BMDs 08 January 2002
ARGIRYS  Spiro * Sandton Clinic, Sandton, Gauteng Province 4 January 2002 to Lambros and Elena. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
BAUMANN  (boy) * Toronto, Cananda 5/1/2002 to Michael and Lorraine (née HASSON). Brother for Danielle. Grandson to Ray, Jacques, Fanny and David. Nephew to Hayley. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
BELL  Jordyn Robert * St. Dominic's Hospital, East London [date not published] to Robert and Cindy. Congratulations from Lorraine at the Daily Dispatch. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
BENADE  (child) * to Rudi and Nicky. [Inserted by] the Paulse Family. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
DE WET  Hannah Joy * St George’s Hospital, Port Elizabeth 4 January 2002 to Andrea and Alastair. (The Herald - 08/01/2002).
DU PREEZ  (girl) * NSClinic 5 January 2002 to Nigel and Glynnis. (CAPE ARGUS - 08/01/2002).
JONES  Keaton Donovan * Parklands Hospital, Essenwood, Durban 4 January 2002 to Ivor and Amanda. (MERCURY - 08/01/2002).
KEPPLER  Jordyne * Parklands Hospital, Essenwood, Durban 03/01/2002 to Gary and Kerry. Granddaughter to Mom and Barry. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002 & DAILY NEWS - 07 & 08/01/2002).
KNIGHT  Caitlin Pamela * Parklane Clinic, Johannesburg [date not published] to Michael and Sandra (née ROSSER). Granddaughter to David and Denise Rosser, great-granddaughter to Beryl Robertson. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
MANGOLD  Jordan (boy) * London, United Kingdom [date not published] to Ryan and Nicky (née PATRICK). First-time grandparents Mike & Stephany, Mel and Val. Great-grandson to Nanna and Gummy. e-mail: (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
McCANN  Matthew David * 3 January 2002 to Tess and Craig. Brother to Alexandra and Emma. Nephew to Howard. [Inserted by Tess’s parents.] (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
McNAMARA  Robyn Hunter * Cape Town [date not published] to CHRIS and LISA (née SCOTT). Sister to Julian. Granddaughter to Hugh and Pat Scott. (PRETORIA NEWS - 08/01/2002).
PAPAGEORGIOU  Mikayla * Willows Hopspital, Pretoria to Lee and Despo (and to Sylvanna). (PRETORIA NEWS - 08/01/2002).
RIDLEY  Tomas Charles * Southwick, Brighton, England 26 December 2001 to Iain and Debbie (née ALDER). (CAPE TIMES - 08/01/2002).
SCHNELL  Asta * Auckland, New Zealand 31 December 2001 to Donald and Hayley (née THACKWRAY). Sister for Dean. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
SHELVER  Kathryn Jean * St George’s Hospital, Port Elizabeth 5 January 2002 to Nic and Lindsay (née BIRCH). Sister to Daniel. (The Herald - 08/01/2002).
SIEG  Mitchell Victor * Sydney, Australia 6 January 2002 to Sabine and Jonathan. First grandson to grandparents Norma and Denoon Sieg. (CAPE ARGUS - 08/01/2002).
SPOTSWOOD  (girl) * to Nic and Tanya. [Inserted by] Mom and John. (PRETORIA NEWS - 08/01/2002).
SUDBURY  Caitlin * Crompton Hospital, Pinetown, Durban to Shane and Trish. [Inserted by a grandmother, Andre and Michelle. (MERCURY - 08/01/2002).
SUTTNER  (boy) * 5 January 2002 [= 22 Tevet 5752] to Vivien (née LEVESON) and Immanuel. Brother to Guy Raveh. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
TAUROG  Jessica Megan * [date not published] to Justin and Elise (née BRITTAN). Granddaughter to Alan and June, Mervyn and Leonie. Niece and cousin to Jared, Tanya, Ryan, Jamie, and Derren. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
TYE  Jonathan Mark * St. Domonic’s Hospital, East London 4 January 2002 to Dave and Estelle. Brother for Michael. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
VILJOEN  Jack * Warwick, England 2 January 2002 to Eric and Ondine (née FORBES). Brother to Cailin. Grandparents Barry and Beth. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
WAINWRIGHT  Emma Rose * 5 January 2002 * to Melissa and Mark. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
BRADSHAW  Irene. 85th Birthday. Mother and grandmother to Lynette, Malcolm, Delene, Maurice, Bev, David, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
HALLEY  Bruce. 21st Birthday. [Inserted by] parents. Brother of Les, Lynton and Maggie-Beth. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
HARDIE  Alistair. 21st Birthday. [Inserted by] parents, Robert and Duncan. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
MINNAAR  Mary (née PIKE). 40th Birthday today. Wife and mother of Peter, Stephen and Pauline. (The Herald - 08/01/2002).
