BMDs 2 - 7 December/Desember 2002
BELIKOFF  (girl) * Park Lane Clinic, Johannesburg 1/12/2002 to Cyril and Sharice. Grand-daughter to Les and Eda. Great-granddaughter to Morris. Baruch Hashem. (Dispatch Online - 03/12/2002)
COOPER  Nicola Clare * 29/11/2002 to John and Tess (née GEERE). Sister to Jemma Joy. (The Herald - 03 & 04/12/2002)
DE LANGE  Matthew * born St George’s hospital, Port Elizabeth 29/11/2002 to Charl and Natalie (née BERRY). Grandparents: Tyrone, Jenny and Trix. (The Herald - 03/12/2002)
FOURIE  Andrew Christian * St. Dominic hospital, East London to Dumpie and Lee-Ann. (Dispatch Online - 04/12/2002)
GINGELL  Georgia * Johannesburg 29/11/2002 to Bill and Fenneke. (The Herald - 03/12/2002)
HAMMOND  (girl) * 28/11/2002 to Darren and Rethea. Grandchild to Bob and Glenda, niece to Justin and Carey-Anne, cousin to Jade. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
HILL  Joel * to Cedric and Annaline. Nephew and cousin to Gregory, Melanie, Lauren-Leigh and Kerri-Ann. (Dispatch Online - 05/12/2002)
KILIAN  Rachel Louise * 30/11/2002 to Greg and Pauline. (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
PAULSEN  Cara Courtney * Greenacres hospital, Port Elizabeth 3/12/2002 to Brenda and Nythil. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
RUSHMERE  (girl) * to Rob and Larnel. Sister to Kayleigh. [Inserted by] Granny and Uncle John. (Dispatch Online - 03/12/2002)
SANDERSON  Micaela * St George’s Hospital, Port Elizabeth 29/11/2002 to Ryan and Ashleigh (née SOUTHGATE). (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
TILTMANN  Reegan Cole * St Dominic hospital, East London 4/12/2002, 07:30 to Brenden and Carmen (née LOUW). [Inserted by] (a) Dad and Mom, (b) Grandpa & Granny Louw, Michael, Amanda, Charl, Cameron and Keegan. (Dispatch Online - 06 & 07/12/2002)
WALSH  Alexander * Eindhoven, Netherlands 28/11/2002 to Mary (née PETERSEN) and Thomas. Grandson for Phyllis and Wally. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
REID  Sean. * 16/05/2002. Gaan wettig aangeneem word. Kennisgewing deur: Klerk van die Kinderhof, me A Bezuidenhout. (018) 788-2342. (Beeld - 06/12/2002)
ANDERSON  Damin. 21st Birthday tomorrow. [Inserted by] Dad, Margie, Mom, Helen, Marius, Justin, Yolandi, Kristin and Bradley. (Dispatch Online - 07-12-2002)
BEETGE  Leandra. 21st Birthday. [Inserts by] (a) Granny and Guppy, (b) Taniel and Richard, (c) Ouma [= grandmother], (d) Dad and Soné. (Dispatch Online - 04/12/2002)
BLOM  Shirley. Birthday as senior citizen on 08-12-2002. [Inserted by] Bert, children Lynn, Ashley, Karen and grandchildren. (Dispatch Online - 07-12-2002)
FOWLER  Greg. 21st Birthday today. [Inserted by] Dad, Mom, and family. (The Herald - 04 & 05/12/2002)
HASELAU  Craig. 18th Birthday today. [Inserted by] Mom and Ian. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
HOPEWELL  Joan. 80th Birthday. [Inserted by] Colleen, Roy, Sharnae, Ashleigh and Japie. (Dispatch Online - 07-12-2002)
HOWELL  Claude. 70th Birthday. Father of Cheryl and Tommy. Grandfather and great-grandfather of Jamine, Stephen and Chad. Grandfather of Judy. [Other inserts by] (a) Mike and Andrew, (b) Vi. (Dispatch Online - 07-12-2002)
KASCHULA  Rhona. 70th Birthday today. A mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
KOEN  Jannie. 50th Birthday. [Inserts by] (a) Samantha, Les, Craig, Charné, Wesley and Nathan, (b) Anita. (Dispatch Online - 04/12/2002)
KRUGER  Michelle. 21st Birthday today. Don, younger brother. Mother and grandparents Gagga and Pappa, alive. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
LAND  Monique. 18th Birthday. [Inserted by] Dad, Ken and Grant. (Dispatch Online - 04/12/2002)
LINDEMANN  DARRYL. 50th Birthday today. [Inserted by] Denise, Mom and Joe. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
BERNHARDT & KRUMMECK  Ingrid engaged to Rob. [Inserted by] "The Prestons". (Dispatch Online - 03/12/2002)
CARSE  James and Elaine HART will get engaged to each other on 14 December 2002. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
COETZEE  Riaan married Cindy PUTZIER. [Inserted by] Denzil, Linda and Aimeè, Fanie, Eleanor, Justin and Bradley. (Dispatch Online - 07-12-2002)
ERASMUS & WILLIAMS  Leon engaged to Tanya. (The Herald - 03/12/2002)
FLASH  Greg (son of Don and Jan Flash) engaged Cape Town [date not published] to Judy SACKS (daughter of Benny and the late Judy Sacks). E-mail: (Melbourne, Australia). (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
JERLING  Jean Paul (JP), only son of Dubois, x Dubai, United Arab Emirates 30/11/2002 Suzette GILMER, eldest daughter of Sue and Gavin Gilmer. (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
JONKER  Beni engaged 30/11/2002 to Margie TIMMS. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
SCOTT & MULLER  Amanda and Des married 07-12-2002. (Dispatch Online - 07-12-2002)
WESTERBERG  Bud engaged 07/12/2002 to Pat DICKSON. (Dispatch Online - 07-12-2002)
GRATZ  Ivan and Charmaine. Silver anniversary. [Inserted by] Lauren, Bryan, Connie and family (Dispatch Online - 03/12/2002)
KRETSCHMANN  Kelvin and Wendy married 4 years ago. Son Cameron. (Dispatch Online - 05/12/2002)
ARCHIBALD  Caroline Jane (née DUNDAS). + Cathcart, Eastern Cape Province 29-11-2002, aged 91. Late of Callie Evens Lodge, Cathcart, formerly of Johannesburg. Missed by children Hugh, Rod and Felicity, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Interment: Cathcart Cemetery 05-12-2002. (Dispatch Online - 02/12/2002)
BAATJIES  Susan (née AUGUST). + 3/12/2002. Condolences from (a) Serano, Jessica, Rademeyer, (b) friends Ethel, Anthony, Rafferty. Funeral service: 7 December 2002, Springdale Congregational Church, 11:00, thence to the North End Cemetery, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
BARCLAY  John. + Knysna, Western Cape Province 28/11/2002. Father of Linda, Diana and Michael. Funeral service: St Georges Church, Knysna, 6/12/2002, 15:00. (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
BARNARD  Mavis Susie. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 6/12/2002, 12:00, NG Kerk, Moreleta Park, Pretoria. Begrawe: Pretoria-Oos Begraafplaas. (Beeld - 05/12/2002)
BARRETT  Alvina Hedwig. + New Haven Home 03-12-2002, aged 94. Mother of Trevor and Audrey. Grandmother to Sharon and Michael. Great-grandchildren Tanya, Andrew, Cherise, Trevor, Janine, Wesley. Great-great-grandmother to Samantha. Requiem Mass and funeral service: Catholic Church of Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, Brabant Street, Cambridge, East London, 6/12/2002, 11:00, thence to East Cemetery, East London. (Dispatch Online - 04 & 05/12/2002)
