BMDs published 04-12-2001
COPANS  (girl) * Parklane Clinic, Johannesburg 1 December 2001 to David, Jodi (GOLDBLATT), brothers Daniel and Adam. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
DELL  Keagan * Parklands Hospital 26:11:2001 to Stephen and Dee. (MERCURY - 04/12/2001) .
EDWARDS:  Jack * United Kingdom 1 December 2001 to Abigail and Victor. (MERCURY - 04/12/2001).
GILLINGHAM  Liam * Sunward Park hospital 24 November 2001, second child of Steve and Caireen, brother for Nina. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
GLAJCHEN  (girl) * New Jersey, USA 30 November 2001 to Mark and Fran (JOWELL). Granddaughter to Ivor and Shifra and great-granddaughter to Lily Yankelowitz. e-mail:  . (THE STAR & CAPE TIMES - 04/12/2001).
GLOOR  Isabella Grace * Vincent Pallotti hospital 01/12/2001 to John and Karen. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
GOLDBLATT-JAMMY  Rachel Grace * Parklane Clinic, Johannesburg 1st December 2001 to Beth, Paul and brother Gabriel. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001) .
GOODWIN  Amy Illana Ann * Kingsbury hospital 28 November 2001 to Sally, Grant and brother Ross. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
GRIFFITHS  Kale * Westville Hospital, Durban 01/12/2001 to Dave and Candy. (DAILY NEWS & MERCURY - 04/12/2001).
MADELEY  Tamsin Catherine * St Augustines Hospital 30/11/2001 to Colin and Leigh (née Grant) (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
MAHONY  Kristine Sarah * 2 December 2001 to Des & Karin. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
McCALLUM  Reece Bryan * Parklands Hospital 30/11/2001 to Raymond and Charmaine. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
McCALLUM  Joshua David * Constantiaberg 28/11/2001 to Trevor and Angies. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
MELTZ  Talia Sheina * Kingsbury hospital 2 December 2001 to David and Mandy (née SEYMOUR), granddaughter to Frank and Sandra, Selwyn and Leah. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
ROOS  Sarah * Bahrain, Middle East 1st December 2001 to Janet (née BLANCKENSEE) and Andrea. E-mail: (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
SCOTT  Brian Richard * 30.11.2001 to Richard and Linda (née Roberts). (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
STAPELBERG  Chloe * Westville Hospital, Durban 30 November 2001 to Stephen and Kirstin (née Bruce). (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
VISSER  Ricco * Vincent Palotti hospital 30 November 2001 to {Dr.} and Mrs Visser. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
WIGHT  Kassandra Leigh * 27/11/2001 to Steve and Lisa (née Hauptfleisch), first granddaughter of Marion Wight. (MERCURY - 04/12/2001).
ZETLER  (boy) * Canada 1 December 2001 to Leon and Paulette (née BENLOULOU), fifth grandchild for Simone, Michael and Greta. E-mail:  (CAPE TIMES - 04/12/2001).
GACE  DEREK. * 40 years ago today. [Inserted by] Hazel, Wesley and Andrew. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
N.N.  SHENAZ. [Birthday today]. [Inserted by] Ameen. Gora. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
PEACE  DONOVAN (Don). * 21 years ago today. [Inserted by] his mother, Chris, Cherylee, Wayne, granny Albers, aunt Mandi and Larry. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
RAVONO  JEAN-PIERRE. [Birthday today]. [Inserted by] parents Leonard, Lenore, sisters and brother. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
VAN TURA  MELISSA. 21 today. [Inserted by] the family. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
ACTON  PHILIP. + Pietermaritzburg 29 November 2001. Wife of 55 years, Dorothea, children and grandchildren Tim, Felicity, Andrew. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
Adams  Tina - see: Davey, Catherine Francis.
ALLKIN  Gilbert. + 29 November 2001, aged 63. Missed by daughter Bridget and son-in-law Kevin, daughter Nicola, son-in-law Grant and the boys, stepdaughters Jenny, Cathy, Julia and Lisa, was "Oupa" of Jessica, Claudia and Chad, missed by Dan Erasmus and all friends from the Somerset West Country Club. Memorial Service: 5 December 2001, 15:00, Kenilworth Community Presbyterian Church, Main Road, Kenilworth. (CAPE TIMES & CAPE ARGUS - 03 & 04/12/2001).