STONE  Ricardo. 14th Birthday. [Inserted by] parents, Laurene, Deon and Roxanne. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
MANGOLD  Richard (younger son of Floss Mangold and Jill Lombard) married 5 January 2002 Janet RUDMAN, elder daughter of Rob and Margie Rudman. (The Herald - 08/01/2002).
OLIVIER  Alfie (son of Pam and Allan Cimring) married in Sydney, Australia 28 December 2001 Michelle WITSCHGE, daughter of Henry and Susan. Pam (011) 783-5795. Alfie & Michelle (0961) 405280392. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
LUTZKE  (Mom) and (Dad). 30th Wedding anniversary. [Inserted by] children Heidi, Praga, Nathan, Tanja, Johan, Candice, Carl, and Ouma and Oupa. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
SCHWARTZ  Therrol and Pat. 25th Wedding anniversary. Three children: Ryan, Jethro, Michele & Nigel. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
BARNES  STEVEN (Steve). + 6 January 2002. Condolences to Tom, Rae and Belinda from friends and team mates at Oblates Hockey Club. Remembered by colleagues at Schneider Electric. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
BARRIES  Peter (Pietie). + 3/1/2002. Sister Maryann, brother-in-law Dennis, Alec and George. Funeral service: at home, 14th Avenue Rondevlei, Retreat, Western Cape Province, 10 January 2002, 10:00, then to Klipfontein Cemetery, Grassy Park, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 08/01/2002)
BEATON  JOHN ARCHIBALD. Memorial Service: St Johns United Church, Loop Street, Pietermaritzburg, 9/01/2002, 11:00. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
BERMAN  Solomon (Solly / Uncle Sol). + 6 January 2002. Was in the motor trade and industry. Wife Joey. Father of (a) Stephanie (Steph), with grandson Sean, (b) Earl (and Tracy, Earl, Elaine, Candy, Lee), (c) stepson Eric and Wendy. Brother-in-law and uncle of Charlotte and family. Uncle of (a) George, Bev and Justin, (b) Glenda and Willie Meyer, (c) Basil & Sylvia Diamond, (d) Nigel & Renee, (e) Carol Leon (Toekie) Diamond, (f) Gordon. Grandfather of L’Chiam, Candy and Lee. Sympathy to Joey, Earl and Stephanie, Steve, George and Elandre from (a) Classic Cars, (b) Directors and staff at Max 4 Cars, (c) Marsh Shirtliff and staff at Motorite. Cremation at Victoria Park Crematorium, 7 January 2002, 14:00. (The Herald - 07 & 08/01/2002).
BLACK  EVA RUTH. + 5 January 2002. Husband Steve. Daughters Claire and Candice. Parents Peter and Mary Lines, sister of Vaughan and friend of Anne. Memorial Service: Underberg Congregational Church, 8/1/2002, 11:00. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
BOOTH  Lilian. + 4 January 2002, aged 80. Funeral service: 8 January 2002, 14:00, Goodall & Williams Chapel, 368A Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town, cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 08/01/2002).
BOSMAN  RONNIE. In lewe van Pretoria, voorheen van Potchefstroom, Noord-Wes provinsie. Gedenkdiens: Sungardens Hospice Kapel, h.v. Lynnwoodweg en Genl Louis Bothalaan, Lynnwoodrif, Pretoria, 10/01/2002, 13:00, verassing. (Beeld - 08/01/2002).
BOTHA  Esme and (Oom Botha). + 5 January 2002. Neighbours and friends for 30 years of the Van Wyk Family. (The Herald - 08/01/2002).
BOUWER  JANNIE. In lewe van Brackenhurst, Alberton, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 09/01/2002, 10:00, NG Kerk, Brackenhurst, Hennie Albertstraat, Alberton, dan na Kromvlei begraafplaas. (Beeld - 08/01/2002).
BRITTLE  MARLENE. + Highway Hospice, Cranleigh, England. Sympathy to Jane, Dean and Harold. Remembered by friend Peter in Durban. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
BRUTON  WELLESLEY. + 05/01/2002. Wife Enid, father to Jenny & Andrew, father-in-law to Carol, grandfather to Michael & Michelle. Memorial service: St Davids Anglican Church, Bushman’s River Mouth, Eastern Cape Province, 10 January 2002, 10:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS & DAILY NEWS & The Herald - 08/01/2002)
CARR  LILIAN. + 4 January 2002, aged 85. Son Jimmy & daughter-in-law Essie. Grandmother and great-grandmother of Eslyn, Brett, Erin and Brad Thorne. Ma missed by Rowland and Sharon. Godmother and aunt to Gladys, Andre and daughters Cindy and Andrea. Remembered by Sarah and family. (CAPE TIMES - 08/01/2002).
