park, Nnchanga Road, Witkoppen, Randburg, 11:00, 19 December 2001. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
ESSAKJEE  YUNUS. + 18 December 2001. Was a husband and father. Colleague of many years missed by Jackie, Basil, Geoffrey, Management and Staff of Meltz Factory Store and Meltz Lishansky Holdings. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
FAINMAN  BECKY. + 17 December 2001, aged 94. Children Natalie Rothschild, Desmond Fainman. Remembered by daughter-in-law Shirley, children Melanie, Steven, Jaylene, Lynne and great-grandchildren. Grandmother and great-grandmother of Beverley, Cyril, Lara, Darryl, Brett and Mandy Nathan. Mike, Pam, Carli, Jade and Shannon Rothschild. Gail, Stan, Tarryn, Daniel and Wayne Friedman. Nephew and niece Lester and Irene Fainman. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001)
FIGG  Nigel Dan (Figgy). + 13 December 2001. Late of 78 Michan Road, Sydenham, Durban. Husband to Eva, father to Bronwen and Janitha, father-in-law to Kismet and grandfather to Aaryan, brother of Winsome. Requiem Mass: 21/12/2001, Parish of Sydenham, St Johns Anglican Church, Rippon Road, Sydenham, Durban, 14:00, cremation (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001 & DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
FORTUNE  Henry Daniel Jacobus. + 15 December 2001. Wife Elizabeth, children and grandchildren. Furneral Service: Methodist Church, Park Avenue, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, 10:00, 20 December 2001, thence to Maitland Extension Cemetary. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
FOURIE  Stella. Wife of Martin, mother of Leslie & Janine, Kevin & Janine. Grandmother of Kirstan, Emily and Zak. Funeral Service: Grace Baptist Church, 679 Main Road, Northdene, Durban, 19/12/2001, 10:00, then to Queensburgh Cemetery. (MERCURY - 19/12/2001).
FOX  BARRY. + 15 December 2001. Husband, father and grandfather missed by wife, Andrew, Jason, Jonothan and family. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
GABRIEL  Leslie Clive Clarence. Cremation Service: 21:12:2001, Assumption Catholic Parish, corner of Queen Mary and Nicholson Road, Durban, 11:00. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
GARDINERA  Bing. Late of Pretoria. Service: Central Baptist Church, 827 Shoeman Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, 19/12/2001, 11:00, cremation. (PRETORIA NEWS - 19/12/2001).
Gee  Irene May - see: Ball, Irene May.
GELDENHUYS  JURIE JOHANNES (TIGER). * 24/03/1924 + 13/12/2001. Late of Boksburg, Gauteng. Wife Pat. Father and grandfather of Chris, Wendy, Gary, Domi and Trent, of Lyn, Billy and Gary, of Gary. Missed by Eddie, Lyn, Jenna-Lee and Larren, John, Katinka, Davy and Nicky. Remembered by children, Rolene, Alvin, Melanie, Gary, Edith, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Cremation Service: St Peters Anglican Church, Triomf, 18 December 2001, 15:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 15 & 19/12/2001).
GOUVEIA  NEIL ROBERT. + 14.12.2001. Wife Michelle, son Grant. Brother-in-law and uncle of Karen, Jack, Tarryn, Cameron and Kristen. Son-in-law of Dad and Mom Mac. Funeral: Doves, 31 Aitken Street, Port Shepstone, South Coast, KwaZulu-Natal, 21/12/2001, 13:00. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
GREENSTONE  Jesmond. + 15 December 2001. Wife Cecile, children Janine, Sandra, Michael and Clive, grandchildren Jonathan and Connor. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
HARRIS  Brian. + 16 December 2001. Wife Daphne, children Elaine, Joan and Alex. Funeral service: 20/12/2001, Maitland Crematorium Chapel, 11:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
HARRIS  BROCHA. + 14 December 2001. Son MERVYN. Sister of Olga. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
HARVEY  John. Late of Benoni. Cremation service: St Patrick Catholic Church, Woburn Avenue, 14:00, 20/12/2001. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
HENDERSON  GEORGE. + Johannesburg 16 December 2001, aged 69. Missed by Ann, Andy and family. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
HOBBS  PHILLIP HENRY. + 17 December 2001, aged 41. Wife Cathy, daughter Megan. Brother, brother-in-law and uncle of Anthony, Crystal, Bevan, Danielle and Portia. Remembered by brothers. Funeral service: 20 December 2001, New Apostolic church, De Villiers street, Vasco, Cape Town, 15:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001)
JACOBS  BAREND DANIEL. + 17 December 2001, aed 96. Remembered by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Service: Methodist Church, Discovery Avenue, Garden Village, Cape Town, 09:00, 22 December 2001, thence to Maitland Cemetery gate 10. (CAPE TIMES - 19/12/2001).
