ANNANDALE-TYLDESLEY  Dylan James. * Parklands hospital 30/11/2001 to Anna and Mike. (DAILY NEWS - 03/12/2001).
BOER  Danelle, Parents: David and Risa. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 03/12/2001).
CAWOOD  Aimee. * London, United Kingdom 26th November 2001 to Michael and Caley (née BOONZAIER). e-mail: . (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
DU TOIT  (girl). * Cape Medi Clinic 29/11/2001 to Peter & Toni, sister for Chelsea. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001),
FLEISER  (boy). * Morningside Clinic, Sandton 22nd November 2001 to Colin, Deli (née BORTZ) and to brother Adam. Grandson to Barbara and Jeffrey Bortz and Percy and Lana Fleiser. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
GIBBONS  Isabella Frances Elizabeth. * Kingsbury hospital 28/11/2001 to Mike and Margy (née Bean). (CAPE ARGUS - 03/12/2001).
KINCAID  Talia Jade. * Vincent Palotti hospital, Western Cape 27/11/2001 to Heidi and Gary. (CAPE ARGUS - 30/11/2001 & CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
MARTIN  Asher Louis Sorrell. * 27 November 2001 to Alan and Nicole (née SORRELL) and sibling Chanti. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
NADISON-MURRAYBROWN  Amy Alexandra. * 15 November 2001 to Joanne and Donny, sister to Leah. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
PAOLONI  VENETIA ROSEMARY. * Willows Hospital, Pretoria Monday [3] December 2001. Third child of Dino and Shirley Paoloni. Sister to Jesse and Jordan. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
PEREIRA  Ethan. * London 30 November 2001 to Brian and Lelani (née Fernandez). (CAPE ARGUS - 03/12/2001).
PIENAAR  Taryn Kyla. * Parklands hospital 30/11/2001 to Vincent (Vince) and Kim (née TURNER), first time grandparents and uncles: Dave and Maureen, Wayne and Craig. (DAILY NEWS - 03/12/2001).
RINDEL  Christine Charlotte. * Carstenhoff Clinic, Midrand 29th November 2001 to Ian and Elizabeth. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
STAKOL  Gabriella Lily. * 19th November 2001 to Marcelle and Jeremy, sister for Sam and granddaughter for grandparents Cheryl and Michael, Gina and Isaac and great-grandchild for Hannah. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
STEINER  (boy). Parents: Ylan and Jayne, brother to Max, grandson to Marius and Ruth Steiner and Raymond and Valerie Fellerman, great-grandson to Jack and Santa Pelham and Willie Fellerman. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
TINKER  (boy). * Vincent Palotti 28 November 2001, first son to David and Caryn (née Schreuder). (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
TROTTER  Jack. * Westville Hospital, Durban 27/11/2001 to David and Judy (née EVENNETT), brother to Thomas. (DAILY NEWS - 03/12/2001).
JOHNSON  NICHOLAS. 3rd birthday. [Inserted by] uncle Neil. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
MESKIN  ALEC AND CYNTHIA x 2nd DECEMBER 1951. Children Rene, Lynette and Mervyn, Geoff and Terry & grandchildren Jarryd, Robyn, Amyand Jessica. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
AFRICA  Edward John (EDDIE). + 27/11/01. Missed by brother-in-law Jack, Rowland, Natalie & children, condolences to the Africa and Jacobs families by the SGB, principal and staff of William Pescod High School on the loss of their beloved father [whose] loyal service to education will not be forgotten. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 03/12/2001).
BAKER  MARGARET CHESMER ( PEGGY). + 30th November 2001. Son Norman, daughter-in-law Sandy and grand children Candice and Jason. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
BATTISON  RHODA. + 28th November 2001. Immediate family: Errol, Susan, Duncan and Karen and Jason and Nicole. (PRETORIA NEWS - 03/12/2001).
Bradfield  Michelle Irene - see: Goldberg, Michelle Irene.
BRAITHWAITE  Seymour (Sim). + at home, 33 Craigie Drive, Montrose 1st December 2001. Husband of Rosemary, father of Robin, Gary, Nikki and the late Roy, father-in-law to Lindsay, Allison and Dave, grandfather to Sammy, Sarah, Alexandra, Charlotte and Christopher. (MERCURY - 03/12/2001).
