BMDs 6 to 11 January / Januarie 2003
ABEL  (boy) * Kingsbury hospital, Port Elizabeth to Mike and Sara (née LAPINER), second son, brother to Ricky, grandson to Benjy and Michelle, Bernie and Hermione. Baruch Hashem. Mike: 083-556-5579 Michelle: 082-551-1196 Hermione: 082-551-9805 (The Herald - 06/01/2003)
ACKERDIEN  Sharfaa (girl) * Greenacres hospital, Port Elizabeth 01/01/2003 to Qaanita and Faisal. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
BELLINGAN  Maia * Cuyler kliniek, Uitenhage, Oos-Kaap provinsie 06-01-2003. Ouers: Graham en Maike. Kleindogter vir grootouers Bellingan en Skein. (Die Burger, Oos-Kaap - 10/01/2003)
BENTLEY  Jenna * 07/01/2003 to Mark and Larene (née DURO). Sister for Kirsten. [Inserted by] grandparents Duro, Wayne, Chantelle, Kiara and Tavia, Anthony, Darchayne and Amy. (PRETORIA NEWS - 09/01/2003)
BIYANA  Yanga (girl) * Greenacres hospital, Port Elizabeth 2 January 2003 to Nosicelo and Ngubengcuka. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
BLOUW  Andrew Gerhardt * Mercantile Hospital, Port Elizabeth 2 January 2003 to Andrew and Celestine. Brother to Curtleigh. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
BORMAN & WINTER  (boy) * Sandton Clinic, Gauteng Province 6 January 2003 to Andrea and Simon. Brother to Hannah. Grandson to Leo and Peggy Borman and Eva Winter. (Dispatch Online - 07/01/2003)
CHITTENDEN  Jonathan Luke * 23/12/2003 to Mark and Justine. (PRETORIA NEWS - 09/01/2003)
CLARK & O'HAGAN  Luke * 09/0120/03 to Ron and Julie. [inserted by] Denise, Ian and Lance. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
DANIEL  Tazyln Amber * to Sheldon and Natasha. [Inserted by] grandparents and by Jeanette. (Dispatch Online - 09/01/2003)
DANIELS  Thomas John * St George hospital, Port Elizabeth to Andy and Jo, their third son and brother to Adam and Luke. (The Herald - 06/01/2003)
DAVIDSON  Tatym (girl) * Greenacres hospital, Port Elizabeth 1 January 2003 to Lesleigh and Lyle. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
ERASMUS  James Alexander * to Chris and Niki. Grandson to grandparents André and Jeanette Erasmus. (The Herald - 06/01/2003)
GOODWIN  Kayleigh * St. Dominic hospital, East London 06.01.2003 to Sean and Nicol (née STEPHENS). Granddaughter and niece to (a) Dad, Mom, Warren and Michael, (b) granny Dianne, grandpa Shaun and uncles Garth and Mark Stephens. [Another insert from] uncle Kel and aunty Kathy. (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
GUEST  (girl) * 04.01.2003 to Gavin and Rene. Sister for Lauren. Granddaughter to Olga. (Dispatch Online - 07/01/2003)0
HIBELL  Kayla * St Dominic hospital, East London 08/01/2003 to Dave and Ally. Granddaughter to Gordon and Wendy Hibell and to grandmother ‘Mum’. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
JAMES  Chelsea Megan * St Georges Hospital, Port Elizabeth 03/01/2003 to Garland and Melanie (née BEZUIDENHOUT). Granddaughter to Gert and Carolyn Bezuidenhout. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
JONAS  (boy) * St. Dominic hospital, East London, to Piet and Sarah. (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
JORDAAN  (girl) * to Rudolph and Connie. [Inserted by] Marius, Lyn and family. (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
KRIEL  Martin * Moot general hospital, 18th Avenue, Rietfontein, Pretoria 01/01/2003, firstborn to Loraine and Charlie of Mountain View, Pretoria. (Rekord Moot - 10/01/2003)
MADIKANE  Savela (boy) * Greenacres hospital, Port Elizabeth 2 January 2003 to Thabisa and Mduduzi. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
MALOBA  Regomoditswe (boy) * Medforum hospital, Pretorius Street, Pretoria 01/01/2003 to Alwin and Joyce. (Rekord Moot - 10/01/2003)
NKENGANA  Landile (boy) * Greenacres hospital, Port Elizabeth 2 January 2002 to Nombeko and Joseph. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
NOGOBOKA  Zikhona (girl) * Greenacres hospital, Port Elizabeth 1 January 2003 to Buyisw and Loyiso. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
PODESTA  Emma * Settlers hospital, Grahamstown 008/01/2003 to Barry and Karen (née POHL). (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
POTGIETER  Kurt * St. Dominic hospital, East London 03/01/2003 to Nikki and Julian. Brother to Reece. (Dispatch Online - 07/01/2003)
SMITH  Nathan * Moot general hospital, 18th Avenue, Rietfontein, Pretoria 01/01/2003, third son to Santi [father’s name not published]. (Rekord Moot - 10/01/2003)
STEELE  Skye Tarryn * 07/01/2003 to Duane and Belinda (née JENKINS). Sister to Stormy. (PRETORIA NEWS - 09/01/2003)
VAN ASWEGEN  Suné * Moot general hospital, 18th Avenue, Rietfontein, Pretoria 01/01/2003, first child to Gert and Sonja. (Rekord Moot - 10/01/2003)
VAN DER MERWE  Abigail * St Dominic hospital, East London to Colin and Beverley (Bev). Sister to Keagan. Granddaughter to Ma Van [der Merwe]. (Dispatch Online - 11/01/2003)
AXCELL  Lisa. 21st Birthday today. [Inserted by] parents and brother Matthew. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
BEZUIDENHOUT  Charmaine. 21st Birthday today. [Inserts from] (a) Daddy, (b) uncle Bill and Shanelle, (c) uncle James, aunty Maria and Jimmy, (d) Mom, and siblings Bevan and Vanessa. (Dispatch Online - 06/01/2003)
BRANFORD  George. Birthday: 3 score and 10 years. [Inserts from] (a) ? to a dad and grandpa, (b) darling Josie. (Dispatch Online - 07/01/2003)
DAVIES  Didee (Didz). 21st Birthday. [Inserted by] Uncle Rich and BB. (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
DE KLERK  CHANLENE. Birthday today. [Inserts from] sisters Cindy-Lee, Evette and Samantha. (Dispatch Online - 07/01/2003)
DURRHEIM  Jennifer. 50th Birthday today. Wife and mother of Graham, Andrew, Liesel, Louise, Mark, Jeanne and Lindsey. Her mother alive. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
EVANS  JACKS. 21st Birthday. [Inserted by] Gradpa and Gran Farrell. (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
GERBER  Gail. 50th Birthday. Husband Lee, sons Nicholas and Leon. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
GRIFFITHS  Daphne Mary May (Daph) (née WILD). 90th Birthday today. Mother and grandmother of Terence, Rita, Gareth and David. Mother of Bert, Bev, Janine, Dillon and Alistair. (Dispatch Online - 11/01/2003)
HASCHICK  Shaun. 21st Birthday today. [Inserted by] Dad, Mom and Belinda. (Dispatch Online - 07/01/2003)
RAMSAY  Jody. 16th Birthday 12/01/2003. [Inserted by] Mother and sibling Calleigh. (Dispatch Online - 11/01/2003)
SCHENK  Quinton. 21st Birthday today. [Inserted by] parents and sister Glenda. (Dispatch Online - 07/01/2003)