AUSTIN  GRAHAM. + 30 November 2001. Husband, father and grandfather of Iris, Dominique, Ian and Jason. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
BARNES  Maud. [Inserted by] Betty, Rob and Linda and Carl. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
BEAUMONT  Joyce. Mother of Colleen, Glenda, Sandy, Beverley and Derek, condolence to Gramps and Garth from the seven grandsons. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
BEUKMAN  Amy Henrietta. + 1 December 2001, aged 69. Of North Pine. Mourned by sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews, aunt and godmother of Lynn, Edward, Stuart and Kristin.. Memorial Service: 5 December 2001, 09:00, St Johns Anglican Church, Eendrag Street, Belleville South, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
BROOKS  VALERIE STARLING (née HODGE). + Princess Christian Home, Pretoria 01 December 2001, aged 93. Son Robert, daughter Julie, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, niece Beverly. (PRETORIA NEWS - 04/12/2001).
BURMEISTER  Johanthan (JON). + East London 1 December 2001. Brother of Lesley. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
BYRNES  Michael John. + 3 December 2001. Service: Methodist Church, 1st Avenue, Fish Hoek, Cape Town, 6 December 2001, 15:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
CAMERON-SMITH  Noel. + 1st December 2001, aged 80. Memorial service: 7th December 2001, 11:00, Rosebank Methodist Church, Main Road, Rosebank, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
COLLINS  David John. + 2 December 2001, aged 87. Late of Bellville, Cape Town. Wife Emmy, children and grandchildren. Memorial Service: 7 December 2001. 15:00, Methodist Church, Bellville, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
CUNNINGHAM  JOHN WILLIAM (JACK). + 1st December 2001. Wife Doreen. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
Da Silva  Mercia - see: Rossouw, Mercia.
DAHL  Hans. + Teza, Zululand, KwaZulu-Natal 02.12.2001. Husband of the late Aslaug, children John, Kari, Brian, Allan, Ingrid, remembered by Ivy, Karen, Allan, Angela, Cathryn and Byron. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
DAVEY  Catherine Francis (Tina). + 28 November 2001. Wife of Pastor James Davey. Remembered by brother Cedrick, Volene, Werely and children, sister, aunt and sister-in-law of Norman, Charmaine Mufweba and children. Funeral service: A. F. M. Church, Ravensmead, Cape Town, 8th December 2001, 09:00, thence to Stikland cemetery. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001 & CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
DAVIDS  Annie Elizabeth Lorraine (née JACOBS). + 01/12/2001. Husband Martin, missed by sons and daughters-in law, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Funeral service: 05/12/2001, Church of Annunciation, Daphne Crescent, Woodlands, 11:00, then to Klip Cemetry. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
DE KLERK  WESSEL (Wessie). Sympathy to Angie, Helen, Esme, Sheryl and missed by all at Golf Data. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
Du TOIT  WAYNE DEON. * 31/05/1967 + 01/12/2001. Remembered by Mom, Dad, Annelene, Natasia, Darrin, Andre, Leon, Che and Taryn. Memorial service: Doves and Saffas Roodepoort, 12:00, 5 December 2001. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
EMMITT  Terry, + 30 November 2001. Father of Linda and Dianne, grandfather of Emmitt and father-in-law of Joe. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
EVA  BETTY. + 1st December 2001. Missed by Greg, Gill, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Memorial service: Huis Marie Louw, Fagan Street, Somerset West, Western Cape, 07/12/2001, 09:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
FERREIRA  Antonio (Tony). + 30/11/2001. Condolences to wife Sheila, Toninho and Victor, missed by Jean-Paul, Jo-Ann and Len and all at Safcor Panalpina, clients and suppliers. (MERCURY - 04/12/2001).
HARRIS  Ronald (Lankey). + 01/12/2001. Daughter Melanie, son-in-law Peter, son Alan, daughter-in-law Gail and granddaughter Nicole, son Robin, daughter-in-law Delphine, grandchildren Monique, Quinton and Emma, father and grandfather of Graham, Linda, Jarryd and Robyn-Ann, brother-in-law of Eileen & Reiner. Service: St Agnes Catholic Church, Dublin Str, Woodstock, Cape Town, 05/12/2001, 11:30, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 03 & 04/12/2001).
HARTOGH  Ferne. Sympathy to husband Denis, Wayne and Stephanie, Candice and Tal and granddaughter Lee. Was colleague of Doctor Pettengell, Joy, Dorothy, Veronica and Beverley. (DAILY NEWS - 03 & 04/12/2001).