CHAUVET  Maurice Edward (Butch). Late of Birch Arces, Kempton Park, Gauteng Province. Funeral service: Maranatha Community Church, corner Dann Road and Veld Street, Birchleigh, Kempton Park, 9 January 2002, 14:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
CHINNU  Shaunmugum (Chan). Late of 34 Springstone Road, Whetstone, Phoenix, North Region, Durban. Funeral: 7 January 2002, at residence: 11:00, then to Higher Dimensions Church, 75 Stoneham Avenue, Whetstone, Phoenix, 13:00, burial: Red Hill Cemetery, 15:00. (MERCURY - 08/01/2002).
CONNOLLY  HERBERT ERNEST (Herb). + 3 January 2002. Late of Sandton, Gauteng Province. Mother Marge, wife Janette, his children Chester, Sheridan, Heather and Brian, grandson Aidan. Sister Dorothy & Ray, niece and god-daughter Karen and her family Alan, Kerry and Sheahan. Friend of Dennis and Jean Kneale. Missed by all at Time Mining who worked with Herb. Cremation service: Northrand Methodist Church, 174 Blanford Road, Northriding, Sandton, 9 January 2002, 14:30. (THE STAR - 05 & 08/01/2002).
CROUSE  Johanna. Late from "Barney's Hope", farm Meisies Halt. Condolences to Danie, Jaun and family from friends and neighbours Michele and Muddy. Cremation Service: 09-01-2001, 10:00, Cambridge Crematorium, Windemere Road, Cambridge, East London. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
CUTLER  PATTA. + 6 January 2002. Husband Richard. Private funeral. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
DE MEULLON  JAMES. + 3 January 2002. Of 422 Gerrit Maritz Street, Pretoria-North. Left a wife and children. Funeral: 09/01/2002, 14:00, PPK Church, Pretoria-West. (Beeld - 08/01/2002).
DEVINE  MOYRA (Sister). + 5 January 2002. Mother of Andrew, sister of Lesley (Les), Peggy (Pegs) and Barry. Missed by Sue, Clive, Tina and Carla. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
DIXON  Esme. + New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada 5 January 2002. Sister Wilhelmina (Minnie aka Winnie), brothers John, Winston, Alfred and Keith, sisters-in-law Jenny, Beryl, Elaine and Enid, nephews/nieces Dawn, Travers, Kevin, Bevan, Cindy, Nina, Zita, and JC, great-nephew and niece JC and Cassandra. (CAPE ARGUS - 08/01/2002).
DOWNEY  RORY. + near Stellenbosch, Western Cape Province 30 December 2001 (afternoon) in a motor accident. Missed by (a) Nicky and the staff at Tudor Park where Rory shared an office with her, (b) George, Anne, Michael and Emma Thomson. Memorial Service: Christ Church, Constantia, Cape Town, 10:00, 8 January 2002. (CAPE ARGUS & THE STAR - 05 & 08/01/2002).
Du Plessis  Jolan Magdalena - see: Van Wyk, Jolan Magdalena.
EDWARDS  Tony. Wife Margie. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
FABER  Attie. + 06/01/2002. Betreur deur Ester, kinders en kleinkinders. Verassingdiens: 09 Januarie 2002, 11:00, NG Kerk Harmonie, Kekewich Rylaan, Kimberley, Noord-Kaap provinsie. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 08/01/2002).
FAIRBANKS  Penrith Paul (Douggie). + George, Western Cape Province 3 January 2002. Sister Pat Woodland. (CAPE ARGUS - 08/01/2002).
FERREIRA  VIVIAN JOHN, Snr (Viv). * 27/05/1924 + 05/01/2002. Father and Pops of Tish, Rod, Jo and Gill. Memorial service: 9 January 2002, 12:00, Northfield Methodist Church, Benoni, Gauteng Province. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
FRAMPTON  Gordon Delville. + Johannesburg 06-01-2002. Wife Daphne. Son Andy and wife Jenny, grandchildren Andrea, Wally, Morne and Chantal and great-grandchildren Chanelle and Stacey. Grandfather to Jhanene and Mark Kemp and great-grandfather to Natassha and Jethro. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
GEEL  LESLIE. In lewe van Riviera, Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: AVBOB Kapel, 09/01/2002, 13:00, dan na Pretoria-Oos begraafplaas. (Beeld - 08/01/2002).
GELDENHUYS  Eva (née FEBRUARY). + 5 January 2002. Formerly of Bilston Road, Crawford, Cape Town. Niece Stephanie [and her family], Stephen, Gail, Robyn and Dean. Service: 13:30, 9 January 2002, Methodist church, Klipfontein Road, Athlone, Cape Town, then to Maitland cemetery, gate 9. (CAPE TIMES - 08/01/2002)
GELDENHUYS  RODNEY. + 5 January 2002. Wife Suzette, children Gerald, Richard and Nina, grandson Dylan. Life-long friend of Roger and June. (CAPE ARGUS - 07 & 08/01/2002).
