BMDs 9 - 13 December/Desember 2002
ALCOCK  Connor * St George’s hospital, Port Elizabeth 5 December 2002 to Iain and Lynda. Brother for Michele. (Herald - 10/12/2002)
BOWERS  Jadyn Daniel * Greenacres hospital, Port Elizabeth 07/12/2002 to Izanne and Bradford. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
GALATALIS  Constantinos * St George’s hospital, Port Elizabeth 09/12/2002. First child to Prodromos and Gaye (née DEAR). Grandson to Anna and Daphne, nephew to Angie and Kim. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
GERBER  Cornè * St George’s hospital, Port Elizabeth 30/11/2002 to Charl and Pauline. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
GREYLING  Duncan Thomas * Cape Town 05/12/2002 to Garth and Angela (née DIXON). Grandson to Tom and Barbara Dixon in Port Elizabeth. (Herald - 10/12/2002)
HORAK  Samuel * St George’s hospital, Port Elizabeth 09/12/2002 to Anton and Paola (née CICOGNINI). Grandson to Maureen and first grandchild to Dr and Mrs J Horak. (The Herald - 11 & /12/2002)
KOEKEMOER  Juané (girl) * Greenacres hospital, Port Elizabeth 08/12/2002 to Jené and Juan. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
LUTGE  Micayla * 09/12/2002 to Jenny (née CARTES) and Gunther. Sister to Nicholas. Granddaughter to Coreen and Harold. (Dispatch Online -13/12/2002)
MALAN  Ryley Andrew * St Dominic hospital, East London 09/12/2002 to Richard (Rich) and Tammy (Tams) (née PARRISH). Brother to Jarrod. Second grandson to Roy and Mom Carswell (Pappie and Nonna). Grandchild and nephew to Dad, Brenda, Luke, Ryan, Mark, Errol & Beverley (Bev). (Dispatch Online - 10-12/12/2002)
MULLER  Caylin Rose * St George’s hospital, Port Elizabeth 06/12/2002 to Paul and Chantelle (née LE ROUX). Granddaughter for James and Margaret and niece for Peter. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
SAMUEL  Joshua Thomas * 11/12/2002 to Bruce and Melanie (née GOOSEN). Grandparents, Tom and Sharon. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
STORM  Kristin * 25/11/2002 to Jacques and Wendy-Lynn (née LAWLER). Grandparents Jannie and Kathy Storm and Gilbert and Joy Lawler. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
TANNER  Jodi (girl) * Perth, Australia 11/12/2002 to Tess and Sean. Grandparents Doris, Wendy and Jos. (The Herald - 12/12/2002)
THOMAS  Kesha (girl) * Greenacres hospital, Port Elizabeth 07/12/2002 to Porsha and Mario. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
TUCKER  Nikita (girl) * Greenacres Hospital, Port Elizabeth 09/12/2002 to Minette and Andrew. (The Herald - 12/12/2002)
VAN DER WALT  Marcel * 09/12/2002. Eersteling vir ouers Gerhard en Louise. (Beeld - 11/12/2002)
WRIGHT  Jenna Grace * St George’s hospital, Port Elizabeth 11/12/2002 to Simon and Kim. Sister to Mitchell. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
BALING  Rodney. 50th Birthday. [Inserts by] (a) wife Leonora, (b) Errol, June, Brendon, Cindy and Greig. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
CARNEIRO  Tracey Lee. 21st Birthday today. [Inserted by] (a) Parents, (b) Stuart, (c) Meldi and Pornstar in London UK, (d) brother Joaquim and Claire, London UK. (Dispatch Online - 12/12/2002)
KIRSTEN  Sacha. 21st Birthday on 13/12/2002. [Inserted by] (a) grandparents Noempies and Zaza, (b) uncle Mark, aunty Sharma, Ruskin, Kathleen. (Dispatch Online -13/12/2002)
KRETSCHMANN  Shayne. 21st Birthday. [Inserted by] Mrs. B and the ‘wasn't me gang’ at BB Motors. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
MATHIE  Charné. 21st Birthday today. [Inserted by] (a) parents, Sherindy and Shaun, (b) Gran, Auntie Lynette and Zane (c) Stu, with love, (d) Vonnie, Mally and Jill (Australia). (Dispatch Online -13/12/2002)
NAIDOO  Muriel. 60th Birthday. [Inserted by] Valerie, Richard and children. (Dispatch Online - 12/12/2002)
