Extracts from the Dispatch, a newspaper distributed in and around the district of East London, also towards the west in King Williams Town, northwards in Stutterheim, Queenstown, Aliwal North and eastwards in Butterworth, Umtata and the rest of the Transkei area in the Eastern Cape Province, have been added to the list below.
BLANKERTZ  Claudia Eugenie * 9 December 2001 to Kate and Mark. Sister to Lara. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
FARRELL  Katelyn Susan Joyce * Sandton Clinic 11 December 2001 to Sean and Susan. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
GROOM  Kieran James * Fort Collins, Colorado, United States of America 12 December 2001 to Anton and Melissa. Congratulations from their South African family. E-mail: anton.groom@ thinkmbs.com.(SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
HARRISON  Joel. * to Mark and Noleen. First local grandchild to Granny Flick. [Inserted by] the Huxtables in Melbourne, Australia and Shelvers in Gauteng, South Africa. (Dispatch - 15/12/2001).
HUTCHEON  James Conway. * Johannesburg 07/12/2001 to Leanne (née CONWAY) and Greg. Grandson of Keith Hutcheon and Carolyn. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
MERKEL  Natasha. * Morningside Clinic, Sandton 6 December 2001 to Toni and Robin. Sister to Jared and Tayla. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
MITCHELL  Thomas Christopher Douglas * Parklands Hospital, Essenwood, Durban 12.12.2001 to Christopher & Penelope (née Johnstone). Brother to Olivia. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
RUBINSTEIN  Daniella * Cape Medi Clinic, Cape Town 13 December 2001 to RYAN & SAMANTHA. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
SAUNDERS  (boy) * St. Dominic’s, East London 11/12/2001 to Samuel and Becki. Brother to Wickus. (Dispatch - 15/12/2001).
SHER  (girl) * Pretoria East hospital 31December 2001 to Barry and Adine (née Burman). Sister to David, Jonathan and Daniel. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
TITTON  Isabella * Westville hospital, Durban 30/11/2001 to Stefano and Mary. Sister to Claudia. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
WHYTE  Scott Fintan * Morningside Clinic, Sandton 7 December 2001 to Peta Lynn and Dermot. Brother for Ryan. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
BOHLING  Kelvin. 60th birthday today. [Inserted by] Marlene, Sheryl and Wayne, Melanie, Alec & Kaitlin, Rochelle, Glen, Damien & Kezra and Vanessa. (Dispatch - 15/12/2001).
DEVEREUX  Candice. 21st birthday. [Inserted by] Uncle Yusuf, Auntie Kamala and Renato. Also by Fazil, Sheldon, Suraya and Kieran. (Dispatch - 15/12/2001).
RIDGE  Jaclyn (Jax). 21st birthday. [Inserted by] his father, Penny, Alexanne, also by Maxine, the Thompson, Schroeder and Scott families. (Dispatch - 15/12/2001).
HORSFIELD  Kay and Gordon. 50th wedding anniversary. Children Beverley, Ian, Shaun, Ashleigh & Michael, Gail, Ian, Marc & Jade, Graeme and Samantha. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
KOCKOTT  Lew and Margaret. 50th Wedding Anniversary. [Inserted by] Mike, Patricia, Alan, Kathy, Sandy, Andy and grandchildren. (Dispatch - 15/12/2001).
KOONIN  Wayne and Caron. 5th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
NORTON  Roy and Dawn. 50th Wedding anniversary. Children (a) Kevin, Cherry and Luke (b) Delrae, Peter, Gregory and Justin (c) Lynda, Roger, Shelli and Roderick (d) Faye, Deon, Roxanne and Angela (e) Joy, Don, Bevan and Kirsty. (Dispatch - 15/12/2001).
O'BRIEN  SHEREEN & BOOBIE. Wedding anniversary today. Their child Alphonso and his bride Natasha were married Shereen & Boobie’s wedding day, but Alphonso has since died. (Dispatch - 15/12/2001).
AUSTIN  BERNARD ROBERT (Bunny). + 12 December 2001. Husband of Frances, father of Brian, Gavin, stepfather of Richard, Ian, Beth & Hazel. Memorial service: 17 December 2001, 12:00, Methodist Church, Jan Van Riebeeck Street, Wilkoppies, Klerksdorp. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
BARKLEY  JOHNATHON (JONOS). + 2001/12/12. Left a son. [Inserted by] Kurt of Kiddz Towing, with these words about Jonos: "Towing won’t be the same without you." (PRETORIA NEWS - 15/12/2001).
BESTER  Valerie. + on her birthday 13 December 2001. Mother, grandmother, sister, aunt. [Unidentified insert]. (PRETORIA NEWS - 15/12/2001).
BISPATH  RISHI. + 8 December 2001. Wife Geetha, children Shiksha & Neerupa. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
Bosch  Odette - see: Hague, Odette.
