BMDs 9 / 10 January 2002
BEATT  Erin * Parklands Hospital, Essenwood, Durban. Another girl to Karen and Brian. (MERCURY - 09/01/2002).
BEKKER  Greta * St George’s Hospital, Port Elizabeth 8/1/2002 to Nico and Gerschia. (The Herald -10/01/2002).
BETTMAN  (twin boys) * Sydney, Australia to Kevin and Kelly/Kellye. [Grandparents] Shirley and Harold. First great-grandsons to Helmut and Isabel [Bettman?]. First great-[great?]-grandsons for Solly Bettman. Email: (CAPE ARGUS & The Herald - 09/01/2002).
BOYD  Sebastian Maurits * 02/01/2002 to Warren and Dominique (née VAN NIEUWENHUYSEN) (CAPE TIMES - 09/01/2002).
CLEMENTS  Nicole Jeanne * Greenacres hospital Port Elizabeth 7 January 2002 to Paul and Sonja (née MEYER). Grandparents Ross and Jeanne. (The Herald -09 & 10/01/2002).
COETZER  Megan * 21/12/2001 to Carl and Lindy. First grandchild to Johan and Pam [Coetzer]. (PRETORIA NEWS - 09/01/2002).
CRONJE  Joshua Anthony * Sandton Clinic, Sandton, Gauteng Province 7 January 2002 to Glen and Debra (née HILL). Grandparents Alan and Carole and Aubrey. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
DAVIES  Jamie * 07/01/2002 to Terry and Tanya. Brother for Shanna-lee. Grandson to Gert and Mom. (Dispatch - 09/01/2002).
DE JAGER  (boy) * 7 January 2002 to Nico and Jean (née Dominy). Brother to Jeánie and Esthie. Seventh grandchild to Basil and Elizabeth. (The Herald -10/01/2002).
DIAMOND  (girl) * Kingsbury Hospital, Cape Town 8 January 2002 to Warren and Niki (née BRESKAL). Granddaughter to Louis and Lorraine and to Norman and Rene. Great-granddaughter to Nancy and Poppy. E-mails: / (CAPE ARGUS & The Herald - 09/01/2002).
DU PREEZ  (girl) * St Dominic's, East London 8 January 2002 to Wayne and Gillian (née BELING). Sister to Dana. Niece to Greg and Julie in the United Kingdom. Grandparents: Trevor and Joan Beling, (Dispatch -10/01/2002).
DUFFY  Keagan * Greenacres Hospital, Mount Road, Port Elizabeth 8 January 2002 to Michael and Paula (née ROBINSON). (The Herald - 09/01/2002).
EASTMAN  Joshua * 8 January 2002 to Clint and Leanda (née VAN ROOY). E-mail: (The Herald -10/01/2002).
GALLOW  (boy) * Denver, Colorado, United States of America 5 January 2002 to Mandy and Julian. Grandson for Val and Gerry. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
HALLE  Kate Victoria * 4 January 2002 to Ian and Alexandra (Za). (CAPE ARGUS - 09/01/2002).
LE ROUX  Keagan Joshau * 03/01/2002 to Michelle and Deon. (DAILY NEWS - 09/01/2002).
McKENNA  Shona Colene * 7 January 2002 to Kevin and Hayley. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
McMURDO  Kiara Jane * Sandton Clinic, Sandton, Gauteng Province 7 January 2002 to Stuart and Elize (née LE ROUX). Sister to Shannon. Granddaughter for Colin and Monica and great- granddaughter for David and Irene Martyn. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002 & MERCURY - 09/01/2002).
MICHALAKIS  Gabriella * Sandton Clinic, Sandton, Gauteng Province 24 December 2002 to TAKIS and CAROL. Sister to Natalya and Markella. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
MOORE  Matthew Campbell * Tauranga, New Zealand 4 January 2002 to John and Michelle (née McMAGH). Brother to Megan. (The Herald - 09/01/2002).
NEUTEL  (boy) * Parklane Clinic, Johannesburg 5 January 2002 to Ari and Sonya (née BERMAN). Brother for Dean. Grandson for Andrea and Abie and for Rai and Marcel. Great-grandson for Bertha Kaplan. (CAPE ARGUS - 09/01/2002 & THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
PAPGIS  Thalia Maria * St Dominic’s East london to Cindy (née Hosking) and George. Sister to Dimitre. Niece to Baden and Celeste. (Dispatch -10/01/2002).
SOLOMON  (boy) * Milnerton Medi Clinic, Cape Town 8/1/2002 to Denis and Cheryl. (CAPE TIMES - 10/01/2002).
VAN ASWEGEN  (boy) * [place and date not published] to Kurt and Laureen (née PFEIFFER). Grandson for Ron and Chris van Aswegen. (CAPE ARGUS - 10/01/2002).
WHITE  Morgan Dodds (boy) * Washington, United Sstates of America 15/12/2001 to Roland and Lee. (MERCURY - 10/01/2002).
WILLIAMSON  Mark Anthony * Umhlanga Hospital, KwaZulu-Natal Province 8/01/2002 to Neil and Carol (née WALMSLEY). Grandson and great-grandson to Neville, Elaine, John, Shirley, Myrtle and Sylvia. (MERCURY - 10/01/2002).
APPELBY  NIC. 21ST Birthday. [Inserted by] parents and Carly. (CAPE ARGUS - 09/01/2002).
BURTON  Roy. 50th Birthday. Husband and father of Sabrina, Ryan, Sheree-Ann and Shay. (Dispatch - 09/01/2002).
FORSYTH  Candice. Birthday today. [Inserted by] colleagues at Independent Newspapers. (CAPE ARGUS - 10/01/2002).
FOWLES  Sheryl. Birthday today. [Inserted by] colleagues at Independent Newspapers. (CAPE ARGUS - 10/01/2002).
GARDNER  Bianca. 21 st Birthday 7 January 2002. [Inserted by] mom Maureen, dad Sylvester, brothers and sisters. (The Herald - 09/01/2002).
GILLIAT  Lisa and Luanne (twins). 21st Birthday today. [Inserted by] parents. (MERCURY - 09/01/2002).
INGRAM  Margaret. Birthday. [Inserted by] friends at Fairlands. (Dispatch - 10/01/2002).
JONES  Denver. 21st Birthday today. [Inserted by] parents, brothers and sisters. (The Herald - 09/01/2002).
SANSOM  Clinton. 21st Birthday. [Inserted by] parents, Tracey, Elmore, Tristan, Dean, Leonie and Naomie. (Dispatch - 10/01/2002)
TILTMANN  David (Dave). 21st Birthday today. [Inserted by] (a) Mom and Dad, Gran, (b) younger siblings Timothy, Tilly and Ferdinand, (c) Norman, Marilyn, Lee-Ann, Deon and Loryn, (d) Joh. (Dispatch - 09/01/2002).
WESSON  Shaeid. 21st Birthday today. [Inserted by] Mom Faieza, Dad Thabiet, brothers Rizaan and Ieshaam and sister Rushdia. (CAPE ARGUS - 09/01/2002).
WILLIAMS  Melissa. 21st Birthday today. Also achieved a degree. [Inserted by] (a) Uncle Mike, aunty Jan, Mark and Seve, (b) Trottie, Lolly and Megan. (The Herald - 09/01/2002).
SCOP - CHIERT  Athol (younger son of Faye and Ronnie) married Chabad, Sandton, Gauteng Province 13/01/2002T18:00 Kerry-Leigh (daughter of Sorrel and Eve). (THE STAR - 10/01/2002)
ALLEN  Ted and Jean. Married 10/01/1942. Parents and grandparents of Pam and Walter, Bettina and Jean-Marie, Jen and Dan. (Dispatch - 10/01/2002).
LAPEDUS  Robert and Sharon. 30th Wedding anniversary [Inserted by] Gavin, Mark, Pam and Janine. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
TENNANT  BASIL & SHEILA. 60th Wedding anniversary today. Parents, Nanna and Gumpy of Kevin & Lise, Kim & Eric, Dean & Denise, Natalie & Gerry, Jordan & Ashley (United Kingdom), Michelle & Justin, Yin & Yang & Chase (Australia) Nico. Parents of Derek [and his family:] Gail, Chantel and Donovan. (DAILY NEWS - 10/01/2002).
AFFINAND  Ernest Lesley. + 6 January 2002, aged 42. Missed by (a) Abigail, Chantalle, Melanie and his wife Carol, (b) Jacky, Lorna and family and the Roman family and Loretta.. Funeral: 10 January 2002, Christ the Saviour Church, Lentegeur, Cape Town, 13:00. (CAPE TIMES - 09/01/2002).
