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Hurly Family
Posted by Thelma Hurly on 2004/09/19

Seek information re Hurly family ancestors, resident in Jacobsdaal 1800's, descendant of Michael Hurly an immigrant from Ireland to the Cape early 1800's The only facts I know at this stage are those of my Late husband's parents:- Richard Eager Hurly b Jacobsdaal = Myrtle Hannah Johannesburg 16 Jan 1918 and Richard's father: Edward Eager Hurly who farmed in Jacobsdaal. Richard Hurly was according to information he gave me one of 21 children 17 of whom lived to adulthood. His parents farm in Jacobsdaal was I believe one of several that were expropriated and returned to the Griqua's ?? and he and five other farmers took their Appeal against this to the House of Lord's where it failed under English Law because of lack of Title Deeds as proof of ownership. The family then moved to Johannesburg. I am completely new to S.A. genealogy though not to genealogical research itself and would really appreciate any advice as to how I shouId proceed with this research. Thelma Hurly