VAN WYNGAARD  Werner. 21ste Verjaardag. [Ingestuur deur] Pappa, tannie Angie, Ronél en Mot. (Dispatch Online - 09/01/2003)
WEPPELMAN  Andrew. 21st Birthday. [Inserted by] parents. (Dispatch Online - 11/01/2003)
WITTSTOCK  Merchaleen. 21st Birthday today. [Inserted by] Mom, Lee-anne and Dianne. (Dispatch Online - 09/01/2003)
BARLETT & PEASTON  Wesley engaged 01/01/2003 to Gillian (Gill). [Inserted by] (a) Ginger and Pat, related to Wesley, (b) Kay, related to Gillian. [Another insert by] Dad, Hillo, and Kalin, related to Gillian. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
BOK & JAMIESON  Catherine, daughter of Louis and Ann, engaged to Timothy, son of Lyndsay and Joan of Somerset West, Western Cape Province. (The Herald - 06/01/2003)
BOTHA  Adrian engaged to Debbie BOLTT. [Inserted by] Dad, Mom, Morné and Nadiene. (Dispatch Online - 07/01/2003)
BREETZKE & GUYLER  Darrell, only son of Colin and Yvonne, engaged at the medieval castle in Prague, Czech Republic 05/01/2003 to Cathryn of Brisbane, Australia. (Dispatch Online - 09/01/2003)
BURMEISTER & ATHERSTONE  Catherine, daughter of Sheila and Peter engaged 06.01.2003 to Craig, son of Alan and Arlene. (Dispatch Online - 09/01/2003)
DATNOW & CHASEN  Candice and Ilan engaged. Parents: Lorraine and Colin Datnow, and Estelle and Phillip Chasen. Hashem. E-mail: Chasen: (The Herald - 06/01/2003)
DEVITT  Ian engaged 07/01/2003 to Charlene BIRKHOLTZ. (Dispatch Online - 09/01/2003)
DOSTER  Gareth engaged to Cathryn TERLECKI. [Inserted by] Dad, Mom, Nicole, Bevan and Robert. (The Herald - 09/01/2003)
RUMBELOW  Jonathan, engaged London, England 26/12/ 2002 to Michelle DU TOIT, daughter of Frans and Anne du Toit of Kini Bay, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 06/01/2003)
EVERITT  Martin engaged 24/12/2002 to Candice KREUSCH. [Inserted by] the Everitt family. (The Herald - 06/01/2003)
FLOOD  Patrick engaged 23/12/2002 to Bridget O’BRIEN. (The Herald - 07/01/2003)
FRASER & HAINS  Kerry x 04/01/2003 Chris. [Inserted by] Mum and Dad Fraser, Mum and Dad Hains. (The Herald - 06/01/2003)
GALLAGHER & McNAMARA  Susan engaged 31/12/2002 to Gary. [Inserted by] Kristin and Des, Mike and Noreen. (The Herald - 06/01/2003)
HARVEY & FOURIE  Andrew engaged to Mandy. [Inserted by] Wayne, Mom and Bridget. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
HAWKS & MIDDLETON  Cindy, daughter of Dave and Brenda, engaged to Richard (Richie), son of Kevin and Lyn. (Dispatch Online - 07/01/2003)
KOCH & KRUGER  Heinrich and Natasha engaged 4 January 2003. [Inserted by] Eric and Claire. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
KRUUSE  Dwayne engaged Cape Town 02/01/2003 to Alayne MYBURGH. [Inserted by] Dad, Mom, Hayley, Allan, Penelope and Werner. (Dispatch Online - 07/01/2003)
LEICESTER & VISSER  Sindy-Lou engaged to Joshua. [Inserted by] Grandpa and Granny Heggie, aunts, uncles and cousins. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
LINCEY & DRINKWATER  Kim x 04/01/2003 John. [Inserted by] parents Judy & Mike, Les & Pete. (The Herald - 06/01/2003)
PARKER & NOBLE  Shereen engaged East London 31/12/2002 to Duncan. (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
PERKS & PARRIS  David of London, United Kingdom, engaged to Jenny, youngest daughter of John and Wendy of Gonubie, East London. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
PRICE  Justin, son of Denham and Carol Price of Grahamstown, engaged to Clair LEVY, daughter of Gordon and Joan Levy. (Dispatch Online - 11/01/2003)
RANGE  Charl engaged 03/01/2003 to Tammy AMOS. [Inserted by] (a) Dad, Mom and Donovan, (b) Tyrell, Sandra and Tylan. (Dispatch Online - 07 & 09/01/2003)
RICHARDSON  David, eldest son of Shirley and the late Brian Richardson, engaged to Lesley, youngest daughter of Mike and Pam Reed. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
RIX – NOOMÈ  Andro, youngest son of Simon and Renée, engaged to Carmen RIX, daughter of Alan and Denise. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
ROGERS  Bobby, eldest son of John and Annetjie, engaged 24/12/2003 to Jill, daughter of John and Sharon GOWLAND of Rustenburg, North West Province. (PRETORIA NEWS - 10/01/2003)
ROMAN & JACOBS  Henry, son of Loma and Henry x Congregational Church, Central, Port Elizabeth 11/01/2003 Tania, daughter of Edith. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
SCHWULST  Neville engaged 07/01/2003 to Delene HUMAN. (Dispatch Online - 09/01/2003)
SHEARER & ALBERTS  Stuart, s o Lynette and Hugh, engaged to Louise, d o Heather and John of Auckland, Nieu-Zealand. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
SHORT  Lloyd, son of Arthur and Diana Short, engaged to Janine VAN HEERDEN, daughter of Kotie and Angie van Heerden. (The Herald - 07/01/2003)
STEP  Brett, son of Merle and Tony Step, engaged 31/12/2002 to Heather JOLLY, daughter of Nan and Brian Jolly. (The Herald - 07/01/2003)
STEVENS  Brendon, younger son of Roy and Mandy Stevens, engaged to Melanie ABRAMS, only daughter of Maurice and Eve Abrams. (Dispatch Online - 11/01/2003)
SWANEPOEL  Gerhard verloof 25-12-2002 aan Herculien PRINSLOO d v Hennie en Lina Prinsloo. (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
TAYLOR  Aubrey, only son of Aubrey and Maureen Taylor, engaged Austin, Texas, USA 21 December 2002 to Tracy CANNON, younger daughter of Cedric and Carol in Austin Texas. E-mail addresses:
TURNER & CADLE  Andrew and Penny x Kayser’s Beach, district of East London 04/01/2003. (The Herald - 09/01/2003)
VAN ZYL & LOTTER  Andrè and Suzette x 11/01/2003. (Dispatch Online - 11/01/2003)
WEYER  Trevor engaged 01/01/2003 to Lisa VLOK (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
BAXTER  Norman and Maggie x Germiston Methodist Church 10/01/1953. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
BEZUIDENHOUT  Wayne and Anna Marié. 20th Anniversary 08/01/2003. [Inserts by] (a) daughter Sasha, (b) Mom and Dad. (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
CLARK & CADLE  Norman x Sheila 10/01/1953, Bagshaw Street Methodist Church. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
ADAMSON  René (née ARANJO). + 07/01/2003. Survived by husband Chan, children Colleen, Wendy, Yvonne, Bonita, Lynn and Brynn. Sister-in-law and aunt of Margaret and family. Remembered by Doris and family. Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 12:00, Sacred Heart Church, Cape Road, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 08, 09 & 10/01/2003)