ENGELBRECHT  HENDRIK (Captain Hennie). + 12 December 2001. Sympathy to the Engelbrecht family from management, air crew, operations staff and colleagues at: British Airways Comair. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
FREEDMAN  BARNEY. + 13 December 2001. Wife Maureen. Father and grandfather of Marlene, Norman, Shaun, Richard and Tamylin Farquhar. Brother and uncle of Frummie Joffie, Louis and Carol and family, Julian and Brenda and family (USA), Roy and Miriam and family (Sydney, Australia). (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
HAGUE  ODETTE (née Bosch), formerly Von Aulock. * 24.07.1960 + 13 December 2001. Late of Edenvale, dist Germiston, Gauteng Province. Husband Mike. Sisters Kimi and Natascha, brother Joe, parents Gary and Veronica. Cremation service: Baptist Church, 92 Voortrekker Street, Edenvale, 18 December 2001, 10:00. (THE STAR - 14 & 15/12/2001).
HARGRAVE  Muriel. + at her home in England, United Kingdom 10 December 2001. Missed by Glynnis, Reg, Regan, Bruce and Kirsty. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
HOWES  Ernie. Only son of Marjorie in Stockholm, Sweden. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
JACKSON  BRUCE ASHLEY DAVID. * 21/03/1958 + 11/12/2001. Wife Colleen, children Grant, Craig and Jason. Memorial service: 18 December 2001, 12:00, Fourways Memorial Park, Randburg. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
JONES  Rhys. + 14 December 2001. Wife Allison, brother of Townley and Olwen, brother-in-law of Tiny and Neville. Cremated. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
LOCKYER  Ian. + 13/12/2001. Wife Dot, father of Sharon, son-in-law Mick, grandfather of Andrea and Gemma. Funeral Service: St. Michaels Anglican Church, Cnr Marine Drive and Durban View Road, Umhlanga Rocks, North Coast, KwaZulu-Natal, 18/12/2001, 10:00. (DAILY NEWS - 14/12/2001 & SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
MacPHAIL  David. + Nanoose Bay, Canada 13 December 2001. Missed by his South African family, Bella, Betty and Patrick. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
Mitchell  Joan Esme - see: Turner, Joan Esme.
OUSTIN  ARTHUR. + 13 December 2001. Sympathy to Francis from Lionel, Val and family.(THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
PHILOGENE  Andriana Johanna (Molly). Widow of the late Arnold, mother of John, Michael, Robert (Rob) and David, grandmother of Brigitte, Matthew, Rachel Daniel, Emma, Luke, Bianca, Paige and Dannica, sister of Eileen and Aubrey, sister-in-law of Mary and Kay and mother-in-law of Debbie, Vivienne, Sheila and Gail. Funeral: Old Field Chapel, 29 Perseverance Road, Bellair, 18 December 2001, 12:00, thence to Stellawood Cemetery. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
RUBIN  BARNEY. + 11 December 2001. Missed by brother-in-law Johnny and sister-in-law Sylvia. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
RUSSELL  Peter Anthony. + 10 December 2001. Father and grandfather of (a) Gwendolen, son-in-law Regardt, granddaughter Inga, (b) Matthew, daughter-in-law Jennifer, grandchildren Leon and Shaylin in Australia. Son of Gwen, brother to Nick and John (Coventry, England). Memorial service: 14/12/2001, 14:00, Doves Chapel, Roodepoort. (THE STAR - 13 & 14 & 15/12/2001).
SACKHEIM  IVAN. + 12 December 2001. Brother of Esme Massel, uncle of Georgina, Leon, Tamay & Clinton Massel. Mourned by all at Remax Masters. Prayers: 16 December - 20 December 2001, 18:15, 109 Dukes Court, Killarney Avenue, Killarney, Johannesburg. Mourned by The Chief Rabbi, President, Chairman, Executive and Staff of the Union of Orthodox Synagogues and the Federation of Synagogues Woman’s Guild. Ivan was an Honorary Life President and had a passion for the advancement of Torah Judaism. (THE STAR - 14 & 15/12/2001).
SCHMIDT  DIETER. + 13/12/2001. Father of Lara and Didi. Memorial Service: 18/12/2001, 15:00, St Peters By The Lake Lutheran Church. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
SEWELL  George Anthony (Twincarbs). Late of 17 Alm Avenue, Wentworth, Durban, a husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather and brother. Funeral service: 17.12.2001, Grace Tabernacle, Amoora Road, Austerville, 14:30 - 15:00, then to the Mobeni Heights Crematorium. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
SHIRD  Walter Fryatt. Late from 43 Ocean Way, Gonubie, East London. Memorial service: 18:12:2001, 10:00, Berea Baptist Church, Greenwood Street, Berea, East London. (Daily Dispatch - 15/12/2001).
SMITH  Christopher John Brouitt (Chris). + 12 December 2001. Missed by staff at Elephant & Castle. Remembered by [wife?] Lynn, son David. Brother, brother-in-law and uncle of Priscilla, Vere, Mark, Paula, Sandra and Butch. Mourned as ‘still a legend in New Zealand’ by fiends Ann and Russell MCCullough and all Chris’ NZ friends. Memorial Service: St Thomas Church, Musgrave Road, 15.12.2001, 09:00, cremation. (MERCURY - 14/12/2001 & SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
STROEBEL  Jean Isabel. + 14-12-2001. In lewe van Hague Court. Kinders Georg & Gaynor, Jeanette & Royden, Rene & Mike, Ouma van Jeanne en Garfield. Begrafnisdiens: Quigney Baptiste Kerk, Tennysonstraat, Oos-Londen, 15-12-2001, 11:30. (Dispatch - 15/12/2001).
