BLOCHT  (boy) * Israel on 6 December 2001 to Anthony and Janine (née BERKOWITZ). Grandchild for Stanley and Janice. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
CHARLES  Kayla and Alexia * Newlands, Cape Town to Malcolm and Kim (née ROBERTSON). Sisters to Christi, second and third grandchildren to Anne and Dave, 8th and 9th for Brian and Elizabeth. (CAPE TIMES - 07/12/2001).
FENNER  Emma Alice * 05 December 2001 to Anne (née GEYER) and Brett. Grandparents Bob and Liz. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
FICINUS  Nicholas James * Morningside Clinic, Sandton 5th December 2001 to Eckehardt and Nicky. Second grandson to Chris and Ursula Ficinus and Jeannie Newton-King. (THE STAR - 07/12/2001).
GREATHEAD  Tristan Merriman * Flora Clinic, Randburg 27 November to David and Doreen (née GIDDY). (THE STAR - 07/12/2001).
HALL  Mathew Glenn * George 2 December 2001 to Craig and Sarah (née HOLLLELY). (THE STAR - 07/12/2001).
KALLNER  (boy) * Morningside Clinic, Sandton 05 December 2001 to Hylton and Leora (née SEGAL). Grandson to Leone Segal, Alan and Zalia Kallner. (THE STAR - 07/12/2001).
KROHN  Noah Maximilian * Germany 2 Dec 2001 to Nicki & Sybille (née RUDOLF). Gandparents Gisela and Wilfred Krohn. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
LAMPRECHT  Jordan, Bernice * Linkwood Clinic 28/11/2001 to Quintin and Ardene. (THE STAR - 07/12/2001).
LANE  Jessica Ella * Auckland New Zealand 6 December 2001 to Chris and Tanya (née HARRIS). First granddaughter of Dave and Muriel. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
LOUDEN  Michaela * Durbanville Medi-Clinic 5 December 2001 to Murray and Kelly (née TODT). (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
MARTIN  Massimo * Southend-on-Sea 4/12/2001 to Marcus and Lara (née GALLUS). Grandparents Veronica, Pat & Pepito. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
MELTZ  Talia Sheina * Cape Town 02/12/2001 to Mandy (née SEYMOUR) and David. Granddaughter for Selwyn, Leah, Frank and Sandra. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
PAOLONI  VENETIA ROSEMARY * Willows Hospital, Pretoria 3 December 2001 to DINO and SHIRLEY. Sister to JESSE and JORDAN. (PRETORIA NEWS - 07/12/2001).
PILLAY  (boy) * Kingsway Hospital 5/12/2001 to Vibesh and Cheryl. Grandparents Tham & Saroj Pillay and Aunt Karasee. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
SIKHOSANA  Lesego (girl) * Philadelphia Hospital Dennilton 7 November 2001 to Forest and Given. (THE STAR - 07/12/2001).
STANDAGE  Rebecca St Augustines Hospital 1 December 2001 to Dave and Nerena (née GILLESPIE). Sister to Nicholas. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
WILLEMSE  Sienna and Kelsey * Sandton Clinic 29 November 2001 to Grant and Colleen (née RAY). (THE STAR - 07/12/2001).
BENJAMIN  GLADYS. 50 TODAY. Children Andre, Cindy and Andrea. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
GOVENDER  Pravashnie. 18 TODAY. {Inserted by] Mum and Collin. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
BYRON  ALCOCK. Birthday today. [Inserted by] parents Edgar and Jane, sisters Lushano & Kashiefa and Ashraf, Dilshaad and Zane. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
HENDERSON  LAWRENCE. * 8/12/1941. [Inserted by his] ‘favourite section 21'. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
MARAIS  KOOS. 60th birthday today. [Inserted by] wife Judith, daughters, son-in-laws and grandchildren. (MERCURY - 07/12/2001).
N.N.  Claudine. 21 today [Inserted by] POST Management and Staff. (POST - 07/12/2001).
RAMSARAN  VELOSHA. 16TH BIRTHDAY. [Inserted by] Dad, Mum, brother Viresh. (POST - 07/12/2001).
THACKERAY  GEORGI & BILL. MARRIED 6 DEC 1930. Congratulations from grandchildren & great-grandchildren. (THE STAR - 07/12/2001).