BUCKLEY  Pat. + Greenacres Hospital 29th November 2001. Husband of Jane, father of Andrew and Amelia, Stephen and Jackie, and Peta, also a grandfather. (MERCURY - 03/12/2001).
COHEN  A. DAVID. + 29 November 2001. Daughter Shelee, son-in-law Arthur, grandchildren Jarred and Lew and Candice Rosenberg, daughter and grandfather of Marcelle, Glen, Darren and Justice, [other names:] Aileen, Joyce. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
DE GOUVEIA  MARGARET (Margie). + 27/11/01. Son Michael, mother Natalia, sister, sister-in-law and aunt of Albert, Shanon and Carla. (PRETORIA NEWS - 03/12/2001).
DE STEFANO  GINA. + Nazareth House, Waterkloof, Pretoria 28th November 2001. Grandmother and mother of Enrico, Maria and Daniele. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
De Villiers  Ruth - see : Melville, Ruth.
DOMMISSE  GEORGE FREDERICK {Prof}. * 01/11/14 + St Marys, Pretoria 30/11/01. Husband of the late Eileen, father, grandpa and great-grandpa of Dorothy, Maureen, Iain and Freya. (PRETORIA NEWS - 03/12/2001).
FLEURIOT  Monique. + at home 29/11/2001. Mother, mother-in-law and grandmother of Pat, Jackie, Richard, Danielle, Peter, Douglas, Chantal, Stewart, Wesley and Shane. (DAILY NEWS & MERCURY - 03/12/2001).
FRASER  HELEN. + 28/11/2001. Sympathy to Stuart, Juanita and Sandy and missed by friends Nancy, Pat and family. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
GALLANT  Kenneth. + 28/11/2001. Sister Olga and brother-in-law Dennis. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001),
GATES  Samuel Ambrose. + 29 November 200, aged 89. Late of Bellville. Wife Willis, son Richard, daughter Sylvia. Memorial Service: 4 December 2001, 16:00, George and Annie Starck Homes Chapel, Bellville, Cape Town. Cremation private. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
GOLDBERG  Michelle Irene (née Bradfield). + 28 November 2001. Mourned by David, Saskia & Simone, sympathy from Ouma, Tony, Berit & Travis Bradfield. Informal Memorial Service: 6 December 2001 on the beach in front of the Strand Lifesaving Club, Beach Road, 15.30. Cremation private. (CAPE ARGUS - 29 & 30/11/2001 & CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
GOLDFUS  SAMUEL MOSES. + 1 December 2001. Father of Jack, Hymie and Francis, (CAPE ARGUS - 03/12/2001).
GRAND  Lizette. Remembered by Cara. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
GRANT  Bertram. + 29 November 2001. Missed by the Trustees of Rhodora and Robert. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
GREEN  Edgar. + 29 November 2001. Remembered by daughter Wilma, sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren and great-grandson, his sister Myra and children, his sister Caroline, her husband Steve and family. Service: 03/12/2001, 11:00, Moravian Church, Royal Road, Maitland, Cape Town, thence to Maitland Cemetery Extension Gate 1. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
HALSTED  Sheila. + 30th November 2001. Wife of Tom, a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. (DAILY NEWS - 03/12/2001).
HEMANS  JOAN. Immediate family: Avril, Barbara Jane and Roy. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
ISAACS  WILFRED. + Johannesburg 29th November 2001. Remembered by his nephews Alan and Peter in London, England. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
JAPHTA  Martha (née ROBYN). + 30 November 2001, aged 79. Husband Henry (Bill), children Edgar and Kathy, grandchildren and great-grand-daughter. Funeral service: 6th December 2001, 11:00, Volkskerk, 2nd Avenue, Belgravia, Cape Town, thence to Maitland Cemetery. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
JENNEKER  Reuben. + 29 November 2001, aged 75. Remembered by wife, children and grandchildren. Memorial service: 4 December 2001, New Apostolic Church, Factreton East Congregation, 18th Avenue, Factreton, 11:00. (CAPE ARGUS - 03/12/2001).