JARVIS  Lesley. Late of Boksburg, Gauteng. Memorial service: Boksburg Methodist Church, 19 December 2001, 14:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
Johnson  Eunice - see: Savage, Eunice.
JOHNSON  Evelyn Ruth. + 13/12/2001, aged 18. Late of Parow Valley, Cape Town. Mourned by parents, brothers and sisters. Funeral service: 19/12/2001, 12:00, Dutch Reformed Hall, Market Street, Parow Valley, thence to Maitland Cemetery Extension 1. (CAPE TIMES - 19/12/2001).
JOSEPH  PAUL PETER. + 16.12.2001. Parents deceased. Wife Dawn, son Dylan. Grandfather of Dana, Bianca, Amber, Tamrin and Jade. Second father of Laura, Gary and Craig. Brother and uncle of (a) Steve, Jenny, Leanne, Steven and Sean, (b) Jim, Angela, Charlotte and Chanel, (c) Gary, Di & family, (d) sister Diane, brother-in-law Albert and nieces Candy and Maryanne, (e) sister Jenny. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
JOSEPHS  Fransina. + 14 December 2001, aged 82. Remembered by children. Service: Congregational Church, Samuels Street, Kuils River, Cape Town, 20 December 2001, 13:30, thence to Kuils River Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
JUKES  Robert. Late of Kensington, Johannesburg. Cremation service: All Souls Church, Benoni, Gauteng, 21 December 2001, 14:00. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
KILIAN  Joyce. + at home 15 December 2001. Remembered by Raymond, Dale, Abbey and Elisma (her companion). Service: Maitland Crematorium Chapel, 19 December 2001, 16:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
KINSMAN  Shirley. Wife to Des, mother to Gary and Jane, grandmother to Bradley, Brendon, Houghton, Madelaine. Niece of Cynthia, Errol, Michelle, Brandon and Darrel. Funeral Service: 20.12.2001, Doves East Chapel, First Avenue, 10:00. (MERCURY - 19/12/2001).
KLETTE  Ross. + 15-12-2001. Son of Alan and Amanda. Remembered by aunt Janet and Tracy in Durban, aunt Kathy and Uncle George in Durban, aunt Sheila, Uncle John, Sophie, David and Nan in Weaver, England, United Kingdom. Service: Methodist Church, Heidelberg Avenue, New Market, Alberton, Gauteng, 21 December 2001, 10:00, cremanation. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
LAIDLAW  RUTH. + 16 December 2001. Mother and grandmother of Cliff, Emily, Sam Christine and Julie. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
LAMPRECHT  Toi. Wife Gynette, sons Michael, Matthew and Richard. Funeral service: Church on the Way, Admiralty Way, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 20 December 2001, 11:00. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
LARRATT  Wallace Patrick (Wally). Wife Dawn Maureen (Dee). Sons Bruce Michael, Neil and Lance. Father and father-in-law of Lance and Bianca. Father-in-law of Bianca, daughter of Lynn. Funeral Service: South Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 20/12/2001, 11:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
Lee-Harris  Leizle - see: Stravens, Leizle.
LEIBBRANDT  Alma Eleanor (née Rolfe). + 11 December 2001 (Cape Argus -14/12/2001) + 12/12/2001 (Cape Argus - 19/12/2002), aged 76. Wife of the late Ken Leibbrandt. Daughter Lorna & Nicky, son Graham & Frances, grandchildren. Remembered by Aubrey, Betty and family in the United Kingdom. Memorial service: Alpha and Omega Christian Fellowship Church, Pinelands, Cape Town, 19/12/2001, 15:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 14 & 19/12/2001).