AKKALAYIL  {Dr} Thomas Mathew. * 19.9.1944 + 4.1.2003. Late of the S S Gida Hospital in Keiskammahoek, Eastern Cape Province. Survived by wife, {Dr} Bavamma Thomas, son Vinod. Memorial service: 8.1.2003, Holy Trinity Church, 34 Smith Street, King William's Town, Eastern Cape Province, 11:00. Interment: Trivandrum, India. (Dispatch Online - 07/01/2003)
ARANJO  Denzil Peter. + 05/01/2003. Mourned by mother, brother Dean, sister Celestine. Brother and uncle of Debbie, Miguel and children. Cousin of Tyrone, Shireen, Priscilla, Gary and children. Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 12:00, Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Arcadia, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 08, 09 & 10/01/2003)
ARRIES  Liena. + aged 84. Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 14:00, Old Apostolic Church, Hillside, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
ASHLEY-COOPER  Lyn. + 7 January 2003. A wife, mother and grandmother. Mother and grandmother of Lynne, André, Kurt, Jackie and Nicky. Funeral service: 9 January 2003, 10:00, St Mary’s Collegiate Church, Central, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 08 & 09/01/2003)
AUGUST  Maria. Funeral: 11/01/2003, 12:00, Jesus Care for the World, Greenfields, Missionvale, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
AUGUST  Matthews. Funeral: 12/01/2003, 10:00, Moravian Church Ground, Nooitgedacht, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
BARBER  Archie. + 02/01/2003. Will be missed by sister, nephews and nieces. Requiem Mass: 09/01/2003, 09:30, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, La Roche Drive, Humewood, Port Elizabeth. Cremated. (The Herald - 03 & 07/01/2003)
BARNES  Betty. + 03/01/2003. Wife, mother and grandmother of Bob, Robert (Robbie), Jennifer (Jenny), Mathew, Megan and Nicholas. Aunt, remembered by Mike, Val, Jason and Carl. Sympathy to Bob, Robbie, Jenny, Matthew, Megan and Nicholas, from Esther and Joe, who will miss Betty, she having been ‘another mom’ to them. Funeral service: 08/01/2003, 11:30, Milnerton House Chapel, First Avenue Funeral Home, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06 to 08/01/2003)
BARRY  George. + 9/01/2003. Brother-in-law of Irene. Mourned by (a) Sharon, Malcolm, Dawn, John, Deon, Giulie, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, (b) Sr. Geraldine (Yvonne), Clive, Junette, David, Brenda and families. Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 10:30, St Martin De Porres, Kobus Road, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth. Cremated. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
BEHR  Gerry. + Israel 07/01/2003. Was a friend of Theo and Renée Blumberg. (Dispatch Online - 09/01/2003)
BENGENY  Caroline Johanna. Late of 2 Douglas Smith Highway, CC Lloyd Extention, Duncanville, East London. Mourned by Oakie, Baba, children and grandchildren. Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 11:00, Parkridge Congregational Church, Aster Street, Parkridge, burial: Cambridge Cemetery, East London. (Dispatch Online - 08 & 10/01/2003)
BENTLEY  Yvonne. + Port Elizabeth 07/01/2003. Will be missed by family and friends. God mother and aunt, mourned by Tony (Dimples), Stella and Sebastian. Funeral service: Holy Trinity Church, Havelock Street, Central, Port Elizabeth, 10/01/2003, 14:00. (Dispatch Online - 09/01/2003)
BEUMONT  Richard John * 27/6/1930 + 1/1/2003. Eggenote Anna, kinders Jean-Pierre, Antoinette en Lorna, skoonseun Garth en kleinkinders Craig, Jonty, Brittany, Luke en Kean. (Beeld - 07/01/2003)
BILLSON  PATRICK CLIFFORD. + 08-01-2003. Vrou Annamarie. Youngest son Gary. Sympathy to Maggie and Gary, from (a) all friends at Reco, (b) everybody at the Green Door. (Die Burger, Oos-Kaap & The Herald - 10-01-2003)
BODÉ  Johanna Jacoba (Jo). * 24:02:1906 + 08:01:2003. Daughter Edna, grandchildren Lyn and Glynn, Therry and Gloria. Mother of Trevor and May. Mother-in-law, grandmother and great-grandmother of Monica, Carol, Kevin, Adele, Michael, Julie and families. Mother-in-law of Jean and grandmother of Nathaniel and Nadine. Grandson Don. Funeral Service: 13/01/2003, 13:00, Nahoon Methodist Church, 4 Kennington Road, Nahoon, East London, burial: West Bank Cemetery. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
BOKBAARD  Jan. Funeral: 11/01/2003, 11:00, Helenvale Resource Centre, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
BOTES  Johan Hendrik. In lewe van Garsfontein, Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 08/01/2003, 10:00, NG. Kerk, Garsfontein-Oos, Pretoria. Begrawe: Pretoria-Oos begraafplaas. (Beeld - 07/01/2003)
BOTHA  Gary Wayne. + 07/01/2003. Survived by mother, father and sisters Jackie, Justine and Maureen. Funeral service: 10/01/2003, 13:00, Gemeente Van Christus, Smart Street, Sydenham/ North End, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 09 & 10/01/2003)
BOTHA  Pauline (* COETZEE). + 06/01/2003, Oorleef deur kinders en kleinkinders. Begrafnisdiens: NG Kerk, h v Kestrell en Hofsangerweg, Rooihuiskraal, Centurion, Gauteng provinsie, 09/01/2003, 11:00. (Beeld - 09/01/2003)
BOTHMA  {mev} INEZ. + haar plaashuis, Machadodorp, Mpumalanga provinsie 08/01/2003, 64 jr oud, vermoor. Vera Bothma, skoonsuster. (Beeld - 11/01/2003)
BOUCHER  Pollyxeni (Polly). Late of Woodholme Beach, East London. Will be remembered by Beth, friend of 45 years. Memorial service: Woodholme Beach, 09/01/03, 11:30. Cremated. (Dispatch Online - 07 & 09/01/2003)
BOY  Ruben Frantz. + 03/01/2003. Late of 1 Mills Street, Kei Road, Eastern Cape Province. Dad and grandpa of Gavin, Nadine, Hayley and Ashton. Brother-in-law of Lydia and Jimmy. Uncle of Erica, Pieter, Melvin, Jolene, Antoinette, Brett, Byron and Colleen. Funeral service: Bethany Emmanuel Baptist Church, Ayliff Street, King William's Town, Eastern Cape Province, 8.1.2003, 11:00, thereafter to the Kei Road Cemetery. (Dispatch Online - 07/01/2003)
BREEDT  Cathrina Kluever. In lewe van Pretoria. Verassingdiens: 08/01/2003, 14:00, NG Kerk Overkruin, Kameeldoringlaan 65, Wonderboom-Montana, Pretoia. (Beeld - 06/01/2003)
BURG  Alma. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 10/01/2003, 11:00, NG Kerk Valhalla, h v Bothma en Fergusstraat, Valhalla. Begrawe: Thabatshwane begraafplaas. Kerkstraat Begrafnisse. 012-324 4613. (Beeld - 10/01/2003)
CAROLUS  Abraham. Funeral: 11/01/2003, 13:00, Wonderwoning Church, Arcadia, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
CLIFFORD  JIM. + Greenacres hospital, Port Elizabeth 26-12-2002, of kidney failure. Wife Maureen was previous owner of Usapho Trust, which collapsed in mid-2000. Daughter Mandy + 2000 in a car crash, daughter Amelia Pieterse + 2000 (suicide). In May 2001, the Clifford’s 15-month-old grandson Aidan, drowned in a swimming pool. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