HAVENGA  ROBERT NEIL. + 30 November 2001. Wife Marie, grandchildren Roxanne, Ashley, Tyrone, Darren, Lauren, Chelsea and Gregory. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
Hodge  Valerie Starling - see: Brooks, Valerie Starling.
JAMIESON  William (Bill/Jimmy). + 1 December 2001. Father and grandfather of Leigh, June, Martin, Debs, Brene, Bruce & Phillippa. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
Jacobs  Annie Elizabeth Lorraine - see: Davids, Annie Elizabeth Lorraine.
KING  Irene Decima. + 02/12/2001. Mother and grandma of Roland and Wendy, Sandra and Kim, Craig, Brett, Ian and Leigh. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
KRIEL  HERMAN. + 29/11/2001. Father of Rodney. Cremation. (MERCURY - 04/12/2001).
LAWTIE  CHARLES. Husband of Christina, father of Anne, Simon and Judith, father-in-law to Anne-Marie, grandfather to Valerie, Stuart, Andrew, Scott and Jodi. (PRETORIA NEWS - 04/12/2001).
LODEWYKS  Dorothy (née May). + 30 November 2001, aged 93. Mother, grandmother and great- grandmother of daughter Margaret, Donald and family in Canada, daughter Edith, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Evan, Sherene, Melissa, Lauren and William, Mandy, Kurt and Hannah, Jacque, David, Adam and Nicholas in Canada, Dennis, Stella, Michael and Kevin in Australia. Service: Holy Nativity Church, Hazendal, Athlone, 5 December 2001, 10:00, thence to Woltemade Cemetery, Gate 9, Maitland. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
MANKEN  Doreen (née Tennant). Sister and aunt of Roslind, Richard, Dulcie, Ursula and Denise, cousin of Jimmy, Ellen, Graham and Lily, Marjorie, Len and Pat, Joyce and Norman, Doreen and Pieter, Chas and Jean. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
May  Dorothy - see: Lodewyks, Dorothy.
MILLARD  LIONEL JOSHUA. + 29 November 2001, aged 81. A husband of Mona, father of five children and their spouses, grandfather and great-grandfather, brother of Daphne Muir (nee Millard), brother-in-law of Don, uncle of Kevin Muir and Lynn Hall. Condolences to Mona, Sid, Val, Ronnie and Diane Elske and their families. (THE STAR - 03 & 04/12/2001).
MILLER  George. + 03:12:2001. Husband of Joan, brother of Lex and Helen, father and father-in-law of Judy and Nico, Gary and Gail and grandpa of Brent, Judy-Ly, Lee-Anne, Natasha, Kristy and Nicole. No Funeral Service at his request. Cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
MILLER  IRENE MYRTLE (RENE). + 28 November 2001. Missed by Terry, Shelagh, Moira, Shaun and Claire. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
MOOLMAN  Theunis (Chum/TJ). + 30/11/2001. Husband of Maureen, father of nine. Memorial Service: H.C.F, cnr of Fischer and Inanda Road, Hillcrest, 04/12/2001, 14:00. (MERCURY - 04/12/2001).
MULLER  IVY MONA. Daughter Heather. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
NEEBLING  KARL. Wife Mae, children and grandchildren. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
NEWMAN  YVONNE. Remembered by Zelda, Myrna and Glenda. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
O’SHEA  HENRY DANIEL. + 03/12/2001, aged 73. Remembered by Ridwan, sympathy to his sons & daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Requiem Mass: 6 December 2001, St Mary of the Angels R.C.C., Lawrence Road, Athlone, Cape Town, 12:00, thence to Maitland Crematorium 14:00 committal. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
PHILLIPS  PEGGY. + 1 December 2001. Husband Alan, son Paul. Cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
PIENAAR  Daniel Henry. + England 29 November 2001. Wife Joy, daughter Heather, son-in-law Quinton, grandchildren Autram, Celeste and Lauren. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
POOLEY  SHIRLEY. + 3/12/2001. Cousin of Aileen. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
PRINSLOO  Roy. + 1 December 2001. Husband of Joan, father and grandfather of Dinky, Mandy, Nicole and Jody. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
QUATTROCCHI  Terry. Wife of the late Alfio Quattrocchi, mother of Patricia, Gabriella, Graziella and Isabella, grandmother of Terence, Shaun, Kaylee, Guy, Daniella and Sabrina, sister of the late Maria and Gert. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
RAMAILANE  George Speesha (Boy). + 30 November 2001. Wife Keneilwe, children and grandchildren Chris, Kehelecwe, Meisiekind, Mantwa, Papilie and Dipuo, Dineo, Palesa, Joyce. Funeral: 8/12/2001, Pampierstad. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 04/12/2001).