LINKS  Joseph. + 15 December 2001. Missed by children and their families. Funeral service: 20 December 2001, NG Church, Elsies River, Cape Town, 13:30, thence to Belhar Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
LIPARI  Kathleen. + 16 December 2001, aged 73. Remembered by daughter Beraneace and Desmond, grandchildren Vanessa, Nicky and Paul and great-grandchildren Bradley and Rebecca. Viewing: 15 Honeysuckle Street, Parktown/Bridgetown, Cape Town, 21 December 2001, 12:00, Service: New Apostolic Church, Silvertown Congregation, 13:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
LONG  Ken (Pen). + 16:12:2001. Dad and granddad of daughter Joyce and family Mark, Danielle and Bronson (Australia). (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
LUBBE  Willfred (Wilf). + 13 December 2001. Late of Cosmos Old Age Home. Cremation service: Rhema Church Chapel, Corner of Hans Schoeman and Rabie Streets, Bromhof, Randburg, 20 December 2001, 10:30, cremation. (THE STAR - 17 & 19/12/2001).
LUKER  Nancy. + 15 December 2001. Mother and grandmother of Jack and Wendy and their families. Service: Rosebank Methodist Church, 20 December 2001, 11:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
MABUYA  Abel Absolom (Nyawo). Late of 1449 Nu 10, Mdantsane, dist East London. Funeral Service: 22-12-2001, from his home, 10:00. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
MANDY  Phyllis. + 15/12/2001. Mother of Ray, Alvan, Cynthia and Norman, grandmother of Bronwyn, Kyle, Jackie, Debbie and Kathryn. Memorial service: 10:30, 19 December 2001, Settlers Park, Port Alfred, Eastern Cape. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
Martin  Sybil - see: Stellenboom, Sybil.
MARX  Joey. + 17 December 2001. Missed by husband Tom, her children, grandchildren, family and friends. Funeral service: 20 December 2001, 11:00, Evangilist Centre, Cleeve Road, Cotswold, Port Elizabeth, cremation. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
MATHEWS  Brian. + 15 December 2001. Husband for 27 years of Barbara (Barbs), father of Nicholas and Kendall. Son of his dad Lionel and Patty. Brother and uncle of Heather, Francis, Joel and Joanne. Brother-in-law and uncle of Kiki, Mary-Anne and Greg. Friend of Stuart, Margie, Lauren and Kirsty Graham. Funeral service: 20 December 2001, 15:00, Blue Water Bay United Church, Port Elizabeth, cremation. (The Herald - 18 & 19/12/2001).
McCORMICK  Joseph Currie (Jeff). Late of Sundowner. Funeral service: Honeyridge Baptist Church, cnr Eastwood Road and Beyers Naude Drive, Randpark Ridge, Randburg, Gauteng, 20/12/2001, 14:30, interment at Fourways Memorial Park. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
MEESER  Kenneth Reginald (Kenny). + 17/12/2001. Remembered by Emilia, Catherine, Michael, Karl, Sonia, Paul and grandchildren. Brother, brother-in-law and uncle of (a) Brian, Denise, Barry, Lindy and Lee Anne, (b) Dennis, Laura, Dorian and David, (c) Clary & Carol, Wendy & Gary, Roy & Julie. Brother-in-law of Lidia, Richard, Renato, June, Renato, Jacques, Vic, Barbara and their children. Memorial service: 11:00, 19 December 2001, Church of St Michael and All Angels, St Michaels Road, Observatory, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
MEYER  F.J. (Fon). Husband of Suzanne, a father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Memorial Service: Tuinsig Centre for the Aged, 12 Cowey Road, Durban, 10:00, 21 December 2001. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
MOCKETT  Peter John. + 17/12/2001, aged 72. Father and grandfather of (a) Chris, Ursula and Grant [who are] ‘many miles away’, (b) Tricia, Jose, Angelique, Simon and Dominic, (c) Julie, Peter, Robbie and Stephen. Service: Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Bothasig, Cape Town, 19/12/2001, 14:00. ( (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
MORTON  BERNICE BENEDICT. + 16/12/2001. [Inserted by] Alice and Wendy. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
MOYLES  Dudley Phillip (Pat). + Rosa Munch House, Uitenhage Eastern Cape 15 December 2001. Father of Desiree, Mickey, grandfather of Warren and Kelly. Cremated. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
MVUZA  Virginia Khuthala. Late of Cala Reserve, Cala. Eastern Cape. Funeral service: 20-12-2001, 09:00, Cala Reserve, Cala. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
NIEKERK  {Pastor} Joe. + 14 December 2001, aged 71. Missed by wife Florrie, children and grandchildren. Funeral service: 23 December 2001, 10:00, Riverside S.D.A Church, Klipfontein Road, Athlone, Cape Town, thence to Welmoed Cemetery. (CAPE TIMES - 19/12/2001).