ALEXANDER  Gary Moore. * 1956 + 4-1-2002. Brother and uncle of Sandy, Colin, Shannan, Lorien, Amber, Rachel and Kera. Missed by Ann, Micky, Cris, Videa, Tiny. (Dispatch - 09/01/2002).
AMOS  Annie (Sophia). + 09/01/2002. Left a family. Funeral service: 14/01/2002, 12:30, Dutch Reformed Hall, Acacia Road, Grassy Park, Cape Town, thence to Klipfontein Cemetery. (CAPE TIMES - 10/01/2002).
AVONTUUR  Richard. + 6 January 2002. Missed by wife, kids and their families. Service: Moravian Church, Hanover Park, Cape Town, 10/1/2002, 13:00. (CAPE TIMES - 09/01/2002).
BABEN  GEORGE VICTOR. + 6/1/2002. In lewe van Germiston, Gauteng provinsie. Laastens van Afdeling C, Roseacre Kliniek. Laat ‘n vrou, kinders, kleinkinders en agter-kleinkinders in Suid-Afrika en oorsee na. Missed by Baben, Van Wyk, Williams, Morris and Dyer families. Begrafnisdiens: NG Kerk Karina Place, Suidheuwels, Johannesburg, 10/01/2002, 13:00, dan na Wespark begraafplaas. (Beeld - 10/01/2002 & THE STAR - 08 & 10/01/2002).
BAILEY  Rosaline (née BURGER). + 3 January 2002. Husband Derick, children Patricia, Michael, Wesley and Ivor. Sister and aunt of Cyril, Lily, Chantal, Liezl and Shannon. Funeral details: Tel: 021 987 4116. (CAPE ARGUS - 07 & 09/01/2002).
BAIRD  Leonard Desmond Frederick (Len). Late of Norwood, Johannesburg. Funeral service: Rhema Church, cnr Hans Schoeman Drive and Rabie Road, Randparkridge, Randburg, Gauteng Province, 12 January 2002, 10:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
BEHARI  AMRITH ANAND. + 1 January 2002. Late of Jacaranda Crescent, Isipingo Hills, KwaZulu-Natal. Son of the late Lalman Behari. Brothers Rishi, Dave, Amernand, Shan, Sajiv. Sisters Rashanika and Devina. Left also brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nephews and nieces. (DAILY NEWS - 10/01/2002).
BERGH  SUSANNA MARIA ELIZABETH. In lewe van Dinwiddie, Germiston, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: NG Kerk, De Beerstraat 51, Dinwiddie, Germiston, 10/01/2002, 10:00, dan na Suidpark begraafplaas. (Beeld & THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
BICCARD  Patricia Elizabeth. + 4 January 2002, aged 80. Mother, grandmother and great- grandmother of Godfrey, Anita, Brian, Ann, Andrew, Phillip, Juanita, Ruan, Gregory, Marie, Bjorn, Eathen, Francios and Cindy-Ann. Funeral service: 10 January 2002, 11:00, Roman Catholic Church, Rhoss Street, Bellville, Western Cape Province, thence to Maitland cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 09/01/2002).
BILLMAN  JOHAN (Han). In lewe van Pretoria. Dankdiens: Nederduitsch hervormde Kerk Pretoria-Oos, Delyweg, Pretoria, 11/01/2002, 09:30, verassing. (Beeld - 10/01/2002).
BOERSMA  STEPHANIE. In lewe van Lyttelton, Centurion, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: Gereformeerde Kerk Wonderboompoort, Pretoria, 10/01/2002, 13:00, dan na Heatherdale begraafplaas, Pretoria-Noord. (Beeld - 09/01/2002).
BOOTH  GORDON. Wife Philly. Stepfather to Charles and Bruce Sawyer and Amanda Greene. (DAILY NEWS - 10/01/2002).
BOOYSEN  Betty (Ntombie). Funeral Service: Residence: 26B Rotterdam Street, Pefferville, 9-01-2002, 12:00, then to the Buffalo Flats Cemetery, East London. (Dispatch - 09/01/2002).
BOTES  JAN DAVID. In lewe van Kemptonpark, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: Gereformeerde Kerk, Huggetstraat, Kemptonpark, 11/01/2002, 11:00, dan na Zuurfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 10/01/2002).
BOTHA  Alice Bertha. + 27 December 2001. Missed by Bennie, Patsy, Wollie, Alecia, Bianca, Tania, Deryck, Justin, Jade, Lisa and Lee. Funeral: 10 January 2002, Walmer Methodist Church, Port Elizabeth, 11:00. (The Herald - 10/01/2002).
BOTHA  Edmonde Mitzie (née HARWOOD). + 06/01/2002. Husband Julian. Mother of Debbie, granny of Celeste and Taryn. Was also a sister and aunt. Requiem Mass: St Lukes Anglican Church, Sedar Road, Woodlands, Pietermaritzburg, 09/01/2002, 11:00, then to the Mountain Rise Cemetery. (MERCURY - 09/01/2002).
BREGIN  BRADLEY (Benyomin). + in the prime of his life. Brother and uncle of Martin, Babette, Jason, Warren and Carly Strauss and Stan, Cheryl, Jared, Cally and Cade Kaftel. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
BROWNE  HARRY PETER. * 1922 + 6 January 2002. Late of Princess Christian Home, Middle Street, Groenkloof, Pretoria. Daughter Bernadette, son-in-law Lazarus (Laz), grandsons Brandon and Jonathan. Daughter Caroline [and her family] Corinne, Barrett and granddaughters. Cremation service: Sungarden Hospice Chapel, Twigstreet, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria, 11-01-2002, 13:00. (PRETORIA NEWS - 08 & 09 & 10/01/2002).
Burger  Rosaline - see: Bailey, Rosaline.
BUTLER  Dulcie (née MURRAY). + Rusoord, Paarl, Western Cape Province 8 January 2002T20:25. Children Peter-David, Myrtle, Eleane, Christopher, Dilys and grandchildren. Memorial service: 11 January 2002, 09:00, Auret Street United Church, Paarl, cremation. Son Peter [and his family] Myrtle, Kim, David, SiAn, Rhiannon. (CAPE ARGUS - 10/01/2002).
CASTELO  BRANCO MANUEL M. SIMOES. Memorial Service: 10 January 2002, Catholic Church, 32 Kitchener Avenue, Bezuidenhout Valley, Johannesburg, 19:00. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
CASTLE  John. + 05/01/2002. Service: Goodall & Williams Chapel, 177 Main Road, Plumstead, Cape Town, 11/01/2002, 14:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 09/01/2002).
CEBEKHULU  C. SIYAKHULA. Obengose Ncwadi eNhlambane ezalwa uGabisile noMthenjwa. Uzofihlwa eWentworth ngo 2. Inkonzo izoba sekhaya kwa H 536 Mthini Rd ngo 10 am. Ushiye. umama uMaMkhize noDadewabo uNosipho. Isimemezelo uNjabulo Mkhize. (ILANGA - 10/01/2002).
CLARK  Frances Lorely. Late of 1 Harebell Place, Gonubie, East London. Cremation service: 12-01-2002, 10:00, Cambridge Crematorium Chapel, Windemere Road, Cambridge, East London. (Dispatch - 10/01/2002).
CLARKE  William Victor (Nobby). Late of Johannesburg. Cremation service: Melville Methodist Church, cnr of 4th Street and 4th Avenue, Melville, Johannesburg, 11 January 2002, 14:00. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
COETZER  CARL JACOBUS. + 8 January 2002. Parents Muggie and Willie. Brother of Selna and Willem. Memorial service: His Church, 13 Drake Road, Cowies Hill, KwaZulu-Natal Province, 12.01.2002, 11:00, cremation. (MERCURY - 10/01/2002).
COLE  Barry. + 7/1/2002, aged 66. Late of Tygerberg Hospice, Cape Town. Wife Cecilly. Sons Kevin, Conan and Brendan. Memorial service: 10/1/2002, 15:00, Baptist Church, Durban Road, Durbanville, Western Cape Province, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 09/01/2002).
