ARMSTRONG  Georgina and James * Umhlanga Hospital, North coast, KwaZulu-Natal to Ross and Nicki. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
CALDEIRA  Katia * Parklane Clinic, Johannesburg to Lucio and Rina (née BOVE). Grandparents Lucio and Maria, Nino and Rosa. (THE STAR - 08/12/2001).
CARR  Shayna Chava * 30/11/2001 to Peta (née GORDON) and Philip. Granddaughter to Myrna Wolf and Adelle & Allan Carr, great-granddaughter to Judy and Geoff Elias. (THE STAR - 08/12/2001).
DINGLEY  Hannah Elizabeth * Westville Hospital, Durban 03/12/2001 to Craig and Hayley (née COURT). Sister to Tammaryn and Cayleigh. 5th granddaughter of Peter and Heather Dingley. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
ELTZ  Talia Sheina * Cape Town 02/12/2001 to Mandy (née SEYMOUR) and David. Granddaughter for Selwyn, Leah, Frank and Sandra. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
GILLINGHAM  Jenna Megan * Gaberone Botswana 06/12/2001 to Colin and Eldene. Granddaughter to Gary and Belinda Gillingham. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
HORWITZ  (girl) * Atlanta United States of America 06 December 2001 to Trevor and Stacey (née NOWITZ). Sister to Shimon and Carmela. Grandparents Hilton and Gail Nowitz and Maurice Horwitz, great-grannies Ivy Tolkin, Jenny Nowitz and Thelma Onay. e-mail: horwitz@ (THE STAR - 08/12/2001).
LOUCH  Rourke Matthew * 04/12/2001 to Mark and Tracey. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
MacKENZIE  Hannah Jade * Westville hopital, Durban 2/12/2001 to Gareth & Cindy. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
PEDDEMORS  Dylan Marten * Wisconsin, United States.of America 02/12/2001, second son to Wouter and Vanessa (Summers). Brother to Luke. Grandparents Anneke and Marten, Sean and Neva, Nephew to Vic, Lindsey, Michelle and Adrian. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001 & SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
POOLE  Ethan * Westville hospital, Durban 5/12/2000 to Kim and Angela (née JUPP). Grandparents Kay Poole, Derrick and Christine Jupp. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
RAIK  (boy) * Parklane Clinic, Johannesburg 4 December 2001 to Nicky (née SALKOW) and Shaun. Brother for Taryn. Grandson for Loraine Aaron. Great-grandson for Cy and Pauline Aaron. Grandson for Paul and Jenny Salkow and great-grandson for Ester Gien. (THE STAR - 06 & 08/12/2001).
SMITH  Fiona Grace * Sandton 27 November 2001, first child of Alex and Jenny (née JONSSON). (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
TAYLOR  Richard George * Stellenbosch Medi-Clinic 16 November 2001 to Mark and Susan. Brother of Olivia. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
TYLDESLEY  Dillan James arrived at long last to Michael and Anna. Granny Eunice. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
VAN ASWEGEN  Jenna and Mia * Milnerton Medi Clinic, Cape Town 4 December 2001 to Francois and Brigette (née LUDLAM). Granddaughters of Pam and Gilbert. (CAPE TIMES - 07/12/2001).
VON BLERK  Matt * St. Augustines hospital 06/12/2001 to Rudolf and Dawn (née HAYDEN). (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
WIGHT  Kassandra Leigh * 27/11/2001 to Steve and Lisa (née Hauptfleisch). First granddaughter of Marion WIGHT. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
ALCOCK  BYRON. SPECIAL [birth]day today. Parents Edgar and Jane, sisters Lushano & Kashiefa and Ashraf, Dilshaad and Zane. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
BROWN  JOHN CLINTON. * 9/12/1983, 18 [years old on] 9/12/2001. [Inserted by] ‘us 3'. (THE STAR - 08/12/2001).
GLAS  MARGARET. Aged 90 YEARS on 09 DECEMBER 2001. [Inserted by] Maureen, Allan, Michelle, Cliff, Trevor and Linda. (THE STAR - 08/12/2001).
