ASHBY  (boy) * to Russell & Melanie. Brother for Alex and grandson for Stewart, Eloisa, Dorothy, James, Jeanette and the late John. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
FITCHET  Kylah * McCord Hospital, Musgrave, Durban 10-12-01 to TREVOR and VIVIAN (née DALTON). (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
GABRIEL  Katerina * 7 December 2001 to George and Teresa. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
GIRONI  GIANLUCA * 10/12/2001 to Stella & Cino. (CAPE ARGUS - 12/12/2001).
KROLL  (boy) * London, United Kingdom to Debra. Grandson of Solly & Shirley, nephew to David. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
LEE  (girl) * Fort Lauderdale, United States of America 10 December 2001 to Kimberly (née STEVENS) & Darrin, a granddaughter to Anne-Marie and Paul. E-MAIL: (CAPE TIMES - 12/12/2001).
LIGHTFOOT  Catlyn Emma * Vincent Palotti Hospital, Mowbray, Cape Town 7 December 2001 to John and Debra (née Hastie). (CAPE ARGUS - 12/12/2001).
MACPHERSON  Daniel William * Westville hospital, Durban to Mark and Renee. Brother to Luke. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
McINTOSH  Victoria Jane * Parklands Hospital, Essenwood, Durban 11.12.2001, second child to Ken & Amanda (née MAUD). (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
REZNIK  (girl) * Parklane Clinic, Johannesburg 10 December 2001 to Judi (née AITKEN) and Anthony. Sister to Micaela, no. 6 for granny and Zaida, Lorraine and Maish and no. 2 for Grandma Ann. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
STRICKLAND  Michaela Sophie * 08/12/2001 to Mark and Tessa (née FORTUNE). (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
ARENDSE  SAMANTHA-LEE. 21 TODAY. [Inserted by] Trevor, Anthia, Brett & Donne. (CAPE TIMES - 12/12/2001).
DUMAS  Annette and James. Emerald Anniversary on 13/12/2001. (CAPE ARGUS - 12/12/2001).
SUBRAYAN  SUMESHINI {Dr}, on qualifying. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
ADAMS  Arend (Attie). + 06/12/2001. Remembered by wife, children and grandchildren. Service: 15/12/2001, St. Barnabas Church, Heidelberg, Western Cape Province, 09:30. (CAPE ARGUS - 12/12/2001).
AULT  LAWRENCE STEPHEN. + 10 December 2001, late of Blackheath. Was a son and a brother of Hester, Charlotte and Chris. Service: Chapel Fourways Memorial Park, 137 Inchanga Road, Witkoppen, 13/12/2001, 12:30, cremation. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
BAIN  Kenneth Herbert (Ken / Toddie). + Durban 08/12/2001. Wife Connie, children Peter, Lyn, Denise. Funeral: 12/12/2001, 11:00, Trinity Methodist Church, La Lucia, Durban. (CAPE ARGUS & THE STAR - 11 & 12/12/2001).
BAKER  Audrey (née HUSKISSON). + 10/12/2001. Widow of the late Ted Baker. [Immediate family:] Barbara, Louise and Stephen, Bob and Amy. Funeral service: 13 December 2001, 14:30, St. Martins Anglican Church, Childrens Way, Bergvliet, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 12/12/2001).
BALL  MARGARET FLORENCE (née McCARTNEY). + at home 9 December 2001, aged 89, late of Rouxville. Children Michael, David, Kenneth, Verity, Quintin, Jonathan &Terence. Daughter-in-law, son and granddaughter Sal, Quin & Jen. Mother-in-law and grandmother of Terrence, Gail, Tracy and Samantha. Mother of David & Patti, Greg & Michele, Natalie & Byron, Debbie & Arturo. Sister of Jean and aunt of Rene and Wendy. Requien Mass: Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Wayside, cnr St Marys Road and Hathorn Avenue, Maryvale, 13 December 2001, 10:00, cremation.(THE STAR - 11& 12/12/2001).
BARLOW  DIANA . + 9/12/2001. Daughter NICOLE, granddaughter KELSIE. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
BAX  Simon. + 10 December 2001. Brother Geoff, sister-in-law Elizabeth. (CAPE TIMES - 12/12/2001).