BAUMANN  Eike Baumann. Late of 186 Albatros Road, Sunrise-on-Sea, Eastern Cape Province. Cremation Service: St. Andrew's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Park Avenue, East London, 05/12/2002, 14:30. (Dispatch Online - 05/12/2002)
BENNETTA  Val Theodore. + 4/12/2002. Late of 7 Uxbridge Road, Morningside, East London. Husband of Dirkie. Father of (a) Richard, (b) Billy with Maureen and grandchildren Nikita, Billy-Jean and Lettie, (c) John, (d) Debbie. Remembered by other children-in-law Lydia, Debbie, Bill and other grandchildren. Brother of (a) Brian with Stella, Lillian and family, (b) Leon with Truida and family. Sympathy to Billy, Maureen and family from Brenda Evans and Staff. Sympathy to Dirkie and family from Les and Vesta Heggie and Richard, Lisa and family. Cremation service: Baptist Church, Fairbank Road, Amalinda, East London, 10-12-2002, 11:00. (Dispatch Online - 06 & 07-12-2002)
BIKITSHI  Ntombizanele Mavis. Late of 4157 NU 8, Mdantsane, Eastern Cape Province. Funeral service: 08/12/2002, 7th Day Adventist Church, NU 8, 10:00. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
BISSET  Rita. + 28/11/ 2002. Wife of Walter for 60 years. Survived by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren Angie & Geoff, Heather & Megan, Kirsten, Carel and Cara. Funeral service: 2/12/2002, 14:30, John’s, Havelock Street, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
BLOM  Anna Johanna. In lewe van Germiston, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 3/12/2002, 09:30, Sewende Dag Adventistekerk, Petuniastraat, Primrose, Germiston. Begrawe: Primrose begraafplaas. (Beeld - 03/12/2002)
BOTES  Nellie Stella. In lewe van Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng provinsie. Verassingdiens: 4/12/2002, 12:00, AVBOB Kapel, Vereeniging, gauteng provinsie. (Beeld - 03/12/2002)
BOTHA  Sarel Stephanus (Fanie). + 27/11/2002, aged 91. Father of Martha and Dennis Woolard, oupa [=grandfather] of Christopher, Ingrid and Gavin and great-grandfather of Andrew and Sarah. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
BOUWER  Aubrey Lawrence (Tank). + 27/11/2002, aged 61. Wife Sarah, children Brendan, Yolanda and Carmelita. Brother, brother-in-law and uncle of Alphonsus, Melvonia, Everton, Linley, Nicholas. Missed by (a) his aunt Rosie, brothers Isaac, Cornelius, James and sisters Jillian, Virginia and Natasha, (b) Magdalene, Avril, Richard and Natalia. Funeral service: 7 December 2002, 12:00, St James Catholic Church, Brown Street, Schauderville, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
BOYCE  Jacoba Johanna (Baba) (née DIEDERICKS). + 30/11/2002. Survived by children Gallie, Jean, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Remembered by sister Netta, Kaai and family. The Funeral service: 5/12/2002, 11:00, Crematorium Chapel, Windemere Road, East London, then to Cambridge Cemetery, Windemere Road for the burial. (Dispatch Online - 03, 04 & 05/12/2002)
BUCKLER  Cupid. + 5/12/2002. Mother of John and Tony, mom-in-law of Jill and Lynne, grandmother of Luci & Martin, Candy & Brad, Tammy & Jason, great-grandmother of Jess and Rachel. Memorial service: Kennersley Park Chapel, 9/12/2002, 14:30, cremation. (Dispatch Online - 07-12-2002)
BUSH  Jeffrey Arthur. + 28/11/2002. Eldest son of Joan and brother of Justin and the late Meg and Dale. Nephew of (a) Joyce Gilbert and family in Johannesburg, (b) Shirley and Allen Pape and cousin of Grant and family. (Dispatch Online - 03/12/2002)
CABELA  Nothobile Ntombentsha. Late of Qorha location, Idutywa, Eastern Cape Province. Funeral service: 08/12/2002, her home. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
CANDESAMMY  Manomarie. Service: 7/12/2002, 10:00, Mother of Perpetual, thence to Paapenskuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
CELLIERS  Jacob Petrus. In lewe van Redan, distrik Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Verassingdiens: 4/12/2002, 14:00, NG Kerk, Arconpark, Vereeniging. (Beeld - 03/12/2002)
CHARLIE  Pyott. Funeral: 7/12/2002, 10:30, Old Apostlic Church, Zwide, Kwazakele, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
CHRISTIANSEN  Trevor. Funeral service: originally arranged for 4/12/2002, 12:00, Milnerton House Chapel, First Avenue Funeral Home, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 02/12/2002), but postponed indefinitely due to circumstances. New arrangements will appear at a later stage. (The Herald - 05/12/2002)
CONROY  David James. In lewe van Pretoria. Verassingdiens: 6/12/2002, 09:30, NG Kerk, Doornkloof, Centurion, Gauteng provinsie. (Beeld - 06-12-2002)
CUNNINGHAM  William Francis (Billy). + Mothwa Haven 30/12/2002, aged 66. Was married to Jean for 42 years. Father of Sean, Ralleen, Fran, Keith, Toni and Graham. Grandfather of Piers, Tammy, Rory, William and Matthew. Brother and uncle of (a) Ellie and Pamela and her family in Australia, (b) Sandra, Peter, Philippa and Robyn. (The Herald - 03 & 04/12/2002) (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
CUTTER  Edward Barry (Ted). + at home 2/12/2002. Husband of Kathy. Was also a father and grandfather. Memorial service: 10:00, 4/12/2002, St Paul’s, Port Alfred, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
DAVID  James Conroy. In lewe van Pretoria. Verassingsdiens: 6/12/2002, 09:30, NG Kerk, Doornkloof, Centurion, Gauteng provinsie. (Beeld - 06/12/2002)
DAVIDS  Martin Gordon (Ooom G) * 18/1/1952 + 28/11/2002. Brother of Walter, Katie and Grandon. Brother of Cyril (with wife and children Pat, Adriaan, Astone, Christopher and Cyrilene) with whom [he] shared many blessed hours in the work of the Lord. Sympathy to Shirley and family from friends Carl, Delia, Cazlynn, Carlene and Damian. Cremation service: 11:00, New Apostolic Church, Booysen Park, Port Elizabeth, 7/12/2002. (The Herald - 04 & 06/12/2002)
DE WET  Godlieb Christiaan. In lewe van Sonlandpark, Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Verassingdiens: 4/12/2002, 10:00, NG Kerk, Sonlandpark. (Beeld - 03/12/2002)
DE LEEUW  Isabel. + 3/12/2002. In lewe van Pretoria. Ma van Jeanette, Leon, Charles, Florette en Estelle in lewe van Pretoria. Verassingsdiens: 6/12/2002, 10:00, NG Kerk Suid-Oos, Pretoria, Stellastraat 158. Brooklyn. (Beeld - 05/12/2002)