GREVELINK  (Kannas). In lewe van Faerie Glen, Pretoria. Gedenkdiens: NG Kerk Faerie Glen, Glenwoodweg, Pretoria, 12/01/2002, 10:00, verassing. (Beeld - 08/01/2002).
GRIESSEL  Mary-Ann. + at home 5 January 2002. Husband Fanie. Daughter Chantelle (Channi) and husband Jonathan. Left a mother. Sister-in-law of Pam in Durban. Aunt of Darren, Helga, Renee, Cedric, Kezia and Shelley. Principal of the Proptee Team. Colleague of Laurie Wener and all at Pam Golding Properties, Atlantic Suburb branches. Missed by Joan and Verne who worked with her. Condolences from Sandy and Don Carruthers at Betty’s Bay, Western Cape Province, whose lives were influenced 16 years ago by Mary-Ann. Funeral Service: 9 January 2002, 15:00, St Marys Catholic Church, Cheviot Place (Up Wigtown), Green Point, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 08/01/2002).
GUMBI  SHORTY. + 3/1/2002. Condolences to his family from the management and staff of Rescue Rod and Trevor Quigley Plumbing. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
HAASBROEK  L. F. + 03/01/2002. Mother to Elsa and Eddy, Ouma [=grandmother] to Anthony and Norman. (MERCURY - 08/01/2002).
HAMILTON  GREG. Sympathy to Grant, Trish and Nicholas from the Judge families. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
HAYES  HENRY HAYN (HARRY). + Cape Town 4/1/2002. Remembered by Barbie, Pete, Richard and Alex in Cape Town and Pat, Hilda, Keri, Sheena, Jeff and Doug in California, United States of America. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
HILL  Robert Denis. + 5 January 2002. Wife and son Robert deceased. Sons: Graham, Barry and Jonathan. Funeral service: St Martins, Bergvliet, Cape Town, 11 January 2002, 11:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 08/01/2002).
HODGSON  George. + 2 January 2002, aged 88. Former Secretary of the Old Diocesans Union at Bishops for 22 years and at the time of his death, the Unions Patron. Missed by the Office Bearers and Members of the Old Diocesans Union worldwide. Son Peter and daughter-in-law Lillemor, grandchildren Debbie and Vicki in Australia. Sister Molly and her family in England. Funeral service: 8 January 2002, 15:00, Brooke Chapel, Diocesan College, Campground Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town, cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 04 & 05 & 08/01/2002).
HOPPS  Dolores. + 02/01/2002. Late of St Luke’s Hospice, Cape Town. Husband Martin. Cremated. (CAPE TIMES - 04 & 08/01/2002).
HOXLEY  Joyce. + 5/1/2002. Husband Vic, children Carol, Michael. Funeral service: 8 January 2002, 14:30, Milnerton House Chapel, First Avenue Funeral Home, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 07 & 08/01/2002).
HUNTER  Joan Mary (née SCHOLL). + 04/01/2002. Late of 1 Salisbury Road, Selborne, East London. Mother of Diana (Di) and son-in-law Mike Ruddick and Nanna of Mandy, Jonathan and Emily-Jayne. Sister of Anne and aunt of (a) Stephan, Carol and family, (b) Peter, Gill and family. Sister-in-law of (a) Fred and Patsy, (b) Fred and Doreen. Requiem mass: 08/01/2002, 11:00, Immaculate Conception Church, Albany Street, East London, cremation. (Dispatch - 05 & 08/01/2002).
JANTJIES  Juan. + 6 January 2002, aged 20. Left parents and family. Service: New Apostolic Chuch, Lentegeur, Cape Town, 10:00, 10 January 2002, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 08/01/2002).
JOSEPH  Chloe Christopher (Joey). Son of Mr and the late Mrs K. C Joseph. Brother of Delores, Rhoda, Mary, Mercy, Pastor Clement and Titus. Funeral Service: 08/01/2002, Bethshan Tabernacle, Alpine Road, Springfield, Durban, 13.30 - 15:00, burial: Red Hill Cemetery. (MERCURY - 08/01/2002).
JULIUS  Moses. + 4 January 2002, aged 61. Wife Sophia. Left also daughters, son-in-law and grandson. Service: St. Georges Cathedral, Cape Town, 10 January 2002, 14:30, thence to Maitland Cemetery Gate 1 Ext. (CAPE ARGUS - 08/01/2002).
KLEINHANS  Tersia. + 6 January 2002. Husband Mannie. Children Gerhard, Ronel, Tania and Henry. Funeral Service: 9 January 2002, 11:00, Assembly of Christ Church, Van Der Stel Street, Kabega Park, Port Elizabeth, thence to the Forest Hill Cemetery. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
KRUGER  Eugene Francois. * 6/2/1940 + 4/1/2002. Wife Angela, children Martin, Darrell, Ilse (and her family: Sean, Kayla and Celine), Earl, Xian. Grandfather to (a) Keagan and Kayla, (b) Blake and Kendyl, (c) Celine and Casey, and another to be born in May 2002. Funeral Service: Bluff Methodist Church, Cnr of Pierce and Wesley Road, Bluff, Durban, 8/1/2002, 10:00. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002 & MERCURY - 08/01/2002).
