ATKINS  Kiara Paige * Kingsbury Hospital, Claremont, Cape Town 10/12/2001. First born to Shaun and Sandra. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
FEIGENBAUM  (boy) * Parklane Clinic, Johannesburg 14 December 2001 to Gary and Kerryn (née Hummel). (THE STAR - 17/12/2001).
GAMIET  Anthony * City Park Hospital, Cape Town 9/12/2001 to Mynora & Alwie. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
HARTLEY - TALIEP  (boy) born to Shamiela and Faizal. {inserted by] grandparents, uncles, aunt, Layla and Luqmaan. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
HOOPER  CHRISTIAN * 14/12/2001 to Zac and Louisa (née Wolmarans). Grandmother: Jenny Lee in Amanzimtoti, South Coast, KwaZulu-Natal. (PRETORIA NEWS - 17/12/2001).
KOK  Ryan * High Wycombe, England, United Kingdom 12 December 2001 to Andre and Kim (née Fraser). (CAPE ARGUS - 17/12/2001).
LOGAN  Kelly Rae * St Augustines hospital, Bulwer, Durban 14.12.2001 to Mark and Colleen (née Ambrose). (DAILY NEWS - 17/12/2001).
MacMAHON  Christopher Gordon * to Roy & Di. Brother to Sarah. [Inserted by] all at Independent Newspapers Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 17/12/2001).
MAJOR  Khwezi-Lo-Mso (boy) * City Park Hospital, Cape Town 12/12/2001 to Nosipho. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
MYBURGH  (boy) * City Park Hospital, Cape Town 12/12/2001 to Bernice & Bertus. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
MYHILL  (boy) * 12/12/2002 to Sue (née HEWITT) and Merv. (CAPE ARGUS - 17/12/2001).
NTABAZALILA  (girl) * City Park Hospital, Cape Town 12/12/2001 to Nomtha & Eric. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
OKEKE  Anthony * City Park Hospital 11/12/2002 to Amanda & Christiaan. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
PIETERSEN  Nikita (girl) * City Park Hospital 14/12/2001 to Natasha and Julian. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
SCOTT  (twin girls) * City Park Hospital, Cape Town 13/12/2001 to Adre and Lindsey. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
SOLOMONS  (girl) * City Park Hospital, Cape Town 13/12/2001 to Ies-Gaale & Shihaan. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
TACON  (boy) * Malaga, Spain 13 December 2001 to Dallas and Claire. Grandson to Duds and Debz, nephew to Caz. e-mail: (CAPE ARGUS - 17/12/2001).
THOMAS  Andy Spencer * Kingsbury hospital, Claremont, Cape Town 09/12/2001 to Karen and Allison at 15h15. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
VAN TONDER  (boy) * City Park Hospital, Cape Town 13/12/2001 to Linda & Chris. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
VON BENECKE  Hannah * Westville Hospital, Durban 14 December 2001. First child of Deon and Roz (nee Pleydell-Bouverie). Second grandchild of Giel and Barbara von Benecke. (MERCURY - 17/12/2001).
WILLIAMS  (girl) * City Park Hospital, Cape Town 13/12/2001 to Sandra. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
WOOD  Lara Jane * St Augustines Hospital, Bulwer, Durban 14.12.2001 to Kevin and Lucy (née GILSON). (MERCURY - 17/12/2001).
DU TOIT  Rocco. 21ste verjaarsdag. [ingestuur deur] Sanna en ook die Bouwer gesin. (The Dispatch -17/12/2001).
KOCH  Sam. Birthday today. [Inserted by] colleagues at Independent Newspapers. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
NAIDOO  SUMARSHA. 21st birthday. [Inserted by] mother, Viven & family. (DAILY NEWS - 17/12/2001).
RIEKERT  Jeremy and Sheila. 25th (Silver) Wedding Anniversary. [Inserted by] Dad and Mom and also by Keith, Jess, Kelly and Camdon. (The Dispatch -17/12/2001).
VAN STADEN  Raymond & Carol (née Lane). Congratulations on your Wedding FROM Ali, Maureen, Lauren and Stuart. (DAILY NEWS - 17/12/2001).
KOONIN  Wayne and Caron. 5th ANNIVERSARY. (THE STAR - 17/12/2001).
SOLOMONS  Leslie Solomons and Wilhelmina Williamson married 16 December 1961 in the Good Shepherd Church, Maitland, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
ABRAHAMS  DESMOND JACOBUS (Pikkie). + 12/12/2001, aged 70. Wife Lettie, youngest daughter Theresa and her children Deslin, Thalia and Jethro. Mourned by Boeta Pitta and Aunty Delia and the Bredenkamp family. Funeral service: 18/12/2001, 10:00, Facreton Nazarene Church, c/o Hurricane Street & Factreton Avenue, Factreton, Cape Town, thence to Maitland Cemetery, Gate 9 B. (CAPE TIMES - 14 & 17/12/2001).