BARENDS  Colin Peter (Barrie). + 03/12/2001, aged 35. Husband of Charlene, father of Chandrey and Candice, son of Corrie and Helen, brother of Sharon, brother-in-law David and niece Chanti, cousin of Aunty Nazly en Uncle Sulaiman. Service: OAC Pine place, Forest Glade, Eerste River, 08/12/2001, 10:00, thence to Welmoed Cemetery Eerste Rivier. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
BARRETT  Marion Gwendoline. + 5/12/2001. [Husband?] Tony, [children?] Nicole and Kirsten, daughter of Garvin and Sheila Leonard, sister of Trevor, his wife Dette, their children Dylan and Taira Leonard. Sister and aunt of Raymond, Sandra, John, Yvonne, Mrs Schoeman, Lynn and Michael (MERCURY - 07/12/2001).
BASSON  Jacobus Johannes (Koos). + 04 December 2001. Wife Kitty, stepsons Peter and Philip Thomas. (MERCURY - 07/12/2001).
Beaton  Esme - see: Williams, Esme.
BILSLAND  Robert (Bobby). + 4 December 2001. Missed by Jo, Sally, Robert, Caroline and Laura, his sister Gertrude, Bob, Barry, Colin and their families. (THE STAR - 07/12/2001).
BOSHOFF  DOREEN (Doona). * 07/05/1906 + Queenshaven Home 05 December 2001, the last of the generation. Missed by daughters Justine, Maureen and Vida, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Remembered by grand-daughter Lesley, her husband Robert, and family as well as by Diane, Ian, Mike and Kerry in Victoria, Canada, Sylvia and Skye. (THE STAR - 07/12/2001).
Boyd  Irene Maud - see: Lindsay, Irene Maud.
BROWNING  GLYNIS. Sympathy to Robin and Bronwyn, also to Mum, Brendon Darren and Kevrin from Darryl and Liz. (THE STAR - 07/12/2001).
DAVY  Christine Magdalene (Mamsie). + 5/12/2001, aged 67. Husband Richard, children and grandchildren. Funeral: 8/12/2001, 12:15, Immanuel VGK, Raschke Street, Charleston Hill, Paarl. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
DE GROOT  Pieta. + 04/12/2001, aged 92. Mother and ouma of daughters Lucy and Corry, son-in-laws Albert and Gerhard, daughter-in-law Mary, grandchildren and great-grandchildren . Memorial Service: 10/12/2001, 10:00, Andante Retirement Centre, Patrys Street, Kuilsriver, cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 07/12/2001).
DE KLERK  WESSEL (Wessie). + 1 December 2001. Husband of Angie, children Helen, Esme, Cheryl and son-in-law Paolo. Missed by all at Golf Data. (THE STAR - 04 & 07/12/2001).
FOURIE  Conrad Daniel (Danny). * 6 January 1939 + 4 December 2001. Wife Wendy, eldest son Hadley, daughter-in-law Joan and grandchildren Lauren and Kyle, son Denver, daughter-in-law Cheryll, grandchildren Kaitlyn and Robyn, son Brandon, daughter-in-law Sharon, granddaughters Kim-Leigh, Lindsay and Danielle. (CAPE ARGUS - 06 & 07/12/2001).
FOURIE  Daniel. + 4 December 2001. Husband and father of wife Diana and children Dale, Abigail, Wendy and Gary. Funeral: 8 December 2001, 10:30, St Dominics Anglican Church, Hanover Park. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
HAYLETT  Hester. Remembered as mother and granny of Dianne Matthys, Martin and Heidi. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
HOWES  Ernie. + 3 December 2001. Wife Yvonne, children Sharon, Gerard, Gavin, Natalie and daughter Chelain, grandchildren Damien, Warrick and Trent. (CAPE ARGUS & MERCURY - 07/12/2001).
HUGHES  Annalea Ann. + 6 December 2001. Wife of Malcolm, mother and mother-in-law of Derek, Trevor & Andrea, Neil & Janet and Bill. Daughter of Beryl Milford. Sister of Lynne and her family, Warner, Andrew, Christopher & Catherine and David. Sister of Roger and Mary Ann Milford. Sister, aunt and great-aunt of Dem, sister Lush, Wayne, Lisa, Mandy, Christo and (great-nephews) Jethro, Benjamin and Timothy. Daughter-in-law of Thurle. Granny Anni to Travis and Ryan. Memorial service: 11 December 2001, 15:00, Wynberg Methodist Church, Church Street, Wynberg. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
HUMBY  Lawrence McDonald (Lola). + 4 December 2001, aged 53. Wife Rene, son Jarrod, brother of Carleen and her family, Ricardo, Mikhail and Michaela. Son-in-law of Dennis, his wife May, brothers-in-law Jason and Steven. Remembered by Cyril and Janet Titus and family in London. Viewing: St Georges Anglican church, Calendula Road, Silvertown, 13:00, 10 December 2001, thereafter service at 14:00, thence to Maitland Cemetery Gate 5. (CAPE TIMES - 06 & 07/12/2001).