LAUTER  ERWIN. + 29 December 2001. Father of Clive, daughter-in-law Linda, grandchildren Steven, Sue, Joanne, Ofer, Anthony, great-grandchildren Kelli and Lee. Uncle of Joan and Harold Marshall, Ronny & Tamara Herrmann, Fay Collins and families. Remembered by Janice and Selwyn Nathan and Pat Esra Jones. (THE STAR - 02 & 08/01/2002).
LOBJOIT  Harold. + 6 January 2002. Wife Marie. Left also children and a grandson. Funeral service: 9 January 2002, 11:00, Winterhoek Dutch Reformed Church, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape Province, then to Jubilee Park Cemetery. (The Herald - 08/01/2002).
LUDOLPH  JOSHUA (Josh). + 2/01/2002. Wife Theresa. Children Jason and Chadwick and children. (CAPE ARGUS - 05 & 08/01/2002).
Luyt  Francis Catherine - see: Coraizin, Francis Catherine.
MAASDORP  Beryl. + 7/1/2002. Mother and grandmother of (a) Colleen, Jimmy, Chanel and Danielle, (b) Fred, daughter Melaney and granddaughter Jayde, (c) Christopher, daughter Karen, grandchildren Jody and Taylor. Cremation service: St Francis of Assissi, Kabeljou Street, Strandfontein, Western Cape Province, 9/1/2002, 12:30, thence to Maitland crematorium. (CAPE ARGUS - 08/01/2002).
MAGUIRE  Alfred Patrick (Pat). + 3 January 2002. Wife for a short time: Maureen. Son Patrick. Funeral service: Methodist Church, Jansendal, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape Province, 8 January 2002, 11:30. (The Herald - 07 & 08/01/2002).
Majavie  Helen Hester - see: Rhode, Helen Hester.
MANDIM  AMERICO. + 4 January 2002. Father Americo, brother Joe, sister-in-law Sandra, nieces and nephew, Leanne, Melissa and Craig. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
MARQUIS-JONES  Norah. + 3/1/2002, aged 95. Daughters (a) Gill with grandchildren Natasha, Jason and Matthew, great-grandchildren Reece and James, (b) Jennifer and grandchildren Bradley, Tarryn and Troy. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002 & MERCURY - 08/01/2002).
MELHUISH  Patricia. + 5 January 2002. Mother and Nana of Kevin, Anne, Paul and their families. Memorial Service: St Johns Catholic Church, Escort, KwaZulu-Natal, 11:00, 10 January 2002. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
MOONSAMY  David (Sunny). Formerly of Mt Edgecombe, late of 23 Magmore Place, Grove End, Phoenix, North Region, Durban. Husband of Savthree, father of Les, Elvis, Norman, Selina and Salomie, father-in-law of Sandra and Lorraine. Grandfather of Jermaine, Lloyd and Loretta. Brother of Francis. Funeral Service: His late residence, 8 JANUARY 2002, 10:30 to 12:00, then to Berea Chapel, Grandmore Road, Phoenix, until 14:30, then to the Woodview Cemetery, burial: 15:00. (MERCURY - 08/01/2002).
Mosime  Naomi - see: Seleteng, Naomi.
MOSS  Audrey. + 03-01-02, aged 78. Late of Silver Crown Home. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of Keith, Mary and their families. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
MOSS  Eileen Beatrice. + 3/1/2002. Mother of Billy, June, Robin, Kevin and Lorraine. Left also grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Aunt and great-aunt of Joan Lones and family. Memorial Service: Vincent Methodist Church, 23 Princes Road, Vincent, East London, 7-1-2002, 11:00, cremation. (Dispatch - 04 & 05 & 08/01/2002).
NATALIE  Sookranee. Late of 37A Outer Circuit Road, Isipingo Beach, KwaZulu-Natal Province. Wife of the late Ramnath Natalie. Mother of Dashnee, Lavine, Devanand and Nareen. Funeral Service: 08/01/2002, Clare Estate Crematorium Hall, New Germany Road, Reservoir Hills, Durban, 12:00 - 15:00. (MERCURY - 08/01/2002).
NOBLE  Willie. + 4 January 2002. Mourned by the Officials and Members of A.M.C. Burial Society. Service: Southern Hills Baptist Church, Lavender Hill, Cape Town, 9 January 2002, 13:00, thence to Muizenberg Cemetery. (CAPE TIMES - 08/01/2002).
