BMDs 5 / 6 January 2002
ABRAMS  (boy) * 4/1/2002 to Jason and Melanie (née MORRISON). First grandchild to Pete and Steph. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
ADAMS  Bilqees * Kingsbury Hospital, Claremont, Cape Town 2/01/2002. First-born child to Jamiela and Ashieq. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
BAEUCLERK  Oliver Wyndam * Duiwelskoof Hospital, Limpopo Province 04/01/2002 to Matthew and Paula (née COLLIER). [Inserted by] the Colliers and Du Preez families. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
BERRY  Jaime Joan * 01/ 01/ 2002T11:52. [Inserted by her] Dad, Mom, Jake & Gemma, and the rest of the Berry and du Plessis relatives. (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
BROMBACHER  AERIN ALEXANDRA * Olivedale Clinic, Randburg, Gauteng Province 4 January 2002 to Bryan and Deborah (née SCHULTZ). (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
BROWN  Matthew Scott * Umhlanga Hospital, KwaZulu-Natal 03/01/2002 to David and Lynne (née McDONALD). (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
CLUER  Robyn Elizabeth * Kingsbury Hospital, Claremont, Cape Town 3/1/2002. First-born child to John and Danielle. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
DREYER  (girl) * Vincent Palotti Hospital, Cape Town 4/1/2002 to Grant and Heather. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
HAMMAN  (boy) * 4/1/2002 to Clive and Thresia (née CUPIDO). (Dispatch - 05/01/2002).
HERTZIKOWITZ  (boy) * Parklane Clinic, Johannesburg 2/1/2002 (=18 Tevet 5762) to Saul and Andrea (née MAISEL). Brother for Michal. Another grandchild for grandparents Sam and Bernice, Julius and Liz. E-mail: (CAPE ARGUS - 04 & 05/01/2002).
JACOBS  Storm * Kingsbury Hospital, Claremont, Cape Town 28/12/2001 to Leon and Allison. Brother to Daniel and Jamie. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002)
JANKELOWITZ  (boy) * Australia [date not published] to Sean and Rachel (née OSHRY). Brother to Jesse. Another grandson to Helen and Melvyn, Dave and Claudie, great-grandson to Sylvia Jankelowitz and to Max and Ann Oshry. (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
KLAASEN  Adam * Kingsbury Hospital, Claremont, Cape Town 02/01/2002 to Melany and John. Brother to Catherine. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
KUIPERS  Lara Joy * 3 January 2002 to Cindy (née COZENS) and Mark. Sister to Hannah. Granddaughter to Bill and Jenny. (Dispatch - 05/01/2002).
LIEBOVITZ  (twin girls) * Parklane Clinic, Johannesburg 2 January 2002 to David and Melissa (née FRIEDMANN). Grandparents Elaine and Johnnie, Paula and Peter. Great-grandfather Maurice Finn. Great-grandmother Sylvia Todes. (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
MAKOLA  Ziyanda * Kingsbury Hospital, Claremont, Cape Town 27/12/2001 to Nozizwe and David. Sister to Luyanda and Ayanda. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002)
MAUD  Jonathan * United Kingdom 29/12/2001 to Nigel and Emily-Jane (née STUBBS). (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
MICHALAKIS  Gabriella * Sandton Cinic, Gauteng Province 24 December 2001 to TAKIS and CAROL. Sister to Natalya and Markella. (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
MOBARA  (girl) * Kingsbury Hospital, Claremont, Cape Town 27/12/2001 to Suraya and Allie. Sister to Nazreen, Ragmah and Aliah. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
NALDER  (boy) * Morningside Clinic, Sandton, Gauteng Province 2 January 2002 to Nick and Lisa (née BEINART). (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
NORTH  Declan Michael * 29/12/2001 (3.14kg) to Deidré (née VAN DER BYL) and Neil. Grandson to Mom and Dad North and to Mom and Dad Van der Byl. Congratulations from (a) Uncle De, (b) Les, Veronica and Hans, (c) Michelle and boys, (d) Rob and Naidine and (e) Eulene. (Dispatch - 04 & 05/01/2002).