PAYNE  Dolly (née RING). * Brittanje 10/12/1898, 104e verjaardag 10/12/2002. Laaste 8 jaar ‘n inwoner van Our Parents Home ouetehuis, Norwood, Johannesburg. Dogter van Alexander Ring, lid van pres Paul Kruger se intelligensie-eenheid en een van die eerste prokureurs in Pretoria. Dolly het in Colbyn, Pretoria, grootgeword en het later in Sammy Marks se loonkantoor gewerk. Ma van 3 kinders, ouma van sewe kleinkinders. Seun Alex, 77 jaar oud, in lewe. (Beeld - 11/12/2002)
PERKS  Jennifer (Perky). Birthday today. [unidentified insert]. (Dispatch Online - 12/12/2002)
RAYMENT  Sue. 40th Birthday. Daughter, sister and aunt of Mom & Dad, Deb, Joe and Jess and War, Tania and Tess. (Dispatch Online -13/12/2002)
WADE  Hector. 80th Birthday. Wife Daphne. Father and grandfather of (a) Cheryl, Graeme, Keir and Candice, (b) Natalie, Axel and Sabine. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
WARDE  Maude. 90th Birthday. Grandmother of Hazel, Neville, Tessi, Marcus and Isabella. (Dispatch Online - 12/12/2002)
WILLIAMS  Lucinda. 21st Birthday. [Inserted by] parents and Grant. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
GIBBON  Charl verloof 04-12-2002 aan Michelle WHITE. (Beeld - 10-01-2003)
HENRY & COOPER  Mandy and Trevor married 30/11/2002.Parents: Rowan, Jenny, Mick and Sue. (The Herald - 12/12/2002)
HOOKER  Jason, son of Keith and Moira Hooker of Port Elizabeth engaged to Marisa JONES, daughter of Carl and Denise Wallander. (The Herald - 12/12/2002)
MAUGHAN  William, son of Christopher and Ellie of Lechlade, United Kingdom, engaged to Janet WILKINSON, youngest daughter of Graham and Lorraine. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
ORWIN & MACHET  Minette engaged to Paul. [Inserted by parents of both] Issy, Sandra, Mike and Myrna. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
RODGER  Peter, son of Donald and Cynthia Rodger, engaged to Kathy, daughter of Keith and Lu MORGAN. (The Herald - 12/12/2002)
WILSON  Kent, son of Gilbert and Marlene, engaged 06/12/2002 to Bridgett DUNLOP, daughter of Alan and Pat Dunlop. Relations of Kent: Mom, Roy and Nanna. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
CHANDLER  Mike and Lynda. 25th Anniversary. [Inserted by] Patrick and Candice. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
KERNAN  Johan and Heather JAMESON married Inveresk Parish, Kirk, Scotland 13/12/1952. (Dispatch Online -13/12/2002)
WOODWARD  Bing and Kathy married 12/12/1942. [Inserted by] children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. (The Herald - 12/12/2002)
HOULIE  Clint. Obtained MB CHB degree. [Inserted by] Dad Colin, Mom Veronica, and brother Grant. (The Herald - 12/12/2002)
ADAMS  Francina. + aged 76. Mourned by children. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 14:00, Congregational Church, Kleinskool, Port Elizabeth. Buried: Bethelsdorp Cemetery. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
ALCOCK  Dorothy. + 06/12/2002. Mother of Kathy and grandmother of Kelly. Funeral service: 15:00, 12/12/2002, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Prospect Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
ALLEN  James William. + 08/12/2002, aged 74. Father of Beryl, Robin, Sally, Stuart and family. Funeral service: 12/12/2002, 14:00, St Mary Magdalene Anglican Church, St Oswald Crescent, West End, Port Elizabeth, thence to the Victoria Park Crematorium. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
ALLERS  Jacobus. + peacefully. Left Frans, Monica, Deon and family, Johetta and family. (The Herald - 12/12/2002)
ANDREWS  Angeline. + aged 47. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 11:00, New Apostolic Church, Milan Street, Korsten, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
AVONTUUR  Vaaltyn. + aged 39. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 12:00, 49 Claassen Street, Arcadia. Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