CORAIZIN  Francis Catherine (née LUYT). + 4 January 2002, aged 56. Husband Patrick, children Charmaine and Neil. Daughter-in-law of Mamma, Ivan and Andre. Brother-in-law Lennie & Fredeline. Youngest brother Maurice, his wife Angeline. Sister in-law of Leonard and Marlene. Aunt of (a) Kim and Kurt, (b) Amanda, Bradley and Demi. Remembered by Directors and Staff at Phillips Bros. Funeral service: 09/01/2002, St Stephens Church, Bree Street, Cape Town, 11:00, thence to Maitland crematorium, 13:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 07 & 08 & 09/01/2002).
CUNNINGHAM  Dorothy Florence. Late of Pretoria. Memorial service: Willow Haven chapel, Harte Street, The Willows, Pretoria, 10/01/2002, 13:00. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
DALGARNO  Pat. + 08/01/2002. Remembered by Malcolm, Gillian, Liz, "Tigger & Bouncer". Memorial Service: 11:00, Tudor Gardens, Scottburgh, KwaZulu-Natal Province, 11/01/2002. (DAILY NEWS - 09 & 10/01/2002).
DAVEY  BENDOMINE MAUDE. + 8 January 2002. Missed by Dereck, Colyn, Ria, Alice, Charmaine, Kevin, Christopher, Graham and Melanie. Memorial service: Discovery Methodist Church, 2 Simmer Street, Discovery, Roodepoort, Gauteng Province, 11/1/2002, 14:30. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
DAVIDS  IVAN JOHN. + 08/01/2002. Wife Blanche, daughter Uletta, sons Michael and Denver, grandchildren Yolanda, Damian and Ranvier. Funeral service: 12:30, at home and 14:00 at Good Shephard, 7th Avenue, Kensington, Cape Town, 11 January 2002. (CAPE TIMES - 10/01/2002)
De Freitas  Isabel Maria - see: Herring, Isabel Maria.
DE KOCK  Doreen. + 05/01/2002. Mother, mother-in-law and grandmother of Deon, Paula, Tammy, Viv and Renee, Craig, Alana, Cindy, Loren, Clive and Anita, Candice and Nicole. Sister of Ernie, Freda, Em and Basil. Memorial Service: 13/01/2002, 11:00, Kloof Methodist Church, 4 Park Lane Avenue, Kloof, KwaZulu-Natal Province. (DAILY NEWS - 09 & 10/01/2002).
DE SOUSA  Joao Das Neves (Johnny). + 31/12/2001. Wife Delphina. Pai of (a) Joanita and Paul, (b) Lidia, Todd and Trevor, (c) Rose-Marie & Andrew, (d) Joao-Lucio, Vanessa & Luka, (e) Fina. Brother Luis, sister-in-law Maria and Tia Maria. Brother, brother-in-law and uncle of Valentina, Alberto, Fernando and Lisa. Uncle of Eduardo, Amanda and Lila (Australia). Padrinho of godson Manni, wife Elmi, Gianni and Emil Ribeiro (Syndney, Australia). Godson of Linda Gouveia (New Jersey, United States of America). Friend of Manny & Rosa Ribeiro (Stellenbosch). Remembered by Manuel Gomes (Sala). Sympathy from (a) Bellville Market Management and staff, (b) M & R Marketing management and staff at Epping Market, (c) Commodore Distributors Directors and Staff. Requiem mass: St Pauls Catholic Church, Somerset West, Western Cape Province, 10 January 2002, 15:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 04, 05, 08 & 09/01/2002).
DELFINO  Elma Maria Elizabeth (née HOLDER). + 7 January 2002. Late of Sandton, Gauteng Province. Condolences to Mario, Tanya, Karen from Madeline and Dick, friends of Elma. Funeral service: Avbob Chapel, cnr Owl Street & Frost Avenue, Milpark, Johannesburg, 12 January 2002, 14:00. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
DEVARACHA  MUTHOOSAMY (RICHARD). Wife Jane. Father of Bradley, Brandon and Jennifer. Funeral: 09/01/2002, leaving his late residence, body in state at 33 Crestone Road Whetstone, Phoenix, North Region, Durban, 10:00 - 14:15, then to Clare Estate Crematorium. (MERCURY - 09/01/2002).
DIAS  John (Johnny). + 5/1/2002. Mourned by Rene, Jeff, Tony, Gary, Jenny and grandchildren. Sister Lou, with Andrea and family. Remembered by (a) Fatima Nunes, at Kuils River, (b) Anthony and family, (c) Carol and family in the Uinited States of America, (d) Marge, Susan, Lynn and Butch Turner-West. Friend and colleague of Kevin Van Dyk at Nabisco. Funeral service: Catholic Church, Voortrekker Road, Parow, Western Cape Province, 11 January 2002, 14:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 07 & 08 & 09/01/2002).
DIPPENAAR  Freda. + 08/01/2002. Late of Manenberg, Cape Town. Sister and aunt of Doretta, Sean and children. (CAPE ARGUS - 10/01/2002).
DOOKIE  Rajin Baldeo. + 28/12/2001, aged 42. Wife Akashnee, son of Baldeo and Shirley Dookie, brother of Reena and Rajesh, brother-in-law of Avinesh and Nalini, uncle of Yuventha, Thelishka, Mishka, Tahika, Krean, Ksheka and Alayka. (DAILY NEWS - 10/01/2002).
DRUMMOND  Gerard Angus (Gerry). + 9/1/2002. Wife Erica, father and father-in-law of Diana & Jacques, Robert & Jill, Mark & Rosie and Guy & Sharon. Gathering in Gerry’s memory: home of Mark & Rosie, 22 Pioneer Road, Kloof, KwaZulu-Natal Province, 12 January 2002, 17:00. Cremated. (DAILY NEWS - 10/01/2002).
DU PLESSIS  BEN. In lewe van Silverton, Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 11/01/2002, 12:00, Nederduitsch hervormde Kerk, Fakkelstraat, Silverton, dan na Pretoria-Oos begraafplaas. (Beeld - 10/01/2002).
Du Plessis  Jolan Magdalena - see: Van Wyk, Jolan Magdalena.
DUNDAS  ANN. + 7/1/2002. Late of Lynnwood, Pretoria. Mother, grandmother, great-grandmother of the Brown family: Dennis, Colleen, Dino, Keri, Craig, Janine, Bryce and Ethan, the Scott family: Bobby, Glenda, Grant and Kelly, the Dundas family: Sean, McCoy, Erica and Lisa. Mother and grandmother of Brian, Colleen, Neil, Bern, Gareth, Carla. Cremation service: Rebecca Street Crematorium Chapel, Pretoria West, 14-01-2002, 10:00, cremation. (PRETORIA NEWS - 09 & 10/01/2002).
FARAH  GEORGE. + 8 January 2002. Late of Halfway House, Midrand, Gauteng Province. Father of Jodee and Tanya. Remembered by Gert, Margaret,Gerrardt, Lauren,Justin, Jana,Jonathan, Tracy,and Katherine. Condolences from all at Wasabi Restaurant. Service: Our Lady Of The Cedars Of Lebonon, Western Service Road, Woodmead Ext 19, Johannesburg, 11/01/2002, 10:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
FOBEL  LOUISE (Lulu). + 9 January 2002, aged 95. Daughter Denise, son David, daughter-in-law Joan, grandchildren Steven & Vicky, Anthony & Danielle, Caroline & Simon and great-grandchildren Sophie, Benjamin, Emily and Lucy. Missed by Anne Lomnitz and Roy and Beverley Lomnitz. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
FORTUIN  Mervin. + 5 January 2002, aged 41. Left a wife, children and family. Funeral service: 11 January 2002, New Apostolic Church, North Pine Congregation, North Pine Drive, North Pine, 11:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 09/01/2002).
FOURIE  MAGDALENA CATHARINA PETRONELLA (Lenie). In lewe van Westdene, Johannesburg. Begrafnisdiens: NG Kerk, Edwardstraat, Triomf, Johannesburg, 12/01/2002, 10:00, dan na Wespark begraafplaas. (Beeld - 10/01/2002.
FORD  MICHELLE. Husband Cedric, children Calvin and Bianca. Remembered by the Van der Mescht, Moore and Pieterse families. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
FRITZ  William Jacobus (Bill / Billy). + 7 January 2002. Father of Mervyn, Shireen and family: Mervyn, Ursula, Nola, Kevin, Lorna, in-laws, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Father and grandfather of (a) son Kevin, wife Yola and grandsons, (b) daughter Lorna, son-in-law Francois and granddaughter Jade (Belgium), (c) daughter Ursula, son-in-law Trevor and family, (d) daughter Nola and grandchildren Tracey and Sean. Uncle remembered by (a) Alma, Laura and family, (b) Eddie and Yola, Arthur and Colleen and family (New Zealand). Funeral service: 10 January 2002, 14:30, Methodist Church, Ottery Road, Wynberg, Cape Town, cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 09 & 10/01/2002).