PARKER  Adam Michael * Crompton Hospital, Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal Province 28/12/2001 to Anthony and Bronwyne. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
REID  Amber * Constantiaberg Medi Clinic, Cape Town 2 January 2002 to Grant and Karen (née BLANK). (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
RIPPON  (girl) * Richmond, London, United Kingdom 3 January 2002 to Kirsten (née ROSSER) and Alastair. (Dispatch - 05/01/2002).
TAIT  Nicole Claire * Westville Hospital, Durban 23 November 2001 to Steven and Melody (née CROMPTON). Sister to Kelly. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
TENNANT  Angela Mary * Johannesburg 3/1/2002 to Diane and Allan. Another granddaughter to Mary and Graham. (Dispatch - 05/01/2002).
WARES  Ruby * Kingsbury Hospital, Claremont, Cape Town 25/12/2001 to Duncan and Janet. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002)
WOODBURN  Brendon Matthew * Sydney, Australia 3 January 2002 to Angela and Craig. Grandson for Jeanette and Derek. (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
BATTERSBY  John. 21st Birthday today. [Inserted by Mom and Dad, Esther, Stan, Luke and Will. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
FRANZ  Sylvia. 40th Birthday. Husband Clarke. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
KAMISH  Adielah. Birthday today. [Inserted by] colleagues at Independent Newspapers. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
PILLAY  ANCILLA. 21st Birthday. [Inserted by her] family. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
RAMA  Dami. 21st Birthday. [Inserted by] Rohitfua, Foi, Heena and Roopa. (Dispatch - 05/01/2002).
EVANS / EVERT  Tracey and Gareth married Pilgrims Rest, Mpumalanga Province 29/12/2001 [Inserted by] John and Joan Evans. [Wedding arrangements by immediate family members] Justin Evans and Karen Evert. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
MEINTJIES  Angelo (eldest son of Veronica and Mervin) married 5 January 2002 Chantal FOXCROFT, eldest daughter of Yvonne and Jeff. (Dispatch - 05/01/2002).
LICHTENSTEIN  Paul (son of Thalia and Frank Lichtenstein, grandson of Monty and Joyce Cohen) married Melbourne, Australia 6 January 2002 Susan SAXE, daughter of Merle and Cyril Saxe, granddaughter of Abe and Micky Friedman. E-mail: (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
MALONE  Mom and Dad. 50th Wedding anniversary. [Inserts by children:] (a) Yvonne, Shantele, Brendon and Kera, (b) Graham, Joanne and Frank. (Dispatch - 05/01/2002).
AMROODT  Ethel. Late of Mitchells Plain, Cape Town. Cremation service: Maitland Crematorium Chapel, 7 January 2002, 10:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
BELL  ALTHEA (Ally) (née DU PRE LE ROUX). + 27/12/2001. Missed by children Douglas, Tina, Heather, Pierre and grandchildren. Sister and aunt of Pat, Keith and family. (CAPE ARGUS & PRETORIA NEWS - 05/01/2002).
BELLEW  JAMES. Condolences to Helen, Alan, Colin, Donovan and family from colleagues at Air Cleaning Equipment and Colliery Dust Control. (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
BOMBAY  Jacob John. + 2 January 2002. Wife Sienie Bombay. Left also sons, daughters, sons- and daughters-in-law, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Funeral service: 7 January 2002, Christelike Evangelie Kerk, 7th Avenue, Grassy Park, Cape Town, 13:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
BULSTRODE  Patricia Joan. Mother of Tanya, Jennifer, grandmother of Kiarah and James. Funeral Service: Doves, South Chapel, 1st Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 08/01/2002, 09:00. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
COMBRINCK  THEA CLARA AUGUSTE. + 2 January 2002. Brother Victor, nephew Victor Jnr, nieces Heidi and Barbara. Sister of Minie and Jack, aunt of Pia, Edward and Tracy, David, Desia and Rowen. Aunt of Linda & Ken, Margi, Greg & Louise, Wendy & Leo, Jason, Duncan, Glen, Anton & Brad. Sympathy to John, Phyll, Nicky, Andrew and Stephen from Leo, Wendy, Glen, Anton, Greg and Louise. Funeral service: Wesley Methodist Church, corner Andries and Visagie Streets, Pretoria, 14:30, 8 January 2002. (PRETORIA NEWS - 04 & 05/01/2002).