BOSWELL  Poppie. + 7/12/2002. Mother missed by children and grandchildren, great-grandchildren. (Dispatch Online - 12/12/2002)
BOTHA  Jan Hendrik (Jannie). + 08-12-2002, 55 jaar oud. In lewe van Portlandplek 6, Wembleyweg, Chiselhurst, Oos-Londen. Eggenote Sandra. Kinders (a) van Cheryl: Morné en Adéle, met kleinkinders Tayla en Dylan en (b) van Sandra: Leon. Broer en oom van (a) Helena Antoon en kinders, (b) Hannie, Wessel en kinders, (c) Peggy en kinders. Verassingdiens: NG Kerk Buffelsrivier, Jan Smutsweg, Greenfields, Oos-Londen, 11-12-2002, 14:30. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
BRODRICK  Lawrence. + 10/12/2002. Father and grandfather remembered by Graeme, Merle, Andrew and their families. Funeral service: 17/12/2002, 10:30, Trinity Baptist Church, Cape Road, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 12/12/2002)
BUCKLER  Cupi. Survived by John, Jill and family. [Inserted by] Mike and Joy. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
CAMPHER  Dennis. + Johannesburg 06/12/2002. In lewe van Henley on Klip, distrik Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Husband and father of Lynette, Shane, Mark and Denise. [Another insert from] Mommy. Verassingdiens: 12/12/2002, 10:00, St Mark's Congregational Church, Cape Road, Framesby North, Port Elizabeth. (Beeld 11/12/2002 & The Herald - 11 & 12/12/2002)
CAMPLER  Johanna. + aged 62. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 14:00, Frank Moodie Creche, Bloemendal, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
CEAZAR  Rachel. + aged 71. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 11:00, New Apostolic Church, Bell Road, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. Viewing: 09:00, 17 Buchu Street, Gelvandale. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
CHEETHAM  Norman. + 09/12/2002. Missed by Walmer Christian Outreach, Port Elizabeth. Memorial service: 13/12/2002, 09:00, Walmer Christian Outreach, cnr of 9th Avenue and Villiers Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
COETZEE  Judith Susanna (Sukey). Late of Kennersley Park, East London. Missed by Barney, Maureen, Paul, Vanessa and Jabin. Friend and aunt of Aldré and family. Missed by cell group members of the Kingdom Seekers. Memorial service: Stirling Baptist Church, Drake Road, Stirling, East London, 16-12-2002, 14:30, cremation. (Dispatch Online -12 & 13/12/2002)
CONWAY  Connie. Father of Sheila, Cherry, Terry, Jenny, Derek, Rob, Brett, Guy, Ryan, Kim, Scott, Kelly, with family worldwide. Funeral service: 12/12/2002, 14:00, Milnerton House Chapel, First Avenue Funeral Home, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
CROLY  Lynne and Paul. + tragically. Children of Jenny and Rob. Cousins of Nick and Debbie Bands. (The Herald - 12/12/2002)
DAMONS  Isaac Bernard (Bunnie). * 31/10/1946 + 6/12/2002. Survived by wife Mary, daughter Levenia, son-in-law Ferdi and their children, son Angelo, daughter-in-law Kathleen and their children. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 13:00, United Christian Churc, Chatty, Bethelsdorp, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 11, 12 & 13/12/2002)
DARLOW  Maria Petronella. + 08/12/2002. Cremation: Algoa Funeral Services. Phone (041) 484-5748. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
DE LA HARPE  Sheila Anne (Annie) (née GUSH). + CP Bradfield Frail Care Centre 10/12/2002. Twin of sister May with brother-in-law Tave Malcolm. Sister of Olga Bolton, aunt of Charles, Joan and Sheila. Funeral service: 13/12/2002, 09:30, St John’s Methodist Church, Havelock Street, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 12/12/2002)
DE VILLIERS  Eugene. In lewe van Alberton, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 11/12/2002, 14:00, NG Kerk, Alberton-Wes Gemeente, h v Ringpad-Wes- en Forestraat, Alberton. Begrawe: Kromvlei begraafplaas. (Beeld - 10/12/2002).