DE JAGER  Jeanetta Johanna Elizabeth. In lewe van Drie Riviere, Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 5/12/2002, 10:30, NG Kerk, Drie Riviere, Vereeniging. Begrawe: Jacobskop begraafplaas. (Beeld - 4/12/2002)
DE KOKER  Doné. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 6/12/2002, 10:00, NG Kerk Overkruin, Kameeldoringlaan 65, Wonderboom, Pretoria. Begrawe: Heatherdale begraafplaas, Pretoria-Noord. (Beeld - 06/12/2002)
DE KOCK  Tracey. + 30/11/2002. Missed by the Finnis family. Funeral service: Old Apostolic Church, Kleinskool, Port Elizabeth, 7/12/2002, 14:00. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
DE LEEUW  Isabel. + 03/12/2002. Ma van Jeanette, Leon, Charles, Florette, Estelle en ’n ouma. Gedenkdiens: 06/12/2002, 10:00, N G Kerk, Stellastraat, Brooklyn, Pretoria. Veras. (Beeld - 06/12/2002)
DORASWAMI  Kavendren. + tragically 27/11/2002. Remembered by Eugene, Suntheran Ramie, Premeshan and Devanisha, also by uncle Jay and aunty Manogari Moodliar, cousins Suren, Francesca and Kira, and by cousins Sureshni, Wayne, Avayaik, Wai’oka, and Cumesh and Adri. Remembered by Navlika, Atish, Prinesh, Lisa, Devendren, Preeta, Andrina, Keshara, Thirusha, Dharmesh and Amita, who spent your last day with you. Funeral: 4/12/2002, Malabar Community Centre, Port Elizabeth, 12:00, then to Paapenkuils Cemetery, 14:30. (The Herald - 03 & 04/12/2002)
DU PLESSIS  Hester Johanna. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 4/12/2002, 10:00, Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk, Derdepoort, Swaanstraat 129, East Lynne, Pretoria. Begrawe: Zandfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 03/12/2002)
DU PLESSIS  John. * 1/12/1922 + 28/11/2002. Father of Elaine, Veronica (Skapie), Patrick, Colin, Ebben. Eldest daughter Elaine, son-in-law Sadika and children. Son Ebben, with Desiré and children. Brother Raymond, with Moira and family. Sisters, Susan, Freda and family in Johannesburg. Sister Toeks, with Louis and family. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 14:00, Mary Geldenhuys Church, Elk Street, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth, thence to South End Cemetery. (The Herald - 04 & 06/12/2002)
DU PLESSIS  Nic. In lewe van Garsfontein, Pretoria. Verassingdiens: 3/12/2002, 10:00, NG Kerk, Lynnwoodrif, Lanciastraat 269, Lynnwoodrif, Pretoria. (Beeld - 03/12/2002)
DU TOIT  Cornelia Estresia. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 3/12/2002, 09:30, Seniorstuis Kapel, Rietondale/Riviera, Pretoria. Begrawe: Zandfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 03/12/2002)
EGGERSGLUSZ  Alma Emilie. + 30/11/2002, aged 92. Of Sunrise-on-Sea, near Gonubie, Eastern Cape Province. Husband deceased. Mother to Gregory (Greg), sister to Mona and grandmother to Nicol, Orpa Jenya and Kyle. Aunt to (a) Aubrey, Ethne and family, (b) Denis, Joan and family. Remembered by (a) Penny, Brian, Kirsten, Lindsey and Bradley, (b) Bev, Rob, Samantha and Val, (c) Roz, [who] only knew Alma the past few years [and to whom Alma] became the Mom Roz lost. Missed by David, Aletta and all the Townsend families. Funeral service: St Crucis Lutheran Church, Edge Road, Beacon Bay, East London, 04-12-2002, 14:00, followed by a private interment. (Dispatch Online - 02, 03 & 04/12/2002)
ELLIS  Magdalene (Aunt Mac). + 2/12/2002, aged 66. Remembered by Melvin, Berenise, Bevin and Bjorn Barnard. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 11:00, New Apostolic Church, Malan Street, Korsten, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. Viewing: 7 Curtis Street, Korsten. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
EVERT  Theo. In lewe van Pretoria. Verassingdiens: 4/12/2002, 15:00, AVBOB Kapel, Pretoria. (Beeld - 4/12/2002)
FISHER  Terrance Glen. + 28/11/2002. Son of Alf, brother of Sharon, Marlene and Lynne. Funeral service: 5/12/2002, 11:00, St Saviour’s Anglican Church, Villiers Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
FOUCHÈ  Edouard. Memorial service: 6/12/2002. 14:00, Cross Road Christian Assembly, corner of Boshoff and Van Riebeeck Street, Westering, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
FOURIE  Johannes Jacobus. In lewe van Pretoria. Grafdiens: 6/12/2002, 12:00, Zandfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 05/12/2002)
FREEMAN  Eileen (née THOMPSON). + 1/12/2002. Late of 137 Hillbrow Road, Kidds Beach, district of East London. Husband Raymond. Missed by family Allan, Michele and Kendon, Puks, Freek, Byron and Tammy, Beatle, Meyerine, Cherine and Raymond. Aunty Pun to Rory. Sympathy to uncle Raymond, Alan, Margaret, and Larry from Gavin, Dianne, Norma and Boys. Cremation service: 04/12/2002, 11:30, Cambridge Crematorium chapel. (Dispatch Online - 03 & 04/12/2002)
FUMANEKILE  Eric Matsolo. Late of 11 Ankona Drive, Gompo Town, Eastern Cape. Funeral service: New Life Chapel, Greenpoint Road, Buffalo Flats, East London, 7/12/2002, 13:00, thence to Haven Hills Cemetery. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
GLELUSHE  Daliwonga Albert. Funeral: 7/12/2002, 10:00, National Baptist Church, Mavavana Street, Site and Service. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
GOUWS  Amanda. In lewe van Sonlandpark, Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 6/12/2002, 11:00, Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk, Sonlandpark. Begrawe: Jacobskop begraafplaas. (Beeld - 05/12/2002)
GROBBELAAR  Berend Johannes. In lewe van Kempton Park, Gauteng provinsie. Verassingdiens: 4/12/2002, 11:00, AVBOB Kapel, Kempton Park. (Beeld - 03/12/2002)
GROBLER  Frederika Margaretha. In lewe van Kempton Park, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 5/12/2002, 11:00, NG Kerk Kempton Kruin. Begrawe: Bredell begraafplaas. (Beeld - 05/12/2002)
GROENEWALD  Willem W. In lewe van Mamogaleskraal, distrik Brits, Noord-Wes provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 3/112/2002, 11:00, Lede van Christus Kerk, Brits. Begrawe: Langberg Begraafplaas. (Beeld - 02/12/2002)
HARRI  Parbhu (Peter). Was husband of Roseline, a father and grandfather. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
HATTINGH  Bettie. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 4/12/2002, 10:00, AGS Kerk, Hercules, Mootstraat, Hercules, Pretoria. Begrawe: Zandfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 03/12/2002)