CORBETT  Charles Edward. Late of 8 Palm Grove, Craine Street, Gonubie, East London. Cremation service: 7/1/2002, 11:30, Cambridge Crematorium Chapel, Windermere Road, Cambridge, East London. (Dispatch - 05/01/2002).
DALE  Ralph. + England 04/01/2002. Was a husband, father and father in-law. [Inserted by] (a) Pearl and Suzy Dale 0944-1202-762270, (b) Leorah and Jerry Solomon E-mail: (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
Damon  Francis Elizabeth - see: White, Francis Elizabeth.
DAVIDSON  Brian Harry. Late of Park Rynie, South Coast, KwaZulu-Natal Province. Wife Lesley. Cremated. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
DE WET  Wentzel. + 27 December 2001. [Inserted by] Conroy and Marian. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
Du Preez le Roux  Althea - see: Bell, Althea.
DU TOIT  DOREEN FRANCES. Late of Rosebank Retirement Village, Johannesburg. Wife of Rene, mother of Lois, Karen and Clifford, grandmother of Matthew, Jordan and Stuart. Requiem mass: Catholic Church Of The Immaculate Conception, 16 Keyes Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 7 January 2002, 10:30, cremation. (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
DU TOIT  Elizabeth Josephine (Liesel). + 3 January 2002. Missed by the Du Toit and Nel families. Cremated. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
ENGELBRECHT  Marlene. + 3 January 2002, aged 33. Husband Tony, children Santino and Gabriell. Mother Mona. Brother and family: Rodney, Collette and children. Remembered by Aunty Helga, Uncle Helmut, Valda and Jason and Aunty Ivy and family in Canada. Funeral service: St Albans Anglican Church, Goodwood, Cape Town, 7 January 2002, 13:30. (CAPE ARGUS - 04 & 05/01/2002).
ERASMUS  Gwendolene Catherine Sarah (Gwen). + 29 December 2001, aged 81. Son Melwyn, grandchildren Nicole, Warren and Candice. Mother and grandmother of Rosemary, Bob, Craig and Graeme. Daughter Tersia. Condolences to Ras & Rosemary from friends Linda and Peter. (CAPE ARGUS - 02 & 04 & 05/01/2002).
FRENCHMAN  ALICE (née MAGGOT). + 01/01/ 2002. Late of St. Helena Island. Daughter Jenny. Mother, mother-in-law and grandmother of Stanley, Florence, Leigh and Logan. Mother of daughter Lindy, Thomas and grandchildren Gregory and Kelly. Mother and grandmother of son Bernie, daughter Lorraine and grandson Liam. Grandmother (Ma) of (a) Gary, (b) Leon, wife Megan and great-granddaughter Robyn. Brother and sister-in-law Albert, Mavis Frenchman. Sisters-in-law Christine and Sybil, nieces Laetitia and Coral. Sympathy to Jenny, Lindy, Bernie, Lorraine, Stanley and Leon on the loss of their mother and grandmother from staff at Bani Electrical. Funeral service: St Thomas Church, cnr Campground and Sanddown Roads, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 09:30, 05/01/2002. (CAPE ARGUS - 03 & 04 & 05/01/2002).
GREEN  George Ashley. Memorial Service: Doves East Chapel, 20 Fynn Street, Greyville, Durban, 08/01/2002, 12:00. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
HANSMANN  LUDWIG. In lewe van Ruimtesig Afreeoord, Faerie Glen, Pretoria. Verassingdiens: 06/01/2002, 11:00, Rentmeester Grobbelaars Kapel, h/v Annie Bothastraat en Unionlaan, Riviera, Pretoria. (Beeld - 05/01/2002).