DE WEERD  Sharon Colleen. In lewe van Pretoria. Verassingdiens: 12/12/2002, 10:00, NG Kerk, Moreletapark, Pretoria. (Beeld - 11/12/2002)
DU PREEZ  Barend Petrus. Late of Breidbach, King William's Town, Eastern Cape Province. Funeral service: 13/12/2002, 11:00, St. Andrews Catholic Church, Breidbach, King William's Town, thence to New Breidbach Cemetery. (Dispatch Online - 12/12/2002)
DU PREEZ  Pieter. Broer van (a) Denzil en skoonsuster Jean, met kinders en kleinkinders, (b) Cathleen en swaer Ronnie, met kinders en kleinkinders. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
ELSDON  George Robert (Bob). + 10/12/2002. Late of 11 Wentworth Road, Sunnyridge, East London. Husband of Pasty and father of Donald, Cynthia, Ashley and grandfather of Ryan, Taryn, Shaun and Bruce. Sister Betty, brother-in-law Johan. Cremation service: 12/12/2002, 14:30, Cambridge Crematorium Chapel, Windermere Road, Cambridge, East London. (Dispatch Online - 12/12/2002)
ENGELBRECHT  Maria Catharina (Miems). + 6 Desember 2002, 82 jaar oud. Betreur deur Pieter, Lydia en dogters. Tel: 083-408-3476. (Beeld - 12/12/2002)
FERREIRA  Sally. + aged 88. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 11:00, New Apostolic Church, Palmridge, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. Viewing: 09:00, 165 William Slammert Street, Bloemendal, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
FERREIRA  Neville Frank. + 08/12/2002. Service: 13/12/2002, 10:00, Old Apostolic Church of Africa, 12A Glen Street, Central Port Elizabeth, cremation. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
FOURIE  Lynette Ann (Lyn) (née TROLLIP). + 08/12/2002. Survived by husband Danie, children, grandchildren and a sister. Condolences from her extended family in Christ, the Coleys, the Naughtons, Ferreira’s and De Beers. Funeral service: Methodist Church, Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape Province, 12/12/2002, 10:00. (The Herald - 11 & 12/12/2002)
FRANCIS  Noble Eric (Noël). + 2/12/2002. Missed by brothers and sisters. Funeral: 14/12/2002, 11:00, St Michael Church, Jameson Road, Schauderville, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 12 & 13/12/2002)
GEALS  Abbie Megan (Abbie-Lambie). + aged 20. Survived by parents Eddie and Lorraine, Craig and Liam, grandmothers and a grandfather. Sympathy from (a) John, Mandi, Stuart, Michael and Thomas, (b) Peter, Julie, Alex, Rory and Lewis, (c) Ben and Gill Ferreira and boys, (d) Alan, Cynthia, Eunice and Zoé. Funeral service: 12/12/2002, 11:00, St John’s Methodist Church, Havelock Street, Central Port Elizabeth, cremation. (The Herald - 11 & 12/12/2002)
GROBLER  Hendrik Jacobus. In lewe van Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 10/12/2002, 14:00, Ned Herv Kerk, Drie Riviere-Oos, Vereeniging. Begrawe: Jacobskop begraafplaas, Vereeniging. (Beeld - 10/12/2002).
HARRIS  Melvyn Roy (Mel). + suddenly [date not published]. Late of 10 Charter Road, Brookville, East London. Survived by Anton. Brother-in-law and uncle of (a) Douglas (Boetie), Thora and Shawn, (b) Len and Renay, (c) Lew, Cheryl and family. Memorial service: 11/12/2002, 11:00, Berea Baptist Church, Greenwood Road, Berea, East London. Cremated. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
HASTINGS  John. Husband of Alpha. Remembered by (a) Jennifer and Mishka Pahl, (b) Gillian, John, Nicky, Andrew and Liza Dempers. Funeral service: 13/12/2002, 10:00, Milnerton House Chapel, First Avenue Funeral Home, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 12/12/2002)
HECTOR  Margaret. Funeral: 14/12/2002, 22 Blesbok Street, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
HENDRIKS  Mathews. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 10:00, 39A Duranta Drive, Thomas Gamble, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape Province, thence to Gerald Smith Cemetery. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
HLAM  Andisa Authia. + 1/12/2002. Funeral: 14/12/2002, Gugulethu Church, Kwazakhele, Port Elizabeth, 09:00, then to Motherwell Cemetery. (The Herald - 12/12/2002)