FROMENTEAU  JEAN-CLAUDE. Late of Sunninghill, Sandton, Gauteng Province. Remembered by Jane, Joanna, Alexis and Matthew. Service: The Chapel, Fourways Memorial Park, Inchanga Road, Witkoppen, Randburg, Gauteng Province, 11/01/2002, 15:00, cremation.(THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
GARDNER  RUBY. + 4 January 2002, aged 82. Late of Primrose, Germiston, Gauteng Province. Aunt of Denise, Jimmy and families. Memorial service: St James Church, Oxford Road, Bedfordview, Gauteng Province, 10:00, 10 January 2002, cremation. (THE STAR - 08 & 09/01/2002).
GEDDES  Dolly. Husband Les, mother of Tony, Peter and Desie. Memorial Service: Christ Church, 15 Mellor Road, Pinetown, Durban, 11/01/2002, 14:00. (MERCURY - 10/01/2002).
GIBBON  ETHEL MAY. + 7 January 2002. Daughter Enid. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
GOLDMAN  Muriel Doreen. + 8 January 2002. A wife, mother and grandmother missed by Doug, Wendy, Glynis and seven grandchildren. Funeral service: Coronation Methodist Church, Goldman Street, Somerset West, Western Cape Province, 14 January 2002, 11:30. (CAPE TIMES - 09 & 10/01/2002).
GOMEZ  Lena. + 5/1/2002, aged 93. Son Basil [and family], Ida and Penny. Grandsons and families (a) Freddy, Theresa, Lisa and Kyle, (b) Adrian, Ingid, Carlo and Rico. Granddaughters (a) Sharon, (b) Lorensha [and family], Clinton and Robin, (c) Rovena [and family], Desmond and Tracy, (d) Francis [and family], Jenny, Meshay and Zale, and Kashiefa, Fahiem, Tashneem, Lemeez and Taurick, (e) Alison and husband Tony (Johannesburg), (f) Lazalle and husband Des (United Kingdom). Funeral service: 12/1/2002, 09:30, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, Bergvliet, Cape Town, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 09 & 10/01/2002).
GOVENDER  KRISHNA (DUMMY). Late of 24 Witham Place, Unit 12, Westham, Phoenix, Northern Region, Durban. Employee of Independent Newspapers. Wife Devi. Father of Derrick, Desigan, Sally, Jane, Shereen and Saloshini, brother of Steven, Peter, Denver, Scott and Mallie. Funeral: 10/01/2002, his late residence, 12:00 - 15:00, then to Clare Estate Crematorium, 16:00. (DAILY NEWS - 10/01/2002).
GRAHAM  KATE. + 7/1/2002, aged 86. Late of Sandown Village, Durban. Widow of the late Bill, children Jennifer and Rodger. Memorial Service: Westville Baptist Church, 12 January 2002, 11:00. (DAILY NEWS - 09/01/2002).
GROBLER  MANA. In lewe van Harmoniehof Tehuis vir Bejaardes, Mearsstraat, Sunnyside, Pretoria. Gedenkdiens: Harmoniehof Tehuis vir Bejaardes, 10/01.2002, 14:00, verassing. (Beeld - 09/01/2002).
GROOSEN  Frikkie. + 6 Januarie 2002. Betreur deur familie. Begrafnisdiens: N.G. Kerk, Hillstraat, Grahamstad, Oos-Kaap provinsie, 11 Januarie 2002, 14:00. (The Herald - 09/01/2002).
HARRIS  John. In lewe van Joubertstraat 36, Queenstown, Ooskaap provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 2002-01-09, 10:00, Ou Apostoliese Kerk, Wodehousestraat 34, Queenstown. (Dispatch - 09/01/2002).
Harwood  Edmonde Mitzie - see: Botha, Edmonde Mitzie.
HERBST  Charles David. + 03/01/2002. Wife deceased. Father and grandfather of (a) Chas, Bernese, Ryan and Jaclyn Herbst, (b) Evadne, Graham, Ross and Scott Tilbury. (DAILY NEWS - 10/01/2002).
HERRING  ISABEL MARIA (née DE FREITAS). + 7January 2002, aged 86. Sons Eric, Ronnie, each with children and grandchildren Mother and grandmother of Ron, Merle, Melanie and Nikki. Memorial service: 11/1/2002, 10:00, St Josephs Catholic Church, Anderson Street, Goodwood, Cape Town, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 08 & 09/01/2002).
HINDLEY  Kathleen Mary (Kath). + 7/1/2002. Husband David, sons David A, Phillip and John [and his family:] Petronelle and grandson Thomas-Leach. Sympathy from (a) Staff at Top Security systems, (b) Geoff, Marlene and B+C Eng Staff. Memorial service and Funeral: St Marys Cathedral, 10:30, 10 January 2002. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 09 & 10/01/2002).
Holder  Elma Maria Elizabeth - see: Delfino, Elma Maria Elizabeth.
HOLLINGSWORTH  JOHN. + London 8 January 2002. Wife Geraldine (Gerry). Father of Mark and Jason. Brother-in-law to Brian, Rita and Pauline, uncle to Grant, son-in-law to Maureen. Brother and brother-in-law of Andrew and Tracy, uncle of Keiran and Timothy (KwaZulu-Natal Province). (MERCURY & THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
ISOBELL  John Stanley (Stan).+ 5 January 2002. Wife Liz. Youngest son Alistair. Left also other children and grandchildren. Uncle of Reggie, Pam and children. Missed by all at PG Knitting. Sympathy to the family from Rhona Goldberg. Funeral service: 9 January 2002, 11:00, Westridge Baptist Church, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 08 & 09/01/2002).
JACOBS  BERNARD LEONARD. + 8 January 2002. Children Dean, Jill, Gary, Claudia, Michael and Amy. Missed by his mother, sister Glynis, Robin, Cindy, Lesley and Avril. His in-laws: Brother Roy and sister-in-law Shirley. Delia, Kenneth, Sandra, Desiree, Kenwyn, Richard, Edward and Erna. Mourned by the Officials and members of Lelie Bloem Hulp Dood Genootskap. Funeral service: Calvinist Church, Keswick Road, Punts Estate, Diep River, Western Cape Province, 11 January 2002, 12:00, then to Plumstead Cemetery, First Gate, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 10/01/2002).
JENSEN  Michael. + 7 January 2002. Son of Dibbie, missed by wife, sons and father. (The Herald - 09/01/2002).
KENNEY  Raymond Anthony. + 4 January 2002, aged 80. Wife Delysia (Delsey). Son Raymond, daughter-in-law Diana and grandchildren Deborah, Patricia, Suzanne and Michael. Father and grandfather of daughter Diane, son-in-law Chris and granddaughters Radelle and Christiane. Sisters Irene and Alethea, brother Norman (England). Old friend of Gladys and Ray Carter. Sympathy to Delsey and family from the W. M. Officers and Brethren of Phoenix Lodge, Glencairn and Phoenix Allied Degrees, Cape Town. Memorial service: 10 January 2002, 11:00, Goodall & Williams Chapel, 177 Main Road, Plumstead, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 05 & 08 & 10/01/2002).
KIESER  Martin. + 8 January 2002. Sister Atholene and Callie, brother Harry and Charlotte. (CAPE ARGUS - 10/01/2002).
KILIAN  STEPHANUS JACOBUS. In lewe van Lyttelton, Centurion, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: NG Kerk Lyttelton-Oos, 09/01/2002, 13:00, dan na Ou Verwoerdburg begraafplaas. (Beeld - 09/01/2002).
KINNEAR  Isaac (Doppie). + 8 January 2002. Wife Lavina. Father, grandfather and great-grandfather of Neville, Loretta, grandchildren and great- grandchildren. De of Conrad, Lauren and Darian. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 10/01/2002).
KNOTT-CRAIG  Estelle (Eppie) (born DE VILLIERS). * 12/08/1919 + 6/1/2002. Son Fergus and grandson Zhandrey. Sons Ian, Hamish and Graham and their families. M J Robertson, friend for over 60 years, who considered Estelle a member of the Robertson family ever since she returned to Cape Town in 1977. Missed by friends in The Fish Hoek Dramatic Society as well as the Muizenberg Dramatic Society (MADS) and of the Masque Theatre, where her dedication to publishing the events at the Masque Theatre, her presence, friendship and guidance will be remembered. Celia Musikanth will miss her teacher, critic and motivator. Memorial Service: Nerina Gardens, Upper Recreation Road, Fish Hoek, Cape Town, 10:00, 11 January 2002. (CAPE ARGUS - 08 & 09/01/2002).