HUGO  Christoffel Francios. * 7 April 1941. Gedenkdiens: 5 Januarie 2002, NG Kerk Lynnwood, Pretoria, 10:00. (PRETORIA NEWS - 05/01/2002).
HUMAN  ANITA. In lewe van Rocco De Villiersstraat 7, Montgomery Park, Johannesburg. Begrafnisdiens: NG Kerk Aasvoëlkop, Hockeyrylaan, Northcliff, Johannesburg, 07/01/02002, 11:00, daarna na Wespark begraafplaas. (Beeld - 05/01/2002).
JANSEN VAN RENSBURG  SCHALK WILLEM (Rens). + 31/12/2001. In lewe van Montana, Pretoria. Betreur deur die AA Triple C Groep. Verassingdiens: Hervormde Kerk, Magalieskruin, Pretoria, 05/01/2002, 10:00. (Beeld - 04 & 05/01/2002).
KEOWN  Roeloff Cecil Oosthuizen. + 4/1/2002, aged 79. Late of Parow, Western Cape Province. Left a wife, children and grandchildren. Cremation Service: 9/1/2002, 11:00, Maitland Crematorium Chapel, Maitland, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
LANG  ROSE. Sister Leba and her family: Ingrid, Robyn and Corinne. Missed by sisters Ethel, Minnie and brothers-in-law. Funeral: 04/01/2002, 10:30. (THE STAR - 04 & 05/01/2002).
Maggot  Alice - see: Frenchman, Alice.
MANASSE  {Inspector} Gavin Jerome. + 31/12/2001. Late of Strandfontein, Western Cape Province. Wife Lynette, children Nolene, Ralton and Cole. Only son of parents Sarah and John (Sakkie), sister Una, brother-in-law Kevin. Sister Maylene, brother-in-law William and Ross. Brother-in-law Calvyn. Remembered by (a) Uncle Ernie, Aunty Beth and children, (b) Patrick Esau and Management and Staff of K.F.C., Fish Hoek, Cape Town. Funeral service: Moravian Church, Steenberg, 5 January 2002, 08:00, then to Muizenberg Cemetery. (CAPE TIMES - 03 & 04 & 05/01/2002).
MARSHALL  JEANETTE. + 4 January 2002. Mother of Glen, Peter, Anthony and Roxy. (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
MELLOR  Audrey. + 2/1/2002, aged 94. Remembered by Clare, Mary, Brian and Geoff and grandchildren David, Alan and great-grandchildren. Service: All Saints Church, Brent Road, Plumstead, Cape Town, 8/1/2002, 15:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
MELVYN  EDWARD CRUYWAGEN (Marc). + 1/1/2002. Son, brother and uncle of Mom, Stan, Keith, Basil, Angela and Keagan. (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
MUSK  Ronald Desmond. Wife Yvonne. Children Rodney, Craig, Warren and Michelle, grandfather of Tyler, Alison and Demi-Lee. Memorial Service: East Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 08/01/2002, 10:00, cremation. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
NORMAN  Michael Benjamin (Tanie). + 3/1/2002. Wife Sarah. Left also eldest sister Mrs van Rooyen, other sisters, brothers, children and grandchildren. Funeral service: Wednesday 9/1/2002, Old Apostolic Church, Clarkes Estate, Cape Town. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
NORTON  Craig James (CJ). Late of Brackendowns, Alberton, Gauteng Province. Brother Brett deceased. Son of Gloire and Klaus, brother to Kim and Natascha (Tasch). Remembered as Boet by Crystal and Grant. Loved by Cheryl. Service: St. Francis Of The Assissi Anglican Church, Corner of Hart Avenue and Lindique Street, Meyersdal, Alberton, 28 December 2001, 14:00, cremation. Memorial Service: St. Olav Church, 214 St. Thomas Road, Berea, Durban, 10:30, 08/01/2002. (MERCURY - 27/12/2001, THE STAR - 28/12/2001 & 03/01/2002, SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
OPPENHEIMER  SARAH. + 2 January 2002. Daughter Elaine and Stanley, grandchildren Leanne, Robyn and Daniel, daughter-in-law and son-in-law Wanda and Brian (London). Aunt of (a) Maisie and Syd Novis, (b) Jennifer and Harry Katz (Australia), (c) Laraine and Derek Rabin, (d) Damon and Diane (Di) Xenopoulos (USA), (e) Audrey and Basil Hart. (THE STAR - 04 & 05/01/2002).