CLOETE  Christopher Rozano. Late of 24 Windyridge Road, Parkside, East London. Funeral service: Dunn Asher Congregational Church, Parkside Crescent, 11/01/2003, 13:00, burial: Buffalo Flats Cemetery. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
CLOETE  Norman. Will be remembered by friend Peter. (PRETORIA NEWS - 09/01/2003)
COLLINS  Elizabeth. + aged 75. Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 14:00, Sidwell Memorial Church, Durban Road, Sidwell, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
COOPER  Monty. + Greenacres hospital, Port Elizabeth 04/01/2003, of kidney failure caused by malaria. Late of Grahamstown, Eastern Cape Province, where he was a Rhodes University photojournalism lecturer and a Rhodes residence warden. Memorial service: Rhodes Chapel, Grahamstown, 10/01/2003, 11.30. Cremated. (The Herald - 07/01/2003)
DANIELS  Denise. + aged 37. Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 13:00, Moravian Church, Witteklip, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
DE BRUIN  Merle Irene. + 10/01/2003. Late of Eldorado. Son Noel Levey. (Dispatch Online - 11/01/2003)
DE VILLIERS  Sandy. Was a long-standing member and committee member of the Pretoria Club. Condolences to Rosemary and family, from Chairman and members of the Pretoria Country Club, Sydney Street, Waterkloof, Pretoria. (PRETORIA NEWS - 09/01/2003)
DELL  Ronald Hugh / Athol (Bobby). + Zimbabwe 31 December 2002. Ex-Cradock Mortimer. Memorial service: 9 January 2003, 14:30, home of Mr Trevor Price, 51 Edinborough Road, Borrodale, Harare, Zimbabwe. Contact Ron Dell: 082-579-5055 or Ray (043) 743-9822. (The Herald - 07 & 08/01/2003)
DOLPHIN  William Albert (Willie). Brother and brother-in-law, missed by brother Lionel, sister Antoinette and in-laws Cedric and Enis. Funeral service: Hoogland Dutch Reformed Church, Isobel Avenue, Charlo, Eastern Cape Province, 9 January 2003, 11:00, cremation. (The Herald - 08 & 09/01/2003)
DU PLESSIS  Deon Gerhardus. In lewe van Brackendowns, Alberton, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 07/01/2003, 11:00, NG Kerk Brackendal, Vaalweg, Brackendowns. Begrawe: Kromvlei-begraafplaas. (Beeld - 06/01/2003)
DUNGLINSON  Bill. + 6 January 2003. Will be missed by Peggy, after 56 years together. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
EBERT  Peter. + 03/01/2003, tragically. Sympathy to Karin and family, from Glenda and Willie. (The Herald - 07/01/2003)
EMSLIE  Wendy. + Cape Town 04/01/2003. Wife of Dennis, mother and grandmother of Michael and Wendy, Joshua and Rebecca. Was a writer and artist. Will be remembered by Lois and Ken. (Dispatch Online - 07/01/2003)
FARRELL  Pegs. + 23/12/2002. Wife of Dudley. Missed by many in Morgan Bay, especially the Warren-Smith family. (Dispatch Online - 11/01/2003)
FERREIRA  Maria Elizabeth. In lewe van Kritzinger Aftree-oord, Alberton, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 07/01/2003, 14:00, Ned Herv Kerk, 2de Laan, Alberton. Begrawe: Alberton-begraafplaas. (Beeld - 06/01/2003)
FITZELL  Joseph Henry. In lewe van Drie Riviere, Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 13/01/2003, 12:00, NG Kerk, Drie Riviere. Begrawe: Jacobskop begraafplaas. (Beeld - 10/01/2003)
FLANAGAN  Lawrence. Brother and uncle of Lois, Angela, Glen and family, Malcolm & Shirley and family. Sympathy to Pam and family from Robin and Doreen Palmer. (Dispatch Online - 07 & 08/01/2003)
FREDERICKS  Walter. Left wife Tilla and children. Condolences from Colin and Shirley. (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
GATLEY  Auldith Murial. + 03/01/2003. Survived by husband Bill, son Kenneth & Kate. Funeral service: Methodist Church, corner of Prince Alfred Road and Bagshaw Street, North End, Port Elizabeth, 08/01/2003, 14:30. Cremated. (The Herald - 06 & 7/01/2003)
GOLIATH  Sophie. + aged 70. Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 11:00, Christian Church, Avondale Road, Kabega Park, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
GREYLING  Adolph Jacobus. In lewe van Sonlandpark, Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Verassingdiens: 9/1/2003, 13:00, NG Kerk, Sonlandpark. (Beeld - 08/01/2003)
GRIMBEEK  Magrietha Elizabeth Pieternella. In lewe van Boksburg, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: Herv Kerk, Championstraat, Boksburg-noord, 10/01/2003, 12:00. Begrawe: Suidpark-begraafplaas. (Beeld - 09/01/2003)
GROBBELAAR  Maria Catharina Susanna (Miemie). + Pretoria 07-01-2003. In lewe van Pretoria. Oorleef deur kinders Louise, Helena (Heleen), Elsie, Michiel, Jannie, Eben, skoonkinders Johann, Johanna, Marieta, Monica, kleinkinders en agterkleinkinders. Ma en ouma van Johann, Elsie en Anrika BREEDZKE. Ma van Helena, met kinders en kleinkinders. Ouma van (a) Sonia, Quinton, Twyne en Kayla, (b) Wynand, Christa, Zanalee en Karien, (c) Wikus, Annette en Kara BREEDZKE, (d) Paul, Ilana, Luke, Layla en Tahlia CRONJE. Begrafnisdiens: 13/01/2003, 11:00, NG Kerk Buffelsrivier, Greenfields, Oos-Londen. Begrawe: Oos-Londen begraafplaas. (Beeld - 11/01/2003 & Dispatch Online - 09, 10, 11/01/2003)
GROEP  Derrick. Late of 2 Onyx Place, Pefferville, East London. Funeral service: his residence, 11/01/2003, 10:30, burial: Haven Hills Cemetery. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
HENENE  Christopher. Previously of Zimbabwe. Friend and colleague of Aubrey SACKS and staff. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
HOBO  Mongezi. Sympathy to Nomajama on the sad loss of husband and father, from Diba, Judy and family. (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
ISRAEL  Margaret. Funeral: 11/01/2003, 13:00, Old Apostolic Church, Ext 21, Bethelsdorp, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
JACOBS  Ellen. + 6 January 2003. Was a faithful domestic helper and companion to Ouma. Also cared for the Pienaar and Hayden families for 51 years. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
KEMP  Andries Arnoldus. In lewe van Pretoria-Noord. Verassingsdiens: 9/1/2003, 12:00, AGS Herlewingsentrum, Mayville, Pretoria. (Beeld - 08/01/2003)
KERRIDGE  LYNDALL SYBIL * 27/06/1950 + 07/01/2003, 52 jr oud. Widow of Heflin, daughter of Cathy Kerridge. Mother of Atheem, Rushda and Jody, grandmother of Shafi and Iman, sister of Oliver, Veronica and Penny, aunt of Owen, Shannon, Kelly, Carlo, Shaun and Bradley. Begrafnisdiens: 12-01-2003, 11:00, Sewendedag-Adventiste Kerk, Uitenhage, oos-Kaap provinsie. (Die Burger, Oos-Kaap & The Herald - 09 & 10/01/2003)