OGORMAN  AVERIL HORTENSE. + 16 December 2001. Wife of Val, mother of the late Peter and Kathy, grandmother of Steven, Bryan and Karl. Memorial Service: 21 December 2001, Lion’s Hall, next to Protection Services, Old Main Road, Gillitts, KwaZulu-Natal. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
OPPERMAN  JAN (OPPIE). + 15 December 2001. Sympathy to the Opperman family from staff and Colleagues of :LUBREQUIP VAAL. LUBREQUIP WITBANK, LUBREQUIP NATAL, AND LUBRICATION EQUIPMENT. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
OSS  Benjamin. + 8 Desember 2001. Begrafnis: 22/12/2001, 06:30, AEUC Vergenoeg, vertrek na Wes Einde begraafplaas, 09:00. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 19/12/2001).
OXFORD  Bernice Veronica. * 16/12/1923 + 15/12/2001. Mother of Sue and Jimmy Taylor, Stephanie (Steph) and Clive Ambrose (in Auckland, New Zealand), grandmother of Wayne, Lisa and Fulton, Jared and Nathan Ambrose, Bridgette, Juanita and Sheila and great-grandmother of Jamie, Gareth, Lauren, Cheyenne and Jacques. Memorial Service: 20 December 2001, 11:00, Billbuchanan Chapel, Goodwin Drive, Morningside, Durban. (DAILY NEWS - 18 & 19/12/2001).
PERRY  (Boet). + at Rosa Munch House Uitenhage, Eastern Cape16 December 2001. Son Raymond, grandsons Vivian and Hein. Uncle of Maureen, Gavin, Thora, Theo, Gerald, Vanessa. Service: 20 December 2001, St Katharine’s Anglican Church, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, 10:00, cremation. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
PINGELLY  ARCHIE. * 6/6/1927 + 14/12/2001. Wife Sylvie. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
Port  Myrna - see: Benatar, Myrna.
POTTER  Cyril. + 16 December 2001. Husband of Peggy, father of Roddy. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
PRETORIUS  Daniel. + 17/12/2001, aged 60. Missed by brothers Peter and Johannes, their spouses and families. Funeral service: 20/12/2001, 10:30, Calvinist Church, Kewtown, thence to Eden Memorial Gardens, Ottery, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
RALL  Rubert. + 16 December 2001. Mourned by wife and daughter. Memorial service: Gereformeerde Kerk, Southey Street, Adcockvale, Mount Road, Port Elizabeth, 21 December 2001, 10:00. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
RICHTER  CISSIE. + 14 December 2001. Widow. Son Matthew deceased. Mother of children Selma and Charles, sons-in-law Peter and Dennis, a grandmother and great-grandmother. (THE STAR - 17 & 19/12/2001).
RIDDELL  DORIS (née SMART). + Somerset West. A dedicated all-round sportswoman, remembered by her team-mates and friends of the former Green Point Ladies Hockey Club. (CAPE TIMES - 19/12/2001).
RIVALLAND  Gaetan. + 18:12:2001. Son of Memee and the late Noel, brother of Aline, Jean-Claude, Eric and Mitchelle. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
ROBERTSE  Lynette (Lynn). Late of Gordge Road, Umbilo, KwaZulu-Natal. Wife of Normand, mother of Laverne and Wayne, mother-in-law of Graeme and Sharon, grandmother of Matthew, aunt of Samantha, Steve and Jarad. Memorial Service: Tabernacle Full Gospel Church, Cnr of Poval and Currie Road, Berea, Durban, 20/12/2001, 15:00. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
RODGERS  Magdalene (Maggie). + 15/12/2001, aged 73. Missed by children, spouses, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Remembered by Steven, Lonita, Tasha, Chris, Chad & Lauren, by the Rodgers, Manuels, Naidoo, Puraman, Clement and Mitchel families. Requiem mass: Regina Coeli Roman Catholic Church, Klipfontein Road, Belgravia East, Cape Town, 21/12/2001, 10:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
ROLBEIN  ZELDA (born ZULIK). + 14 December 2001. Sympathy to Isme, Gillian and Stephen from Zelda’s brother Aaron, from Lea and Eugene Ellenbogen, Tanya and Schmuel Bollen, Shaul and Bayla Ellenbogen, and Sara and Dovid Ackermann. (THE STAR - 15 & 19/12/2001).