JONES  PETER LAURENCE CHARLES. + 26th November 2001, aged 50. Missed by Mom and family. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
KANNEMEYER  Abel-Richard (Abe). + 29 November 2001, aged 70. Missed and remembered by wife Katie, Nettie and children, brother Johnny, Charlotte and family. Funeral service: Uniting Reformed Church, Aliwal Road, Wynberg, 4 December 2001, 14:00. Private cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 03/12/2001).
KEYTE  Geraldine. + 29/11/2001. Husband, Jim. Mother of Jonathan and Amanda, missed by Frances, Gordon and her grandchildren, Michelle, Sarah, Kyle and Daryn. Memorial Service: 04/12/2001, 15:00, All Saints Anglican Church, Oak Street, Somerset West, Western Cape. Private Cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
LANDY  Chris. * 06.10.1944 + 29.11.2001. Mourned by wife, children, brother-in-law, Val and Costa Coutouvidis. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
LAZARUS  Denise (Toy). + 30th November 2001. Aunt of Cicely, Duncan and Daylin. (DAILY NEWS - 03/12/2001).
LE BRETON  GERALD (UNCLE B). + 29/11/2001, aged 75. Mourned by Marion, Geraldine, Heinrich, Liesl and Jody. Memorial service: 04/12/2001. 11:00, New Apostolic Church, Dun Robin, Baxter street, Bellville, Cape Town. Private cremation. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
LINDEQUE  Petrus Willem Gilmour (Gillie). + 28/11/2001, aged 65. Late of Goodwood West, Cape Town. Mourned by wife Marie, children (daughter Annette) and grandchildren. Burial service: 04/12/2001, 14:00, Apostolic Faith Mission Church, Conradie Drive, Goodwood, thence to Maitland cemetery, Ext 1. (CAPE ARGUS - 30/11/2001 & CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
LIPMAN  MARK. Husband for 52 years of Zita, father and grandfather of son Howard and grandchildren Darryn, Danel, Kerri & Bianca, father of Linda, grandfather of granddaughters Lisa and Sian, brother-in-law of Ruth Garrun. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
Lumley  Phyllis Hudson - see: Williams, Phyllis Hudson.
MADURAY  Richard. + 23/11/2001. Wife Alice, brother of Harriet. (CAPE ARGUS - 29/11/2001 & 03/12/2001).
MARNEWICK  TALANA (STRUWE). + 27th November 2001. Daughter and sister of Dad, Ma-Cath and Tamarin-Lee, sister Sue-Ann, brother-in-law Klaus and Alexander, sister Charissa and brother-in-law Paul, sister of Nathalie and Caryn, granddaughter of Oupa Ray and Gran Ella Bossenger. (PRETORIA NEWS - 03/12/2001).
MAY  Andrew. + 29 November 2001, aged 65. Remembered by wife, children and grandchildren. Funeral service: 4 December 2001, New Apostolic Church, Ruyterwacht Congregation, Drommedaris Street, Ruyterwacht, 14:00. Cremation private. (CAPE ARGUS - 03/12/2001).
MELVILLE  Ruth (née De Villiers). + 30 November 2001, aged 85. Mourned by De Villiers and Dorothy, Roy and Liz, Kenny and Naomi, Carol and Tony, and all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Memorial service: Methodist Church, Humansdorp, Eastern Cape, 4th December 2001. (CAPE ARGUS - 03/12/2001).
MICHAEL  Stone. Remembered by Ryan, Kilmony, Geoffrey, Matthew, Andrew and Paul. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
OCTOBER  Ferdinand (Boetie). + 29/11/2001. Previously of Garden Village. Wife Sylvia, children Karen, Sue-Ellen and Berenice, Darryl and Darren. (CAPE ARGUS - 03/12/2001),
ODENDAAL  LOUIS AUBREY. + 28 November 2001. Brother Charlie, sister-in-law Cynthia, sister Dot, brother-in-law Jules. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
PAPPADA  Otello. + Italy 30 November 2001. Father of Ezio, Shirley and Alessandro. (CAPE ARGUS - 03/12/2001).