KLOPPER  Nicole. In lewe van Boksburg, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 7/1/2003, 10:00, AGS Kerk, Lighuis, Mainstraat, Witfield, Boksburg, Gauteng provinsie. Begrawe: Boksburg begraafplaas. (Beeld - 07/01/2003)
KOEN  Johannes Jacobus (Johnny) + 4 January 2003, aged 64. Survived by wife Margaret, children Sandra and Cindy, sisters Jean and Sal Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 14:00, Moravian Church, Highfield Road, Schauderville, Korsten, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 08 & 10/01/2003)
KOTZÈ  Adre + 04/01/2003. Mourned by her family. Funeral service: 10/01/2003, 11:00, Newton Park Methodist Church, Port Elizabeth. Burial: Forest Hill Cemetery, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 09/01/2003)
KRESFELDER  Clive Cyril. + 9/01/2003. Husband of Lynn. Stepfather of Cheryle and Tony. Grandfather of Joshua, Candi, Gabbi and Kelly. Brother-in-law of Emma Lawlor. Memorial service: Kennersley Park Chapel, Beacon Bay, East London, 11/01/2003, 09:30. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
LABUSCHAGNE  Anna Sophia Maria. In lewe van Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Verassingdiens: NG Kerk, Arconpark, Vereeniging, 09/01/2003, 11:00. (Beeld - 09/01/2003)
LAMMAS  Thomas James Jude (Tom) + Pretoria 07/01/2003. Late of 8 French Street, Cambridge, East London. Husband of Marie, father to Sharon and Chatherine (Cathy), grandfather to Jacqueline and Luke. Missed by fellow members of the Northern Rhodesia Police Association, especially Gus, Hookie, Sam and Danie (New Zealand). Friend and neighbour for many years of Flip and Bets BLOOM. Sympathy to the family from (a) the GROOM family, (b) the ROURIER family. Requiem Mass Service: Catholic Church of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, Brabant Street, Cambridge, 10/01/2003, 11:00. Cremated. (Dispatch Online - 09, 10, 11/01/2003)
LE ROUX  RENÉ. Onthou deur Lionel en Lisa. (Die Burger, Oos-Kaap - 10-01-2003)
LE CORDEUR  Dorothy Margaret (Peggy) + 06.01.2003. Late of Kennersley Park Home, Beacon Bay, Eastern Cape Province. Son Anthony. Grandmother of Claire and Deon. Mother and grandmother (Gum) of Heather, Adrian and Brendan. Remembered like a mother by Anne in New Zealand. Friend and neighbour for 18 years of Chris and Wendy. Memorial service: St Nicholas Anglican Church, Pell Street, Beacon Bay, 09/01/2003, 11:30, cremation. (Dispatch Online - 07 & 08/01/2003)
LE CLUS  Tisie. In lewe van Pretoria. Verassingsdiens: 09/01/2003, 10:00, NG Kerk Arcadia, Wesselsstraat 232, Arcadia, Pretoria. (Beeld - 08/01/2003)
LE ROUX  René (née BILLSON) + tragically 08/01/2003. Mourned by parents, sister Shaneen, brothers Kevin (& Sonja), Johan (& Telana). (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
LINKS  Samuel. + aged 57. Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 10:00, Old Apostolic Church, Walmer Location, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
LOUW  Thora Doreen + 27/12/2002. Mourned by husband George, children and grandchildren. Sympathy to George, Kitty and Paula, from Joseph, Aurette, Melissa and Cuan. Funeral service: Full Gospel Church, Lorraine Congregation, Port Elizabeth, 07/01/2003, 14:00. Burial: Forest Hill Cemetery, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 07/01/2003)
MAGALA  Xolela. Funeral: 11/01/2003, 10:00, Reformed Old Apostolic Church, Salamntu Street, Kwazakhele, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
MARITZ  Pieter Jacobus. + 4/1/2003. Late of Greenlands Farm, Stutterheim. Mourned by his family members, Denise, Pieter, Nigel and Kirsty. Sympathy to Denise, Pieter, Nigel and Kirsty from Des, Maureen, Graham, Natasha and Shaun. Cremation service: St Paul's Lutheran Church, Shone Street, Stutterheim, 9.1.2003, 11:30. Cremated. (Dispatch Online - 06, 07/01/2003)
MASETI  Mandisi. Funeral: 11/01/2003, 10:00, War Memorial Hall, New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
MATTHEWS  Vuyisile Desmond. * 6 June 1940 + 31 December 2002. Left a wife and children. Funeral service: Shaw Memorial Church, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape Province, 11 January 2003,10:00. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
McILRATH  Samuel James. + 07/01/2003. Survived by wife Toni. (PRETORIA NEWS - 09/01/2003)
McLEAN  Lynette (Lynn). + at home 4 Wincanton Road, Grahamstown 08-01-2003, aged 45, after a six-month battle with liver cancer. Was a businesswoman, owner of Albany Business Machines, Grahamstown, Eastern cape province. Husband Allen, son Greg, 26, daughter Chante van der Merwe, 23, granddaughter Dahna, two, sister Trish Horne and parents Ronnie and Stryda Horne. Remembered by Peter Ellis, Grahamstown Chamber of Business president, Deseree Benyon, owner of Dupli-Print, and Jeff Grocott of Grocott’s Publishers and Printers. Funeral service: Trinity Church, Hill Street, Grahamstown, 12/01/2003, 15:30. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
MEYER  Johanna Maria. In lewe van Ons Eie Ouetehuis, Carolina, Mpumalanga provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 11/01/2003, 11:00, Kolgans Gastehius, Badplaas, Mpumalanga provinsie. Begrawe: Badplaas begraafplaas. (Beeld - 11/01/2003)
MHLANGA  Gladys. Funeral: 11/01/2003, 10:00, Balura Location, Alice, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
MINNAAR  Thomas. + 4 January 2003. Late of Bloemendal, Port Elizabeth. Survived by wife, children and grandchildren. Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 14:00, UCCT Church, Laurence Erasmus Drive, Bethelsdorp, thence to Bethelsdorp Cemetery. (The Herald - 08 & 10/01/2003)
MOODALAY  JAMES SUNDRI. + his Malabar home 07-01-2003, aged 75. Formerly of Gardner Street, South End, Port Elizabeth. Was a sports administrator and founder member of the Eastern Province (EP) Soccer Board, now the Northern Areas Soccer Board, which was formed af
MPINI  Anthony. Funeral: 11/01/2003, 10:00, Masibambane School Hall, Kwazakhele, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
MTYEKU  Absalom. Condolences to the family from Management and Staff, Mutual and Federal, East London. (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
MULLER  Harold. Begrafnisdiens: 07/01/2003, 14:00, NG Kerk Moedergemeente, h v Monument- en Kemptonweg, Kemptonpark, Gauteng provinsie. Begrawe: Zuurfontein-begraafplaas. (Beeld - 06/01/2003)
NCOYO  Xoliswa. Funeral: 11/01/2003, 10:00, Edwards Memorial Congregational Church, White Location.(The Herald - 10/01/2003)