Jacobs  Christina - see: Norman, Christina.
JONES  David Llewellyn (Dave/Davey). + 4/12/2001. Wife Joyce. Son of Gladdie and the late David Martin Henry of Clifton. Brother and uncle of Cheryl, Peter, Gavin and Sean in Portsmouth, England. Brother and uncle of Jon, Pat, Gareth and Kirsty. Uncle of Ansie, Mandy, Deon and Nikki. Service: Kommetjie Christian Church, Lighthouse Road, Kommetjie, Cape Town, 07/12/2001, 10:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS & CAPE TIMES - 06 & 07/12/2001)
KIKA  Ashok. + 4 December 2001. Son and brother of Mummy, Kika, Salie, Osman, Moodley, Lingham and Meyers families. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 07/12/2001).
LAKE  CHARLOTTE. + 5 December 2001, aged 93. Wife of the late Eric. Mother of Vanessa and Gavin and the late Anthony. Grandmother of Craig and Bruce. (THE STAR - 07/12/2001).
LEENEY  Pam (née TURNBULL). + 05/12/2001. Wife of David. Remembered by step-daughters Lorraine, Deidre and Gwyneth. (MERCURY - 07/12/2001).
LINDSAY  Irene Maud (Rene/Reen) (née BOYD). + St Lukes Hospice 5 December 2001, aged 73. Joh, husband of 51 years, daughter Judy and her family JJ, BB and Dom, Brandon, Janine, Daniel and Nicole, son Sheldon, daughter Vicki and son Brandon. Service: 10 December 2001, 15:00, Church of Annunciation, 19 Barrow Road, Milnerton, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 06 & 07/12/2001).
LIOU  Ching-Wei (Christine). + 2 December 2001. Married. Remembered by Ming, Maureen, Nookie, John and families. Sympathy to Mr Liou and family from all at ERM Travel, Cape Town. Funeral service: 10 December 2001, 14:00, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, Bergvliet Road, Bergvliet, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
LYNER  Ivan. + 04/12/2001, aged 64. Remembered by children, grandchildren and families. Son Timmy, daughter-in-law Lizette and granddaughter Tracy-Leigh. Funeral service: 08/12/2001, St Matthews AME Church, Richard Allan Street, Eureka Estate, 09:15, thence to Maitland Cemetery, Gate 9. (CAPE TIMES - 06 & 07/12/2001).
MARTIN  Catherine (Katy). * 18/4/1935 + 2/12/2001. Late of Bonteheuwel. Leonard, husband of 43 years, daughter Janine & son-in-law Simon, grandchildren Simone, Shaunna & Jean Pierre, daughter Tracey and granddaughter Sheree, daughter Gail & son-in-law Pat and grandchildren Nigel, Molly, Tracey, son Sydney with Darel, Brando, Zhivargo, Tiffany, granddaughter Glennyson Hilary Peterse, eldest granddaughter Allison and Katy’s only great-grandchild, Lyle. Funeral Service: 8/12/2001, Church Of The Holy Spirit, Bailey Crescent, Heideveld, Cape Town, Mass at 09.30, thence to Maitland Cemetary, Gate 1. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001 & CAPE TIMES - 06 & 07/12/2001).
MATTHEE  Michael. + 3 December 2001. Remembered by brother Edward "Holy", Bittie and family. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
MAURICE  Jeffrey Frank. + 5/12/2001. Husband of Dawn, step-father of David, brother of Norman, Ken & Derrick. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
MOKGOTHU  Enoch (Bazuka). + 29 November 2001. Missed by parents, sisters and children. Service: 08:00, then to ABC cemetery 10:00. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 07/12/2001).
MORKEL  Fred (Frankie) Snr. + Victoria, Australia 02/12/2001, aged 91. Remembered by son Edwin, eldest daughter Lorraine, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, also by Clifford, Maureen and family. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
MORRIS  Ian Taylor ("SQUASH" MORRIS). + 6 December 2001. Wife Shirley, children Ian, Lynn and Susan (Sue). Missed by his partners and the Staff of Kraut Wagner & Kernick. Squash will be remembered for his dedication & long standing association with the CBC Old Boys Association. Remembered by CBC OLD BOYS ASSOCIATION. Was chairman of CBC Old Boys Memorial Club and a member of the Board of Governors and PTA during his long association with the College. Remembered by Board of Governors, Parent Teachers Association, Headmaster, Staff & Pupils of CBC Pretoria. (PRETORIA NEWS - 07/12/2001).