SWANEVELDER  EDNA MAY. + 13 December 2001. Mother and grandmother of ROGER, DES, PRIMA, SHARON and TATUM. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
TALJAARD  Mary Leah. + 14/12/2001. Mother of Jane, Anne and Steven, and a grandmother. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
TELFORD  Kenneth John. Late of Albemarle, Germiston, Gauteng Province. Cremation service: Alberton Methodist Church, Heidelberg Road, Alberton, 18 December 2001, 11:00. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
THOMAS  DULCIE. Remembered by Aubrey and Rita. (CAPE ARGUS - 14/12/2001).
TURNER  Joan Esme (née Mitchell). + Harare, Zimbabwe 06:12:2001. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of (a) Lynette, Lochran and Leath, (b)Anthony, Brendan, Gavin and baby Duncan, (c)Gay, Gil, Daryl and Brett. [Inserted by] Gaynor: (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
Von Aulock  Odette - see: Hague, Odette.
WELLS  Arthur Robert. + 13 December 2001. Husband of Elsie, brother of David and John, brother-in-law to Iris, Eric, Rene and Joyce. Funeral service: 18:12:2001, 10:00, East Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban. Cremation.(SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
XENOPOULOS  IRMA. + 13 December 2001. A daughter, sister, mother and wife. Husband Taki, step-mother of Dario, Ilya, Ricky and Calia Afeltra. Sister-in-law of Elpida, Loula, Afrodite and Charles. Condolences to our Executive Chairman Taki, from the Managing Director, Directors and staff of Fontana Holdings, Managers and staff of Fontana Spar & Fontana Kwikspar, and from Sela Brokers management and staff. Funeral: 15 December 2001, 11:00, Andrew Murray Dutch Reform Church, 17a Oaklands Road, Orchards, Johannesburg.(THE STAR - 14 & 15/12/2001)
Zulik  Zelda - see: Rolbein, Zelda.
BARNES  Joseph & Gladys. + 26 years ago. Remembered by Lionel, May and family. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
BLACK  DENISE. + 16.12.1997. Mother and grandmother of Suzi, Peter, Daniel and Buggy, of son Michael, Donne, St John, Brittany, Kyle and Dylan. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
Brewis  Louise Cecile - see: Ellis, louise Cecile.
ELLIS  Louise Cecile (née Brewis). + 13 December 1996. Missed by Herby, husband of 59 years, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001)
FERNANDES  SHAUN MICHAEL Remembered by his parents, Andrew and Sarah, his uncle John, Aunty Iva, Neill & Janine, and by two of his grandparents. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
HINDMAN  Jimmy. + 6 years ago. Remembered by Nancy, Lyn, Jenny and Gary. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
KALLIAN  ROSY. + one year AGO. Husband John Kallian, son and sons-in-law: Lincoln (New Zealand), Edwin, Desmond, daughters and daughter-in-law: Laura, Irene, Cathryn, grandchildren: Audrey, Rowen, Stanton, Kaythan, Leesle, Tyler, Jade and Joash. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
LOUBSER  Robert. + 17.12.2000 as a son and a brother. [Inserted by] his mother, uncle Gerald Short, by his father and Elma, Kathleen, David, Paul and Allison. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
NICK  DOROTHY. + 34 years ago. Children Paul, Roslyn, Jack and their families. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
ORLANDI  Peter. + 20/12/1997. Remembered by his parents and Marco. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
PAVITT  Adolphe & Yenthie. + (both) 25 years ago. [Inserted by] their children. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
READ  Colin & Joan. Remembered by their son Vivian. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
SADIE  JAMES (Simon). + 15 DECEMBER 1998. Father and grandfather remembered by son Greg and granddaughters Candice, Amy and Bianca, by daughter Marge, son-in-law Duncan and grandsons Gary and Dean, by Dennise, Cheryl, Kim, Leigh-Ann, Natalie and Tamlyn, by Stuart, Celeste, Monique, Melissa and Kyle, and by granddaughter Julie. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
SCOTT  ARCHIE. + 15/12/1999. Father and grandfather of Christine, Laki, Andrew, Gina, Lisa and Lance. (THE STAR - 15/12/2001).
SILK  NEVILLE. Remembered by Janice and Cameron. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
SMIT  TESSY. + 16 December 1994. Remembered by children and grandchildren. (PRETORIA NEWS - 15/12/2001).
SWART  Peter. + one year ago today. Missed by Mitch, Mandy, Dion, Joan, Frank, Lorraine, Christo, Doreen, Ronnie, Mike, Caroline, Tracey, Courtney, Nelly and family, Mona and family. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).
WILSON  Roy (Winks). [Inserted by] the Wilson family. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 16/12/2001).