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Posted by Sheridan on 2005/01/20

I began researching the Schutte branch of my family recently and discovered that my great-grandfather, Christiaan Ernst Schutte, was married THREE times and had 16 children! His first wife died in a British Concentration camp during the Anglo Boer War. His second wife (my grandfather's mother) was a Miss Catharina Elizabeth Bester born 5 March 1880 and died 20 October 1918, during the Influenza epidemic. He quickly remarried and his third wife raised his children from the previous two marriages. Any information about Catharina Elizabeth Bester and her family (parents, brothers, sisters, etc) was lost and all we have now are her birth and death dates off her gravestone. Does any one know anything about the Besters who might have had a daughter at that time & of those names? Please help as it seems so sad that she was forgotten and has become so mysterious to her decendants. Any info will be most welcome! Sheridan