BERLOWITZ  SOLLY. + 10 December 2001. Sympathy to Belle, Isa & Myra Szewach. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
BERRY  EVELYN DORA (Eve). Cremation service: All St Robertsham Anglican Church, Frimley Road, Robertsham, Johannesburg, 15:00, 13 December 2001. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
BINEDELL  Derek John. + 7/12/2001. Uncle of Jacqueline and Stephen, brother-in-law of Jenny. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
BLOND  CELESTE. + 9/12/2001. Mother of Stacy, Mandy, Craig and Mark, wife to Keith. Condolences from Management and Staff of Impson Freight (Pty) Ltd. Memorial Service: Church of the Good Shepherd, 37 McKeurtan Road, Durban North, 13 December 2001, 14:00. (DAILY NEWS - 11 & 12/12/2001).
BRENNAN  BARRY. + 09 December 2001. Late of Randpark Ridge, Randburg. Missed by Liz, Megan, Gillian, Sally and Michael, Duncan, Alex and Mandy, Ryan and Jared. Service: Catholic Church Of St John, corner Northumberland and Olivienhout Avenue, Northriding, Randburg, 13 December 2001, 10:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 11 & 12/12/2001).
CARR  MARY (MAGDA). + 9/12/2001. Remembered by children and grandchildren, especially Alfred. Aunt to Andre & Gladys (and daughters), Sarah and family and Billy. (CAPE ARGUS - 12/12/2001).
CARRICK  George. + 8 December 2001. Husband and father of Joan, Neil and Glenn. Friend of Ingrid. Colleague of management and staff of Lusitania. Service: 14/12/2001, 17:00, Milnerton Methodist Church, Cape Town. Cremation.(CAPE ARGUS - 11 & 12/12/2001).
Cerfontein  Faith - see: November, Faith.
CHILDS  Doreen. + 8 December 2001, aged 81. Husband George, children and grandchildren. Memorial service: Protea Old Aged Home, Alice Street, Goodwood, Cape Town, 13 December 2001, 10:30, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 12/12/2001).
COOTE  William Ronald (RON). + 9.12.2001. Wife Marene, children Russell & Robyn, Leanne & Herman, Debbie & Renoir, grandchildren Bronwyn & Matthew, Andrew, Christopher & Tammy, Louise and Jenna. Memorial Service: St Lukes Congregational Church, Roger Plain, Glenashley, 10:00, 15 December 2001. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
CRICHTON  Joyce Naomi, late of Malanshof, Randburg. Memorial service: Chapel Fourways Memorial Park, Inchanga Road, Witkoppen, 18/12/2001, 15:00. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
Dickson  Michele - see: Trollip, Michele.
DOBBIN  IANTHE. + 9/12/2001, aged 68. Mourned by children and family. Memorial service: 14/12/2001, St Phillips Anglican Church, Sir Lowrys Pass Road, Gordon’s Bay, 15:00, cremation. (SAILY NEWS & THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
DUYVER  Elizabeth Margaretta, late of San Sereno Old Age Home. Memorial service: Doves Garden Chapel, Fourways Memorial Park, 14/12/2001, 15:00, interment of her ashes at The Fourways Memorial Park. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
EDWARDS  ROBERT MICHAEL (Rob). * 15/11/1946 + 08/12/2001. Wife Yvette. A father and grandfather. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
FREDSON  RAMDIN BRIJMOHAN (FREDSON). + 11.12.2001. Funeral Service: Church of the Nazarene, 1/3 Clear Grove, Grandmore Corner, Unit 17, interment at Redhill Cemetery, 12:30, 12.12.2001 by Reverend Titus Joseph. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
Gainsford  Patricia Zilpah - see: Polley, Patricia Zilpah.
GALELA  Lungiswa Prudence. + 30/11/2001. Remembered by Nkosi, Jenny, Sikhunjulwe and Nompiliso. Funeral: 15/12/2001. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 12/12/2001).
GILIO  Caterina M (Rina) (née Giraudo). * 02/6/1935 + 07/12/2001. Wife for 37 years of Domenico, sister of Eraldo, sister-in-law of Cynthia, aunt to Enrico and Antonio Giraudo, aunt to Ugo, Vanda and Pia Surian, aunt to Anna, Isa, Italia and Antonietta Gilio. Condolences from friends Silvano, Rosalaura, Nives, Ivea and Rhenzo (ex-Felixton). Requiem Mass: Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 210 Musgrave Road, Durban, 13-12-2001, 11:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 10, 11 & 12/12/2001).