PEGGS  Ronnie. + 28/11/2001, aged 52. Remembered by Mercia and Charnel, brother George and Michele, children Dominique, Patrick, Julie and Kirsty, Des & Imelda Dawson & S.A.B Cricket mates. Funeral service: 3rd December 2001, 14:00, Christ Church, Summerley Road, Kenilworth. Private cremation. (CAPE ARGUS - 30/11/2001 & CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
ROBERTSON  BRIAN. Father and grandpa of John, Melanie, Michael, Janet and Kathryn. (CAPE ARGUS - 03/12/2001).
Robyn  Martha - see: Japhta, Martha.
SACK  HAROLD. Husband of Sandra, father and father-in-law of Gavin and Rozanne, father and grandfather of Raphael, Lauren, Josh and Casey, brother-in-law and uncle of Maureen, Larry, Shelley, Lindi and Jeanette and Ronnie Bank, brother and brother-in-law and uncle of Rosie, Lulu, Schmaman and Zwick, Kulber and Wolfsohn families. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
SCHULZ  HANS J. * 23/7/1944 + 28/11/2001. Husband, father and grandfather, brother of Heidi and uncle of Erica and Michael. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
SEPKINS  Peter (Petie). + 26 November 2001. Sister Christina (Stiennie), niece Joan Ellie and her children Sonia, Tony, Leon, Gail and Moira. Funeral service: 4th December 2001, 14:00, United Reformed Church, Boundary Road, Retreat, thence to Klip Cemetery. (CAPE ARGUS & CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
SIMONS  Adriana (Aunty Jane). + 29 November 2001. Mother of daughters Dorothy, Desmond and family, Lorraine, Ralph and family, Sheila, Freddie and children, son Abe, Vera and family. Service: Methodist Church, Second Avenue, Grassy Park, 14:30, 04/12/2001. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
SMITH  Pikkie (Pa). + 26/11/2001. Missed by sons, daughters, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
SMOLDERS  TONI (Oumie). Missed by daughter-in-law Jess, grandson Martin, Ronel, Michelle, Monique and grandchildren. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
SMUTS  Basil. + Bloemfontein 28 November 2001. Son Clint, Justin and Leroy, son Colin and Avy, sister Enid, brother-in-law Dennis, aunty Daisy, sister Sheila with children and grandchildren, brother-in-law and uncle of Muriel, Percy, Val and family, brother-in-law Percy and wife Joyce, remembered by uncle Eddie, Kenny and Mona, cousins Berny, Cheryl, Lyle, Olivia, Berny JNR, Maureen, Gary and Lauren.(DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 30/11/2001 & 03/12/2001).
STEERE  BRIAN. + 29 November 2001. Father and grandfather of Dave, Katinka, Catherine, James and Michael. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
STONE  Michael William. + 28th November 2001, aged 21. Parents Dave & Leslee, brother Matthew, nephew and cousin of Terri, John, Taryn and Nicole. Remembered by Committee and all members of the Cape Cystic Fibrosis Association Box 2444, Clareinch, 7740. Memorial service: St. Thomas, Campground Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town, 15:00, 3 December 2001. (CAPE ARGUS - 30/11/2001 & 03/12/2001 & CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
TAVERNER  LAWRENCE SYDNEY. + 30/11/ 2001, aged 86. Mourned by Brian and Patsy, grandchildren Craig, Neil, Anja and Gareth and great grandchildren Daniel, Mieke, Ariel and Lisa. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
THOMAS  Neil Andrew. + at home, Cape Town 15 November 2001, aged 43. Youngest son of Dave and Jenny, husband of Lynn, dad of Bronwen and Laura and baby Jason, brother of David and Michelle. (DAILY NEWS - 03/12/2001).
VAN WYK  Roelf. Bloemfontein 30/11/01. Voorheen van Kimberley. Onthou deur Toy en Babs Kotze. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 03/12/2001).