Rolfe  Alma - see: Leibbrandt, Alma.
RORICH  Lalie, late of Grabouw, Western Cape. Memorial service: NG Moedergemeente, Somerset West, Western Cape, 20 December 2001, 11:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
ROUX  Allyson Ellen. + 15/12/2001. Wife of Dave, mother of Timothy and Jonathan. Memorial Service: 20/12/2001, 10:00, Kloof Methodist Church, KwaZulu-Natal. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
SAUNDERSON  Marjorie Ethel (née AFRICA). + 15 December 2001. Mother and grandmother of daughter Karen, Kim, Esme. Aunt of Rubena, Yolande, Clifton, Bronwin and Yuleth (in Johannesburg). (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 19/12/2001).
SAVAGE  {Mrs} Eunice (Billie) (née JOHNSON). + 17 December 2001. Husband Freddie, brother Kenny, nieces Susan & Karen. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
SEWARD  Elsie. + 16 December 2001. Mother of Andrew, Lois, Philip and Stephen, son-in-law of Bill, daughter-in-law Stephanie and grandchildren Catherine, Geoffrey, Bronwyn, David and Sarah Kate. Funeral Service: St. Cyprians, 603 Umbilo Road, Durban, 20 December 2001, 12:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
SKUY  SIMA. + 14 December 2001. Wife of the late Harry, mother and grandmother of Rosemary and Charles Chonowitz, Gail and Dani Drutman and Dinah Chonowitz. Mourned by Yetta Perkes, Leon and Pnina Levin. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
Smart  Doris - see: Riddell, Doris.
SMITH  Jane Eileen. Late of Ethel Berth Mews, Malvern, Durban. Daughter of Eileen and John in Scotland, sister of Karen and Tracy, aunt of Amy. Memorial Service: AGS Church, 1253 Sarnia Road, Hillary, 20/12/2001, 09:00, cremation. (MERCURY - 19/12/2001).
SOLOMON  Nancy. + 17/12/2001. Missed by her daughter Sandra, son-in-law Alan and granddaughters Barbara and Amanda. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
STELLENBOOM  Sybil (née MARTIN). + 14 December 2001, aged 62. Remembered by husband, children and family. Funeral service: 20 December 2001, New Apostolic Church, Erica North Congregation, cnr Edison and Baird Street, Belhar, Cape Town, 12:00, thence to Stikland (Bellville) Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
STRAVENS  Leizle (née LEE-HARRIS). + 16 December 2001, aged 23 years and 11 months. Husband Glen, parents Eddie & Alet, parents-in-law Joe & Mary-Anne, brothers Tim, James, Barry, sisters Lynn, Fiona. Funeral service: 21 December 2001, 16:00, Helderberg College Church, Somerset West, Western Cape. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
TENNANT  BEULAH Sydney (Born DALE) (Formerly DU TOIT). + 16 December 2001, aged 95. Children Rene, Michael and Ian. Also a grandmother and great-grandmother. Mourned by (a) son Michael, Jill, Janine, Bert and children, (b) Tracey and Graeme, (c) Michelle and Shaun, (d) Karen. Service: Maitland Crematorium Chapel, Cape Town 20/12/2001, 10:00. (CAPE TIMES - 19/12/2001)
THAKERSEE  Harjivan Haridas (Harry). Formerly of Majestic Centre, Umhlatuzana, Durban. Husband of Rama, father of Vinesh, brother of Natwarlal, Parbhoodas and Champa. Cremation Service: his late residence, Flat 2, 202 Chatsworth Main Road, Umhlatuzana Township, 19/12/2001, 13:00, proceeding to the Mobeni Heights Crematorium. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
THERON  Mary Maude (née TOWNLEY). + at Brookshaw Home 18 December 2001, aged 92. Children Eslie & Gill, Anne & Jeff, grandchildren Gary, Jenny, Diane and Wendy, also great- grandchildren. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
THOMPSON  Doreen. + 16 December 2001. Former librarian at the Grahamstown Library. Missed by Pam, Alaric and family. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
THOMPSON  RUTH. + 18/12/2001. Remembered by Michael, Jocelyn, Justin, Jarred, Alan and Melissa. Funeral service: Dutch Reformed Church, Landsdowne Street, Coronationville, Johannesburg, 21/12/2001, 10:00, then to Newclare Cemetery. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
TODD  Laurence (Laurie). + at LCM 17 December 2001. Late of Willowhaven, Pretoria. Husband of Cecile, father of Jacqueline and Francois, Ross and Liz, and Ian, grandfather of Brendan and Joshua. Cremation service: Willows Methodist Church, 224 Meerlust Road, Willow Glen, Pretoria, 21-12-2001, 14:30, cremation. (PRETORIA NEWS - 19/12/2001).