INGRAM  Norman Johnny-Boy (Pieppie). + 09/12/2002, aged 46. Brother of (a) sister Vanessa, (b) sister Mary-Anne, brother-in-law Gerit and niece, (c) sister Claire, brother-in-law Fuad and children, (d) sister Hanna, brother-in-law Paul and son, (e) brother Frank, sister-in-wife Miriam and children, (f) brother Gavin. Sister-in-law Hallistine. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 14:00, Old Apostolic Church, Durban Road, Korsten, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 12 & 13/12/2002)
JACKSON  Ken. + 11/12/2002. Wife Sylvia, his son Richard with his wife Sheilah and granddaughter Yvette. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
JACOBS  Leonard (Lennie/Len). + 09/12/2002, aged 32. Colleague and friend of Management and staff at Diesel and General. Remembered by Management and staff at Springwell. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 14:30, Moravian Church, Windvogel, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 11 & 13/12/2002)
JACOBS  Nompumeleld Beauty. Funeral: 14/12/2002, 10:00, Stand 4545, Zone 8, Mdantsane, East London. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
JANSEN VAN VUUREN  Christina Jacoba (Kitta). + Bloemfontein, Vrystaat provinsie 9/12/2002, 82 jaar oud. In lewe van Forsythstraat 23, Universitas, Bloemfontein. Eggenote van wyle {Ds} Roelof, voorheen van Queenstown, Oos-Kaap provinsie. Oorleef deur kinders, Elize en Louwtjie Oosthuizen, Jos en Viola, Roelof en Sandra, Karen en Pieter Kelbrick, Alwyn en Nonnie, Lizette en Nico Buys, kleinkinders en agterkleinkinders. Begrafnisdiens: 11:00, NG Kerk, Moederkerk, Queenstown, 13-12-2002, Begrawe: Queenstown begraafplaas. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
JANUARY  Nicholas (Klasie). Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 12:30, Moravian Church, Arcadia, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
JONES  Ethne. * 18/10/1938 + 11/12/2002. Daughter of Anona Bruce, sister of Natalie and Shelia, mother of Julie and Ross. Colleague missed by all at St Marks Clinic Team. Friend of Joan Nel. Memorial service: 13/12/2002, 11:00, Berea Baptist Church, Greenwood Street, Berea, East London. (Dispatch Online - 12 & 13/12/2002)
JORDAAN  Petrus Johannes. In lewe van Germiston, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 11/12/2002, 10:30, Afrkaanse Protestante Kerk, Medlarweg, Primrose, Germiston. Begrawe: Primrose begraafplaas. (Beeld - 09/12/2002)
KAYSER  Desmond Griffith. Funeral service: 14/12/2002. 11:00, St James Church, Brown Street, Schuadenville, Korsten, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
KRUGER  Cecilia Cornelia Maria Sophia. In lewe van Duncanville, Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 11/12/2002, 11:00, Ned Herv Kerk, Duncanville. Begrawe: Jacobskop begraafplaas, Vereeniging. (Beeld - 10/12/2002).
KRUGER  Isabella Lodewina. In lewe van Marmanet, Kempton Park, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 12/12/2002, 11:00, NG Kerk, Mooifontein. Begrawe: Zuurfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 11/12/2002)
KRUGER  Jacobus Willem Johannes (Koos/Kosie). In lewe van 16 Ridgewayweg, Amalinda, Oos-London. Lief van Aletta, Talitha en Mariska. Gemis deur Corrie en George Fisher. Begrafnisdiens: 12/12/2002, 11:00, Gereformeerde Kerk, St Petersweg, Southernwood, Oos-Londen. Begrawe: Cambridge begraafplaas, Oos-Londen. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
LEACH  Pieter Cornelius Snr (Piet/Pete/Peter). + 07/12/2002. In lewe van huis 26, Glen Garriff, Oos-Londen. Was ‘n eggenoot, pa en oupa. Oom van (a) Annette, Jason, Greg and Christopher, (b) Jenny, Selwyn, Michael, Alison, Charles and little Robyn. Brother of Ellen Saayman, uncle of Eunice, Noelleen, Danny and families. Sympathy to Desiré/Deseree/Desire from (i) Staff at Macsteel Trading, East London, (ii) Directors and all at the Glen Gariff Shareblock, including (a) Lester, Val, granny and Virginia, (b) Dennis, Christine and Aggie, (c) Henry, Carol and Siebert family, (d) John and Lorri, (e) Peter and Shirley Le Clus, (f) Alan, Rane and Jordan Le Clus, (g) Lourence, Delmarié and Santanna Kent. Begrafnisdiens: 10/12/2002, 13:00, NG Kerk, Wesbank, Oos-Londen. Begrawe: Cambridge begraafplaas. (Dispatch Online - 10 & 11/12/2002)