NAPIER  DAVID (Dave). Husband of Fay, father of Carol, dad and grandfather of Johnny, Denise and Tegan, grandpa of Shelley-Anne, Scott and Kaylee. (THE STAR - 06 & 07/12/2001).
NICOLATOS  BASIL. + 3 December 2001. President of the Hellenic Community of the West Rand, 1975 - 1981. Son of Thia Elly’s sister. Remembered by Harry, Byron, John George and Maria (THE STAR - 07/12/2001).
NORMAN  Christina (née Jacobs). + 4 December 2001, aged 84. Remembered by her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and family. Funeral service: 8 December 2001, New Apostolic Church, Eureka Congregation, St Dominics Street, Eureka, 09:00, thence to Maitland Cemetery, 3 Pinelands Road Gate. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
O’CONNOR  SARAH. + 6 December 2001. Remembered by Pat and Jeanetta. (THE STAR - 07/12/2001).
Oliver  Rosie Louisa - see: Williams, Rosie Louisa.
POOLEY  SHIRLEY. + 3/12/2001. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of Dyann, Brian, Viola, Jody, Morgana and Damian. Sister of Derek, sister-in-law of Denise, cousin of Aileen. (THE STAR - 04 & 06/12/2001).
PRIOR  Dave. + 3/12/2001. Husband of Hester, father to Charmaine, Martin and Lisa, Hester and Torben, grandfather to Caleb and Cameron. Missed by staff at Pet Care & Hagen. (MERCURY - 06/12/2001 & DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
REYNOLDS  Iris (Boong). + 5/12/2001. Sister of Marge and Joan, aunt of Val & Norman, Diane & Patrick, Barry & Anne, and Cheryl. Memorial service: 11/12/2001, 15:30, Plumstead Rusoord. Cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 07/12/2001).
STEYN  Tjaart. + 4/12/2001. ’n Vader en oupa. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 07/12/2001).
THOMAS  NEUMANN {Col. M F}. + Princess Christian Home 5 December 2001. Funeral: St Francis of Assissi Church, Waterkloof, Pretoria, 12 December 2001, 15:00. (PRETORIA NEWS - 06/12/2001 & THE STAR - 07/12/2001).
TROUT  SHAUN. + 3 December 2001. Remembered by brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, sister-in-law and nieces and nephews. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
VERMAAK  Gert (Buddy). + 5 December 2001, aged 84. Missed by Betsie, Linda and family. (MERCURY - 07/12/2001).
WILLIAMS  Rosie Louisa (Rose) (née Oliver). + 1 December 2001, aged 83. Eldest son Gabriel, daughter-in-law Christine, grandchildren Ashley, Christelle, Connery, son Allan, daughter-in-law Charlotte, grandson Justin, mother and grandmother of Raymond, Jean and children, grandson Craig and his wife Cathy and their son Kyle. (CAPE ARGUS - 06 & 07/12/2001).
WILLIAMS  Esme. (Born Beaton). + 2 December 2001, aged 79. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of Tommy, Eva and family. Service: New Apostolic Church, Rocklands, 10:00, 8 December 2001, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 06 & 07/12/2001).
WOLDMANN  Gertrud. + 5 December 2001. Wife, mother and Oma of Helmut (Wally), Ruth, Ivan, Carryn & Michael. Requiem Mass: St. Bernard’s Catholic Church, Protea Road, Newlands, 10 December 2001, 11:00, cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 10/12/2001).
BASSON  JACOBUS JOHANNES (KOOS). Husband of Kitty and stepfather of Peter and Philip Thomas. Funeral Service: Dove East Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 7th December 2001, 16:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
BOUILLON  Wendy Marjorie, late of Durban, widow of Gerry, sister of David, Jeffrey, Jean and Lionel, sister-in-law and aunt. Funeral Service: East Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, 11-12-2001, 12:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
CLEARY  Matilda Cleary (Tida) (née Fynn), late of 51A Duranta Road, Austerville, mother of Megan, Germaine, Robyn and Randal, grandmother of Larce, sister of Isobel in the USA, Edith, Mary in the USA, Rebecca, Kenneth, Harold and the late Mildred. Funeral Service: 08/12/2001, Christ the King Parish, Cycas Road, Wentworth, 10:00, thence to Dudley Street Cemetery. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
DAVIS  Andrew, late of 55 Dahlia Road, Asherville, husband of Molly, father of Marilyn, Matthew and Melissa, brother of Neville, Lindsay, Monica and Jessie. Funeral Service: 08.12.2001, 13:00, Bethshan Tabernacle, Alpine Road, thence Red Hill Cemetery. (MERCURY - 07/12/2001).
