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Posted by Oswald, Davidson, Kerr/Carr on 2002/04/12

I am trying to find information on the Oswald and Kerr/Carr families. Also any information on Davidson's arrival to S. Africa. The parents of my great grandmother were Robert OSWALD, and ? KERR or CARR. The children were Margaret and Bernard Oswald . My Great grandmother was Margaret (Maggie, Meg) OSWALD their daughter Born: 2nd August 1891? Beaconfield Cape Colony S. Africa Baptized: 9th June 1911 St John the Divine Randfontein S. Africa aged 19 Reg No5/1911 Married: 9th June 1911 (aged 21) at St John the Divine Church Randfontein, South Africa Reg. no. 5/1911 to DAVIDSON, William (Born 15th September 1889 Gateshead England) Occupation Mine manager/engineer left South Africa 23-3-1923 aboard the ‘BARRABOOL’ as British subjects with passport no. 51005-11. Margaret's brother Bernard (Hospital Board Member) Born 29th September, 1893? South Africa Married to Daisy ? (nurse) Great great uncle Bernard and Daisy(?) Children were 1) Johanna 28th December, 1943? 2) Bernard 3 Rachel Died of purpueal fever after childbirth Margaret and William had the following children in South Africa 1 Margaret Isobel (Isobel) 15th November 1911? Randfontein South Africa 2 Orrick 24th September, 1913? South Africa 3 Mabel Louis (Louie) 28th March, 1915? South Africa 4 Jean 16th August, 1917? South Africa 5 Joan 14 September, 1919? South Africa 6 Colin South Africa died 2yo 7 Ron 17 February, 1922? South Africa and in Australia 8 Nea 14th October, 1923? Australia 9 Pam 23rd March 1925? Australia 10 John 30th July, Australia. I have looked at your wonderful site with very little luck , however, noted that Davidson occurs occassionally as does Oswald. Any pointers?