Giraudo  Caterina - see: Gilio, Caterina.
GOVENDER  Sathasivan (Boysie). Memorial Service: 11/12/2001, 16:00 to 19:00 at his late residence: 30 Roland Chapman Drive, Montclair, Durban. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
HELPS  VALDA AILEEN. + 11/12/2001. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of Daryl and Francis, Lynette and Rick, Nico and Sandra and families. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
HILES  CINDY. + Brisbane, Australia 10 December 2001. Wife of Anthony, mother of Liza, Sharon and Gary. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
HOWES  ERNEST VERNON. Remembered by Devabri, Anthon, family and friends ‘you made here in the North’. (MERCURY - 12/12/2001).
HURLY  MARIA ALETTA (Ria). + 9/12/2001. Wife, mother and grandmother of Stan, Brenda, Sean, Brian, Janice, Ross, Ailsa and Blake. Memorial service: Selcourt Methodist Church, Granada Road (Opposite Springs Boys High), Springs, 18 December 2001, 11:00. (THE STAR - 11 & 12/12/2001).
Huskisson  Audrey - see: Baker, Audrey.
ISAACS  Sophia Christina. * 29/06/1932 + 09/12/2001. A mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. (CAPE TIMES - 12/12/2001).
JACKSON  MALCOLM. * 14/08/1929 + 06/12/2001. Husband of 50 years of Myra. Children Lynette, Malcolm and Anita, sons-in-law Richard and Robin, daughter-in-law Rina. Granddaughter Sheri-Lee Greenway, grandson Warren Greenway, granddaughters Jaime and Nati Lipsky. (THE STAR - 11 & 12/12/2001).
JOHANNSEN  Charlotte Magdalene/Elizabeth (née SMITH). + 9 December 2001, aged 75. Brother Aubrey. Remembered by Debbie, David and children. Funeral service: 13 December 2001, New Apostolic Church, Maitland Congregation, Station Road, Maitland, 13:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 11& 12/12/2001).
JOLLIFFE  Desmond William (Dessie). + 8/12/2001. Late of Ruyterwacht, Cape Town. Wife Grace, children Trisha & Jamie-lee. Parents Dennis and Hazel. Sister Glenda and her family, Fanie, Denvin, Maggie, Chantelle, Christophor and Thomas. Brother Dennis and his family Estelle, Candice and Kelvin. Brother Michael and his family, Beverley, Leigh-Ann and Grant. Brother Graham and his family Sonny, Cecilia, George and Lydia. Uncle Edward, Aunty Maizie, cousins Paul, Dawn, Leiza and Shereen. Funeral service: Roman Catholic Church, Anderson Street, Goodwood, 13/12/2001, 11:00, thence to Maitland Cemetery Ext 1. (CAPE ARGUS - 11 & 12/12/2001).
KOTZE  Theunis Johannes. + 10/12/2001, voorheen van 3 Trevanian, Umbilo Weg 644, Umbilo. Wife Irene, daughter Amanda, son-in-law Rian, grandson Kei. Broer en swaer van Ria en Kenny. Uncle of Leslie in England. Uncle of Renee and her family Jasper and Amber. Begrafnisdiens: Nederduitsch Hervormide Kerk, Jamesonsingel, Umbilo, 12 Desember 2001, 14:00, daarna na die Stellawoodse Begraafplass. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
LANGEVELDT  Gerald. + 10 December 2001. Wife Lena, sons Edmund and Melvyn, daughters Magda, Denise and Judy. Son Edmund, daughter-in-law Patsy and grandsons Regan and Clint. Funeral Arrangements: 09:00, 15/12/01, St. Patricks Chapel, Crawford Road, Crawford. Memorial Service: 19:30, 13/12/01, St. Patricks Chapel. Cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 11 & 12/12/2001).
LOTZ  Thelma Merle. + Canada 08/12/2001. Mother of Antonie, Sharon, Brandon and Michael. Memorial Service: 13/12/2001, 17:00, Bluff Methodist Church, Durban. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
LOUISE  Marie Rolande. Aunt of Marlene and Felicie and nieces and nephews. Requiem Mass: St. Josephs Catholic Church, Florida Road, 14 December 2001, 09:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
MARKS  Arthur Charles Thomas. + 8/12/2001, aged 76. Late of Goodwood. Wife Ellen, children and grandchildren. Memorial service: day 13/12/2001 at 2 pm at the St. Albans Anglican Church, Alice Street, Goodwood. CremationPrivate. ArrangementsPeninsula FuneralsBellvillePh 948 9490 (CAPE ARGUS - 12/12/2001).