NDINGANA  Nomfanelo. Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 10:00, Gana Kakaza Hall, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
NEL  Joheila Glodina. In lewe van Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Verassingsdiens: 08/01/2003, 11:00, NG Kerk, Vereeniging. (Beeld - 08/01/2003)
NELSON  Sannie + 01/01/2003. Mother and grandmother mourned by Tony, Noeleen, Craig, Cuen and Joanne. (Dispatch Online - 07/01/2003)
NIEKERK  Trevor. Funeral: 11/01/2003, 13:00, Word of Light, Virgo Street, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
O’REILLY  Henry David (Kat) + 05/01/2003, aged 65. Survived by sons, daughters, wife, grandchildren and great-grandchild. Mourned by (a) Ashwell, Geraldine and children, (b) daughter Rayola, Lloyd, grandchildren and great grandchild. Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 13:00, Bethelsdorp Congregational Church, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 09 & 10/01/2003)
OBEREM  Marion + 05/01/2003, while in the United States of America. Widow of the late ED Oberem. Mother of (a) Noel & Pat, and grandmother of Warren and Janine, (b) Graham & Colleen, and grandmother of Tracy and Belinda (USA). Friend of Vera Meise. Memorial service: 9 January 2003, 15:00, First City Baptist Church, [East London?]. (Dispatch Online - 07, 08 & 09/01/2003)
OSNER  William Frederick (Bill) + 07/01/2003. Late of 6 - 4th Avenue, Collondale, East London. husband of Crystal for over 40 years. Father of (a) Sharon and James, grandfather of Julian, Lauren and Aaron, (b) Jennifer & Mickey, and grandchild Zoë, (c) Steven and Donné. Brother of Shirley, uncle of Robert, Owen, Diane, Pierre, Loretta and children. Cremation service: Berea Baptist Church, Greenwood Street, East London, 09/01/2003, 14:30. (Dispatch Online - 08 & 09/01/2003)
PARK  Eileen + 06/01/2003. Mother of Clive and Jill. (The Herald - 09/01/2003)
PEAKE  Cyril. + Zimbabwe 02/01/2003. Son, brother and uncle of Mum, Eldridge family (SA), Gilmour family (Australia), Georges (Seychelles), Peake family (Australia), Till family (SA). (The Herald - 07/01/2003)
PEROLD  Gideon Stefanus Retief. In lewe van Waverley, Pretoria, voorheen van Edgehillsteeg, Queenswood, Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 08/01/2003, 10:00, NG. Kerk Hartbeesspruit-Queenswood, Garretlaan, Queenswood, Pretoria. Begrawe: Pretoria-Oos begraafplaas. (Beeld - 07/01/2003)
PIO  Gertruida Abigail (Gertie) (née BOTHA) + 04/01/2003. Ma van Gerda & Dennis, ouma van Tammy Gaffney. Ouma van Joan. Cremation service: Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk, Smith Street, West Bank, Oos-Londen, 07/01/2003, 11:00. Cremated. (Dispatch Online - 06/01/2003)
POTBERG  Alwyn (Stander). Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 14:00, Full Gospel Church, Oosthuizen Street, Arcadia, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
POTGIETER  Agnes. Funeral service: St Bernadette’s Catholic Church, 8th Avenue, Walmer, Port Elizabeth 09/01/2003, 11:00. Burial: Forest Hill Cemetery. (The Herald - 09/01/2003)
PRAK  Eileen. + Durban, Kwa-Zulu-Natal Province 5 January 2003. Friend of Betty and Eleanor Harden. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
PRINSLOO  Connie. In lewe van Fleurenville Aftree-oord, Pretoriusstraat, Arcadia, Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 08/01/2003, 09:30, AVBOB Kapel, DF Malanrylaan 294, Pretoria-Wes. Begrawe: Rebeccastraat Begraafplaas. (Beeld - 07/01/2003)
RADEMEYER  Alwyn (Jap). + 3 January 2003. Husband of Dawn, father of Lolita, Natalie, Graydon and their familes. Brother and uncle of sister Nita, Janine, Nolan, Chelsea and Tanika. Memorial service: 11/01/2003, Gelvandale Baptist Church, McManus Crescent, Gelvandale, 11:00. (The Herald - 08 & 10/01/2003)
RALA  Zanele Zeina. Late of Dowu Township, Chalumna, Eastern Cape Province. Funeral Service: 11:01:2003, at her home. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
REYNOLDS  George Alfred * 1907 + 07/01/2003. Mourned by Sandra, Lowell, Dessie and Margaret. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
RIBBINK  Brett. + 1 January 2003, tragically. Mourned by Tony, Anthea, Grant and Ben. Condolences to the family from his windsurfing buddies. Memorial service: Milnerton House Chapel, 1st Avenue, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 10:00, 07/01/2003, cremation. Ashes will be committed to the sea by wind surfers at a function at Noordhoek at 15:30, 07/01/2003. Further information: 083-376-5700/ 072-132-2376. (The Herald - 06 & 08/01/2003)
RICHARD  Ntombomzi. Funeral: 11/01/2003, 10:00, Old Apostolic Church, New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
ROBERTS  Johannes. Funeral: 11/01/2003, 08:00, Church of Christ, Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
ROON  Cornelis (Kees). + 23/12/2003, aged 71. Survived by wife, children and grandchildren. Memorial service: 11/01/2003, 11:00, Kosmos Garden Chapel, Kosmos, Hartbeespoort, Gauteng Province. (PRETORIA NEWS - 09/01/2003 & Beeld - 10/01/2003)
SAAIMAN  Klaas. Funeral Service: 11/01/2003, 13:00, Old Apostolic Church, Kleinskool, Port Elizabeth, thence to Bethelsdorp Cemetery. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
SCHMIDT  Mary. Funeral: 11/01/2003. 12:00, from Old Apostolic Church, St Adams Drive, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
SCHUTTE  Nita. Cremation service: 13/01/2003, 10:00, Grobbelaars Chapel, cnr Church and President Burgers Street, Pretoria West. (PRETORIA NEWS - 10/01/2003)
SLATER  Charles. + aged 82. Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 12:00, Weiss Memorial Church, Highfield Road, Korsten, Port Elizabeth, thence to The North End Cemetery. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
SLOOTMANS  Ada. + 4 January 2003. Survived by children Piet & Riet, Bep & Louis, Ada & Jan, Rob & Marinda, Hennie and Ben, also grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Memorial service: 8 January 2003, 14:00, Milnerton House Chapel, First Avenue, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 07 & 08/01/2003)
SMITH  Ellenore Chester. Late of Berea Gardens Valley, East London. Was a wife, mother and grandmother. Sympathy to Winston, Robbyn, Ian, Lee and Ros, from John, Angie, Stuart and Andrew. Cremation service: St Alban's Anglican Church, Vincent, East London, 07/01/2003, 10:30. (Dispatch Online - 03 & 06/01/2003)
SOLOMON  Simphiwe. Funeral Service: 11/01/2003, 07:00, 61 Ngoloza Street, NU9. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