PENERY  Mark Steven. + 04/01/2002. Wife Sandy, father of (a) Sherinne & Ivan, (b) Chilton & Jade. Thanks to Uncle Mark for all the years he gave and shared with us at Ramblers Football Club, from all his Soccer Boys. Funeral Service: Old Fort Chapel, 07/01/2002, 10:00. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
PIENAAR  Daniel Beltsazer (Danie). + 02/01/2002, after an accident. Previously from Port Alfred, Eastern Cape Province. Son Morné. Missed by Schoeman family, Marie Pienaar and Belinda. Cremation service: Cambridge Crematorium Chapel, East London 08/01/2002, 10:00. (Dispatch - 05/01/2002).
PREVÖST  GRAHAM CYRIL. + 30/12/2001. Late of Germiston, Gauteng Province. Missed by Percy, Laura, Eric, Candice, Natalie, Myrna and Gavin. Funeral service: G.B.A. Chapel, cnr of New and Joubert Street, Germiston, 07/01/2002, 11:00, thence to the Southpark cemetery. (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
ROBERTS  Alexander (Alex). + 3/1/2002. Wife Jenny. Left also children and grandchildren. Funeral service: Assembly of God, Westridge, Cape Town, 8/1/2002, 09:00, thence to Klipfontein Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
ROSSOUW  Johan. Wife Barbara, children Sharon and Philip. Was also a grandfather. Memorial service: Flame Lily Chapel, 565 Stella Road, Queensburgh, Durban, 7/1/2002, 09:30. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
SCOTT  Anna. + 02/01/2002. Husband James. Missed by the Scott Family. Memorial Service: 07 January 2002, 14:30, McDonald Presbyterian Church, Prince Street, Umvogintini, KwaZulu-Natal Province. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
SEAMAN  Richard Howard. + 30 December 2001. Mother Tania, sister Mandy (with Mark, Jason and David). Missed by all at Glendale Home. Funeral: held at Pinelands Jewish Cemetery, Cape Town, 2 January 2002. (CAPE TIMES - 03 & 05/01/2002).
STANTON  MICHAEL JOHN CARROLL. Daughter Juliet. Father [father-in-law and grandfather?] of Brett, Nicci, Julie and James. (THE STAR - 03 & 05/01/2002).
SWANEPOEL  PETER. + 4 January 2002. Wife Dorothy. Father of Darryl and Gary. Father-in-law of Trish and Vin. Bunpa of Sinjin, Jade and Tannah. Funeral: 8 January 2002, Presbyterian Church, Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal Province, 11:00. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
TAYLOR  Allan Ernest Christian. Late of Pretoria. Service: Lyttelton Methodist Church, 113 Monument Avenue, Lyttelton, Centurion, Gauteng Province, 07-01-2002, 14:30, cremation. (PRETORIA NEWS - 05/01/2002).
VAN DEN HEEVER  SHARI. In lewe van Sinoville, Pretoria. Ouers Jannie en Rina. Suster van Janlo. Begrafnisdiens: NG Kerk Magalieskruin, Pretoria, 07/01/2002, 09:30, dan na Pretoria-Oos begraafplaas. (Beeld - 05/01/2002).
VARLEY  Gladys. + 3 January 2002. Aunt of Pam, Dave and family. Memorial service: Methodist Church, cnr of Musgrave and St. Thomas Road, Berea, Durban, 8/01/2002, 10:00, cremation (DAILY NEWS - 04/01/2002 & SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
VERMAAK  Neville. + 02/01/2002, aged 55. Wife Maria, daughter Marianna. Sympathy to his wife and daughter from (a) chairman and members of The Kenwyn Homing Society, (b) the members of the Rhodes Flying Club. Service: New Apostolic Church, Lansdowne Congregation, Racecourse Road, Lansdowne, Cape Town, 7 January 2002, 15:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 04 & 05/01/2002).