MARTIN  Christy. + 8 December 2001. Wife Daphne, children and grandchildren. Service: Church in Westridge, Syringa Road, Westridge, 15 December 2001, 08:30. (CAPE ARGUS - 12/12/2001).
MARTIN  Ethel Elizabeth. + 8 December 2001, aged 94. Son Mike, his wife Carol and children. Daughter Mercia, son-in-law Peter. Grandmother of Neville & Gloria, grandmother of Jenny, her husband Cliffie and their children Samantha and Clinton, grandmother of Theresa, her husband Gavin and their children Kirsten and Lucinda, grandmother of Karl, his wife Beverley, their children Bevan and Nicole. Service: New Apostolic Church, Belthorne, 11:00, 13 December 2001. Cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 11/12/2001).(CAPE ARGUS - 12/12/2001).
MASON  Charles William. * 13/10/1959 + Bacson Farm 8/12/2001. late of Gordons Bay. Missed by Neil. Son of Dee. Brother-in-law of Peter and his family, Jorika, Sabian, Tiara and Peter, brother-in-law of Gavin and Jeff. Condolences from Management and Staff at Viking Fishing Company. Colleague of all at LHM. Condolences from the WPHS Dressage Committee. Sympathy to Neil, Lisa, George & Sylvia. Memorial service: New Apostolic Church, De Villiers Road, Durbanville, 13/12/2001, 15:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 11/12/2001).
McCartney  Margaret Florence - see: Ball, Margaret Florence.
McKEONE  Doris. + 11/12/2001. Daughter Lee. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
MENKIN  JENNIE. My dearest friendpassed away sosuddenly on 27November 2001.Deeply mourned andsadly missed. Shirley. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
MERAND  MABEL ANN (née Smith). + 10 December 2001. Husband Verdun, brother Harold and sister-in-law Gwen. An aunt remembered by Linda and her family Stan, Denise and Robert, also by cousins Chris Little and Lesley Watling. Funeral service: St Oswalds Anglican Church, Milnerton, 13 December 2001, 11:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 12/12/2001).
MOODLEY  GONAM (DOLLY). Wife of G N Moodley of the Gem Takeaway, Isipingo Beach. (Veena G.M.). Daughter of the late Mr & Mrs Santhanum Moodley, daughter-in-law of the late Mr & Mrs Nadas Moodley of Seaview. Mother of Poppet (Natal Technikon), Bob & Paran (Coconut Grove, Blue Lagoon), Chooky & Dave (Elite Breeding Farm) and Manu & the late Rama Moodley (Port.Elizabeth). Grandmother of Che, Zubin, Sudhir, Hegan, Javanika, Bhivianka, Simmi, Deveena, Trishan, Parmesh (Pari) & Dinesh, Sugania, Thanesh and Travania. Sister of Mr S.M. Moodley (Sam), Mr S.A. Moodley (Peerless Insurance), Mrs MG Moodley (Saras) and the late Mr A.S. Moodley (Bobby), Mrs S.G. Mooliar (City Metal) and Mrs K.M. Moodley (Baby). Cremation service: Clare Estate Crematorium Hall, 11/12/2001, cremation at 17:00. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
MPUNGOSE  RICHARD ZWELAKE. + 8 December 2001. Late of 34 Dereham Drive, Mulbarton, Johannesburg. Condolences to Rachel, Linda, Nokukhanya from Principal, Staff and children of Emmarentia Primary School, Johannesburg. Funeral: 13 December 2001, St. Pauls Combined Church, Mulbarton (behind Mulbarton Hospital), 10:00, proceeding to Kromdraai Cemetery. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
MUDIE  Mary. + at her home in San Francisco. Missed by Peter, Gill and her nieces Clementine and Victoria. (CAPE ARGUS - 12/12/2001).
MULLER  Jacob. + 5 November 2001. Remembered by Aunty Florrie, Mark, Michael, Andre, Jasmiena, Shane and Doomie. Funeral: Anglican Church, Garden Village, 10:00, 13 December 2001. [Inserted by] Mark, Gail & Keagan. (CAPE ARGUS - 12/12/2001).