ANSELL  JOHN. + 14 December 2001. Wife Eve, children and grandchildren (a) Roy & Susan (Suzie) with children Nicholas, Lindsay and Matthew, (b) Pam & Rob with children Peter and Jenni. Sympathy from Roger & Liza Kohne and from Willie and Blanche Kohne. Private Cremation. Celebration Memorial: 18 December 2001, 18:00, 136 Woodside Village. (CAPE ARGUS - 17/12/2001).
BLOM  MARIA. + 12 December 2001. Husband Jeremia, sons Bernard, Colin, Patrick, Trevor and Leon and daughters-in-law Hillary and Debbie, grandchildren Howard, Cameron and Shane. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
BOSHOFF  Hazel Agnes. + 14/12/2001. Late of Banana Valley Farm. Mother of Louis, Jannie, Hele' and Toto. Missed by Sammy and Ilse Hayes, Doreen Godden, Rob and Lynn Hayes. Cremation Service: Crematorium Chapel, Cambridge, East London, 19/12/2001, 11:30. (Dispatch - 15 & 17/12/2001).
BOUKERS  George. + 12 December 2001. Missed by children and grandchildren. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
CHELLAN  Armugam (Tall Krish). Husband of Pat, father of Bruce, Vaneshree and Viloshnee, brother of Tony (Boya), Sticky, Gongs and Paul, Mali, Meenatchie, Baby and Mummy. Funeral Service: 14/12/2001, 11:00, 46 Aspern Avenue, Croftdene, Chatsworth, Durban, thereafter proceeding to the Pentecostal Protestant Church, Globe Terrace, Road 114, 13:00, then to the Mobeni Cemetery at 15:00. (MERCURY - 17/12/2001).
DANIELS  LESLIE NORMAN. + 12 December 2001, aged 60. Missed by wife Monica, Michael, Linda, May, Kaitlin and Matthew. Uncle of niece Gail, Francois and the boys in Australia. Brother and uncle of (Faieza) Agatha and children. Brother-in-law and uncle of Joyce, Ralph, Glynnis, Ellen, Lauren, Vernon, Faye, Leilahn and Saarah and Oupa. Brother and uncle of Walter, Sybil, children and grandchildren. Mourned by the Officials and Members of Goedemoed Dood Genootskap. Service: St Cyprians Church, cnr 5th Avenue and Consort Road, Retreat, Cape town, 18 December 2001, 11:30, thence to Klipfontein Cemetery. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
DAVIDS  Grant. [Inserted by] friend Robert-Lee and the Morgan family. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
DAVIES  DENNIS. + Knysna, Western Cape Province 13/12/2001, aged 82. Wife Jackie, sons Nigel and Barry. Brother-in-law of Pam, Johan and children. Remembered by Brian and Phyl Davies and family. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001 & CAPE ARGUS - 17/12/2001).
DONOVAN  Cedric. + Hermanus, Western Cape Province 12 December 2001. Wife Res and children. Remembered by Lorraine, Sharon and Delvin Vermaak. Service: 18 December 2001, United Church, Hermanus, 12:00. (The Herald - 14/12/2001 & CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
DOWD  Thomas Richard (Tommy). + Queenstown Private Hospital 14/12/2001, aged 78. Late of 33 Louis Botha Avenue, Queenstown (formerly of Uitenhage). Wife Jessie, children Patrick & Shirley, Denise & Robert Wagener, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Cremation Service: Cathedral of Christ the King, Ebden Street, Queenstown, 18/12/2001, 14:00.(Dispatch -17/12/2001).
EULEY  Anthony Theodore (Tony). + 12 December 2001. Wife Evie. Remembered by Linda, Godfrey, Natasha and Wayne. Brother of Trevor, Felicia and family (Canada). Funeral service: 14 December 2001, Good Shepherd Anglican Church, Victoria Road, Grassy Park, Cape Town, 14:00, thence to Plumstead Cemetery Gate 2. (CAPE ARGUS - 13 & 17/12/2001).
FRANK  Sheila. + Sydney Australia 14 December 2001, aged 85. Widowed for 3 months. Children Allen and Zelda in Cape Town, Lynette and Abe in Sydney, Eldred, Elyse and Steven in London. (CAPE ARGUS - 17/12/2001).