HEMPE  Lizwe. Funeral: 7/12/2002, 10:00, Old Apostolic Church, Nikiwe Street, New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
HENDRICKS  Lena. + aged 80. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 12:00, Holy Spirit Church. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
HEYNSEN  John (Johnny / Mechanic). + 30/11/2002. Father and grandfather of (a) son Cassiem, daughter-in-law Kariemah, granddaughter Tasneem and Bekka, (b) daughter Erna, (c) daughter Ingrid, son-in-law Patrick and grandsons Jason and Jonathan. Brother Tommy (and family). Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 13:00, St Audrey Reynecke Congregational Church, West End, Port Elizabeth, thence to Bethelsdorp Cemetery. (The Herald - 03, 04 & 06/12/2002)
HOLMES  Edith (Auné). + 30/11/2002, aged 52. Remembered by Venessa and kids. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 12:30, St de Porris Catholic Church. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
HUGO  Johanna Maria. In lewe van Renaissance Aftree-Oord, Brummeria, Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 5/12/2002, 14:00, NG Kerk Skuilkrans, Cussonialaan, Lydiana, Pretoria. Begrawe: Pretoria-Oos begraafplaas 13:00. (Beeld - 4/12/2002)
ISAACS  Sarie. Service: 7/12/2002, 14:00, Old Apostolic Church, Arcadia, Humansdorp, Eastern Cape Province. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
JAFTHA  Desire. Funeral: 7/12/2002, 13:00, New Apostolic Church, Bell Road, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
JANSE VAN RENSBURG  Bill. Remembered by Mark, Linda, Carmen and special buddy Johnny. Funeral service: 5/12/2002, Milnerton House Chapel, First Avenue Funeral Home, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 14:00. (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
JANSE VAN RENSBURG  Merle Alice (née WELLS). + 1/12/2002. Remembered by Phyllis and Hugh, Denys, Beauty, and family, and Kitty and family. (The Herald - 03/12/2002)
JANSE VAN VUUREN  Cornelius Hendrik. + 6/12/2002. Eggenoot van Betta. Was ook ‘n pa en oupa. Pa en oupa van Danie, Tina, Christa en Janine. (Dispatch Online - 07-12-2002)
JANUARY  Nicholas (Klasie). + 3/12/2002, aged 73. Wife Francis, son Nicky and daughters Enid, Aggie, daughter-in-law Francis, grandchildren Lucinda, René, Francois, Jaydon Kerwin and Chelsea-Leigh. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
JORDAAN  Jan Adriaan Viljoen. In lewe van Brits, Noord-wes provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 6/12/2002, 11:00, NG Kerk, Brits. Begrawe: Langberg begraafplaas. (Beeld - 4/12/2002)
JOSEPH  Dorothy. Service: 7/12/2002, 11:00, Nazarene Church, then to Paapenskuils Cemetery, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
KATA  Kuzile Bennet. Late of D624 Dice Street, Reeston, East London. Funeral service: 07/12/2002, his home. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
KRUG  Herbert August (Herbie). * 18/02/1916 + 4/12/2002. Wife Gertrude (Gertie). Father of Lynette & Clarence and grandfather of Jonathan and Andrew. Brother-in-law of Wilhelm & Alma, Nickie & Rita and their families. Sympathy to Gertie on the death of her husband and my brother, from Myrtle, Winks and family. Memorial service: 09/12/2002, 14:30, St. Andrews Lutheran Church, 50 Park Ave, East London. (Dispatch Online - 06 & 07-12-2002)
KRUGER  Koos. Sympathy to Aletta and family from Bucks Pub & Grill. (Dispatch Online - 07-12-2002)
KRUGER  Willem Abraham. In lewe van Carolina, Mpumalanga provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 3/12/2002, 11:00, Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk, Carolina. Begrawe: Carolina begraafplaas. (Beeld - 02/12/2002)
LE GRANGE  Jacobus Louis. + his home, Krugersdorp, Gauteng Province 03/12/2002, aged 69, strangled by burglars during a robbery. Survived by his wife. (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
LE ROUX  Jeremias Cornelius (Jerry). + 3 Desember 2002, 75 jaar oud. Susters Ria en Bettie. (Beeld - 07/12/2002)
LEACH  Christopher Anthony (Anton). + 04/12/2002, aged 54. Late of 11 Mayflower Terrace, Beacon Bay, East London. Husband of Annette, father of Jason, Gregory (Greg) and Christopher. Brother and uncle remembered by Jenny, Selwyn, Michael, Alison, Charles and Ro
LIBERTY  Maria Margaret (Baby) (née BURJINS). + 04/12/2002, aged 83. Funeral notice later. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
MacNICOL  Colin Archibald. + Johannesburg 29/11/2002, aged 89. Husband of Joyce, father of Lesley. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
MALAN  Francois Alwyn. In lewe van Pretoria. Gedenkdiens: 5/12/2002, 10:00, NG Kerk Moreletapark, Rubensteinweg 589, Moreletapark, Pretoria. Grafdiens: 08:00, Pretoria-Oos begraafplaas. (Beeld - 4/12/2002)
MALGAS  Ursula Charmaine. + aged 37. Survived by husband and children. Viewing: 08:30, 171A Kobus Road, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 11:00, New Apostolic Church, Bell Road, Gelvandale, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
MARITZ  Phyllis Patricia (née TICKNER). + 1/12/2002. Late of 5 Lagoon View Drive, Beacon Bay, East London. Husband deceased. Mother and grandmother of (a) Russell & Bev, Vanessa, Warren and Erin, (b) Werner & Jean, Catherine, and Iain in New Zealand. Mother of Ursula. Special friend of Sybil. Will be missed as a role model and inspiration by Bible Study Group. Requiem Mass: Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit, Drake Road, Stirling, East London, 05-12-2002, 11:30, cremation. (Dispatch Online - 03 & 04/12/2002)
MARNEWECK  Engela Elizabeth Anna. In lewe van Villieria, Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 4/12/2002, 11:00, NG Kerk, Wonderboompoort, Mountain View, Pretoria. Begrawe: Zandfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 03/12/2002)
MARTIN  Basil William. In lewe van The Reeds, Centurion, Gauteng provinsie. Verassingdiens: 5/12/2002, 10:00, NG Kerk Rooihuiskraal, Hofsangerlaan 140, Rooihuiskraal, Centurion. (Beeld - 4/12/2002)
MATHAYO  Nosipho. Missed by Toto, Peter and Judy. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
MBANE  Zoliswa Signoria. Funeral: 7/12/2002, 69 Dubula Street, New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
McGARRY  Margaret Shelagh. Late of Stutterheim, Eastern Cape Province. Remembered by Iaian, Dovid and Alex. Cremation Service: St. Barnabas Anglican church, Hill Street, Stutterheim, 5/12/2002, 11:00. (Dispatch Online - 05/12/2002)