NAIDOO  MAC S.A.C.D., late of 115 Roseheights Road, Arena Park, Chatsworth, father of Sharmine, Tinny and Levy. Funeral Service: at his late residence, 13/12/2001, btween 10:00 and 13:00, thereafter proceeding to the Mobeni Heights Crematorium at 14:00. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
NAIDOO  SHUNMOOGAN. Late of 2 Petunia Street, Stanger Manor, Stanger. Retired Principle, Stanger ML Sultan Secondary School, husband of Tilly, father of Yanam, Kogie (staff Stanger Manor High) and the late Prakash, father-in-law of Victor (Staff FNB in Howick) and Parmas (Staff Regina Primary School, Pietermaritzburg), grandfather of Reshentha, Avani, Seshni, Omentha and Noveshan. Cremation Service: 12/12/2001, Stanger Siva Sungum Hall, 12:30 thereafter proceeding to the Clare Estate Crematorium, Durban. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
NAUDE  Nannie, late of Harmoniehof Old Age Home, Sunnyside, Pretoria. Cremation service: Reformed Church, Pretoria South, c/o Kotze & Celliers Streets, Sunnyside, Pretoria, 12/12/2001, 10:00. (PRETORIA NEWS - 12/12/2001).
NOVEMBER  Faith (née Cerfontein). + 9 December 2001. Children, Faye, Fabian, Lucinda, Junior, grandson Keenan, mother Florina, sisters and brothers Delia, Cheryl, Deon, Basil, Juanita and Joseph. Funeral: starting at 08:00, 28 Cello Street, Belhar, then to St Johns and Paul Catholic Church, Willow Way, Belhar, 10:00, 15 December 2001, thence to Maitland Cemetary Gate 5. (CAPE TIMES - 12/12/2001).
OHLSON  Doris. + 9/12/2001, aged 73. Remembered by the Ladies of the Farm Recreation Over 50s Club. Funeral service: 12 December 2001, 14:30, New Apostolic Church, cor Eisleben and Merrydale Road, Rocklands, Cape Town thence to gate 1 Maitland. (CAPE ARGUS - 11 & 12/12/2001).
OWEN  Bern, late of Pinetown Nursing Home. [Immediate] family: Carolyn, Peter, Harley, Warren and Candyce. Memorial Service: Church Of The Good Shepherd, McKeurtan Avenue, Durban North, 12 December 2001, 15:00. (MERCURY - 12/12/2001).
PARKER  Agnes. + 10:12:2001, aged 86. Mother, mother-in-law and grandmother of Andrew, Lilias, Donna, Jenny and Iain. Mother and grandmother of Howard, June, Tanya, Stuart and Marc. (MERCURY - 11 & 12/12/2001).
PASCOE  John Richard. + 10 December 2001. Wife Fiona, children Carolyne, Richard, Heather and Colin, grandchildren Jemma and Roxanne. Funeral Service: St Michaels Anglican Church, cnr Marine Drive and Durban View Road, Umhlanga Rocks, 10:30, 14.12.2001. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
POLLEY  Pat (née GAINSFORD). + 7 December 2001. Missed by Cecil, Brian, Wesna and Marzanne. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 11/12/2001). POLLEY
ROGERS  Gloria. + 10 December 2001. Wife and mother of Jerry, Simon amd Tamsyn. Sympathy to Jerry from the Intermarket Corporation, and from the Directors and Staff of Resnekov and Nielsen. Funeral: St Peters Church, Hout Bay, 10:00, 15 December 2001. (CAPE ARGUS - 12/12/2001).
SALGADO  ALLAN JOHN. + 8 December 2001. Fiance of Lorraine. Funeral Service: 12 December 2001, Christ Church Pinetown, Cnr of Kings and Miller Road, between 14:00 and 15:00. Cremation. (MERCURY - 12/12/2001).
Smith  Charlotte Elizabeth - see: Johannsen, Charlotte Magdalene/Elizabeth.
Smith  Mabel Ann - see: Merand, Mabel Ann.
SNIPPER  DAVID. + Israel 7 December 2001. Mourned by his sister Norma, Simmy and Leon. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
SOLOMONS  CYNTHIA. + 7/12/2001. Mother of Colleen (Col) & Jeff, Julius & Dianne, grandmother of Ross, Jodi & Steven, Kelly & Bruce, Julius, Di, David, Mark and Terena. Funeral Service: Doves South Chapel
TOSEN  Arthur. + 10 December 2001, aged 56. Wife Elsa, children and a grandchild. Memorial service: 14 December 2001, 14:00, Brackenfell West Dutch Reformed Church, cnr of Janie and Ferndale Streets, Brackenfell, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 12/12/2001).
