Family [F11]



Matthias GREEFF {M} [P12] = Susanna CLAASSEN {F} [P13]


Matthys {M} [P11] = Sara COETZEE {F} [P30] > Family [F10]

Claes [Klaas] {M} [P16]

Johanna {F} [P17] = Burgert Pieterzoon VAN DIJK {M} [P18] > Family [F13]

Margaretha {F} [P19] = Jan Frederik DELITS {M} [P20] > Family [F14]

Adriaan {M} [P21]

Jochem {M} [P22]

Catharina {F} [P23] = Thomas VERRIJN {M} [P24] > Family [F15]

Hendrik {M} [P26] = Susanna VAN HOEVEN {F} [P27] > Family [F17]

Susanna {F} [P28] = Hendrik SCHEFFER {M} [P29] > Family [F18]

Codes in square brackets "[]" are unique person/family identifiers.
Superscripted numbers are references to source citations at the bottom of this page.
{M} = Male; {F} = Female.

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