NORVAL  Theunis. Late of Centurion, Gauteng Province. Cremation service: Rebecca Street Chapel, 09/01/2002, 10:00. (Beeld & PRETORIA NEWS - 08/01/2002).
PREST  RORY. KwaZulu-Natal Memorial Service: 12 January 2002, Student YMCA, University of Natal, Durban, 201 Princess Alice Avenue, Glenwood, Durban, 14:30. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
ROGERS  Ruth. * 18/10/1921 + 5/1/2002, aged 80. Sons (a) Claude, daughter-in-law Valma and children, (b) Vincent, daughter-in-law Val, grandchildren Claudia, Daniel, Vivian and Harold. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of son Frank and family. Ma of (a) Gaby, (b) Bradley, Verna and Kirsten. Brother Dennis Kellerman. Missed by (a) David, Erica, Robyn and Dean, (b) the Davids family, (c) Frank, Errol, Claude, Vincent and Gail. Service: 9 January 2002, St Andrews Church, cnr Bothma and Trumpet Streets, Steenberg, Cape Town, 12:00, thence to Maitland Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 08/01/2002).
RONORONO  Philiswe. + 4 January 2002. Missed by the management and her colleagues at M-Kem Medicine City. (CAPE ARGUS - 08/01/2002).
ROSSOUW  William Frederick. + 07/01/2002, aged 81. Remembered by Monica, Frankie, Joe, Tiki, Peggy, their families and grandchildren. Cremated. (CAPE ARGUS - 08/01/2002).
ROTHGIESSER  Hans. Was a legend in the fashion world. Condolences to Frank from Sol Lonstein. (CAPE TIMES - 08/01/2002).
SALIGEE  Joe. + 7 January 2002. Remembered by Lydia and family. Sister Mary, brother-in-law Tom and family in England. Funeral service: 10 January 2002, St. Timothys Catholic Church, Mountain Road, Tafelsig, Cape Town, 14:00, thence to Klipfontein Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 08/01/2002).
SAVAGE  WILLIAM HENRY (Bill / Willie). + Natal Settlers Memorial Homes, Durban 5 January 2002. Widower of the late Pat. Uncle of (a) John & Desiree, Colin & Monica McMurdo and families, (b) Thelma Cullis, Alice & Len Hartley and their families. Funeral Service: East Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 08 January 2002, 16:00, cremation. (MERCURY - 08/01/2002).
Scholl  Joan Mary - see: Hunter, Joan Mary.
SCHWULST  Alwine (Vena). + 6-1-2002. Late of Fairlands Old Age Home, Cambridge West, East London. Mother of Mervyn, Donovan, Jennifer, Peter and Marylynne, grandchildren and great- grandchildren. Cremation service: 10/01/2002, 11:30, Cambridge Crematorium Chapel, Windemere Road, Cambridge. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
SCOTT  Vera. Mother and grandmother of Susan, Sandy, Michael, Julie, Lionel, Anton and grandchildren. Friend of Carol and Stan Kahn. Funeral service: 9 January 2002, 10:00, Milnerton House Chapel, First Avenue Funeral Home, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 07 & 08/01/2002).
SCOTT-VISAGIE  Penny. + United Kingdom 23 December 2001. Daughter of Molly, sister of Charmaine, Lissetta and Radnor. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
SELETENG  Naomi (née MOSIME). Mourned by the Seleteng and Mosime families. Buried 12 January 2002, Koffiefontein, Free State Province. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 08/01/2002).
SERJEANT  Irene Sadie (Rene). (D.P.J.C. TEMPLE DAVID CHEVRA KADISHA.) Mother of Bonita (Bonnie) and Ronnie, mother-in-law of Sara, grandmother and Gunny of Jared and Joshua. Cremation Service: Doves South Prayer Room, 12:00, 9 January 2002. Prayers: The Residence, 82 Las Vegas, Snell Parade, 17:30, 9/1/2002. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
SLABBERT  Piet. + 4 January 2002. Funeral service: 9 January 2002, 14:00, Evangelist Centre, Cleeve Road, Cotswold. Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 08/01/2002).
SMITH  Arthur. * 20/03/1909 + 05/01/2002. Father and grandfather of Jenny, Colin, Kelly and Ryan. Memorial Service: Umbilo Congregational Church, 498 Bartle Road, Durban, 10/01/2002, 10:00. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
SMITH  Frances. + 6 January 2002. Remembered by Robert, Thelma, Shirley, Pat and Izak and their families, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Grandmother of Kerine and Leonard Estment and Gan-Gan of Kirsten and Kyle. Funeral service: 10 January 2002, 10:30, Trinity Baptist Church, Cape Road, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 08/01/2002).