MEYER  Gabriel (Gaby). + 28/11/2002. Wife Desiré, sons Renaldo and Romano. Sister Maureen, brother-in-law Dominic (and children). Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 10:30, St Martin De Porris Catholic Church, thence to Paapenskuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 04 & 06/12/2002)
MOAHLOLI  Lindile Joseph. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 10:00, Rademeyer Hall, Algoa Park, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
MOLLER  Esmé. + peacefully. Children Geoffrey, Susan and Trevor. Funeral service: Milnerton House Chapel, First Avenue Funeral Home, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 2/12/2002, 09:30. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
MOMSEN  Helen. + 30/11/2002. Husband Victor. Mother and grandmother of (a) Mockey and Jenny, Mark and Greg, (b) Valma, Ashley and Kayla, (c) Hennie, Imorgan and children. Mother of Neil and Patti. Sisters Patty and Freda and brother-in-law Herbert. Remembered by Lloyd, Claudette, Victor and Christine. Funeral service: 4/12/2002, 10:00, Milnerton House Chapel, First Avenue Funeral Home, Walmer, port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
MORGENROOD  Carel Benjamin. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 5/12/2002, 10:30, NG Kerk Waterkloofrif, Pretoria. Teraardbestelling: 09:30, Pretoria-Oos begraafplaas. (Beeld - 4/12/2002)
MTATI  Ronnie Lunga. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 10:00, Umzimhlope Lower Primary School, Qogi Street, Zwide, Kwazakele, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
MULLER  Deseray Paul. + aged 36. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 12:00, Beaulah Worship Centre, Highfield Road, Schauderville, Port Elizabeth, then to Paapenkuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
MULLER  Paul. + 30/11/2002. Condolences to his family, from Management and Staff at Friedman’s Electrical. (The Herald - 03/12/2002)
MULLER  Ursula. + aged 46. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 12:00, Mary Geldenhuis Church. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
MZIZI  Nobantu Anna. Funeral: 7/12/2002, 11:30, Old Apostolic Church, JonJeni Street. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
NAUDE  Japie. Voorheen van Verwoerd Park, Alberton, Gauteng provinsie. Verassingdiens: 6/12/2002, 11:00, NG Kerk Verwoerd Park, Glenrylaan, Alberton. (Beeld - 05/12/2002)
NEL  Gregory. Gedenkdiens: 5/12/2002, 10:00, NG Kerk, Rietfontein-Noord, Pretoria. Begrawe: Zuurfontein begraafplaas, Pretoria. (Beeld - 05/12/2002)
NEL  Sharon Rosemary. + 27/11/2002. Late of 1 Isiphingo Place, Sunnyridge, East London. Was a wife to Willie and the mother of Lucille, Joelene, Kelly, Darren and Jessie. Eldest daughter of Janet Banks. Sister and aunt of (a) Donny, Geraldine Dominique, Roxzanne, Giovanni, Rory-Lee, Aaron (Petzer and Bushby family), (b) Derek, Jeanette, Nadine, Dwayne and Dicky. Niece of Allen and Alison and Cousin of Shaun and Clare. Missed by (a) Ossie, Sharon, Brendon and C.J., (b) the Delport family, aunt Gloria, Amelia, Marilin, Dennis, Mike and Des. Cremation service: 03-12-2002, 09:45, Baptist Church, West Bank, East London. (Dispatch Online - 30/11/2002 & 02 & 03/12/2002)
NZUZO  {Mrs} NONTOBEKO (Ntotie). + at home, Parsons Hill, Port Elizabeth 05/12/2002, aged 40. Was a presenter of the SABC Umhlobo Wenene programme. Previously worked for the Transkei Broadcasting Corporation as a talk-show host and also for Transkei television as a presenter. Joined the SABC in 1998 after the integration of the homeland broadcasting stations. Survived by 3 children. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
OBERHOLZER  Yvonne. In lewe van Ifafi, naby Hartbeespoortdam, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 2/12/2002, 14:00, Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk, Schoemansdal, Gauteng provinsie. Begrawe: Hartbeespoort begraafplaas. (Beeld - 02/12/2002)
OFFICE  Cikizwa Cynthia. Funeral: 7/12/2002, 10:00, Daku Hall, Daku Road, Ibhayi, Kwazakele, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
OLLIS  Richard (Rich). + Cape Town 03/12/2002. Was Officer Commanding and Staff of Gately Commando. Sympathy to Linda, Craig and Clinton from friend and colleague (admired for his guts and positive outlook in life), of Rich: Michael (with family Barbara, Tiff, Tash and Patrick). Son of Hulda (Hein) and Cecil. Brother of Betty (& Bruce and family) and Vera. friend. Condolences to Linda and the boys from Edith and Henry Rawlinson. (Dispatch Online - 05, 06 & 07-12-2002)
OOSTHUIZEN  Margaretha Maria Hertzogina. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 7/12/2002, 10:00, Geref Kerk, Pretoria-Oos. Begrawe: Heatherdale begraafplaas, Pretoria-Noord. (Beeld - 06/12/2002)
PARSONS  Susan Ann (Sue) (fondly known as Mad Sue and Funky Sue). Late of 3 Nettle Road, Beacon Bay, East London. Supplier to, and friend of, Nina's Pizzeria (Alastair, Heidi). Sympathy to Dean and Luke from (a) Kim, Duane, Mike, Sue, Molly, John, children and all at Archies, where they are all there for the bereaved family, (b) Zelna and staff at Fledgelings. Remembered in association with red shoes, brass bangles, blue silk nighties and tequila by Oral, Marlene, Pierre and Margo. Cremation service: St Nicholas Church, Pell Street, Beacon Bay, 09-12-2002, 10:00. (Dispatch Online - 06 & 07/12/2002)
PARTRIDGE  Norman Edward (Norms). + 4/12/2002. Late of 4 Aqualea Park, Gulu Mouth, district of East London. Husband of Ronel. Father of Shureen (& Brandon), Jennipher & Christopher. Sympathy to Ronel and family from all at Kemps Glass. Missed at Gulu by Eric, Sandra, Jordan and Owen, with sympathy to Ronel, Chris and Jenny. Cremation service: 06/12/2002. 14:30, Cambridge Crematorium, Windermere Road, Cambridge, East London. (Dispatch Online - 05, 06 & 07/12/2002)
PIETERSE  Jacomina. Service: 7/12/2002, 10:00, New Apostolic Church, thence to Bethelsdorp Cemetery, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
PILLAY  Raj. + 27/11/2002. Mourned by Kamala, Vis, Udeshan, Rajan, grandchildren and brother Peter. Funeral service: 2/12/2002, 15:00, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 40 Prospect Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, thence to the Malabar Cemetery. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