TOPHAM  PATRICIA SYBIL. + 16 December 2001. Late of Delville, Germiston, Gauteng. Sister of (a) Marilyn, (b) Glynis & Peter, (c) Graeme & Krystella and aunt to Lauren and Kimberley. Remembered by her mother. Cremation service: Methodist Church, Primula Road, Primrose, Germiston, 21/12/2001, 14:00. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
Townley  Mary Maude - see: Theron, Mary Maude.
TRUSCOTT  Johan. + 2 December 2001. [Immediate family:] Olga, Glen and Hilary. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
VAN DE WEG  EDNA JOY. + 15 December 2001. Mother, granny and great-granny of Hank and Shelagh, Lara, Michael, Wendy, Tracy, Leonie, Klint and Kaden. Memorial service: 23/12/2001, 16:00, Monte Rosa, Faure Street, Gardens, Cape Town. (MERCURY & CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
VENTER  Desmond Raymond. A husband, father and grandfather. Service: 21/12/2001, 10:oo, Umbilo Congregational Church, 498 Bartle Road, Umbilo, KwaZulu-Natal. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
VENTER  Peter. + 17 December 2001. Wife Margaret, sons Pierre and David-John. Funeral Service: 19.12.2001, D.L.I. Regimental Chapel, 5 D.L.I. Ave, Greyville, Durban, 10:00. (MERCURY - 19/12/2001).
VICTOR  Benjamin (Ben). + 16 December 2001. Son and son’s family: Eugene, Dorethy and Madge. (CAPE TIMES - 19/12/2001).
WAHL  IRIS. + 15 December 2001. Daughters Anna-Marie, Gerda, Jeanette and Karen. Funeral service: 20 December 2001, 14:00, Avbob Chapel, Messelaar Street, Roodepoort, Gauteng. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
WALDEN  Margaret Edith. + 16.12.2001. Late of 19 Curran Street, Pietermaritzburg. Widow of the late Ben Walden, mother of Margaret Lloyd, Bully and Marie, John, George and Maureen, Ernie and Jenny, grandmdother and great-grandmother. Funeral service: St. Marys Catholic Church, Loop Street, Pietermaritzburg, 20.12.2001, 14:00, burial: Mountain Rise, Pietermaritzburg. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
WANNENBURG  YVONNE (Vonnie). + Wilgers hospitaal, Pretoria 16 Desember 2001. Late of Menlo Park, Pretoria. Gemis deur Jac, Magda, Helene, Jacqueline en Jan. Cremation service: Dutch Reformed Church, Lynnwood, Sussex avenue, 20-12-2001, 10:00. (PRETORIA NEWS - 19/12/2001).
WEBER  Frank. + 15 December 2001. Daughter Audi. Cremation service: 20 December 2001, 12:00, Maitland Gate 1. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
WESTMORE  NORMAN EDWARD. + 16 December 2001. Missed by parents and children Simon, Sean & Sharon. Cremation service: St. Michaels Anglican Church, cnr Bryanston Drive and Mount street, Bryanston, Randburg, 21 December 2001, 11:00. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
WHAYMAN  ROBERT. + at home 13 December 2001. Late of Halfway Gardens, Midrand. Memorial service: Doves Fourways Chapel, Inchanga Road, Fourways, Randburg, 20 December 2001, 13:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 18 & 19/12/2001).
WIID  Leonard Allen (Lennie). + 11/12/2001, aged 88. Late of the George and Annie Starck Homes, Bellville. Daughters Cathy, Anne and their families. Brother-in-law and uncle of Edith and family. Remembered by all his friends and colleagues of Dukes and WW2 SSB Associations. (CAPE ARGUS - 17 & 19/12/2001).
WILLIAMS  Frikkie. + 16 December 2001, aged 55. A father and grandfather. Funeral service: 21 December 2001, New Apostolic Church, Oatlands Congregation, Oatlands Farm, Visserhok Road, Durbanville, Western Cape, 12:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 19/12/2001).