WALKER  ANDREW. + 23rd November 2001. Remembered by Natalie. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
WEHR  Fredericka. + 28/11/2001. Service: A M E, Bonteheuwel Ave, Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, 03/12/2001, 11:00, thence to Maitland cemetery, Gate 7. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
WILLIAMS  Noel. + 28 November 2001. Mother Janet. Funeral service: Bible Tabernacle, Welcome Estate, 11:00, thence to Maitland Cemetery Gate 9B. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
WILLIAMS  Phyllis Hudson (née Lumley). + 29 November 2001, aged 91. Mother of sons Ron, Bob, Brian & Clive, daughters-in-law Cecilie, Judy, Coryta & grandchildren Claire, Kristen, Lara, Lauren & Nicole. (CAPE ARGUS - 03/12/2001).
WRIGHT  Christopher Wynne. + 30/11/2001. Husband of Wilma, father of Bruce and Celia, Keith, Duncan and Elize, grandfather of Warren, Cole and Tarah. (MERCURY - 03/12/2001).
ZWEEP  BEREND. + 28th November 2001. Mourned by wife, children and grandchildren. Cremation service: 10:00, 3rd December 2001, Brooklyn Methodist Church, Pretoria. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
Aum  Parvathy - see: Naidoo, Aum Sivya Parvathy.
Baikoff  Alexandra - see: Harrewyn, Alexandra.
CHRISTIE  George Philip. Father of George Anthony and Michele Nicole, son of Madeleine, brother of Marina, Robert, Kenneth, Michael, Patricia and Paul. Requiem Mass: Assumption Catholic Church, corner Nicolson Road and Queen Mary Avenue, Umbilo, North Coast, KwaZulu-Natal, 03:12:2001, 11:00, cremation private. (MERCURY - 03/12/2001).
DE GOUVEIA  Margaret. Late of Pretoria. Funeral service: St. Pius X Catholic Church, 660 Pienaar Street, cnr Main Street, Waterkloof, Pretoria, 04/12/2001, 13:00, proceeding to the Pretoria East Cemetery. (PRETORIA NEWS - 03/12/2001).
DEMAINE  Phyllis. Late of Craighall Park, Johannesburg. Memorial Service: Trinity Methodist Church, Corner 5th Street and 5th Avenue, Linden, Johannesburg, 07/12/2001, 14:00. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
DOMMISSE  GEORGE FREDERICK {Prof}. * 01/11/14 + 30/11/01. Funeral service: St Andrews Presbyterian Church, 286 Schoeman Street, 10:00, 4th December 2001. (PRETORIA NEWS - 03/12/2001).
DU PLESSIS  Bill. Late of Northcliff, Johannesburg. Service: Fourways Memorial Park Chapel, 137 Inchanga Road, Witkoppen, Fourways, Randburg, 5th December 2001, 15:00, private cremation. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
FLEURIOT  Marie Chantal Monique. Late of 14 Lahle Crescent, Waterfall, Pinetown, Durban. Wife of Philippe, mother of Chantal, Patrice, Maryse and the late Nicole, mother-in-law of Peter, Jackie and David, grandmother and aunt of Suzelle Engelbrecht and family. Memorial Service: St Dominics, Roman Catholic Church, No 1 Mill Road Hillcrest, 03/12/2001, 14:00, cremation private. (DAILY NEWS - 03/12/2001).
FRASER  HELEN MARY. Late of Sydenham, Johannesburg. Cremation service: Avbob Chapel, 7 Owl Street, Milpark, Johannesburg, 3 December 2001, 11:30. Cremation Private. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
GRAHAM  Kay. Late of Jukskei Park, Randburg. Service: Northrand Methodist Church, Blandford Road, Northriding, Randburg, 4th December 2001, 15:00, private cremation. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
HALSTED  Sheila. Wife of Tom. Memorial Service: St. Agnes Anglican Church, Kloof, Pinetown, Durban, 15:00, 4th December 2001, cremation private. (MERCURY - 03/12/2001).
HARREWYN  ALEXANDRA (née BAIKOFF). Funeral: Greek Orthodox Church, Glenhove Road, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 4th December 2001, 12:00. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
LAZARUS  Denise (Toy). Daughter of Connie and Dougie Snyman, wife of Michael, daughter-in-law of Les and Margaret, mother of Sherwin, Timothy, Leaveil, Leota, sister of Val, Eugene, Marie, Eve, Chris, Chathy, Nita, Derek. Funeral Service: Christ The King Parish, Merewent, Durban, 04/12/2001, 12:00, cremation private. (DAILY NEWS - 03/12/2001).