READ  Thomas Daniel (Tosh). + 28/11/2001. Late of Wynberg. Missed by wife and stepdaughters, son George, daughter-in-law Ruth, grandsons Ian, Shaun, daughter Felicia and granddaughter Niki, brother of Babs and George in England, missed by his Shipmates of Admiral Halifax Shellhole, Norah and Mervyn. Memorial service: Methodist Church, Church Street, Wynberg, 5th December 2001, 11:00, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS & CAPE TIMES - 03 & 04/12/2001).
RITCHIE  Pats. 1st December 2001. Mother of Allister & Nicole, Ouma of Allison, Gaby and Nikki. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
ROSSOUW  Mercia (née Da Silva). + 2nd December 2001, aged 70. Sisters Roselind, Eugene and Marriott. Funeral service: 6th December 2001, 11:00, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, corner of Pringle and Daniell Roads, Tygerhof, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
SCHMIDT  Doreen. + 30 November 2001. Daughters Ivy and Helena, grandsons Marius, Anton and Morne. Funeral service: 5 December 2001, 15:00, Bethany Fellowship Church, 225 Lansdowne Road, Claremont, Cape Town, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
SLABBERT  SARIE. + 30 November 2001. Mother and ouma of Len, Chris, Ernest and grandchildren Brendan, Guy, Lauren and Dirk. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
SMITH  PETER (Pietertjie/Tir Patat). Missed by Daddy, Mommy, sisters and brothers. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 04/12/2001).
TAGER  Florrie. + 3 December 2001. Son Lenard, daughter Barbara Barry, [grandchildren?] Terri, Ian, Sally, Peter and Genevieve. (CAPE TIMES - 04/12/2001).
Tennant  Doreen - see: Manken, Doreen.
THERON  JOHN. [Immediate family:] Faith, Tammy, Andrea, Bonnie, Ian, Robert and Brett, remembered by Ken, Antoinette & Karl. (PRETORIA NEWS - 04/12/2001).
THOMAS  JOHN EDWARD. + 1st December 2001. Wife Joan, sister-in-law Shiela. Funeral service: Evangelical Lutheran Church, 8th Avenue, Belgravia, Cape Town, 6th December 2001, 13:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
VAN DEN BERG  Gert. + 3 December 2001. Remembered by Ben, Sybil, Andre and Rodger. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
VAN NIEKERK  Johan. + 1 December 2001. Sister Ritha, brother-in-law Willy Everett. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
VAN STER  Douglas. * 18 January 1935 + 2 December 2001. Mourned by Malcolm, Daphne and children. Funeral: 5 December 2001, 11:00, Volks Church, Waterman Street, Kleinvlei, Eerste River. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
VIEIRA  ADRIANO DELFINO. + 30 November 2001. Wife Lourdes, two daughters Olivia and Lucia, son Anibal. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
WAGNER  Cathleen Elizabeth. + 02/12/2001. Husband Charles, children Natalie, Charlene, Tyrone, Lydia, Lindsay. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
WHEELER  Danielle. Sympathy to Dennis, Norma, Monique and Marcelle, missed by Brian, Sharon, Alicia, Indira, Banana, Jeffrey and all staff of Croda S.A. (MERCURY - 04/12/2001).
WILLIAMS  Rose. + 1 December 2001. Was a mother to Rita, a grandmother and great-grandmother. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
YORKE  VERA. + 30th November 2001. Husband John, sons Keith and Roy, grandson Phillip, sisters Maria, Dolly and Celeste. Requiem Mass: 04/12/2001, 15:00, Catholic Church of The Resurrection, Table View, Cape Town, cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 03 & 04/12/2001).
AUSTIN  A Graham. Funeral service: Fourways Memorial Park Chapel 137, Inchanga Road Fourways, Randburg, 5 December 2001, 11:30, cremation.(THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
BADENHORST  MAVIS. Cremation: 5th December 2001, 11:00, Bedfordview Methodist Church, Cnr Van Buuren & De Vet Street. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
BARNES  Maud, mother of Heather and James, grandmother of John, Caren, Sheree and Shaun. Funeral service: East Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 06 December 2001, 12:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
BEAUMONT  Joyce. Memorial service: Umdoni Retirement Village (opposite Selbourne Country Club), 05/12/2001, 14:30. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
BEUKMAN  Maria Catharina, late of Pretoria. Funeral service: Central Baptist Church, 827 Schoeman Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, 04/12/2001, 11:00, interment at Pretoria East Cemetery. (PRETORIA NEWS - 04/12/2001).