KOEKEMOER  Kenny. Missed as manager and friend by Staff and Management at the Jabuleni Mini-market. (Dispatch - 09/01/2002).
LIEBENBERG  CHARLIE. Remembered BY Trevor, Cindy, Ouma and children. Meegevoel met die Liebenberg en Myburghfamilies van Herbie, Sandra en familie. Begrafnisdiens: 10 Januarie 2002, Engelse Baptiste Kerk, langs die brandweerstasie, Lynhurststraat, 14:00, dan na die begraafplaas. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 10/01/2002).
Luyt  Francis Catherine - see: Coraizin, Francis Catherine.
Majavie  Helen Hester - see: Rhode, Helen Hester.
McCALLUM  Freda Emma. + 08/01/2002. Aunt of John and Jane Cross. (DAILY NEWS - 10/01/2002).
McFIE  Myra Gracie. * 14/2/1913 + 7/1/2002. Husband Ian deceased. Mother of Heather and Raymond, and Janet, grandmother of Christine & Guy, Royden & Tarryn. (MERCURY - 09/01/2002).
McGHIE  Margaret Fleming King (Maggie). Late of 1 Sandown Road, Stirling, East London. Husband Gordon deceased. Left sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in Scotland and England. Friend, confidant and mother of Lesley and Billy Halley. Grandson Bruce. Great-granddaughter Maggie-Beth, who was named after Margaret. Missed by Lesley and Lynton. Requiem Mass: Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit, Drake Road, 09-01-2002, 09:00, cremation. (Dispatch - 08 & 09/01/2002).
MESSIAH  Dorathea Sophia (Doreen). + 7/1/2002, aged 64. Husband Malcolm. Left also children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Viewing: 57 Eendrag Street, Bellville South, Bellville, Western Cape Province, 12/1/2002, 07:00, service: St Johns Anglican Church, Eendrag Street, Bellville South, 08:00, then to Stikland Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 10/01/2002).
MNIKI  Guthrie Zolile. Late of 6 Thornbush Avenue, Braelyn, East London. Service: at his residence, 12/1/2002, 10:00, then to Cambridge Crematorium Chapel, Windemere Road, Cambridge, East London, 13:00. (Dispatch - 10/01/2002).
MOKWENA  Mantele. Missed by sister Mary and Kamogelo. Funeral: at home 12/1/2002, 5195 Magashula Street, 07:00. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 10/01/2002).
MORGAN  Veronica (Vera). Late of Langham House. Mother of son Rodney, Debi, Victor, Garryn, Chris, Natalie, Sean and Christine. Mother of Roland and Gloria. Missed by Floppy, Boetie and Honey Morgan. Cremation Service: 09-01-2002, 14:00, Greenfields Christian Church, Jan Smuts Avenue, Greenfields, East London. (Dispatch - 08 & 09/01/2002).
MORTON  Bernadene. + 7 January 2002. Missed by daughter, Bernadene’s mother, grandmother and the rest of the Johnston family. (CAPE ARGUS - 09/01/2002).
MOYO  DARKSON. Missed by colleagues and customers at Keg franchising. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
MULLINS  SYDNEY ALLAN. + 5 January 2002, aged 72. Left a wife, children and grandchildren. Father and grandfather of Randall, Brenda, grandchildren Michael, Rene, Caryn & Geoff. Service: Seventh Day Adventist Church, Milton Road, Kraaifontein, Western Cape Province, 9 January 2002, viewing: 10:30, service: 11:00, thence to Bellville Cemetery, Western Cape. (CAPE TIMES - 07 & 09/01/2002).
MURPHY  {LADY} DOROTHY (born WALKER). + at home, Stoke Poges, England 5 January 2002. Brother David & Peggy, Sandton, Gauteng Province and David John, Sandie and Victoria, London. Goddaughter Su, Steve, Adam and Liam (Western Cape Province). (CAPE ARGUS & THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
Murray  Dulcie - see: Butler, Dulcie.
MURRAY  ROBIN JOHN (Rob). + 31 December 2001. Friends and family: Colleen, Lance, Wendy, Tracey, Andy, Ashlea and Fabrizio. Memorial Services: (a) St Matthews Anglican Church, Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal Province, 8/01/2002, 10:30, (b) Centurian Hotel, Main Road, Sea Point, Cape Town, 14 January 2002, 15:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 05/01/2002 & CAPE ARGUS - 10/01/2002).
MWASI  George. + 7 January 2002, aged 88. Friend of many years of the Baker family, and all who knew him in SA and overseas. (CAPE TIMES - 09/01/2002).
NAIDOO  TERRENCE. Late of 18 - 41st Avenue, Umhlatuzana, KwaZulu-Natal Province. Wife Paddy. Father of Renatta, Damian, Odain, Mario and Ashley. Funeral Service: 9 January 2002, Olivet Assembly, 48 Galaxy Place, Woodhurst, Chatsworth, Durban, body in state at church 12:00 - 13:00, service: 13:00 - 14:00, then to Clairwood Cemetery, Durban. (MERCURY - 09/01/2002).
NEWTON  Rose-Marie. + 06/01/2002. [Unidentified insert]. (MERCURY - 10/01/2002).
PAHL  Frederick (Fred). + 6 January 2002, aged 93. Wife Barbara. Father and grandfather of Trevor, Helen, Daryn, Jess and Justin. Grandfather and great-pa of Ken & Anneli, Maureen, Allyson, Colleen and Felicity, Joel & Bianca, Zoe & Garrick. Condolences to Barbara from the President and Members of The Fish Hoek Bowling Club. Cremated. (CAPE TIMES - 08 & 09/01/2002).
PARRY  MARK. Sympathy to Carol from her colleagues at Alexander Forbes. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
PETERSEN  Bronwyn Guinevere (Bones). + 06/01/2002, aged 32. Only daughter of Lionel and Joyce. Sister of Eldrid & Patricia (Trish), Mikhail & Nadia. Missed by her colleagues of S.A.A., Abinitio Group 18 of November 1994. Remembered by Lorene and Marlon. Funeral service: 10:30, 12 January 2002, Gleemoor Congregational Church, 1st Ave, Belgravia Estate, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 08 & 10/01/2002).
PEVERETT  PERCIVAL SYDNEY. Late of Duncanville, Vereeniging, Gauteng Province. Cremation service: Anglican Church, Livingstone avenue, Vereeniging, 10/01/2002, 14:00. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
PHILLIPS  Cyril Vincent. Wife Rosey. Father of Bronwyne, Darren and Daryl. Grandfather of Nicholas and Timothy. Funeral Service: South Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 11/01/2002, 15:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 09/01/2002).
POTGIETER  FREDERIK JACOBUS. In lewe van Philip Nelpark, Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 10/01/2002, 12:30, Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk, h.v. Kerk- en Courtstraat, Pretoria-Wes, Pretoria, dan na Zandfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 09/01/2002).
PROCTOR  AUDREY. + Emmersen House (Bill Buchanan) 9/1/2002. Family: John, Colleen, Vanessa and Graeme Woods. (MERCURY - 10/01/2002).
QUIRK  Jo. Late of Inanda, Gauteng Province. Mother and grandmother of Patrick, Janie, Paul, Jessie, James, Nicky, Annie and Julia. Mother of Lee. Grandmother of Winnie, Johanna, Ivy and Kate. Requiem mass: Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 16 Stiemens Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 12 January 2002, 10:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
RANDALL  Willoughby Mervyn. + 05-01-2002. Late of 80 Evans Road, Milner Estates, East London. Wife Daphne. Father and grandfather of Rodney, Theresa, Lydia and Duane. Grandfather of Delene, Byron, Claire and Kyle. Cremation service: Cambridge Crematorium Chapel, Windermere Road, Cambridge, East London, 10-01-2002, 10:00. (Dispatch - 08 & 09/01/2002).
RHODE  HELEN HESTER (née MAJAVIE). + 07-01-2002. Husband Clive. Remembered by Julian, Natasha and children. Funeral service: Good Hope Christian Centre, Ottery, Cape Town, 10 January 2002, 09:00, cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 08 & 09/01/2002).