LIBERTY  Maria. + aged 83. Cremation service: 14/12/2002, 13:00, New Apostolic Church, Bell Road, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth. Viewing: 10:00, 9 Terblanche Street, Gelvandale. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
LIEBER  Sally. + Melbourne, Australia 12/12/2002. Mother of Ginny, Miriam, Elise, and grandmother of David, Miriam, Jacquie, Jarrad, Garric and Gabi. Prayers: 15/12/2002, 18:00, 22 Riverwoods, Church Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
LLOYD  Neil. + Cape Town 10/12/2002. Brother and brother-in-law of Derek and Patty (née MASTERS), uncle to Andrea and Jessica, and business partner in Palmer-Lloyd Agencies. Remembered by Trish, Michelle, Adrian and Nicky. Service: Cape Town 18/12/2002. (Dispatch Online - 12 & 13/12/2002)
LOMBARD  Lettie. + Cape Town 10/12/2002. Mother and grandmother of Chris, Kathy, Juan and Chantelle. (Dispatch Online - 12/12/2002)
MABUTSANE  Welcome. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 09:00, E454 Mvundla Street, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, thence to Walmer Cemetery. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
MAGQABI  [no first name published]. Sympathy from Judy. (Dispatch Online -13/12/2002)
MAKELENI  Mxolisi . Late of 221 Old Location, Lady Frere, Eastern Cape Province. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 09:00, 221 Old Location, Lady Frere. (Dispatch Online -13/12/2002)
MALGAS  Mona. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 13:00, Moravian Church, Springbok Street, Gelvendale, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
MANENGELE  Thembisa. Late of 836 Bhengu Street, Duncan Village, Eastern Cape Province. Funeral service: 15/12/2002 from her home. (Dispatch Online -13/12/2002)
MANN  Mary. + Cape Town 06-12-2002. Remembered by Martin, Meryl and Ryan. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
MARAIS  Lettie. + aged 58. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 12:00, Old Apostolic Church, Kleinskool, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
MARAIS  Pieter (Pietie). Meegevoel aan Wilna en Francois van Pauline, Norman en mammie. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
MARTLE  Cathrine Elizabeth Gerome. + 7/12/2002. Survived by husband, children, grandchildren, brothers, and sisters. Remembered by Clint, Sharon, Matthew and Travis. Cremation service: 13/12/2002, 12:00, St Peter’s Catholic Church, The Strand, Swartkops, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 12 & 13/12/2002)
MILLS  Geraldine Wilhelmine. In lewe van Roodepoort Sentrum vir Bejaardes, Roodepoort, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 11/12/2002, 10:30, Apostoliese Geloofsending Sentraal, Klerksdorp, Noord-Wes provinsie. Begrawe: Klerksdorpse begraafplaas. (Beeld - 10/12/2002).
MKAYO  Tosi Swart Land. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 10:00, NU2 Community Hall, Motherwell, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
MLINDAZWE  Dekawa Minah. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 10:30, Ikwezi Comprehensive School Hall, Johnson Road, Zwide, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
MOSES  Joyce Rachel (Jassen) (née LOTTERING). + 05/12/2002, aged 56. Husband Eric. Cremation service: 14/12/2002, 11:30, Ebenhezer Church, Whyteleaf Drive, Algoa Park, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 11 & 13/12/2002)
MSIZI  Ezekiel. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 10:00, Afrika Presbiterean Church, Njoli Street, Kwazakhele, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
MUBUAIWA  Madziwa. Funeral service: 15/12/2002, 10:00, 12709 Sodladla Street, Kwazakhele, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
MUKUMBA  Thomas. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 10:00, 213 Vinjiwe Street, NU 2, Motherwell, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
MURRAY  Audrey. + aged 53. Funeral service: 16/12/2002, 12:00, Bethelsdorp Congregational Church, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
NGAPI  Solomzi Mathews. + 4/12/2002. Funeral service: 15/12/2002, 10:00, Duku Hall, Duka Street, Bloemendal, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