SMITH  James Christie. + 06/01/2002. Wife Cynthia, sons Andrew and Hannes, grandfather to Seth, brother of Dorothy. Memorial Service: Montclair Methodist Church, cnr Montclair and Anleno Road, Durban, 09/01/2002, 14:00. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
SMITS  HUGO. + Spain 06/01/2002. Daughters Leila, Maud, Huguette and families. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
Spenceley  Edith Mary - see: Thomson, Edith Mary.
STAPLES  Eugenie (Gene). Missed by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Funeral service: 9 January 2002, 14:00, Milnerton House, Chapel, 1st Avenue, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, thence to Forest Hill Cemetery. (The Herald - 08/01/2002).
Stiller  Noreen Lyn - see: Stone, Noreen Lyn.
STONE  NOREEN LYN (Nor) (née STILLER). + 01/01/2002 (murdered, while expecting a child). Late of 47 Round-The-Green, Sunningdale, Durban. Husband Rob, son Darren. Parents Wally and Viv, brother and sisters (a) Barbara (Barbi) & husband Colin and Kezis Auntie Nor of Keryn, (b) Mark & Nicole, Alexandra and Adam, (c) younger sister Rose-Lee (Lee-Lee) & brother-in-law Brian and nephew Jamie. Daughter-in-law of Darryl and Lynette Stone. Sister-in-law of Chris, Kim-Leigh and Tyla-Jon Stone. Cousin of Keith, Clare, Richard, Loryn, Trevor, Shevi and Nicky Gild. Remembered by (a) Best friend for more that 17 years of Bronwyn (Perth, Australia), (b) Clarice, Ricky, Else and Mark. Funeral: Red Hill Jewish Cemetery, Durban, 03/01/2002, 16:30. (DAILY NEWS - 03 & 08 10/01/2002, SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002 & THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
TAYLOR  David Francois. Late of Victory Park, Malvern, Durban. Left wife Matilda, children Charmain, Greg, Estelle, Mark and Patrick and families, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Funeral service: South Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 8 January 2002, 13:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
THOMAS  NICHOLAS RALPH (Nick). Memorial service: 9 January 2002, 14:00, St. Marks Presbyterian Church, Cnr of Kenmare and Francis Roads, Yeoville, Johannesburg. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
TOET  DICK. + 6/1/2002. Left Hannetjie and family. Brother, brother-in-law and uncle of (a) Graham, Margie, Rowan, Lindsay and Ian, (b) Johan, Rina, Gavin, Tracy, Alan, Lauren, Ouma, Nora and Chanelle, (c) Karel, Connie, Theresa and Terence. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
TROPE  PERCY. + 1 January 2002. Children Sylvia and John Gering and Jonathan and Karen Trope, with all grandchildren in Australia. Brother of Bob and Adele Trope. Sister-in-law Jeanette Trope. Uncle of (a) Shelley and Alex Friedman, (b) Graham and Angela Trope, (c) Pamela and Tony Sack, (d) Sharon, Walter, Wayne, Gary, Colleen, Lara and Cassian. Remembered by Madeleine in Port Elizabeth. Cremation: Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape Province. Prayers: 13 January 2002, 18:00, 80 Boundary Road, Illovo, Johannesburg. (The Herald - 08/01/2002 & THE STAR - 03 & 05 & 08/01/2002).
UDEMANS  Phyllis Dorothy. + 4 January 2002. Mother of Tony, Wendy and Warner and [his family:] Joan, Kirsty and Lauren. Funeral service: St Hugh’s Anglican Church, West Street, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth, 10/01/2002, 15:00, cremation. (The Herald - 07 & 08/01/2002).
VAN DER MERWE  James Patrick Lewis. Late of 106 Croton Road, Wentworth, Durban. Father of Kim, son of Maureen and the late Victor van der Merwe, brother of Debbie, Faye, Agatha, Gus, Hugh and Chris, was also a brother-in-law and uncle. Funeral Service: 09/01/2002, Christ The King Parish, Cycas Road, Wentworth, 12:00, cremation. Tel 9022444/9021998 a/h (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
VEENHUIS  MOLLY IRIS. + 5 January 2002. Late of Kensington, Johannesburg. Remembered by Dereck and Heather. Service: Thom Kight Chapel, 29 Solomon Street, Braamfontein West, Johannesburg, 15 January 2002, 10:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
WALDEN  Vivienne. + 6 January 2002. Second mother to Karin. Missed by Gerry, Vivien, Chris, Laura, Jodie and Adam. (CAPE ARGUS - 08/01/2002).
WASSYNG  DAVID LEON. * 22/12/1915 + 22/12/2001. Wife Yvonne. Left also children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Sister Evelyn, brothers Sydney, Aubrey (Boston, USA). Remembered by Arnold, Jenny, Jed and Rochelle. (THE STAR - 27 & 31/12/2001 & 08/01/2002).
Weideman  Naomie - see: Rudman, Naomie.