STAMPER  {Dr} Siphiwo (Radebe) + December 2002. Was the director-general of the Eastern Cape Province’s Health Department. Wife Mamtolo. Funeral: D’Urban village, near Peddie, Eastern Cape Province, 11-01-2003. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
STEYN  Herman en Marlé. In lewe van Hermar Elektries, Waverley, Pretoria. Gedenkdiens: 11/01/2003, 11:00, NG Kerk Lyttelton, h v Langebrink- en Burgerstraat, Lyttelton, Centurion, Gauteng provinsie. (Beeld - 10/01/2003)
STÖCKER  Gunhild Hanna. In lewe van Drie Riviere-Oos, Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 08/01/2003, 10:00, Lutherse Kerk, Beethovenstraat, Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng provinsie. Begrawe: Vanderbijlpark begraafplaas. (Beeld - 07/01/2003)
STROUD  Susan. + 6,/01/2003. Children Donald, Dorothy, Errol, Barbara, Rene and respective family. Funeral service: Avbob Chapel, North End, Port Elizabeth, 11:00, 10/01/2003. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
STRYDOM  Robert Brian (Robbie). + St Bernard Hospice, East London 06/01/2003. Late of 29 Nightingale Avenue, Greenfields, East London. Children in Johannesburg, Shelley, Candi and Justin. Brother, brother-in-law and uncle of (a) Dennis, Leonie, Lincoln, Alison, Dylan, Kelly, Chereé and Dudley of East London, (b) brother Leonard, Denise and family. Mourned by his family Fred, Lyn, Bradley, Janine and mother Dawn in Port Elizabeth. Cremation service: 10-01-2003, 11:00, Greenfields Methodist Church, Jan Smuts Avenue, Greenfields. (Dispatch Online - 08 & 09/01/2003 & The Herald - 08/01/2003)
STRYDOM  Barend Johannes, In lewe van Pretoria. Verassingdiens: 13/01/2003, 10:00, Evangeliese Gereformeerde Kerk, 27ste Laan, Rietfontein, Pretoria. (Beeld - 11/01/2003)
SYCE  Hester. + aged 60. Funeral service: 11/01/2003, 12:00, Old Apostolic Church, Bottlebrush Street, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
THORNS  Florence (Lori). + 9.1.2003. Mother of Diana and Alan Mooy, Meri and Andy Cory, Ailsa and Gert van Bennekom. Nanna to Sean, Luisa, Daniel, Jonathan, Nicholas, Sjaan, Marie and Jenske. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
TRAWIN  Peter + 04/01/2003. Survived by wife Freda, children Peter, Celestine, Craig, Amanda, Nigel, Lynette and Cynthia. (Dispatch Online - 09/01/2003)
VAN ROOYEN  Joey. In lewe van Little Achievers Kleuterskool, Springs, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: AGS Kerk, Lewende Waters, h v Ragent en en Galwaystraat, Casseldale, Springs, 11/01/2003, 12:00. Begrawe: Springs-begraafplaas. (Beeld - 09/01/2003)
VAN ROOYEN  Renier. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 07/01/2003, 09:30, NG Kerk, Lyttelton, Centurion, Gauteng provinsie. Begrawe: Monavoni begraafplaas. (Beeld - 07/01/2003)
VAN DER MERWE  Ben. + 01-01-2003. Kinders Dan, Carin, Amanda. (Die Burger, Oos-Kaap - 10-01-2003)
VAN EEDEN  FREDERICK JACOBUS (Freddie). + 09-10-2003, 77 jr oud. Eggenote Lallie, seuns Frikkie en Thinus. Begrafnisdiens: 13-01-2003, 11:00, NG Kerk, St Leonardsweg, Algoapark, Port Elizabeth. Begrawe: Forest Hill begraafplaas. (Die Burger, Oos-Kaap - 10-01-2003)
VAN HELSDINGEN  JOHAN. + Milpark hospitaal, Johannesburg 09/01/2003, 45 jr oud. Begrafnisdiens: 14/01/2003, 10:00, Afrikaanse Protestante Kerk, Marble Hall, Mpumalanga provinsie. (Beeld - 11/01/2003)
VAN DORDRECHT  Bernardus (Ben) + 02/01/2003. Late of 64A Frere Road, Vincent, East London. Will be remembered by nephews and nieces Alida, Marié, Jan and Inge, Toni and Dave, Chick and Lesley and their families. Cremation service: 7.1.2003, 11.30, Cambridge Crematorium Chapel, Windermere Road, Cambridge, East London. Dispatch Online - 06/01/2003)
VAZI  Christopher Mninawe. Late of 2131 NU7, Mdantsane, East London. Funeral Service: 11:01:2003, at his home at Mzintshani Location, King William's Town, Eastern Cape province. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
VENTER  Paul Johannes. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 9/1/2003, 09:30, Gereformeerde. Kerk, Wapadrand, Pretoria. Begrawe: Pretoria-Oos begraafplaas. (Beeld - 08/01/2003)
VERMEULEN  Andries Michael Gert (Dries) + 04/01/2003. In lewe van Groenkloof, Pretoria. Treurend: (a) Itha, André, Henli en Neels, (b) Tertius en Zelda en kleinkinders. Gedenkdiens: 7 Januarie 2003, 11:00, Klipkerk, Heidelberg, Gauteng provinsie. (Beeld - 07/01/2003)
VICTOR  Jan. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: NG Kerk Skuilkrans, Brummeria, Pretoria, 10/01/2003, 09:00. Begrawe: Pretoria-oos-begraafplaas. (Beeld - 09/01/2003)
VILJOEN  Anna Francina Elizabeth. In lewe van Huis Herfsblaar, Queenswood, Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 07/01/2003, 08:30, NG Kerk Queenswood. Begrawe: Pretoria-oos-begraafplaas. (Beeld - 06/01/2003)
VIVIER  Alida. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 9/1/2003, 11:30, Hatfield Christelike Kerk, Carobayweg, Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria. Begrawe: Zandfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 08/01/2003)
VORSTER  Roelf. + 31/12/2002. In lewe van Linden, Johannesburg en van die firma Hofmeyr Ingelyf. Seun van Vossie en Lettie. Roudiens: Gereformeerde Kerk, h v 3e Laan en 7e Straat, Linden, Johannesburg, 11/01/2003, 11:00. Veras. (Beeld - 03 & 09/01/2003)
WALKLEY  Doreen Lorna. + 05/01/2003. Sister of Jack and Minie. (PRETORIA NEWS - 09/01/2003)
WARING  JOYCE. + haar huis, Seepunt, Kaapstad 09/01/2003, 88 jr oud. Oorleef deur 3 kinders (een: Adrienne KOCH, oud-burgemeester, Paarl, Wes-Kaap provinsie, oud-senator, oud-lid van die Presidentsraad), kleinkinders en agterkleinkinders. Man, Frank + 3 jaar gelede, was Springbok-rugbyspeler en Minister vir Sport. Gedenkdiens: 18/01/2003, Maitland Krematorium, Kaapstad. (Beeld - 11/01/2003)
WENTZEL  Dorothy Elizabeth. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 08/01/2003, 10:00, NG Kerk Doringkloof, Leoniestraat 143, Doornkloof, Centurion. Begrawe: Zandfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 07/01/2003)
WESSELS  Louis Jaromir. + 06/01/2003. Late of Pretoria. Survived by parents Anton and Shirley, brother Paul, grandparents Louis and Elaine Wessels. [Other inserts from:] family members (a) Richard, Val, Dickie, Julie, William, Glodina, Jon and Bianca, to whom Louis was nephew and cousin, (b) Dana, Gary, Eva and Jaromir, (c) girlfriend Samantha. Cremation service: Church Street Funeral Chapel, 15 Church Street, Pretoria, 10/01/2003, 13:00. (PRETORIA NEWS - 09/01/2003)
WILKINS  Bert. Late of Sundays River, Eastern Cape Province. Funeral service: 09/01/2003, 11:00, Milnerton House Chapel, First Avenue, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. Moth funeral medals to be worn. (The Herald - 06/01/2003)