GILBERT  Reginald, late father of Roselyn, the late Gregory and Michael. Funeral: Marion Centre, 532 Loop Street, Pietermaritzburg, 8 December 2001, 10:00, cremation. (MERCURY - 07/12/2001).
LEENEY  Pam, late of 71 Glenwood Drive, Glenwood, Durban, wife of David. Funeral Service: East Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 10 December 2001, 14:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
MUNISAMY  RAJENDRAN KRISHNA (Vishnu / Bonjo). + 4 December 2001. Ex-Employee of Nab Freight, eldest son of Krish (on the staff of Mondi) and Vanitha Munisamy. Funeral: at his late residence, 284 Montdene Drive, Croftdene, Chatsworth, 07/12/2001, 10:00, then to Mobeni Heights Cemetery, burial at 14:30. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
NAIDOO  CLINTON ANTHONY * 27/05/1982 + 06/12/2001. Eldest son of Mr & Mrs Ricky Naidoo. Holy Mass: 7/12/2001, 12:00, Our Lady of Vailikani, then to the Mobeni Crematorium, 14:00. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
NAIDOO  JAGADAMBA, formerly from Bayview, Chatsworth, late of 6 Dunvegan Road, Hillary. Funeral Service: her late residence at 10:30, then at 13:00 to Mobeni Heights Crematorium, 07/12/2001. Tel 4643197 (MERCURY - 07/12/2001).
NAIDOO  Shan, late of 111 Falcon Street, Kharwastan, husband of Patricia (Pat), father of (a) Councillor Mark Naidoo of the Durban Unicity Council Merebank, Wentworth, Jacobs Ward, (b) Dr Adlai Naidoo, Academic Dean-Agape Theological Seminary - Principal-Centennial Christian School, Seoul, South Korea, (c) Judy Naidoo, Prof of Human Resource Development, Team Koje Island, South Korea. Son of Mrs Janakie & late Mr M.R. Naidoo of Llandoff Road, Mayville, son-in-law of the late Mrs Rebecca Moodley of Protea Road, Isipingo Hills. Funeral: 8 December 2001, 13:00, Grace Worship Tabernacle, Uranus Street on Road 1018, Woodhurst, then to Stellawood Cemetery, burial at 15:00. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
REDMAN  Neville (Gooi), late of 20 Olive Grove, son of Theresa Fuller, father of Daylan, brother of Ivan, Mark, Christopher and Veronica. Funeral Service: 08/12/2001, Christ The King Parish, 12:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
SALATI  George, late of 36 Protea, Nathaniel Isaac Crescent, North Beach, brother of Rennie and Lydia. Memorial Service: East Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 08 December 2001, 12:00, cremation. (MERCURY - 07/12/2001).
VERMAAK  Gert (Buddy). Funeral Service: South Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 08.12.2001, 09:00, cremation. (MERCURY - 07/12/2001).
FREEDMAN  RAYE, late mother of Woolf Leonard. Consecration of Tombstone: 9 December 2001, 09:30, Pinelands No.2. (CAPE TIMES - 07/12/2001).
RABINOWITZ  Joseph (Joe), late husband of Shula, father of Lazarus and David. Consecration of tombstone: 9 December 2001, 11:00, Pinelands No 2. (CAPE ARGUS - 07/12/2001).
BENECKE  ANDRE. + a year ago. Remembered by Lee-Anne and Joey, Ma Houghton, Chanell and Andrea. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
CRAIG  Andrew Brennan. + 5 years today. Remembered by Mom & and Dad. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
KERDACHI  Raymond (Ray/Raymie). * 29/8/1971 + 7/12/2000. A son remembered by Mom Esmee, widow Debra, Alan, Vanessa, Dale & Talia. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
PLOWMAN  Quintin. + 7/12/1994. Remembered by daughters, Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
REDDY  GEORGE (S). + 7 December 2000. Husband, father and grandfather of wife Sasmah, sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren. (MERCURY - 07/12/2001).
RICHARDSON  Jean. + a year ago. Remembered as wife of Frank, mother of Bruce and Peter, and mother-in-law of Tracey. (MERCURY - 07/12/2001).
SINGH  LV. Remembered by Charles and the girls. (DAILY NEWS - 07/12/2001).
SUGDEN  Marc. * 7/12/1976 + 2/10/2000. [Unidentified insert]. (MERCURY - 07/12/2001).
TOBIN  JAMES FRANK. + a year ago. Remembered by his wife. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 07/12/2001).