POHL  George Bennett. + 1/12/2002. Brother-in-law and uncle of Millicent, Jen & Abe, Peggy & Juan, Dave & Pat, Roger and all the families. Uncle of Lesley, Catherine & Jonathan, Murray and Matthew, Christopher & Shannon. Uncle of Jon, Lodene, Karen, Barry and Carl. Uncle and great uncle of Keith, Pam and the Starck family. Memorial service: Trinity Presbyterian Church, Hill Street. Grahamstown, 5/12/2002, 11:00. (The Herald - 03 & 04/12/2002)
POTGIETER  Edith Hilda. + 30/11/2002, aged 95. Late of Kennersley Park Home. Mother of (a) Jennifer (Jenny) Ojermark and grandmother of Lianne and Andrew, (b) Brian and (c) Jane. Grandmother of Sue, Trev, Angie, Barbie and Gillian and great-grandmother of Julie and Nicholas. Sympathy to Brian and Jenny from friends at NFB Financial Services. Cremation Service: St Saviour's Anglican Church, St Peter's Road, Southernwood, East London, 06-12-2002, 10:30. (Dispatch Online - 02 & 05/12/2002)
PRETORIUS  Nicolaas (Oom Monty). In lewe van Pretoria. Verassingdiens: 10/12/2002, 11:00, NG Kerk Pretoria-Oos, Kirkesstraat 467, Sunnyside, Pretoria. (Beeld - 06/12/2002)
PRINCE  Joseph Isaac (Bunny). + 28/11/2002, aged 67. Wife Susan. Children: Gregory, Jolene, Alwin and Gianno. Cremation service: 7/12/2002, 14:00, Old Apostolic Church, St Adams Drive, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth, thence to Victoria Park Crematorium. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
REDDY  Mogham. Survived by wife Sheila and daughters Melissa and Saroelena. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
RELLING  Anne Marie (née SAUER). + 29/11/2002. Missed by her family. Memorial service: Jeffreysrus, Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape Province, 7/12/2002, 10:30. (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
ROEBERT  Graham Clement (Big G). + 02:30, 01/12/2002. Husband of Annabelle (Anne), father to Mark & Belinda, Brandon & Bev, Larce and Donald. Grandpa Kerin, Jade, Katie-Lyne, Kurt and Brent, Danny and Cameron. Fishing rival missed by John Rance and family. Sympathy to Anne and family from (a) fellow Border Ladies' Golfers, (b) Kei Mouth Skiboat Club, (c) the Benn Family. Funeral service: Kei Mouth, Eastern Cape Province, St. Peter's Church, 6/12/2002, 10:00. (Dispatch Online - 02, 03, 04, & 05/12/2002)
ROGERS  Bernard. + tragically 4 December 2002. Wife Bev, children Nicky, Craig and Shelly. Sympathy to the family from (a) Eddie and Heloise Botha, (b) Chester and Angela Woodhall, (c) all the Staff in King William's Town, (d) Doy, Loretta and M.D. Motors Staff, (e) Corrie, Chantal, Bev and Hannes at C J Estates, (e) all at Gonubie Sports Club, (f) the Shepherd family and all Staff at The Service Centre, (g) friends Tony Dawn and Bryan Mentz. Will be remembered for his commitment to community service by the Rotary Club of Gonubie. Was an inspiration to all at the Gonubie Tennis Club, where remembered by Kevin and Richard O'Hagan. Memorial service: Gonubie Baptist Church, 07-12-2002, 11:00. (Dispatch Online - 06 & 07-12-2002)
SA JOE  Jessie. + 1/12/2002. Survived by children Maureen, Stanley, Shirley, Basil, Marjorie, Bobby, Eldred, Keith, Conrad, Colleen, Karen, Allan, Avril, Janice, Robin, Irene, Myrtle, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Remembered by daughter-in-law Irene and family. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 11:00, St Francis Xavier Anglican Church, Jade Road, Kabega Park, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 03 & 06/12/2002)
SALES  Valerie. + 22/11/2002. Of 552 Cole Drive, Meadville, Pensylvania 16335, United States of America. Husband Cyril, daughter Lyn and son-in-law David Pye, grandchildren Justin, Robyn and Jonathan. (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
SALZWEDEL  Louella Heila. * 27/06/1967 + 05/12/2002. Husband Lindsay, children Quintin and Talita. Sister-in-law of Tim and Paul. Daughter-in-law of Carl and Laura. Funeral service: 10/12/2002, 14:00, Cambridge Methodist Church, 23 Hebbes Street, Cambridge, East London. (Dispatch Online - 06 & 07-12-2002)
SAYERS  Arthur Winnington. Was a father, uncle and grandfather. (Dispatch Online - 05/12/2002)
SINOBOLO  Wilson (Snowball). + aged 66. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 10:00, Old Apostolic Church, Red Location. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
SMITH  Caroline (née PIERS). + 27/11/2002. Mother Irene. Remembered by sisters and brothers. Service: 7/12/2002, 11:30, United Reformed Church, Salt Lake, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenskuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 03 & 06/12/2002)
SMITH  Leslie Howard. + 3/12/2002. Sister Rita, with John and family. Only brother Kenneth. Cremation service: Avbob Chapel, corner Harrower and Hancock Street, North End, Port Elizabeth, 9/12/2002, 10:00. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
SMITH  Phillip Stephen (Phil). + 3/12/2002. Late of 8 Roseberry Avenue, Cambridge, East London. Husband of Merna. Missed by children, grandchilden and great-grandchildren Terrence, Bindy, Paul, Vanessa, Cristy, Roxy and Justin. Sympathy to Mrs. Smith and family from Robert and Ann de Lange and Staff of the Sheriff’s office. Cremation Service: Churchnet (past Penny Pinchers and Red Bishop), 06-12-2002, 14:00. (Dispatch Online - 05 & 06/12/2002)
SMITH  RINUS. + in sy ouerhuis 01/12/2002, vermoor. Van Bultfontein, Vrystaat provinsie. Jonger broer Helgardt, 25 jaar oud en skoonsuster Tania. (Beeld - 07/12/2002)
SMOOK  Hendrina Johanna. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 6/12/2002, 10:00, NG Kerk Valleisig. Teraardbestelling: 09:00, Rebeccastraat begraafplaas. (Beeld - 06/12/2002)
SNODGRASS  Anne-Marié Johanna. + Frere Hospitaal 28/11/2002. In lewe van Mopaniweg 35, Beaconbaai, East London. Gemis deur haar gesin en familie. Sympathy to husband Bruce and children from all members of The East London Northern Flying Club. Begrafnisdiens: N.G. Kerk Nahoon, Bonzabaaiweg, Beaconbaai, 03-12-2002, 10:00, dan na Cambridge begraafplaas. (Dispatch Online - 30/11/2002, 02 & 03/12/2002)
STAANS  Hendrik. Funeral: 7/12/2002, 12:30, Baptist Church, Bloemendal, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
STAPLES  Heath Havelock (Bob). + 04/12/2002. Survivied by wife Dora, children, grandchild, and brother. Cremation service: 6/12/2002, 11:00, Avbob Chapel, corner Harrower and Hancock Street, North End, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