WILSNACH  Sophia. + 17 December 2001. A mother and grandmother. Funeral service: 21 December 2001, 10:00, Dutch Reformed Church, De Gama Street, Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, cremation. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
WOLPE  NATIE. + 15 December 2001. Uncle of (a) Brian, Phyllis, Brian, Adrienne, Basil, Sharon, Dovie, Bernice and their families, (b) Pam, Maurice, Andy, Tracy and Darren Paiken and Colin Wolpe. Sympathy to his children and grandchildren from Chairman, Executive and members of the Selig and Sarah Saffer Family Fund. Sympathy to Russel, Leon and Cecil from Basil and Adele Cohen. (THE STAR - 18 & 19/12/2001)
WOTHERSPOON  Muriel Gray. Memorial Service: East Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 21 December 2001, 10:00, cremation. (MERCURY - 19/12/2001).
ZEVENSTER  Aletta Johanna (Lily). Late of 46 Justin Road, Winterstrand. Children, Martin, Clive, Maureen. Grandchildren Shane, Chantellé, Cindy and Bernie. Cremation Service: 20-12-2001, 11:30, Cambridge Crematorium Chapel, Windermere Road, Cambridge, East London. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
BENYAMIN  DAPHNE The unveiling of the tombstone in memory of Daphne, beloved wife of Victor, will take place at Westpark Cemetery on Sunday 23rd December at 11.00am. Grave no. U7133. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001)
MARKS  FRAN The unveiling of the tombstone of our late beloved mother will take place at The West Park Cemetery on Sunday the 23rd of December 2001 at 10 am. The grave no: U9827. Will family and friends kindly accept this intimation. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001)
ABRAHAMS  Nat. + 14 December 2001. A brother missed by Selwyn, Arlene and Families. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
ADLAM  NEVILLE. + 2 years ago. Brother and Uncle of Joy & Ian, John & Carrie, Mary & Pierre, Leonard and Val. (MERCURY - 19/12/2001).
BARRETT  CARL. + 4 years ago. Husband, father and grandfather remembered by wife Lelia, children, grandchildren and great-grandson Carl. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
CHABALALA  Prudence (Oumakie). + 2 years ago today. Missed by Chabalala and Raphala families. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 19/12/2001).
CHAMREL  LIZ. + 2 years ago today. [Inserted by] Shane, Diane and kids. (MERCURY - 19/12/2001).
CHARLIE  Tata. + 7 years ago. Lala ngoxolo, Xhamele siyakukhumbula. Remembered by wife, children and grandchildren. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 19/12/2001).
CLEMENTS  Tammy. + 19/12/2000. Remembered by Oupa, her mother, Marius and Maritz family, and Paul and Laura. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 19/12/2001).
DAMPIES  Catherine (Kate/Annermammie). + 17 December 2000. Mother and grandmother of (a) Linda, Craig and Andre, (b) Lynette and granddaughter Shadia, (c) Gareth, Sharon and Garvin, (d) Piet, Charmaine, Kim, Tony and Natasha, (d) Lydia, Joseph, Ian, Jolene, Karen and Enrique, (e) Joey, Philliboy, Charlie and Markie, (f) Lena, son-in-law Edwin, grandchildren Lauren and Enver. Remembered by Loreen, Anthony, Leigh-Ann and Allistair. Grandmother (Aunt Kate) of Lindsay, Meloni and Tristan. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
EDWARD  VICTOR PAUL. + 23 years ago. Father of Paul and the Moodley families. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
FISH  Gordon. + 25 years ago. Husband and father of Muriel, Kathy, Gerald, Marilyn and Stephanie. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
FOUCHE  PIET. * 02/02/1940 + 18/12/2000. Father of Michelle and Bridgitte. (MERCURY - 19/12/2001).
GELDENHUYS  Phyllis Milicent. + 19:12:2000. Husband Dennis [who] ‘loved you for 50 years’, daughter Catherine. [Another insert by] Pauline. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
GLASS  Malcolm. + 8 months ago. Wife Myra. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
GOVENDER  JOHNNY. 16th day memorial ceremony held 20 December 2001 in Chatsworth, Durban. Widow Savy, daughters Daisy, Jenny, Mala, son Lenny, sons-in-law and grandchildren. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
GRABMAN  ABE. + 18 December 1973. Husband of the late Zena. Children Adrianne, Julian, Michael, Sandra and family. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
HOTTIE  Agatha Matlakala (Ansie). + 19/12/2000. Remembered by husband Andrew, children and grandchildren. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 19/12/2001).