FULLER  Wilna. * 24/04/1929 + 13/12/2001, aged 72. Missed by Des, Anre,Ginelle and grandchildren. Memorial service: Maitland Crematorium Chapel, 18/12/2001, 14:00. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
GAMBA  Ikey. + 10/12/2001, aged 68. Late of Kensington, Cape Town. Sons Ikey Junior, Henry and Andre. Brother of Brian, Marianne, Sonia. Sisters Yolanda and Nita, Basil and family. Condolences to the family from the Executives, Players of the Cape Town Tygerberg Football Association [with:] "To Norway Parks Football Club: you have lost a true sportsman". Funeral service: Good Shepherd Church, 7th Avenue, Kensington, 15/12/2001, 10:00, cremation. (CAPE TIMES 11 & 12 & 14 & 17/12/2001).
GRANTHAM  Brent Lloyd. * 15/11/1973 + 10/12/2001. Remembered by aunt Barbar, aunt Queenie, Tanya, Jake, Glen, Riedwan, Genevive and Lakhe. (DAILY NEWS - 17/12/2001).
GREYVENSTEIN  Aubrey Claud (Aubs). + 14/12/2001. Late of 4 Twist Street, Amalinda. Father of Anne, Wendy, Carleen and Claud. Remembered by his children-in-law, grandchildren and by friends Russell, Michelle, Shaine and Jenna. Cremation Service: Crematorium Chapel, 19/12/2001, 14:30. (Dispatch - 15 & 17/12/2001).
HAMILTON  NETTA. Mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and great-grandmother of (a) Muriel, Ron, Franco, Veronica, Marco, Chiara, Gavin, Lindsay, Michael and Andrew, (b) Cynthia, Piet, Jeanette, Michelle and Lauren, (c) Joyce & Harry and Shirley, Alan and Stewart, Amanda & Gregor, Edna, Rachel and Zoe. (THE STAR - 17/12/2001).
HEENAN  Pat (née LYLE). + 12/12/2001. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of (a) Robin & Anne, Tessa, Nikki and Paula, (b) Bray & Sally, Grant, Anthony & Joy and their child Bronwyn. Mother of Rigby. Sister of Pam & her husband Jack. Memorial Service: All Souls Anglican Church, Umhlali, 15:00, 18.12.2001. (MERCURY - 14 & 17/12/2001 & SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
IMMINK  JOAN (born McCubbin). + at home 11 December 2001. Daughters Jennifer and Sandra. (THE STAR - 17/12/2001).
KELYNACK  Retha. + 13/12/2001. Husband Philip, son Telfer, mother Alida, brother Jo, sister Lanie, spouses. Cremation: 18/12/2001, 12:00, Maitland Crematorium. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
KRIGER  Fredelyne. + 7 December 2001. Missed by Edgar, Linda and family. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
LANGEVELDT  Gerald. Daughter Magda, son-in-law Luigi, grandchildren Caterina and Roberto. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
LATEGAN  James William. + 12/12/2001, aged 59. Wife Frances, son James, daughter-in-law Charmaine and family. Service: A.M.E Church, cnr 5th Avenue and Lake Road, Grassy Park, Cape Town, 22 December 2001, 10:00, thence to Klipfontein Cemetery. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
LESSICK  CLAIRE. + 13 December 2001 (=28 Kislev). Husband Perry, children Jonathan, Ilan and Tamar (Tammy), daughter-in-law Revital, son-in-law Oved and grandchildren. Cousin of Suzanne and Michael Belling, Evan and Tarryn. Johannesburg cousin of Charlotte, Peter and family and Aunty Bessie. Sister of Sherry and Robbie Goldberg. (THE STAR - 15 & 17/12/2001).
Lyle  Pat - see: Heenan, Pat.
MAROON  Serita. + London, United Kingdom 04/12/2001, aged 94. Missed by Naomi, Peter, Colette, Hilary Bosman, Norma and Owen Pegram. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
McCubbin  Joan - see: Immink, Joan.
McIVER  ALASDAIR JAMES (MAD MAC). * 19/11/1955 + Marple, United Kingdom 7/12/2001. Sympathy to family and friends in the U.K. from Badgers Golf Club members Harry and all your mates in R.S.A. (MERCURY - 17/12/2001).
MORKEL  David William (Dave). + 12 December 2001. Wife, Leona. Father of Raymond, Louise, Byron, Aidan and Lisette. Nephew Stephen [whose father was David’s brother]. Twin sister Diane McOnie of Pretoria and another sister Dulcie Keet. Condolences from staff at Jacobsbaai Sea Products and from Directors and staff at Saldanha Group. David made an impression on West Coast Development. The heritage of environmental integrity will forever be appreciated and enjoyed by Gonnemanskraal residents
MULDER  Henry Kleu. + 12 December 2001. Husband, father, family man, friend and business colleague. Missed by staff and partners of Bruk Munkes and Co. Funeral: 15:00, 15 December 2001, Dutch Reformed Church, Stellenberg, Durbanville. (CAPE ARGUS - 14 & 17/12/2001).