WILLIAMS  Frans (Bruinman/ Zats). + 05/01/2003. Funeral: 11/01/2003, 11.30, 27 Swallow Drive, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
WILLIAMS  Ivy + 28/12/2002. Late of 47 Hood Street, West Bank, East London. Memorial service: 10:00, 08/01/2003, St Peter's Church, High Street, West Bank. (Dispatch Online - 07/01/2003)
WILLMERS  Mervyn (Smirf). + 04/01/2003. Late of 127 Bellingham Drive, Winterstrand, Eastern Cape Province. Survived by wife Barbara and daughters Carla, Lisa and Tracy, children-in-law Anthony and Lance, and grandchildren Lauren and Alec. Sympathy to Barbara, Lisa, Tracy and Carla from (a) old friend and colleague Robin Benn and Staff, Industrial Armature Winders, (b) members of The East London Ski-Boat Club. Cremation service: Crematorium Chapel, Cambridge, East London, 08-01-2003, 14:30. (Dispatch Online - 06 & 07/01/2003)
WILSON  Heather. 07/01/2003. Survived by husband Colin, children Neil & Jenny, Andrew & Ann (with grandchildren Stuart and Caroline), Margi & Stuart, and [other] grandchildren Rowan, Amy, Ross, Cameron. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
YAMOYANY  John George (Johnny-boy). + 04/01/2003, tragically. Twin of Demitri (Dem). Strength to his brother Demitri and his mother Stella, from (a) aunty Marina Augoustides, (b) cousins Alexa, Sharon, Victoria, Alexandra, Rinoula and Yianni Augoustides, (c) aunty
ACKERMANN  Ethel. + 05/01/1988, tragically. Mother and grandmother, remembered by Mervyn, Stephanie, Derren, Brett, Jared and Keren. (The Herald - 09/01/2003)
BAILEY  John (Joe). + 17 years ago today. Remembered by sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
BANKS  André Carl. + 11.1.2001. Father of Tash and Sammy. (Dispatch Online - 11/01/2003)
BERMAN  Solly. + 06/01/2002. Remembered by wife Joey. (The Herald - 06/01/2003)
BOOYSEN  Freddie. + 7 years ago today. Remembered by widow Irene, children and grandchildren. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
BOTHA  Trev. + 12/01/1983. Father of Stella, Cheryl, Graham, Liz. (Dispatch Online - 11/01/2003)
BRADLEY  Gladys. + 1 year ago. Was a mother and ouma [=grandmother]. [Unidentified insert] (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
CRELLIN  Ken. + 4 Years ago today. Remembered by family. (The Herald - 09/01/2003)
DAVIS  Joan. + 7 years ago on 12th. Missed by Ron, Ronald, Helen, Jenny, Kevin and grandchildren. (Dispatch Online - 11/01/2003)
DAWSON  Ivy. + 1 Year ago today. Mother and grandmother, remembered by (a) Neville, Lynette and family, (b) Greg, Susan and family. (The Herald - 09/01/2003)
DE BEER  Frank. Missed by wife and children. (The Herald - 06/01/2003)
DE MARCO  Peggy. + 10/01/1982. Remembered by husband and sons. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
DEACON  Judy. + 22/01/1999. Birthday today. Remembered by mother Noelene. (The Herald - 07/01/2003)
FOUNTAIN  Ken. + 10 January, 2 years ago. Remembered by widow Halcyon and family. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
GRINSTEAD  Ian. + 2 years ago. Was a son, husband and father to Nana, Pat, Mikki, Tim, Hayley and Brent. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
GROVES  Lester. + 1 Year ago. Son remembered by Dad, Mom and family. (The Herald - 07/01/2003)
HALA  Phillip. + 8 years ago. Remembered by widow Cariane. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
IZATT  Michèle. + 09/01/1991. Wife, mother and grandmother, remembered by Wayne, Tracey, Wendy and Ruby. (PRETORIA NEWS - 09/01/2003)
JOHNSTON  Roy (Chicken). Remembered by Tracy & Derek, Bradley & Cindy. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
LINDEMANN  ALFRED. + 6 Years ago today. Remembered by Enid, Lerina and families. (Dispatch Online - 09/01/2003)
MACK  Hazel. Missed by Len, Sharon, Bobby and Mark.(The Herald - 06/01/2003)
MAMMES  Gary. Younger son of Flo. Brother to Alan, Cheryl, Léann. (Dispatch Online - 11/01/2003)
MANTHE  Helena (Joey). + 08/01/1999. Wife of Philip. Was ‘n (a) ma en ouma van Skattie, Flip en seuns, (b) ma van Dolla en ouma van Lara en Dane. (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
OBARAY  Faried. + 14 Years ago. Remembered by Shaida, Jerome, Keagan and Keazia. Only son and brother of Dédé, Mama, Fifa and Nisa. (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
PHILLIPS  Grant. + 3 years ago today. Missed by widow Debbie, Mom, Troy, Tracey, Nickie, Tammie, and Christie, and by Dad and Mom Pautz, Colin and Ethné. (Dispatch Online - 08/01/2003)
PIATER  Madge. + 1 year ago today. Mother missed by (a) Philip, Jeff and children, (b) Desiree and Cliff Bennett, (c) Patrick, Renae and Jaryd. (Dispatch Online - 10/01/2003)
POMMEREL  Cornelis Willem Johannes (Cor). + 6 years ago. Remembered as husband, father and grandfather. (The Herald - 10/01/2003)
SCHMIDT  Neil. + 15/01/1997. Remembered by sister, Noelene. (The Herald - 07/01/2003)
SHAW  GEORGE. + 1 Year ago today. Remembered by wife Daphne and children. (Dispatch Online - 09/01/2003)
SHEPHERD  remembered family members of Betty: her father John Douglas + 12 January 1943, her mother Nellie + 8 January 1977, her brother Joe + 2 November 1989, her sister Nancy + 30 October 1994 and Pat, widow of Joe + 10 June 2002. (The Herald - 08/01/2003)
SLINGER  Elsie. + 7 Years ago. Mother and grandmother missed by Dianne, Anneline, Diego and Bevan. (The Herald - 09/01/2003)
SMOUSE  Lena. + 6 Years ago today. Mother and grandmother missed by Noël, Grecia, Shannon, Ashwell and Justin. (Dispatch Online - 09/01/2003)
THYS  Mimmie. + 50 years ago today. Children Annie, Stoffel, Johnny and Daniel. (The Herald - 08/01/2003
VAN ROOYEN  Thomas (Tommy). + 1 Year ago today. Remembered by (a) wife Lillian, (b) daughter Celeste and son-in-law John, (c) grandchildren Karen & Preston, Glendon & Juanita and children, (d) daughters Lynette and Evelyn, sons-in-law Connie and Sidney and grandchildren. (The Herald - 06/01/2003)
VAN DE VENTER  George (Monk). + 06/01/1988. Remembered (a) by wife and children Val, Craig, Dean and Estelle, (b) by Lennard and family, (c) as brother, brother-in-law and uncle by Colin, Milly, Richard, Shaun, Karen and children. (Dispatch Online - 06 & 07/01/2003)
WEWEJE  Mike. + 16 years ago. Remembered by widow Duckie and the Venter family. (Dispatch Online - 11/01/2003)
WILSON  Violet Verlaria. + 06/01/1994. Remembered by family. (Dispatch Online - 06/01/2003)
WONG LEITH  Wallance. + 26 years ago. Remembered by Mom, brothers, sisters and their families. (The Herald - 06/01/2003)