RICHARD  Piet. + 1 January 2002, aged 45. Left a wife and children. Funeral service: 12 January 2002, New Apostolic Church, Sarepta Congregation, Iris Street, Kuils River, Western Cape Province, 09:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 10/01/2002).
RICKETT  Phyllis Irene (Phyl). + 6/1/2002. Late of Berea Gardens, East London. Mother of Lynn & Gordon (Chub), Patsy & Mike and grandmother of Ross & Gretchen, Gavin, Nikki & Malcolm, Matthew, James and Joe. Sympathy to the Johnston and Copeland families from Lynne and Jeff Sadler. Memorial Service: Nahoon Methodist Church, Kennington Road, East London, 11-01-2002, 14:30, cremation. (Dispatch - 08 & 09/01/2002).
ROBERTS  PHYLLIS JULIA (PJ). + Riversidepark Home, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal Province 6 January 2002. Mother and grandmother of John, Estelle, Debbie, Steven. Mother of Bill and Beverley, grandmother of Ryan, Natalie and Bud, great-grandmother of Courtney and Alexa. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
ROZENDO  SHANE. + 5 January 2002. Son of Glynis and ZeGui, brother of Shaun, Xana and Kyle. Memorial service: Weltevreden Chapel, John Vorster Avenue, Rand Park Ridge, Randburg, Gauteng Province, 12:00, 12 January 2002. (THE STAR - 08 & 09/01/2002).
RUDMAN  NAOMIE (née WEIDEMAN). + 7 January 2002. In lewe van Welgevonden. Missed by her family, especially Gordon, children and grandchildren. Verassingdiens: AVBOB Kapel, 09/01/2002, 11:30. (Beeld & THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
RUITERS  Anna. + 07/01/2002. Funeral: 19/01/2002, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. (Dispatch - 10/01/2002).
SAMUELS  John Hendry. + 6 January 2002, aged 47. Wife Linda, children Rene, Sharon, Cleo and Raoul. Brother of Keith & Rose. Brother and uncle of Brian, sister-in-law Melody, Warren & Leigh-Ann. Brother-in-law of Leon, Brenda, Colleen and Michael. Requiem Mass: Our Lady Of The Rosery Catholic Church, Hanover Park, Cape Town, 14:30, 9 January 2002, thence to Maitland Crematorium. (CAPE TIMES - 08 & 09/01/2002).
SCHAFFERS  Helen Julia. + 04/01/2002, aged 85. Son Eddie, daughter-in-law Lorraine, children Tyrone, Jason and Maylon. Mother and grandmother of (a) Patsy, Alfie, Tessa, Anthea, Julian, Levonne, Michele and Robin, (b) Olie, Alethea, Melissa, Juanita, Jaque and Britney. Grandmother and great-grandmother of Lorenzo, Portia, Kim and Nique. Viewing: 24 Martin Petersen Avenue, Bellville South, Western Cape Province, 10/01/2001, 08:30, furneral service: St. Johns Anglican Church, Eendrag Street, Bellville South, 10:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 08 & 09/01/2002).
SCHOEMAN  Edward Malcolm. + Queensland, Australia 6/1/2002. Late of Australia. Widower of the late Muriel, father of Patrick, Dianne, Hazel, Anita, Michael, Jack and Jill, also a grandfather. (DAILY NEWS - 08 & 09/01/2002).
SCHOLTZ  {Dr} ANTHONIE BOTHA (Tonie). In lewe van Williow Haven Aftreeoord, Lynnwoodrif, pretoria. Verassingdiens: 11/1/2002, 10:00, Rebeccastraat Krematorium Kapel, Pretoria-Wes. (Beeld - 10/01/2002).
SCHULTZ  Patricia (Pat) (née VAN DER WATER). * 15/08/1949 + 07/01/2002. Husband Roderick, children Robert and Derrick. Funeral Service: Doves South Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 9 January 2002, 15:00, cremation. (MERCURY - 09/01/2002).
SEEGERS  Thomas David James. + 6 January 2002, aged 40. Wife Glynis, children Clint, Andre & Esre. Funeral service: 12:00, 10 January 2002, Faith Chapel, Katdoring Road, Eastridge, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 09/01/2002).
SIMMONDS  DORA CAROLINE. + 6 January 2002. Mother of Jean, Barbara and Heather, mother-in-law of John, Brian and Michael, also a grandmother and great-grandmother. Memorial Service took place privately. (DAILY NEWS - 10/01/2002).
SLABBERT  JAN (Tatties). In lewe van Edenvale, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: Pinkster Protestantse Kerk, Tiendelaan 67, Edenvale, 10/01/2002, 11:00, dan na Mooifontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 09/01/2002).
SMITH  Arthur. * 20/03/1909 + 05/01/2002. Father and grandfather of Jenny, Colin, Kelly and Ryan. Memorial Service: Umbilo Congregational Church, 498 Bartle Road, Durban, 10/01/2002, 10:00. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
SMITH  Eileen Esther. + 04/01/2002, aged 87. Mother of Jackie, Dorothy, Sharon, Frank, Natasha and Annabel. Remembered by Thomas, Roz and granddaughter Bronwyn. Sister of Shirley and Frances. Memorial Service: 11/01/2002, 11:00, Methodist Church, Goodwood, CapeTown, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 08 & 09 & 10/01/2002).
SOLOMON  MARY. + 6 January 2002. Late of Colbyn, Pretoria. Husband Fred, daughters Pam and Heather, Situ of Francois and Daniel. Cousin of Jimmy, Emelie and family. Requiem mass: Christ The King Catholic Church, 1157 Woodlands Drive, Queenswood, Pretoria, 9/01/2002, 14:00, cremation. (PRETORIA NEWS - 08 & 10/01/2002).
SOULE  Bryan. * 23/06/1936 + Amanzimtoti, KwaZulu-Natal Province 04/01/2002. Formerly of George and Worcester, Western Cape Province. Father of Edgar and Theresa. Missed by Theresa, Edgar, Arne, Peter and George. Memorial service: McDonald Memorial Presbyterian Church, Athlone Park, 15:00, 11/01/2002 (MERCURY - 09/01/2002).
Spenceley  Edith Mary - see: Thomson, Edith Mary.
SPRINGETT  John. + 7/1/2002. Daughter Natasha, son St John. An original member of the OVC, Earls Court in the 1950s and 1960s and more lately, a regular friend at the functions of the Club. Missed by friends, particularly Hylton Ross, Janis, Christopher and Nick. Cremated. Wake: 15/1/2002, the OVC, 230 Long Street, Cape Town, 17:30 for family, friends, ex colleagues, ex OVC travellers. E-mails: and (CAPE ARGUS - 09/01/2002).
STANFIELD  Hendrika (née VALENSKY). + 4 January 2002, aged 69. Husband Marlin. Left also children, grand- and great-grandchildren. Funeral service: 12 January 2002, New Apostolic Church, Matroosfontein Congregation, Wembley Way, Matroosfontein, Western Cape Province, 09:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 10/01/2002).
STEENKAMP  DANIEL J. In lewe van Kemptonpark, Gauteng Provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: NG Kerk Hoogland, De Wikusweg, Kemptonpark, 11/01/2002, 14:00, dan na Zuurfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 10/01/2002.
STEENKAMP  JACOBUS CHRISTIAAN. In lewe van Unitaspark-Oos, Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Verassingdiens: NG Kerk Unitaspark, 11/01/2002, 09:30. (Beeld - 10/01/2002).
STEYN  MATTHYS CORNEULES. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: Volle Evangelie Kerk Wesmoot, Taljaardstraat 504, Daspoort, Pretoria, 11 Januarie 2002, 10:00, dan na Zandfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 10/01/2002).
STIEMENS  BERNARD CLIFFORD. + 27 December 2001. Wife Eileen. (PRETORIA NEWS - 10/01/2002).
STRYDOM  Carel Johannes. + 5 January 2002. Left a wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Funeral service: Evangelies Gereformeerde Kerk, Great West Way, Port Elizabeth, 9 January 2002, 11:00, then to the North End Cemetery. Arrangements (The Herald - 09/01/2002).
SWART  DINA MARIA. In lewe van Danville, Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: NG Kerk Wespoort, Pretoria 09/01/2002, 13:00, dan na Zandfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 09/01/2002).