WALTON  BILL. + 29 December 2001. Brother of Denis and sisters Teresa and Joan. Uncle of Doug, Jenny and Lyn. Wife Binks, father of Yvonne, Terry, Liz, Gerrard, Paddy and Rose. Old friend of Hugh and Carole Sweetlove. Service: Lynnwood Catholic Church, 321 Border Road East, Lynnwood, Pretoria, 3/01/2002, 14:00, cremation. (PRETORIA NEWS - 02 & 03 & 05/01/2002).
WHITE  Francis Elizabeth (née DAMON). + 4 January 2002, aged 43. Husband Michael. Left also children. Funeral service: 8 January 2002, New Apostolic Church, Erica East Congregation, Arundel Drive, Belhar, Cape Town, 10:00, thence to Maitland Cemetery, Gate 9. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002).
FRANK  Jonathan. Husband of Denise, father of Craig, Howard, Michelle and Larry. Consecration of tombstone: 6 January 2002, 10:00, Pinelands Cemetery No. 2. (CAPE ARGUS - 05/01/2002)
ANDERSON  NIGEL. Remembered by his mother and Garth. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
ASHWORTH  MATTHEW. + 1 year ago. Remembered as business partner by Dolfie Ferreira and by The Management and staff of Model Meats. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
BOTHA  Neil Brent. + 5-01-2001. Remembered by Cherez and Brent, and by David, Gloria and family. (Dispatch - 5/1/2002).
CLARKE  Hilda North. Remembered as mother by Tony and Alice. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
DURBACH  Thelma. + 21 years ago. Remembered by Brian, her mother, Lez, Esther, Hilda, Myra, Hannah, nieces and nephews. (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
GEORGE  Wally. Remembered by Claudette, Gareth, Wallene and Jason. (Dispatch - 5/1/2002).
GOVENDER  AUM NAMASIVAYA BABY. 16th Day Memorial Service: 8 & 9 January 2002 at her late residence 85 Spoorlyn Road, Westcliff, Chatsworth, Durban. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
HOHLS  BIANCA. + 7 years ago. Daughter and sister of Kurt, Beverley and Vernon. (PRETORIA NEWS - 05/01/2002).
JAMIESON  Geoff. + 6 January 2001. [Unidentified insert]. (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
MOODLEY  GANAS. Formerly of Prestige Auto Plastic, North Coast Road, Durban. 16th Day Memorial Service: Greenwood Park Temple Hall, 377 Park Station Road, 7 January 2002. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
NAIDOO  FREDDY (MUTHU). 40th Day Memorial Service: Merebank Community Hall, 12/01/2002. [Inserted by] Saroj and family. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
NEERMUL  ISHWARDIN. Remembered by wife, children and grandchildren. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
OPPERMAN  Joyce. Remembered as mother by Deon, Chanrica and children, and as sister and aunt of Derek and sons, and as mother by Calvin, Cleo and children. (Dispatch - 5/1/2002).
RAMASAMI  NITHIANANTHAN (STANLEY). Formerly of 25 Road 1129 (Sego Lily Place). 16th day Memorial service: 07 January 2002, Moorton Community Hall. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
RUDDOCK  LARRY. * 14 MAY 1925 + 06 JANUARY 1985. Remembered by June, Marcia and Paul. (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
SAMSON  MATTHEW (BALA). + 1 year ago today. Husband, father, father-in-law and grandfather of wife Joyce, children Vani, Sandra, Ricky, Gerald and Ninny. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
TOMLINSON  Robert. + 5/01/2000. Wife Jossie. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
TWOCO  Mike (BOKARA). + 19 February 1997. [Unidentiefied insert]. (THE STAR - 05/01/2002).
WILLIAMS  Hubert. + 3 years ago today. [Inserted by] Dalene, Tony, Wendy, Barbara and grandchildren. (SUNDAY TRIBUNE - 06/01/2002).
WILSON  Violet Verlaria. + 06/01/1994. Remembered as mother and grandmother. (Dispatch - 5/1/2002).