MULLER  JAMES. + 14/12/2001. Brother of Connie. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
NASH  Ivy Nolan. + 15 December 2001. Late of Kennersley Park Old Age Home, Bonza Bay Road, Beacon Bay, East London. Aunt of (a) Jean, Dennis, Pam, Peter and family, (b) Joyce and Willie. Missed by Karen, Lance and the boys, Wimpie, Irene, Ilse-Marie and Jacques. Cremation Service: 20 December 2001, 14:00, St Nicholas Church, Pell Street, Beacon Bay. (Dispatch -17/12/2001).
PALMER  MARTHE. * 10/8/1917 + 14/12/2001, aged 84. Remembered by her children, family and friends. Memorial service: Esperanza Old Age Home, Donaldson Street, Strand, Somerset West, 18/12/2001, 09:30. Cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
PEKEUR  Catharina Maria Paulina (Katy). + 13 December 2001. Service: Methodist Church, Kraaifontein, 19 December 2001, 14:00, thence to Kraaifontein Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 17/12/2001).
PHILLIPS  William Henry (Willie). + at home 13/12/2001. Wife Sylvia, daughter Karen. Private Cremation and no memorial service will be held as was his wish. Missed by all Rotarians in District 9350 and Bellville Rotary Club. Remembered by the Directors and staff of Crew Electrical. (CAPE ARGUS - 14 & 17/12/2001).
PIETERSE  Luke. + 11 December 2001, aged 30. Son of Sidney and Cynthia, brother of Sidney and Roy. (CAPE ARGUS - 17/12/2001).
RADYN  Richard Samuel (Ricky). + 11 December 2001. Late of Parow. Wife Priscilla, children Nicole, Lee-Anne and Richard. Condolences from Management and Staff of Viking Motor Spares and Epping Motor Spares. Funeral service: Old Apostolic Church, Tallent Street, Parow, 18/12/2001, 11:30, then to Maitland Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 14 & 17/12/2001).
ROCK  GEORGE. Late of Parkhurst, Johannesburg. Friend of Len and Sarah. Funeral Service: Chapel, Fourways Memorial Park, Inchanga Road, Witkoppen, Randburg, 19 December 2001, 15:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 15 & 17/12/2001).
ROOS  ZACHARIAS (LOUIS). Husband of Norah, father of Heather, Patricia, Charmaine and Patrick and grandchildren. CREMATION SERVICE: St. Thereses Catholic Church, Edenvale, Gauteng Province, 19 December 2001, 10:00. (THE STAR - 17/12/2001).
RYNHOUD  Brian Michael. + 12 December 2001, aged 63. Wife Lorna, children Mark & Murial, Linda & Clinton, Cindy and grandchildren. Brother and uncle of Heather, brother-in-law Mike and niece Sharon. Brother-in law and uncle of Pam, Freddie, Stene and Jason. Service: St Margarets Anglican Church, Kommetjie Road, Fish Hoek, 14 December 2001, 14:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 13 & 14 & 17/12/2001).
SAWYER  Hilda. + 13/12/2001, aged 92. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of Yvonne, Eric and Andrew Thornton, Tracy, Bruce, Dylan and Nathan, Kimbrey, Karen and Shayne Edgar and Jacki. Funeral service: Garden Chapel, St Stephens Church, Pinelands, Cape Town, 20/12/2001, 15:30. (CAPE ARGUS - 17/12/2001).
SKIPAGE  Laurie. + Somerset West, Western Cape Province 13 December 2001. (MERCURY - 17/12/2001).
SWANEVELDER  EDNA MAY. + 13 December 2001. Mother and grandmother of ROGER, DES, PRIMA, SHARON and TATUM. (THE STAR - 17/12/2001).
TEIXEIRA  JOSE (ZECA). + 13 December 2001. Wife Connie, son Jose, daughter Anita and grandchildren. Sisters (a) Maria D’Oliveira, brother-in-law Agostino, Jonathan and Nicodemos, (b) Cecilia Aldera, brother-in-law Ugo, Daniela and Gianluca. Cousin of Fernanda and Abilio, Tony and Paul da Silva. Brother Elidio, sister-in-law Linda and children. Missed by his mother, nephew Ricardo, niece Tania and family. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
THORNE  Yvonne. A sister and sister-in-law remembered by all her family in SA and New Zealand. (CAPE ARGUS - 17/12/2001).