THOMAS  VILIA MARY (Head). + Port Elizabeth 4 January 2002. Mother of Eric (021-553-2839) and Malcolm (082-378-2266). Sister and brother-in-law Doreen and Doug Adams. Aunt of Susan and Colin Spangenburg, and Gordon and Marlene Adams. Friend and neighbour for 35 years of the Mortimer family. Her companion and friend Reg Anderson. Memorial service: St Johns Methodist Church, Havelock Street, Port Elizabeth, 8 January 2002, 15:00, cremation. (The Herald - 07 & 08/01/2002 & THE STAR - 07/01/2002 & DAILY NEWS - 09/01/2002).
THOMSON  Edith Mary (née SPENCELEY). + 03 January 2002, aged 82. Widow of the late Joe. Mother of (a) Gordon, (daughter-in-law Daphne, grandmother and great-grandmother of Barry, Wendy, Kevin and Myles), (b) Joe and (c) Patricia (Pat), son-in-law Morris and grandson Gary. Mother-in-law of Gill. No Memorial Service at the deceased’s request. Cremated. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002 & Dispatch - 09/01/2002).
TODD  Gladys May. + 9/1/2001. Mother of Barry and Kathy and grandmother of Cheryl, Michael and Sharon. (DAILY NEWS - 10/01/2002).
TOKO  MAPIPA VIRGINIA. + 6 January 2002. House-help, friend and confidante missed by Hazel Cordiglia. (CAPE ARGUS - 09/01/2002).
TOPHAM  Natalie Josephine (Babs). + 7 January 2002. Late of 403 Hadlow Place, 100 Ronald Road, Montclair, Durban. Mother of Bill / Billy and Jeanette, grandmother of Cheryne (& Charles), Leanne (& Martin), and Pam. Memorial Service: East Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 10/1/2002, 14:00, cremation. (MERCURY - 09/01/2002).
VALE  GWENNETH MARY (EVA / Gwen) + Port Elizabeth 3 January 2002. Alan, husband for 57 years. Mother of Lorna & Michael, Charles & Gail, Jean & Pierre. Grandmother of Mark, Eleanor, Pamela and Monica. Memorial service: Port Elizabeth 7 January 2002. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
Valensky  Hendrika - see: Stanfield, Hendrika.
VAN ASWEGEN  Cecilia Magritha. Begrafnisdiens: 12 Januarie 2002, 10:00, Stillerwee Aftree-Oord, Kimberley, dan na die Wes-Einde Begraafplaas. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 10/01/2002).
Van der Water  Patricia (Pat) - see: Schultz, Patricia.
VAN HEERDEN  ILSE. + 7/1/2002. Husband Glenn. Mother to Wayne and Wanda. Condolences to Glenn from (a) the Brocco families and GV Brocco Pty Ltd, (b) Management and staff of Avis Fleet Services, (c) Barry and Marcia Pelkowitz. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
VAN HUYSSTEEN  Rutgert Daniel (Oom Gert). + 4 Januarie 2004, 88 jaar oud. Kinders: Beryl, Danie en Gerrie. Was ook ‘n skoonpa, oupa en oupagrootjie. Pietermaritzburg. Verassingdiens: N.G Kerk, Drydonweg, Hayfields, Pietermaritzburg, 10/01/2002, 11:00. (MERCURY - 07 & 09/01/2002).
VAN NIEKERK  Jack. Late of Strand, Western Cape Province. Cremation service: Baptist Church, Strand, 11/01/2002, 11:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 09/01/2002).
VAN ROOY  AUBREY JAMES. + 28/12/2001. Father of Carl, Nadine, Tessa and Anthony. Sister Dawn and brother-in-law Garth. Sisters Gertrude, Thelma, brother Eddie & Samantha. Missed by Doreen, Joe, Uri, Brian, Glynnis, Kelly and Kim. Work colleague of all at Hoal Contracting. Memorial Service: 12 January 2002, 11:00, Docks Mission Church, Belgravia Road, Athlone, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 03 & 05 & 09 10/01/2002).
VAN SITTERS  WILLEM. + 5 January 2002, aged 53. Left a wife, children, grandchildren and family. Viewing: 681 Springbok Street, Russels Rest, Eerste River, Western Cape Province, 12/01/2002, 07:30, Service: New Apostolic Church, Devon Park Congregation, 09:00, then to Welmoed Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 10/01/2002).
VAN WYK  Jolan Magdalena (nee DU PLESSIS). + 02/01/2002, aged 62. Husband Harold, sons Bertram and Wayne. Daughter Anne, son-in-law Ivan and granddaughter Colleen. Left also other in-laws and grandchildren. Service: Moravian Church, Royal Road, Maitland, Cape Town, 12/01/2002, 10:00, thence to Maitland Cemetery, Pinelands gate. (CAPE ARGUS - 08 & 10/01/2002).
VAN ZYL  JOHANNES. In lewe van Capital Park, Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: NG Kerk, Concordia, 10/01/2002, 09:30, dan na Zandfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 09/01/2002).
VENABLES  Roland Lawrence. + 8/1/2002. Late of 43 8th Avenue, Gonubie, East London. Wife Ducie, daughter Estelle. (Dispatch - 09/01/2002).
VENTURA  Frank Andrew. + 6 January 2002. Children Reggie, Lionel (& Gloria, grandchildren Cordelia and Kerry), Randolph, Gary (& daughter-in-law Marilyn and grandchildren Kym, Devlin and Erin), Lynette. Left also other grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Brother-in-law of Johanna, Ivan and Andre. Service: 10:30, 11 January 2002, St Stephens Church, Breë Street, Cape Town, then to Maitland cemetery Gate Ext 1. (CAPE TIMES - 09/01/2002).
VERHOOG  Reginald. + 1 January 2002. Left a wife, daughters, sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Requiem Mass: 10:30, 11 January 2002, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, Rhos Street, Bellville, Western Cape Province, then to Stikland Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 10/01/2002).
VLADISLAVICH  HELEN. * 04/02/1925 + 05/01/2002. Re-united with Toni and Natasha. Husband Babe. Left also other children and grandchildren. Funeral service: 11-01-2002, 10:00, St. Columba Catholic Church, Malherbe Street, then to the Heatherdale cemetery, Pretoria North. (PRETORIA NEWS - 09 & 10/01/2002).
VOS  Corrie. Late of Bryanston, Johannesburg. Memorial service: San Sereno, Fleming Street, Bryanston, 10/1/2002, 15:00. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
Walker  Dorothy - see: Murphy, Dorothy.
Weideman  Naomie - see: Rudman, Naomie.
WELDON  James (Uncle Jim). + 5 January 2002. Grandfather of Sean, Brent, Taryn, Kayleigh, Patience and Lara, father-in-law of Ruth. Funeral service: St Margaret Marys Catholic Church, Green Point, Cape Town, 9 January 2002, 10:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 08 & 09/01/2002).
WELDRICK  MARK (Baby Face). + 3 January 2002. Wife Thea, daughter Emily. Missed by Mum and Dad, Andrew and Helen, Sarah and Mike and family. Once in a lifetime friend of Lul Poppet (Eastern Cape Province). Cremation service: 11 January 2002, Victoria Park Chapel, First Avenue, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 14:30. (PRETORIA NEWS - 05/01/2002 & The Herald - 08 & 09/01/2002).
WHITEFIELD  Leonard William. Late of Little Falls, dist Randburg, Gauteng Province. Requiem mass: St John The Apostle Catholic Church, 6 Havenga Avenue, Florida Park, Florida, Roodepoort, Gauteng Province, 11 January 2002, 10:00, cremation.(THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
WHITMORE  John. Remembered by all ‘The Hobie Oldies’ of Fish Hoek Beach Sailing Club. Sympathy to Thelma. (CAPE TIMES - 10/01/2002).
WILLIAMS  LAURA GLORIA. + 6 January 2002. Late of Benoni, Gauteng Province. Missed by Debs, Terri, Susan, Laurell, Matthew and Kayla. Memorial service: 10/1/2002, 11:30, Northfield Methodist Church, Aerodrome Drive, Airfield, Benoni. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
WILLIAMS  Valerie. + 07/01/2002. Son Deon, daughters Charmaine and Naeeka. sons-in-law Sasja, Shaun, grandchildren Natasha, Zuben, Zaid and Leticia. Mother Rosie, brothers Clement and Anthony & Rhoda. Service: 10/01/2002, 13:00, Queen of Peace Catholic Church, corner 4th Avenue and1st Road, Grassy Park, Cape Town, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 09 & 10/01/2002).
WOHLBERG  Irene. + 07/01/2002, aged 95. Motther of Edgar, mother-in-law of Dot, grandmother of Lynne, Jenny and Glenys and great-grandmother of Lisa, Kim, Taryn, Simone, Jessica and Hayley. Memorial Service: Altersheim Port Natal, 53 Harborth Road, New Germany, KwaZulu-Natal Province, 10/01/2002, 09:30. (MERCURY - 09/01/2002).