NIEKERK  Bennett. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 14:00, Old Apostolic Church, Soudien Road, Chatty, Bethelsdorp, Port Elizabeth, thence to Bethelsdorp Cemetery. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
NJOKWENI  Boniwe Lena. + 4/12/2002. Survived by children and grandchildren. Funeral service: St Steven’s Anglican Church, Gratan Road, New Brighton, Port Elizabeth, 14/12/2002, 10:00, thence to the Red House Cemetery, 12:00. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
NKAYI  Lunga Gideon. Funeral: 14/12/2002, 10:00, Dutch Reform Church, Pendla Street, New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
NKWALI  Vusumzi Kidwell. Funeral: 14/12/2002, 141 Mahlangu Street, New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
O’GRADY  Jimmy. + 11/12/2002. Son Joseph, daughter-in-law Lydia, grandchildren Ian, Jolene and Karen, great-grandson Enrique. Funeral: Mossel Bay, Western Cape province, 14/12/2002, 13:00. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
OLIPHANT  Andrew. Funeral: 14/12/2002, 14:00, Baptist Church, McManus Crescent, Gelvendale, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
OLLIS  Richard Cecil (Rich). + Cape Town 03/12/2002. Late of Cove Ridge. Was Officer Commanding and Staff of Gately Commando. Sympathy to Linda, Craig and Clinton from friend and colleague of Rich (admired for his guts and positive outlook in life): Michael (with family Barbara, Tiff, Tash and Patrick). Son of Hulda (Hein) and Cecil. Brother of Betty (& Bruce and family) and friend Vera. Condolences to Linda and the boys from Edith and Henry Rawlinson. Memorial service: Greenfields Methodist Church, 10-12-2002, 12:00. (Dispatch Online - 05, 06, 07, 10 & 11/12/2002)
OOSTHUIZEN  Reinier Jacobus. In lewe van Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 11/12/2002, 13:00, Gemeente van De Deur. Begrawe: Jacobskop begraafplaas. (Beeld - 11/12/2002)
PETER  Nonceba Julia (Sturuse). + 06/12/2002. Was a mother, sister, and aunt. Funeral: 14/12/2002, 53 Konga Street, Zwide, 07:30, then at Old Apostolic Church, Mbanga Street, Zwide, Port Elizabeth, 10:00. Lala Ngoxolo Machisane Mandede. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
POTGIETER  Johanna. + 10/12/2002. Mother of Lynette, Leonie, and Rene. (The Herald - 12/12/2002)
POTGIETER  Willem Bartolomeus. Dankdiens: 13 Desember 2002, 11:30, NG Kerk, Lynnwoodrif, Lansiastraat 269, Lynnwoodrif, Pretoria. Begrawe: Pretoria-Oos begraafplaas. (Beeld - 12/12/2002)
PRINSLOO  Dirk Petrus. In lewe van Drie Reviere, Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 18/12/2002, 12:00, NG Kerk (Klipkerk), Vereeniging. Begrawe: Vanderbijlpark begraafplaas. (Beeld - 12/12/2002)
PULLEN  Fernando. + 19. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 13:00, 380 Highfield Road, Schauderville, Korsten, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
RAATH  Robert Bartlett. In lewe van Pretoria. Verassingdiens: 12/12/2002, 14:30, NG Kerk Skuilkrans, Jan Albertstraat, Val de Grace, Pretoria. (Beeld - 11/12/2002)
SIWA  Tozi Douglas. Funeral: 14/12/2002, 09:00, Dell farm, Rocklands, district of Queenstown, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
STEWART  Lena. Funeral service: 5 Onyx Place, Pefferville, East London, 14/12/2002, 10:30. Buried: Haven Hills Cemetery. (Dispatch Online -13/12/2002)
STOLTZ  Iris Evelyn (Peggy). + 9/12/2002. Survivred by children, grandchildren, and a great-grandchild. Remembered by the Jewell family, Stephney, Ronny, Chantelle and O’Neal. Funeral service: 12/12/2002, 14:00, Avbob Chapel, corner Harrower and Hancock Street, North End, Port Elizabeth. Buried: Forest Hill Cemetery. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
STRYDOM  Catharina Maria. In lewe van Drie Riviere, Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Verassingdiens: 12/12/2002, 11:00, Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk, Drie Reviere, Vereeniging. (Beeld - 11/12/2002)
SWARTBOOI  Betty. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 15:00, New Apostolic Church, Bell Road, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
THEUNISSEN  Johann. In lewe van Johannesburg. Roudiens: 11/12/2002, 10:30, DOVES Kapel, Jorissenstraat 10, Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Verassing. (Beeld - 10/12/2002).