TROLLIP  MICHELE (née DICKSON). + 7 December 2001. Husband Keith, son Kelvin, parents Andy and Mary-Anne Dickson. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).(THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
VAN HATTUM  Petrus Henricus Alphonsus. + 9 December 2001. Late of 43 Neeron Road, Blairgowrie, Randburg. Condolences to Leni, Denise, Oscar and the family from the MANAGEMENT AND STAFF of COUPON CLEARING BUREAU. Cremation service: Doves Garden Chapel, Fourways Memorial Park, 13/12/2001, 10:00 prior to a private cremation at the Fourways crematorium. (THE STAR - 11 & 12/12/2001).
VAN HOUT  FRANCOIS (Swa/ Bompa). Late of Pretoria. Uncle of Francois Shreurs, Alwin, Theo, Christine, Ricco, Inge and Stefanie in BELGIUM. Remembered by Tanya and Atlanta, also by his brother Jean, sister-in-law Caroline, nephews Ivo and Guido, their wives Annemie and Annemie, great-nephews Stefan, Werner and Jorris, and great-niece Anne in BELGIUM. Cremation service: Sungardens Hospice Chapel, Twig Street, cnr Genl. Louis Botha & Lynnwood Road, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria, 15/12/2001, 10:00. Cremation. (PRETORIA NEWS - 11 & 12/12/2001).
WARREN  Cleave, late of 5 Elloria Flats, 20 Ross Street, Amanzimtoti, son of Clifford and Lesley, brother of Clint, grandson of Norma and Connie. Funeral Service: East Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, 13 December 2001, 14:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
WILBY  Arthur. + 10/12/2001. Children Frances, Claire, Mark, Noelle. (CAPE TIMES - 12/12/2001).
WILLEMSE  DOUW. + 10 December 2001. Condolences to Dannie, Thea and family from staff at T & W Tyre Services and the Bekker Family. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
ALLEN  GLADYS. Remembered by Joan, Brian, Lisa, Kerry, Rod, Grant. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
ARNEIL  JIMMY. + 12.12.1996. Husband and father of Jean, Wayne and Lee. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
BLOCH  MICHAEL. + 12/12/1998. Husband, father and grandfather of wife Judy, children Rowleen and Allan, Melanie and Roy & grandchildren. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
BRIZEE  ANELEEN. Missed by Jamy, family and friends and by friend Irene. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
BUCKLAND  LEONARD EDGAR. + 11 December 1997. Wife Molly. (PRETORIA NEWS - 12/12/2001).
CAULFIELD  Chad. Son and brother of Mom, Dad and Scott (Sydney Australia). (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
DAUBNEY  Marlene. Remembered as wife, mother and daughter. [Unidentified insert.] (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 12/12/2001).
GOUNARIS  Christos. * 12/03/1925 + 12/12/1991. Wife Athina, sons Dimitri and Nico, grandchildren Kathryn, Mandy and Stephen and sister Voula (Greece). (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
JONES  Victor. + 12.12.1999. Father of son Des. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
LEWIS  GREG (Greggie). + 5 years ago. Son and brother of Mom, Dad, Caryn and Warren. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
MOSELEY  PAMELA. A granddaughter who died tragically. [Inserted by her] family. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
MOSIAPOA  John Seole. + 12 December 2000. Wife Joyce, children and grandchildren. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 12/12/2001).
NOBLE  Olga Theresa. + One year today. Her family: Brian, Maureen, Craig and Dale. (MERCURY - 12/12/2001).
PRETORIUS  Johnny. + 11 December 2000. Wife Ruth. (MERCURY - 12/12/2001).
TALJAARD  Hans (Joe). + eight years ago. Missed by Jean. (DAILY NEWS - 12/12/2001).
TAYLOR  CLINT EDWIN. * 24/4/1972 + 12/12/1997. Remembered by Dad, Mom, Gill, Kim, Ozzi, Chanel, Nicole and Cody. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).
WOODBURN  TREVOR (Trev). * 10/12/1969 + 13/12/1992. Son and brother of Woody, Leila and Colin. (THE STAR - 12/12/2001).