SWANEPOEL  Johann. + Rooiberge, tussen Clarens en Golden Gate, Vrystaat provinsie 04/12/2002, 16 jaar oud, terwyl hy, sy jonger suster Larochelle, 10 jaar oud, sy ma, {kapt} Larochelle, van die finansafdeling van die provinsiale polisie-hoofkantoor in Mpumalanga en stiefpa, {kapt} Carl van Heerden, lid van die SAPD se speurtak te Middelburg, met vakansie was. In lewe van Middelburg, Mpumalanga provinsie. Begrawe: Middelburg, Mpumalanga. (Beeld - 05/12/2002)
TARR  Jennie Grace (Jean). + at home 04-12-2002. Late of 18 Surrey Road, Vincent, East London. Mother of Kevin and Nan and the late Stanley and David, grandmother of Catherine, Roz, Jenny, Genevieve and Dominique. Memorial service: Cambridge Crematorium Chapel, 09-12-2002, 14:30. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
TSHEMES  Keith. Funeral: 8/12/2002, 10:00, Wolfson Staduim, Kwazakhele, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
TWANA  Vuyelwa (Songelwa). Late of 5327 NU 2, Mdantsane, Eastern Cape Province. Funeral service: her home, 07/12/2002. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
UYS  Jian Daniel. In lewe van Kempton Park, Gauteng provinsie. Verassingdiens: 6/12/2002, 11:00, AGS Kerk Arendnes, Stillfontein, Noord-Wes provinsie. (Beeld - 06/12/2002)
VAN DER MERWE  Gerrit. Of Despatch, Eastern Cape province. + in a five-car collision on the N2 about 500m from the Nanaga turn-off and 2km from the Kinkelbos police station, Eastern Cape Province, aged 46. Was a church minister for 20 years at Bothasrus Dutch Reformed Church, the oldest in Despatch. Gerrit annually opened the Prickly Pear Festival. He was instrumental in pulling all the churches together in Despatch, and was called the ‘Vredemaker’ (peacemaker). Gerrit is survived by wife Marie, 44, and daughters Tessa, 20, a first-year Stellenbosch medical student, Marelize, 15, Despatch High School pupil and talented tennis player who was also in the car and had to be freed from the wreckage, and Heleen, 13, who is headgirl at the Susannah Fourie Primary School in Despatch. Funeral: 6/12/2002, 10:00, NG Kerk, Bothasrus. (The Herald - 03/12/2002)
VAN DER MERWE  Johan (Mof). In lewe van Drie Riviere, Vereeniging, Gauteng provinsie. Verassingdiens: 5/12/2002, 15:00, NG Kerk, Drie Riviere-Oos. (Beeld - 05/12/2002)
VAN DER SCHYFF  Jan Adriaan. In lewe van Kempton Park, Gauteng provinsie. Verassingdiens: 6/12/2002, 14:00, Ou Apostoliese Kerk, Esther Park, Kempton Park. (Beeld - 06/12/2002)
VAN DER VENTER  Engela Johanna. + Queenstown Private Hospital, Eastern Cape Province 6.12.2002, aged 62. Late of 16 Stormberg Road, Bergsig, Queenstown. Children Mark & Sharon, Marcia & Klossie, Richard. Memorial Service: St. Michael & All Angels Church, Robinson Road, Queenstown, 10:00, 11.12.2002, cremation. (Dispatch Online - 07-12-2002)
VAN DER WESTHUIZEN  Petrus Johannes (Oom Van). + sy woning, 30-11-2002, 71 jaar oud. In lewe van Mimosastraat 13, Westbourne, Queenstown, Oos-Kaap provinsie. Betreur deur eggenote Tos (Tannie Van) en kinders Christa en Anton Steynberg, Gerda en Flippie de Wet en kleinkinders Morné en Vanessa, Werner en Marius. Gedenkdiens: Stone en Seuns Kapel, Robinsonweg 34, Queenstown, 10:00, 04-12-2002, verassing. (Dispatch Online - 02/12/2002)
VAN DYK  Karen. (née WIID). + Fort Beaufort 5/12/2002. Memorial service: 9/12/2002, 10:00, Presbyterian Church, Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape Province. (Dispatch Online & The Herald - 06/12/2002)
VAN DYK  Susanna Catharina. In lewe van Kempton Park, Gauteng provinsie. Begrafnisdiens: 4/12/2002, 12:00, NG Kerk Moedergemeente, Kempton Park. Begrawe: Zuurfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 4/12/2002)
VAN HEERDEN  Joseph. + aged 49. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 13:00, 13 Bongo Street, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
VAN JAARSVELDT  Ronnie. + aged 49. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 11:00, Wonderwonings. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
VAN SASSIE  Douglas Andrew. * Cradock 10/10/1928 + 25/11/2002. Worked around Mangold Park and Walmer Downs for many years as a gardener and was well known in the area. Funeral : Forest Hill Cemetery, Port Elizabeth 02/12/2002. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
VAN VUUREN  Cornelis. Sympathy to wife Christine and family from Management & Staff at C J Estates. (Dispatch Online - 07-12-2002)
VAN ZYL  Cornelius Francois. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 4/12/2002, 09:30, Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk, Poort. Begrawe: Zandfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 03/12/2002)
VENTER  Maria Catharina Barendina. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 4/12/2002, 09:30, Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk, Pretoria-Oos, Lynnwood Glen, Pretoria. Begrawe: Pretoria-Oos begraafplaas. (Beeld - 03/12/2002)
VENTER  Marthinus Johannes. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 3/11/2002, 09:30, Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk, Silverton, Pretoria. Begrawe: Pretoria-Oos begraafplaas. (Beeld - 02/12/2002)
VERMAAK  Johannes Stephanus (Steve). + 3/12/2002. Remembered by Johnny, Lorraine, Susan, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 10:00, Baptist Church, Smart Street, Sydenham, North End, Port Elizabeth, thence to the Forest Hill Cemetery. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
VISSER  Rico. Simpatie aan Rina, Tannie Mironi, Mariska en Ruana van Kenny, Elize en Kind. (Beeld - 06/12/2002)
WALLACE  Hendrik Willem. In lewe van Waterkloof, Pretoria. Verassingdiens: 4/12/2002, 11:30, AVBOB Kapel, DF Malanrylaan 294, Pretoria-Wes. (Beeld - 03/12/2002)
WEAVEL  Brian Joseph. Funeral: 7/12/2002, 14:00, Resouce Centre, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
WESSELS  Bert. + 02/12/2002, 58 jaar oud. Was uitvoerende voorsitter van Toyota Suid-Afrika en vise-voorsitter van Wesco Investments Limited. Seun van wyle dr Albert Wessels en digteres Elizabeth Eybers, wie in Nederland woon. Oorleef deur vrou Erica, 5 kinders en 2 kleinkinders. (Beeld - 04/12/2002)