VAN DER LINDE  Johan (Joe). Meegevoel van Capital Bandag, Tyres Africa en Atlas Tyres. (Beeld - 11/12/2002)
VAN WYK  Abraham. + aged 61. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 11:00, Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk (N.G.S.K), McManus Crescent [Port Elizabeth?]. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
VELKERS  Ester. + aged 84. Funeral service: 14/12/2002, 11:00, Bethelsdorp Congregational Church, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
VENA  Mvuleni David. Funeral: 14/12/2002, 10:00, 116 Mbabala Street, NU1 Motherwell, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
VENTER  Cornelia (Corrie). + at home 11/12/2002, aged 89. Survived by children Ronnie & Karenza, Greg & Lolly, Duffy, Mark, Cindy & Rob, Michael, Debbie, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. (Dispatch Online -13/12/2002)
VENTER  Maria Sophia. Memorial service: 11/12/2002, Rock Christian Church, 10:00. Burial service: 13/12/2002, Cambridge Cemetery, East London, 14:30. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
VERMEULEN  Susanna Wilhelmina Abrama. In lewe van Pretoria. Verassingdiens: 11/12/2002, 10:00, Ned Geref Kerk, Verwoerdburgstad, Centurion, Gauteng Provinsie. (Beeld - 10/12/2002).
VERSTER  Johannes. In lewe van Klopperpark, Germiston, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 12/12/2002, 14:00, Ou Apostoliese Kerk, h v Lente- en Barbaralaan, Klopperpark. Begrawe: Suidpark begraafplaas. (Beeld - 11/12/2002)
VILJOEN  Johannes. In lewe van Lichtenburg, Noord-Wes provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 12/12/2002, 11:00, NG Kerk Moedergemeente, Lichtenburg. Begrawe: Lichtenburg begraafplaas. (Beeld - 11/12/2002)
VON DER DECKEN  June (neé MÜLLER). + 8/12/2002, aged 66, murdered. Son, local businessman Douglas von der Decken and wife Bernadine, of Von der Decken Funeral Directors, Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape province. Daughter Michelle and husband Dudley. Condolences to Doug, Bernadine, Michelle in Fort Beaufort, from Malcolm and Carol Preston. Memorial service: 12/12/2002, 11:00, Anglican Church, Campbell Street, Fort Beaufort. Von Der Decken Funeral Directors 083 283 3807. (The Herald & Dispatch Online - 10 - 12/12/2002)
WILLIAMS  Mitha. + aged 73. Funeral service: 14/12/2002. 14:00, Bethesda Congregational Church, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
WILLIAMS  Solomon. Funeral: 14/12/2002, 10:00, Greenbushes, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
WILLOWS  Ronald Norman. + Germiston, Gauteng Province 7/12/2002. Father of Alison and William. Brother of Molly and Boet. Remembered by the Minnaar family. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
DAVIE  Sybil. + 3 Years ago today. Remembered by (a) husband George and Turchian, (b) Hermia, Ralton, Reece and Liam, (c) Nathaniel, Nikki and Leya. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
GEORGE  Micharn. + 6 months ago. Missed by Nana. (Dispatch Online - 12/12/2002)
HARRALD  Clarence Douglas. Missed by Blossom. (Dispatch Online - 12/12/2002)
HEDDERWICK  Gloria. + 32 Years ago today. Remembered by Jimmy and children. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
HOLMES  Sybil (Billie). + 13/12/2001. Mother of Mike, Geoff Rose (Rousseau) and families. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
JEFFERSON  Margaret Winifred (Winnie). + 2 Years ago today. Remembered by daughters Lynda, Anne and Barbara and husband Tom. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
JIMMY  Farrel Bernard. + 1 Year ago today. Remembered by wife Eileen, children Ricardo, Adrian and Candice. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
JOEL  Isaac. + 10 Years ago today. Wife Stella. Father and grandfather of (a) Gordon, Noelene, Elliott, Malvonia, (b) Lee, Jo-Anne, Blake and Chané, (c) daughter Maureen, son-in-law Lloyd and grandchildren Lindsey and Keenen, (d) Roderick, Denese, Chantell and Lacheny, (e) Roland, Betty, Samantha, Jasmaine and Rolandi. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
MAYNE  Irene. + 13/12/1998. Mother and Nan of Peter, Carol, Debbie, Steve and Mark. (The Herald - 13/12/2002)
MILLER  Craig. Remembered by parents Tom and Bel. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
MOODALEY  Queenie. + 11 December 1993. Mother remembered by Sumaai and Kissie. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)
SCHOOF  Gerald. + 1 Year ago. Brother-in-law and uncle remembered by Ivor, Daphne, Morné and Cherie. (Dispatch Online - 10/12/2002)
SISSONS  Margie. + 12 years ago. Mother of Winsome. (Dispatch Online -13/12/2002)
THYSSEN  Isaac. + 3 Years ago today. Remembered by his mother Michelle. (The Herald - 11/12/2002)