BRAITHWAITE  Seymour (Sim). + at home, 33 Craigie Drive, Montrose 01 December 2001. Husband of Rosemary, father of Robin, Gary, Nikki and the late Roy, father-in-law to Lindsay, Alison and Dave, grandfather to Sammy, Sarah, Alexandra, Sharlotte and Christopher. Funeral Service: St. James Anglican Church, Pine Street, Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal, 07/12/2001, 11:30. (DAIILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
CHELLAN  Jimmy Jack. + 28.11.01. Late of 21 Tarndale Avenue, Asherville, Durban, husband of the late Lynette, father of Edwin, Colin, Lyneve and Lillian, brother of the late Philip, Willy and Davidson and Ruth, Margaret, Matthew and John, brother-in-law of the Naicker family, a grandfather, father-in-law and uncle. Funeral held 01.12.2001, Cape Town. Memorial service held: Emmaus Community Church, Narcissus Place, Asherville, Durban. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
DE STEFANO  Gina, late of Bellevue, Johannesburg. Cremation service: Nazareth House Chapel, Webber Street, Johannesburg, 6 December 2001, 10:00. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
DAHL  Hans, husband of the late Aslaug, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and brother. Funeral service: St Thomas Church, Musgrave Road, Durban, 6 December 2001, 11:00. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
GILDEA  Joey. Cremation Service: Frere Road Presbyterian Church, 05:12:2001, 14:00. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
JAMIESON  William (Bill/Jimmy), Dad of Leigh and June. Memorial Service: Doves, Stamfordhill Road, Durban, 6 December 2001, 15:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
GOVENDER  A (Gansen), employee of Mondi Paper, Merebank, Durban, residing at 153 Tammany Avenue, Croftdene, Chatsworth, husband of Liz and father of only son Malcolm. Funeral: 04 December 2001, 13:00, then to the Mobeni Heights Crematorium, 14:00. (MERCURY - 04/12/2001).
KAYSER  Margaret. Late of Alberton. Memorial service: Rhema South Family Church, plot 57, Summit Drive, Rispark, Johannesburg, 5 December 2001, 14:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
KING  Irene Decima. Memorial Service: Flame Lily Park, Stella Road, Queensburgh, Durban, 05/12/2001, 09:30. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
MILLER  Irene Myrtle (Rene), late of Craighall, Johannesburg. Service: St Michaels Anglican Church, corner Mount Street and Bryanston Drive, Bryanston, 06/12/2001, 15:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
MOODLEY  Govindamma (Mrs), of 50 Moorcross Drive, Moorton, Chatsworth, formerly of Dayal Road, Clairwood, mother of Sunny, Saunthala, Rooku, Morgan, Seelan, Dean and Ruby, grandmother of a host of grandchildren and great granchildren, mother-in-law of Choky, Krish, George, Saroj, Selvie, Saras, Kogie, sister of Willy, Ram, Baby and late Ganas Funeral: 4th December 2001. Funeral: Arena Park Regional Hall, Chatsworth Circle (next to Old City Police Station, from 11:30 to 14:00, proceeding to the Mobeni Heights Crematorium, cremation at 14:30. (MERCURY - 04/12/2001).
MOORE  Rachel Courtney, late of Bellevue, Johannesburg. Service: The Methodist Church, Corner of 5th Street and 6th Avenue, Edenvale, 5 December 2001, 12:00, cremation. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
NAIDOO  LESLIE BRYAN. * 1934.05.15 + 2001.12.03. Wife Logie, sons, daughters, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law & grandchildren. Funeral: 16 Twinkle Terrace, 11:00, church at 12:30, Twin City Revival Ministries Unit 5, Chatsworth, Durban, thereafter to Mobeni Heights Crematorium, 16:00. (MERCURY - 04/12/2001).
POTGIETER  NOEL EVAN, son of Sylvia and the late Paulus (Boet) [of Howick?] and family Doreen, Pierre, Bevan, Melanie and Byron. Will always be in our thoughts. [no further details published]. (MERCURY - 04/12/2001).
QUATTROCCHI  Tarsilla Lucia (Terry), late of 31 Marion Road, Ballito, North Coast, KwaZulu-Natal. Requiem Mass: All Saints Catholic Church, Ballito, 06/12/2001, 11:00, then to Umhlali Methodist Cemetery. (MERCURY - 04/12/2001).