WEYER  Melwyn Herbert (String / Malv). + 29/11/2002. Late of 21, 9th Avenue, Gonubie, East London. Husband of Rina. Father of (a) daughter Patsy & Lance Michalson and grandchild Jenna, and (b) daughter Heidi & Kelvyn Breetzke with grandchildren Kaitlyn and Ethan. Son-in-law of Cornelia Nell. Funeral service: 03-12-2002, 09:00, St Crucis Lutheran Church, Edge Road, Beacon Bay, East London. Committal: Cambridge Cemetery. (Dispatch Online - 02/12/2002)
WIESE  Annamarie. In lewe van Pretoria. Begrafnisdiens: 6/12/2002, 09:00, Ned Herv Kerk Wesmoot, Pretoria. Begrawe: Zandfontein begraafplaas. (Beeld - 06/12/2002)
WILLIAMS  Freddie. + aged 63. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 12:00, Old Apostolic Church, St Adams Drive, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
WILLIAMS  John. Funeral service: 6/12/2002, 11:00, St Bernadettes Catholic Church, 8th Avenue, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
WILLIAMS  Wilma (née GOLIATH). Funeral: 7/12/2002, 14:00, Missionvale Community Centre, Port Elizabeth. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
WRIGHT  Amy. Wife for 65 years of Eric. Mother of Norma, Ben, Desree, Philip and children. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
ZONDIE  Neville (Turbo). + 27/11/2002, aged 50. Wife Margaret. Sons Donovan and Arnold. Two granddaughters. Brother-in-law of (a) Charles, Helen and children, (b) Joan and family, (c) Elaine, Cinty, Candice, children and grandchildren. Funeral service: 7/12/2002, 10:00, St James Catholic Church, Brown Street, Schauderville, Korsten, Port Elizabeth, thence to Paapenkuils Cemetery. (The Herald - 02, 03 & 06/12/2002)
ADRIAAN  Alfred (Pops). + 3/12/1996. Remembered by widow Louzia and children Dawn, Fredlin and Bruce. Father and grandfather of (a) Abe, Charmelle, Reuben, Adriaan and Braam Daniels, (b) Aaron, Margie, Alfred, Jason and Lauren. (The Herald - 03/12/2002)
ALLISON  Rodney. + 2/12/1998. Son and brother remembered by parents Arthur & Gloria, brothers, sisters and uncle Neville. (The Herald - 03/12/2002)
ASPELING  Aairon Anthony (Sez/ Sezzie Boy). + 2 Years / 730 days ago today. Missed by (a) Dad, Venessa, Jules and Toni, (b) Mommy, and brothers Louis, Julian and Dylan, (c) Denton, Helen, Shian, Glyn and Daniel, (d) Poenkie, Merle and Killian. Grandson of Pa and Gran DANIEL. (Dispatch Online - 04/12/2002)
BALL  John (Coogan). Remembered by widow Natalie, children Thomas, Keith, Amra-Faye. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
BOWEN  Anne. + 5 Years ago. Remembered by David, Cathy and Heather. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
COOPER  Jean. Remembered by Jen & Rob, Charmaine & Peter, Roger & Marianne and grandchildren. (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
DULLABH  Mary. + 9 years ago today. [Inserted by] Bo, children Keith, Zelda, Clive, Samantha and grandchildren. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
ESBACH  Joseph. + 1 Year ago. Remembered by wife, children, parents, brothers and sisters. Brother of Joan Denzil. (The Herald - 03/12/2002)
FOUCHE  Ken. + Tragically 3 years ago. Remembered today as a love, a son, a father, a friend. Father of Nikki-Lynn. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
GALLOWAY  Sheilagh Melda. + 15 years ago today. Remembered by Jock and family. (Dispatch Online - 07-12-2002)
GOWER  Elizabeth (Dina). + 01-12-2001. [Inserted by] Frankie and Paul. (Dispatch Online - 02/12/2002)
HARKER  Elizabeth (Nurse). + 6 December 1996. Remembered by daughter Noelmay, Ronnie, Jonathan and Stuart. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
HAYWOOD  Harold. + 4/12/2000. Remembered by family members Charlie, Cheryl-Ann, Janine, Mornay, Harold and Nicole. (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
JASS  Oxley (MeJas). + 10 Years ago today. Remembered by widow Vanessa, children Oscar, Veronique, Oxlec and Monique. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
JEGELS  Ronald. + 1 year ago. Wife Trudie (Patricia) and children Morné, Larry, Leaan and Leigh. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
JOHNS  Kellien. + 6 years ago today. Missed by widow Lorraine, children Salome, Rubin, Jason and Sanovia, and Filly Benjamin and families. (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
JOUBERT  Bobby. + 8-12-1992. Survived by the four of us, Leanne, Mylie, Daynie and Wahine. Three granddaughters, Keana, Kea and Kealoha. (Dispatch Online - 07-12-2002)
KRÜGER  Noël Matthew. + 17 years ago today. Only child. [Inserted by his] Mom. (Dispatch Online - 02/12/2002)
LANGSON  Arthur James. Remembered by (a) widow Kathleen, (b) son Theo & Claudia, grandchildren Athina, Tarquin and Beatá, (b) daughter Wilma & Imraam and girls, (c) Wilbur & Amber. (The Herald - 04/12/2002)
MARSHALL  Carole. + 3 years ago today. Mother of Rory, Kerry and Bonnie. (Dispatch Online - 05/12/2002)
MCLEAN  Colin. + 1 year ago today. [Inserted by] Loretta and all the family. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
McLOUGHLIN  Gwen. Mother and grandmother missed by (a) daughter Karen, Jeff, Gwynneth, granddaughters Angela, Migien and Amiee-Lee, (b) sister Jenny. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
MEINTJES  William John (Jnr). Remembered by Daddy, Mammy, Ralph, Crystal, Lolita and Celeste. (Dispatch Online - 02/12/2002)
NEWTON  Ashley. Remembered by (a) Elaine and son Fabian, (b) Uncle Eric, Aunt Marda and Fabian. (The Herald - 06/12/2002)
POOVAN  James (Bakan). + 3 Years ago today. Remembered by his children. (Dispatch Online - 06/12/2002)
STRYDOM  Rosa. + 1 Year ago today. Missed by Lorna, Haig, Patricia, Roes, Michael, Yvette, Craig, Luke, Robyn and Emma. (Dispatch Online - 03/12/2002)
TRUSCOTT  John. + 2/12/2001. Remembered by Olga, Glen and Hilary. (The Herald - 02/12/2002)
VAN SCHALWYK  Neville. + 1 Year ago today. Father missed by Mark, Wayne, Brett, daughters-in-law and all grandchildren and Sandra. (Dispatch Online - 03/12/2002)
VAN STADEN  Manie (Ange). + 1Year ago. Missed by Pixie. (Dispatch Online - 04/12/2002)
VELLO  Naddais. + 1 Year ago. Remembered by (a) daughter Parie, son-in-law Ranga and granddaughter Nisha, (b) son Nithia, daughter-in-law Rojini and grandson, Avershinn, (c) daughter Lutchmee, grandchildren Seelan, Shamala and Dion, (d) his Sister Dhano. Father and grandfather of Salie, Billy, Khogielan, Khomathie and Anusha. Father of Logie, Murgas, Navin, Kumalan and Genny. (Dispatch Online - 03/12/2002)
WIGGILL  Chris (Jewboy). + 5 years ago. Remembered by brother Tommy, Veronica and Travis. (Dispatch Online - 05/12/2002)