WHYSALL  ESME EDITH FERGUSON. + 6 January 2002, aged 95. Mother of Rob, Paul and Neil and their families. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
WILSON  Louise. Late of Queens Haven, South Hills, Johannesburg. Memorial service: Queens Haven Old Age Home Chapel, Outspan Road, South Hills, 10 January 2002, 10:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
ZINN  Tilly. + 4 January 2002. Mother and grandmother (Bobba) of daughters (a) Lynette, son in-law Max Langman, grandchildren Colin, Judy, Jonathan, Lara and great-grandchildren Michael, Daniel and Micaela, (b) Maureen & Anton, (c) Jenny, son-in-law Milton Munitz, grandchildren Warren and Justin. Funeral: 6/1/2002. Prayers: 07/01/2002, 11/13 Barklay Road, Sea Point, Cape Town, 18:00 and 10/01/2002, 18:30, 41 Avenue Fresnaye, Sea Point, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 07 & 08/01/2002).
ZULCH  MICHAEL. + 4 January 2002. Late of Kempton Park, Gauteng Province. Wife Marie, son Andrew. Younger brother of Barry & Mavis, Frank & Alma. Cremation service: AVBOB Chapel, Kempton Park, 08/01/2002, 10:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 05 & 07 & 08/01/2002).
KATZEN  IVOR. Consecration of tombstone: 13 January 2002, 11:00, West Park Cemetery, Johannesburg. (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
BRINK  Rita (Pearly). + 08/01/1999. Husband Peter, father-in-law ‘DA’ Brink, children Celeste, Romeo and Jaydene. Sister of Rozan, Joey and Lorenzo. Daughter remembered by parents, also by (a) Melvin, Dustin Gary, Joey, Samantha, children, (b) Peppi, Starlin, Yvette, Severiano and Stephnie, (c) Val, Mashay, Fuad, Conrad, Lauren, Fazlin and Darian. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 08/01/2002).
EDWARDS  Tony. A father missed by David, Jacqui and Grant. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
GOVENDER  Boysie. + 1 month ago. Missed by Ellen. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
GRINSTEAD  Ian (Pops). Remembered especially today by Pat, Mikki and Tim. (The Herald - 08/01/2002).
INGLES  Robert Peter. + 2 years ago. Wife Sally. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
ISSACSON  DAVE. + 08/01/1999. His family: (a) Kath, Dorin & Daniel, (b) sons Dorian and Daniel . (THE STAR - 08/01/2002).
LIPHUKO  Peter,Kgaje. + 8/1/2000. [Inserts from] (a) Neo, Pinky & Ntsiki, (b) Victor, Otto, Pat, Joy & Spiwo, (c) Mummy. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 08/01/2002).
MANTHE  Helena (Joey). Vandag is dit 3 jaar dat ons moeder, eggenote en ouma haar verjaarsdag by haar Hemelse Vader vier. Eggenoot Philip. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
OBARAY  Faried (Boeta). + 13 years ago. Sister Shaida, brother-in-law Jerome, kids Keagan and Keazia. Uncle Peter, Aunt Marina and cousins in Johannesburg. Remembered by Dédé, Mama, Fifa, Nisa. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
OLIVER  Norman. + 08/01/1999. Widow Brenda, chidren Gayle and Craig, father-in-law of Jane and grandfather of Tim, Kirsty, Kelly, Andrew and Alexandra. (DAILY NEWS - 08/01/2002).
PHILLIPS  Grant Chadwick (Big Time). + 8-01-2000. Wife Debbie. [Other inserts by:] (a) Dad, Cheryl, Troy, Tracy and girls, (b) Mom, Troy, Tracey, Tammie, Nickie, Christie, (c) Dad and Mom Pautz, Colin and Ethné, (d) friends Duane, Karin, Rae, Devon, (e) Waldi, Beverley, Ryan and Nicole. (Dispatch - 08/01/2002).
RAS  KIMBERLEIGH. * 6 June 1997 + 8 January 2000. Daughter, remembered by (a) parents and TAMMY-LEE, (b) Aunt Carol, Brad, Greg, Chantal, Wayne and Cameron, (c) Pronto Staff, (d) godmother Helen, aunt SHARIN, MALCOLM. (PRETORIA NEWS - 08/01/2002).
SENIOR  GILLIAN (Gee). Remembered by (a) Dad, Ian, (b) younger sister Jodi, (c) friend Marianne, (d) Wendy and Jamie (THE STAR - 07 & 08/01/2002)
SHEPHERD  John Douglas * Bradford, Yorkshire, England + Port Elizabeth 12 January 1943 and Nellie * Halifax, Yorkshire, England + Port Elizabeth 8 January 1977. Parents of daughter Betty. (The Herald - 08/01/2002).
WALKER  Fl. + 8/01/1982. Mother, mother-in-law and grandmother of Anne, Peter, Natalie, Ray, Cheryl, Caryn and Anthony. (MERCURY - 08/01/2002).