YOUNG  ANDREW RONALD. + 3 January 2002. Son of Joan and Jimmy. Sisters and brother-in-law Brenda, Amanda, Yorg and Tony, Lara and his daughters Taygin and Savannah. Uncle of Ethan and Bettina. Condolences to Lara and family from management and staff of Rescue Rod and Trevor Quigley Plumbing, where Andrew was one of the team. Memorial service: Wychwood Baptist Church, McAlphine Road, Wychwood, Germiston, Gauteng Province, 9 January 2002, 15:00. (THE STAR - 08 & 09/01/2002).
ZWIEGELAAR  HENDRIK JOHANNES. In lewe van Boksburg, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: NG Kerk Boksburg-Oos, h.v. Paul Kruger- en 14e Laan, Boksburg, 11/02/2002, 14:00, dan na Boksburg begraafplaas. (Beeld - 09/01/2002).
KANTOR  Faige. Widow of the late Aby Kantor, mother of Brian, Leonard and Zara Alexander. Consecration of tombstone: 13 January 2002, 10:00, Pinelands Cemetery No 2, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 10/01/2002).
LEVY  Hannah (born OBLOWITZ). Mother of Marion Cohen and Maurice Levy (East London). Consecration of tombstone: 13 January 2002, 11:00, Pinelands Cememtery No 1, Cape Town. (CAPE TIMES - 10/01/2002).
SAMSON  BASIL. Unveiling of tombstone: West Park Cemetery, Johannesburg, 13 January 2002, 10:00. Grave No: UE 209. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
SHILL  Isaac Willie. Was a father and grandfather. Unveiling of tombstone: 20 January 2002, 10:30. Grave No P5A [cemetery not published]. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
TRAPEDO  MORRIS. Was a father and Zeida. Unveiling of tombstone: West Park Cemetery, Johannesburg, 13 January 2002, 11:00. Grave No: I624. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002)
BAILEY  Joe. + 16 years ago today. Remembered by sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. (The Herald - 10/01/2002).
BOOYSEN  Freddie. Remembered by wife Irene, children and grandchildren. (The Herald - 10/01/2002).
BORGWARD  STEVE (Stevie B). + 08/01/2000. [Inserted by] friends John and Liz Lear and Camilla and Graham. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
CANE  Natalie. + 3 years ago today. Missed by son Ticko, daughter-in-law Bernadette, grandchildren and great grandchildren. (MERCURY - 10/01/2002).
COOK  Timothy Roland. Remembered by Mom, brother Ed, Ray and families. (The Herald - 10/01/2002).
CRELLIN  Ken. + 3 years ago today. [Unidentified insert]. (The Herald - 09/01/2002).
DE BEER  Barry. + 10/1/1990. [Inserted by] Mom and sisters. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 10/01/2002).
DE MARCO  Peggy. + 10 January 1982. [Inserted by] husband and sons. (The Herald - 10/01/2002).
EWART  Thelma. + 22/12/2000. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of (a) Lorraine, Rob and family, (b) Wendy, Lew, Warren and Lynette, now living in New Zealand. (DAILY NEWS - 09/01/2002).
FOUNTAIN  Ken. + 1 year ago. Wife Hilcyon. (The Herald - 10/01/2002).
GLIKSMAN  DAWID. + 1 year ago. [Inserted by] Mickey. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
GOVENDER  Mahendran N. (OM TAT SAT). Late of 14 Silverbank Road, Silver Glen, Durban. Third son of Dr PN and Mrs Vasagee Govender, brother of Daven, Thiru and Vinay. Bbrother-in-law of Pria and Thanusha. Uncle of Vaishnavi and cousin of Thacia and Luchen. Sixteenth Day Memorial Service: Burlington Heights Temple Hall, Midmar Road, Burlington Heights, Durban, 12/1/2002, 15:00 - 16:00. (DAILY NEWS - 09/01/2002).
HAMMOND  Gwendoline Doreen (Gwen /Gwennie). + 10/1/1999. Husband Teddy. Mother of Lyndon, Maxine, Sasha and Keanan. Mother and grandmother of Heidi, Stuart, Robyn and Dylan. Sister of Beatrice. Sister and aunt of Marjie, Colin and Gareth. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 10/01/2002).
HOFFMANN  CRAIG. Missed by Mom, Greg and Dean. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
IZATT  MICHéLE. + 09/01/1991. Vrou van James, ma en ouma van Wayne Tracey, Wendt, Ruby en Johan. (Beeld - 09/01/2002).
JOHNSON  DEBBIE. + 25 years ago. Was a daughter and sister. [Unidentified insert]. (MERCURY - 09/01/2002).
JOHNSTON  Roy. + 1 year ago today. Father of Bradley & Cindy, Tracy & Derek. (Dispatch - 09/01/2002).
KANDASAMY  GNANAPRAGASEN. Late of 49 Westlynn Heights, Durban. Brother of Nadasen, Pooblan, Sathie, Pregie, Subbamah, Sunga and Savithree. 16th day Memorial service: 13 January 2002, Sithivinagyer Temple Hall, Cnr of Essendene and Brickfield Road, Overport, KwaZulu-Natal, 17:30. On 14/01/2002: at his late residence. (DAILY NEWS - 10/01/2002).
KOPELEDI  John. + 5 years ago. Wife Maggie, children Kobamelo, Naledi and Kelebogile. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 10/01/2002).
LANE  HAROLD EDGAR. + 9/1/1998. Missed by Jean, children, grandchildren and great-grandson. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
LINDEMANN  Alfred. + 5 years ago. Remembered by Enid, Lerina and families. (Dispatch - 09/01/2002).
LONGMAN  JOHN WILLIAM. + 26 December 1996. Remembered by Hazel and daughter Angela Mercedes. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
LORTON  Darren. Remembered by Ronald, Ruth and granddaughter. (DAILY NEWS - 09/01/2002).
MACLOU  Charles Arthur. + 9/01/1984. Remembered by the Maclou family. (MERCURY - 09/01/2002).
MACLOU  Derrick. + 02/01/1990. Remembered by the Maclou family. (MERCURY - 09/01/2002).
MORGAN  Vera. * 09/01/1909. Daughter Valerie. (Dispatch - 09/01/2002).
O’NEILL  KATHLEEN. + 8/1/2001. Mother and grandmother of Irene, Fred, Gemma and Callum. Remembered by Mo and Siobhan. (THE STAR - 08 & 09/01/2002).
OLIVIER  DAWN. + 4 years ago. Widower Mike. Missed by Mom, Carol, Richard, Jeffrey, Penny and Roxanne. (DAILY NEWS - 09/01/2002).
RECKAS  LOLENE. + 14 years ago today. Parents alive. Younger sister Candy. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
SACHER  BARNEY. + 9 years ago. Widow Doris. Father and grandfather of Michael, Linda, Dean and Bianca. Grandfather of Linda (Tammy) and Jade. Remembered by Ron, Heather, Gregory & Samantha. (THE STAR - 10/01/2002).
SMALL  Wesley (Monty). + 1 year ago today, aged 15. [Inserted by parents sisters Michelle and Kaylyn. (MERCURY - 09/01/2002).
SMOUSE  Lena. + 5 years ago. [Inserted by] No‘l, Grecia, Shannon, Ashwell and Justin. (Dispatch - 09/01/2002).
STEPHENS  Sheila. + 10/01/1967. Mother of Patty & Rodney and family. Remembered by June, Joe and family. (DAILY NEWS - 10/01/2002).
TLHABANELO  (Chum). + 6 years ago. [Inserted by] wife Martha and family. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 10/01/2002).
VAN NIEKERK  MARIE. + 4 years ago. Widower Frank. Was also a mother and grandmother. (THE STAR - 09/01/2002).
VAN ROOYEN  N.P. + 2 jaar gelede. Weduwee Sientjie, kinders en kleinkinders. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 10/01/2002).
WEWEJE  Mike. + 15 years ago. [Inserted by] wife Dixie and the Venter family. (Dispatch - 10/01/2002).
WILLIAMS  DAVID. + 9/12/2001. Widow Delaine, children Bronwyn and Graeme, grandchildren Marcina and Nazreen. (DAILY NEWS - 09/01/2002).
YOUNG  FRED. Remembered by brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. (DAILY NEWS - 09/01/2002).