TIEDT  COLLEEN JOAN. + 12 December 2001. Late of Edenglen, Edenvale, Gauteng Province. Remembered by Ken, Hylton, Sharon and Peter. Funeral service: Thom Kight Funeral Chapel, 29 Solomon Street, Braamfontein West, 19 December 2001, 14:00. Interment at Westpark Cemetery. (THE STAR - 15 & 17/12/2001).
VAN WYK  Cherry. + 14-12-2001. Late of The Cabana, Quenera Lagoon Estate, East London. Wife of Piet, mother of Penny & Guy, Andy & Liezl, grandmother of Jason and Kyle. Cremation Service: St Mark's Anglican Church, Church Lane, Cambridge, East London, 19-12-01, 14:30. (Dispatch -17/12/2001).
VISSER  Louis. A life celebration held at Goodall & Williams Chapel, 11 Voortrekker Road, Bellville, 16/12/2001, 15:00. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
ABRAMSON  Mark. Consecration of tombstone: 23 December 2001, 11:30, Pinelands Number 2, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
ELLISON  HILDA. Unveiling of tombstone: West Park Cemetery, Johannesburg, 19 December 2001, 14:00, Grave no. I476. (THE STAR - 17/12/2001).
KAMIONSKY  Rose (KAMMY). Mother of Norman and Rael. Consecration of tombstone: 23 December 2001, 10:00, Pinelands No 1, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
KOTLOWITZ  Mary. Wife of the late Nathan, mother of Elana, Yael, Benji, David and Danny. Consecration of tombstone: 23 December 2001, 11:00, Pinelands No 2, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 17/12/2001).
WEINER  Ginger. Husband of Fay, father of Marianne, Lorraine and Alan, Consecration of tombstone: 23 December 2001, 12:00, Pinelands No 2, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 17/12/2001).
BLACK  DENISE. + 16.12.1997. Mother and grandmoter of (a) Michael, Donne, St John, Brittany, Kyle and Dylan, (b) Suzi, Peter, Daniel and Buggy. (THE STAR - 17/12/2001).
BUCKLEY  ROSS RAYMOND. * 02/06/1975 + 17/12/2000. Missed by parents, Bar and Cand. (PRETORIA NEWS - 17/12/2001).
DELANEY  ERROL JAMES (Jack). + 17/12/1995. Remembered by daughter, Pat and all the Luckins. (DAILY NEWS - 17/12/2001).
DELL  Eric. + 8 years ago. Husband and father of Dot, Sharon, Murray, Sandra and Alison. (DAILY NEWS - 17/12/2001).
GREEN  MAGGIE. + 17/12/2000. Missed as a mother. [Unidentified insert]. (DAILY NEWS - 17/12/2001).
HACK  DAVID. Shared 20 years of the lives of his parents, brother, sisters and all their families. (PRETORIA NEWS - 17/12/2001).
LAMECH  D.J. + 13 years ago today. Husband and father. Missed by wife Pamela, children Beverley, Desiree, Delreeves, family and friends. (DAILY NEWS - 17/12/2001).
LOUBSER  Robert. + 17.12.2000. Son and brother of his mother & uncle Gerald Short, his father and Elma, Kathleen, David, Paul and Allison. (DAILY NEWS - 17/12/2001).
MACHIN  BARRY NEILL. Remembered by his father and sister Debbie. (PRETORIA NEWS - 17/12/2001).
McGEE  RORY PATRICK. * 07/09/1978 + 17/12/1998. Remembered by Eddie, Caryll, Shayne & Eden. (DAILY NEWS - 17/12/2001).
MILLER  John. + 5 years ago. Missed by wife, sister, children and grandchildren. (MERCURY - 17/12/2001).
SADIE  JAMES (SIMON). + 15/12/1998. + 3 years ago. Missed by (a) son Greg and granddaughters Candice, Amy and Bianca, (b) granddaughter Julie, (c) daughter Marge, son-in-law Duncan and grandsons Gary and Dean, (d) daughter and grandchildren Dennise, Cheryl, Kim, Leigh-Ann, Natalie and Tamlyn. (THE STAR - 17/12/2001).
SNYDERS  JANNIE. + 2 years ago. Remembered by JSny. Russ, Luke, Sean & Brent. (THE STAR - 17/12/2001).
VASSAROTTI  DEON. Remembered by parents, Massimo and Viva. (THE STAR - 17/12/2001).
WYLDE  BRONWYN. * 15.05.1981 + 17.12.2000. Remembered by G.T. & Ju. (THE STAR - 17/12/2001).