RITCHIE  PATRICIA (Pats) of Howick. Memorial Service: 05.12.2001, 7th Day Adventist Church, Fraser St, Howick, 11:00, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
RITSON  Henry Edwin, late of 2A Strelitzia Gardens, 15 Lillyvale Road, Pinetown, Durban, husband of Doreen and a father, father-in-law and grandfather of Heather, Tony, Ryan, Jarred and Jehanne, Castel (Australia), Darryl, Debbie, Shaun and Mandy and Hilton, Simone, Lee, Nicholas and Megan. Memorial Service: 05/12/2001, St. Johns Anglican Church, 5 Payne Street, Pinetown, 15:00. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
SAUNDERS  Charlie, late of Parkhurst, Johannesburg. Cremation service: The Doves West Chapel, 10 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 6 December 2001, 14:30. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
STRACHAN  Kenneth Wallace, formerly of Umzimkulu. Funeral Service: Cathedral Of The Holy Nativity, Longmarket Street, Pitermaritzburg, 05/12/2001, 10:30. The Old Bill requests all members of the STRACHAN ALLAN WILSON SHELLHOLE to attend the funeral service of Moth Kenneth Wallace Strachan. (DAILY NEWS - 03 & 04/12/2001).
TAVERNER  LAWRENCE SYDNEY (Lawrie). Memorial service: The Manor Community Church, corner Letaba and Bowling Avenue, Gallo Manor, Johannesburg, 6 December 2001, 15:00. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
TAYLOR  Gladys Elizabeth (Liz), wife of John, mother of Dianne, Craige and Shannon, and a grandmother. Funeral: South Chapel, First Avenue, Greyville, Durban, 06 December 2001, 11:00. (MERCURY - 04/12/2001).
THWAITS  Merna Joyce. Memorial Service: 05/12/2001, 10:00, Fynnland Baptist Church, Lighthouse Road, Bluff, Durban. (MERCURY - 04/12/2001).
VAN ROOYEN  D.J. Memorial Service: Frere Road Presbyterian Church, 06/12/2001, 11:00. (MERCURY - 04/12/2001).
VENTER  HENNIE {Dr}. Late of Clubview, Centurion, (Pta). Memorial service: 5th December 2001, 14:00, N.G. Church, Sesmylspruit, Centurion. (PRETORIA NEWS - 04/12/2001).
VIEIRA  ADRIANO DELFINO. Funeral service: 14:00, 6 December 2001, St Augustines Catholic Church, Linton Jones Avenue, Germiston. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
WHEELER  Danielle, wife of Dennis, mother of Norma, daughter of Marcel and Monique. Requiem Mass: St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Florida Road, Durban, 06 December 2001, 10:30, cremation. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
WRIGHT  Christopher Wynne. Memorial Service: St. Davids Church, Swartkop Road, Pietermaritzburg, 05.12.2001, 14:00. (DAILY NEWS - 04/12/2001).
NICK  Isobel. Wife of Mervyn and mother of Joel, Larry and Lindy. Consecration of tombstone: 9 December 2001, 11:30, Pinelands No 2. (CAPE ARGUS - 04/12/2001).
TAITZ  SYDNEY. Unveiling of tombstone: West Park Cemetery, 9 December 2001, 11:30. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
AMERY  DELPHINE. + 03 DECEMBER 1999 [inserted by] BRIAN. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
BLOM  DONOVAN PAUL. + 4th December 1998. Remember by Dad, Mom, Aidree, Lee and Karl. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
BRADLEY  TOBIAS. Son and brother of Elana, Stephen, Amanda and Darren. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
DYKER  Bradley.+ 5 December 1999. Remembered as son and brother by parents, brothers and sister. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 04/12/2001).
GORDON  SHAYNE. * 08/03/1983 + 04/12/2000. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
LANGMAN  RICHARD JAMES. + 4th December 1979. A husband and father of Hazel and Richard. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
LOBBAN  HELEN. Remembered by Isobel, Jimmy, Sheila, Brian and families. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
MUDIE  DULCIE. + Four years ago. Remembered by Kevin and Ross. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
POGIR  RITA. + 2 years ago. Remembered by sister Sanny, Joe, Vera, Issy and family. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).
SMYTH  DAVID. + 04/12/2000. Remembered by Sue and daughter Debbie. (THE STAR - 04/12/2001).