MILLARD  Lionel. Late of Northwold, Randburg. Service: St Columbas Presbyterian Church, 45 Lurgan Road, Parkview, Johannesburg, 3rd December 2001, 12:30, private cremation. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
NAIDOO  AUM NAMA SIVAYA, Parvathy (Chicka). Late of 1505 Kingsford, Victoria Embankment Durban, formerly of Disney Heights, Sydenham. Sister of Rajambal, Peter, Pat, Asothie, Sydney, Gons and Tootsie, a sister-in-law and an aunt. Memorial Service: 152 Equality Avenue, Croftdene, Chatsworth, Durban, 4th December 2001, 18:00 and 5th December, 11:00. (DAILY NEWS - 03/12/2001).
SCHULZ  Hans. Late of Rivonia, Sandton. Memorial Service: St Peters by the Lake, 43 Lower Park Drive, Parkview, Johannesburg, 05/12/2001, 14:30. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
SMOLDERS  Toni. Late of Northcliff, Johannesburg. Service: Maranatha Church, Sherbourne Road, Parktown, Johannesburg, 4th December 2001, 14:00, private cremation. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
SMUTS  Hannes (Bosbok). Cremation service: Corpus Christi Church, Hendrik Verwoerd Avenue, Panorama, Cape Town, 11:00, 3 December 2001. (CAPE ARGUS - 03/12/2001).
STEERE  Brian. Late of Fairland, Johannesburg. Cremation service: The Doves Chapel, 147 Hans Strijdom Drive, Randburg, 04/12/2001, 11:30, cremation private. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
STEYN  Susanna Magdalene. Begrafnisdiens: 4 Desember 2001, 10:00, Gereformeede Kerk, Kimberley, daarna: Wes-Einde begraafplaas. (DIAMOND FIELD ADVERTISER - 03/12/2001) .
ZOULAS  MICHAEL. Funeral service: 5 December 2001, Doves Berrange, 25 Kinross Street, Germiston South, 11:00, followed by a church service: Greek Orthodox Church Of St John, Primrose, Germiston, 12:00. (THE STAR - 03/12/2001).
CHAITMAN  Rubi. Husband of Anne, father of Delia, Brian and Jeremy. Consecration of tombstone: 9 December 2001, 10:00, Pinelands No 2. (CAPE TIMES - 03/12/2001).
NICK  Isobel. Wife of Mervyn, mother of Joel, Larry and Lindy. Consecration of tombstone: 9 December 2001, 11.30, Pineland No 2. (CAPE ARGUS - 03/12/2001).
RABINOWITZ  Joseph (Joe). Husband of Shula, father of Lazarus and David. Consecration of the tombstone in loving memory of Joe, beloved will take place on Sunday 9 December 2001 at 11am at Pinelands No 2. The presence of family and friends will be greatly appreciated. (CAPE ARGUS - 03/12/2001)
BARNARD  Doreen. Missed by daughters, Theresa, Yvette, Pauline, Caryn and grandson Brendon. (MERCURY - 03/12/2001).
BARTH  Merle. + 02/12/2000. Widower Edmund. (DAILY NEWS - 03/12/2001).
DIEDERICKS  Nanette. Remembered by Janet, Loretta & Lyle. (DAILY NEWS - 03/12/2001).
EDWARDS  Desmond. + 2 years ago. Widow Jean. (MERCURY - 03/12/2001).
MACLEOD  Diana Kathleen Joan. + 3/12/2000. Widower Lawrence. (DAILY NEWS - 03/12/2001).
OGLE  Pearly. + 02/12/1995. Remembered by husband, children and grandchildren. (DAILY NEWS - 03/12/2001).
REDDY  RAMA. + 03.12.1994. Ambassador of great sacrifice, loyalty and bravery, remembered by brothers, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, nephews, nieces throughout South Africa. (MERCURY - 03/12/2001).