KOOBLAL  YAJNA. 18 TODAY. Family: Mum, Dad & Ahista. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
RAJAH  JUSTIN. Birthday today. Family: Cindy, Nithia and Kerry. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
LLOYD  Pat & Les. [Married] 40 years. [Inserted by] Brad and Lynt. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
AMBROSE  WAYNE. + 2nd December 2001, together with his friend Murray JARDINE [see: BMDs 06-12-2001]. A son, brother and boyfriend of Dad, Mom, Lynn, Glenn and Tamarin. Condolences from the Edenvale Football Club. Both remembered by Michelle. (THE STAR - 04 & 08/12/2001).
BARNES  ROBERT NICOL. + 08/12/2001. Children Beverley, Murray & Clinton. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
BELL  THERESA. * 11.12.1950 + 4.12.2001. A mother, sister and granny of Tish, Tracy, Philip, Shannon & Nicolas, Hayley & Richard. (THE STAR - 08/12/2001).
CARRICK  Dorothy Lilian. + 6 December 2001. Wife of Vic, mother and grandmother of Graham, Denise and Liliana. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
COLMEGNA  TRENTO GUISEPPE. + 5 December 2001. Husband of Pat, father of Rosanne, Julian and Anne, grandchildren Rozanne, Jimmy, Natasha, David & Michelle Baker, Julian, Kerstein, Jessica, Jerome. Remembered by cousin Mariangela, Mario, Lauren and Dalia. (THE STAR - 07 & 08/12/2001).
DE OLIVEIRA  ABILIO FERNANDO LEITE (Billy). + 5 December 2001. Father of Ricardo, Natasha, Ilda and Ryan. Past Senior Vice-Predident of the Furniture Traders Association of South Africa (FTA). Missed by the National Council and staff. (THE STAR - 07 & 08/12/2001).
DE VLIEG  Jim. + at his home 6 December 2001. Wife Mary, older twin brother of John, sister-in-law Jerry, their son Rob. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
DODKINS  Gwendoline (née Harris). + 28 November 2001. Widow of Noel, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and great-grandmother. Cremated. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001)
DU TOIT  Heather Janet (Jan). + 04/12/2001. An animal lover. Husband Louis, son Bruce. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
FAIRALL  Neil. + 6 December 2001. Husband of Doris, father of Eric, Kevin, David and Stephen, grandfather of Bradley and Stephanie. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
Harris  Gwendoline - see: Dodkins, Gwendoline.
HAZLE  ALFRED DOUGLAS (Dougie). * 09:02:1919 + 06:12:2001. Widower. Father and grandfather of Colin, daughter-in-law Wendy and their four children Jolene, Melanie, Candice and Carmen, father of Carol and grandfather of Gregory and Janet, Nicholas and Debbie. Memorial Service: St. Augustines Church, Escombe, 11:12:2001, 12:30. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
JONES  MANDY. + 5 December 2001. Remembered by mom, Don, Grant, Ouma, Tracey, Tiger and Keegan. (THE STAR - 08/12/2001).
KLAFF  MENDEL {Dr}. + 6/12/2001. Missed by Theo and Lyanne Kopenhager. (THE STAR - 08/12/2001).
KOEKMAN  CORNELIS ARNOLDUS (Kees). + Durban 2/12/2001. Missed by daughters Ann in New Zealand & Margaret in London. (THE STAR - 08/12/2001).
LICHTER  HYMIE. + 05 December 2001. Late of Parkmore, Sandton. Zelda, wife for 45 years, children Howard, Aviva, Saul, grandchildren Marc, Guy and Cali. Brother Barney, sister in-law Gerty. Brother-in-law and uncle of Dave, Sadie, Hugh, Robyn, Colin, Haley, Brendi, David, Jamie and Wesley. (THE STAR - 06 & 07 & 08/12/2001).
RUYTER  ARIS. + Brits Med Clinic, North West Province 5 December 2001. Cousin "Siena". (PRETORIA NEWS - 08/12/2001).
SAGAR  AILEEN. Wife for 57 years of Bill. Mother and grandma of Catherine, Paul, Tracey and Mathew. (THE STAR - 08/12/2001).
SALATI  George. Missed by Rennie (his ‘brother’) and by Marlene. (MERCURY - 07/12/2001 & SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 09/12/2001).
CHAITMAN  Rubi. Husband of Anne, father of Delia, Brian and Jeremy. Consecration of tombstone: 9 December 2001, 10:00, Pinelands No 2. (CAPE TIMES - 08/12/2001).