JOHNSON  Henry Christian. + 1 year ago today. Wife May. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 19/12/2001).
KEEN  Shaune Lloyd. + 19 years ago. Son, brother and uncle of parents, Selwyn and Savannah. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
KRETZMANN  Roxanne. * 04.10.1985 + 16.12.1998. [Inserted by her child]. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
LAAKS  Joe. + 17.12.1986. Father of Anthony, Lyn. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
LAILVAUX  JUSTIN. Missed by George, Joanne, Kristen, Kyle, Francis, Neil and Rachel. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
MANGAKANE  Wattie (Poppytjie). + 3 years ago. Missed by mother Adella, brother George, sisters and Nthabeleng. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 19/12/2001).
MANTO  Manny. + 3 years ago today. Wife Helene. Father of Lynn and Jill. Remembered by Patrick, Rosemary, Nolan and Merise. (MERCURY - 19/12/2001).
McNAMARA  FRANK. Remembered by Colleen, Gaynor and Deborah. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
MOODIE  GILLIAN. + 11 years ago. Mother of Ceri and Grant. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
MORLEY-JEPSON  MAVIS. Mother and grandmother of Lynne, Greg & Ross. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
MOSS  Ethel. + 19/12/1998. Mother of Danie and Joyce. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
ORMSTON  Cynthia Kathleen. + 1 year ago today. Children Mike, Porky, Venessa, Fallon and Tarquin. Missed by Ken, Bev, Steven and Tracy, and by friends Esme, Stanley and the Goltz family. (Dispatch - 19/12/2001).
PADAYACHEE  {Mrs} SARASWATHEE. Annual Memorial Service held at her late residence, 87 Powerline Street, Westcliff, Chatsworth, Durban, 22/12/2001. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
PARMANAND  RAAKESH (PONCH). * 22/08/1965 + 17/12/1999. Remembered by wife Patsy and children. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
PARSONS  TARYN GAIL (Tazzie). * 19/09/1978 + 19/12/1999. Daughter and sister of June, Derek and Mark. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
PIETERS  Dennis Solly. + 19 December 1976. Wife Muriel, daughters Pam and Jenni, and remembered by Winnie, Derek, Colleen, Tracey, Mandy and Barry. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
RENAUD  Keith. + 5 years ago today. Wife Pauline, daughters Brenda and Leanne, grandchildren Kathleen, Brandon and Ashton. Brother, brother-in-law, and uncle of Dennis, Mary, Gary, Kevin and Laura. (MERCURY - 19/12/2001).
SCHAMREL  Liz. + 19/12/1999. Mother, mother-in-law and sister of Cammy, Cilla and Emmy. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
Shapiro  Vivienne - see: Smith, Vivienne.
SMITH  VIVIENNE (née SHAPIRO). + 18 December 1971. Husband Phil. Mother and granny of Sharon, Marcelle, Darrel, Johnathan, Mandy, Johnathan, Vernon, Mark and Michael. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
SPYRIDES  KALLISTHENI. The 1 year memorial service held 23/12/2001 at the Greek Cathedral of St. Constantine and Helen. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
STOKOL  GERTIE. + 15 years ago. Mother and grandmother of Raymond, Shelly, Mark, Kevin and Gabi. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
STOW  Lynette. Remembered by parents. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001).
TROLLIP  DESIREE (DAISY). 19-12-1995. Remembered by parnets, Chick, William, Ntombi, Andrew, Leche and Stephen. (MERCURY - 19/12/2001).
VASSAROTTI  DEON. Remembered by parents, Massimo and Viva. (THE STAR - 19/12/2001).
WICKES  Ellen Cecile. + 1 year ago today. Daughter Antoinette, granddaughters Lynnsay, Megan and Michelle, great-grandsons. (DAILY NEWS - 19/12/2001)
YON  Westwood. Wife Vyvyenne, children Westwood, Helene, Lionel, Judy, Brian, Bernita and grandchildren. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).
ZOKUFA  Mkhuseli. + 19 December 2000. A son, husband, brother and uncle remembered by family. (The Herald - 19/12/2001).